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Best 2003 Jeep Liberty SUV Bike Racks

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2003 Jeep Liberty Bike Rack Questions

  • To know if the Rola TX-102 2 Bike Carrier, part # 59400, will fit on your 2003 Jeep Liberty you will need to take a measurement. You will want to measure on your hitch from the center of the hitch pin hole out to the furthest rearward portion of the spare tire. This measurement will determine the clearance needed for a hitch bike rack to fit. For the Rola bike rack to fit the measurement you took will have to be less than 10 inches. We have installed a hitch on a 2004 Jeep...
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  • In order to determine if the SportRack 3 Bike Carrier Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack with Rotating Cradles, # A30813STL, will fit your 2003 Jeep Liberty, there is an important measurement to take. You will need to measure to determine if the bracket that bolts behind the wheel will extend far enough out from the rear of the vehicle to clear the front face of the tire. This bracket mounts in between the spare tire and the vehicle, so you will need to measure from that point out...
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  • On the trailer hitches that we installed on 2003 Jeep Liberty models the distance from the center of the hitch pin hole back to clear the spare tire measured from 10 inches up to 15 inches. You will need a bike rack that can clear that distance to fit with the spare tire in place. Reese Eclipse bike rack # 63124 measures 8 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the back of the upright mast so it would not work. The Thule Hitching Post Pro # TH934XTR measures 13-1/2...
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  • The spare tire on your 2003 Jeep Liberty sticks out too far to allow a hitch bike rack to fit and clear it. We do have a great rack though which would work well. A spare tire mounted bike rack would be the best option. For that the Thule Spare Me part # TH963PRO would be a great option. I attached a review video for you to check out as well. If you plan on carrying any womens or alternative framed bikes without horizontal top tubes you may also be interested in purchasing...
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  • In order to determine if you could use the SportRack 3 Bike Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack, item # SR2813, on your 2003 Jeep Liberty you will need to take a couple measurements. Taking some simple measurements will allow you to determine for certain if this particular bike rack will work with your current spare tire. Take the measurement from the back of your lug nut holes to the furthest out point on the tire. If this measurement is 4-1/4 inches or less and the center hole in...
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  • You only need to take one measurement to determine if the SportRack Ridge 5 part # SR2405 will clear the spare of your 2003 Jeep Liberty is to measure the distance from the center of your hitch pin to the furthest point out on the rear spare. If that dimension is less than 12-1/2 this hitch will clear and fit well. I attached a review video for this rack as well. For a spare tire mounted bike rack instead the Thule Spare Me 2 # TH963PRO would be a better option. This has been...
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