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Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System

Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System

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Vehicle Suspension

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12,000-lb Capacity. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your vehicle. They also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use. Great Prices for the best vehicle suspension from Timbren. Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System part number TDR5500 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Timbren Vehicle Suspension

  • Jounce-Style Springs
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • Timbren

12,000-lb Capacity. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your vehicle. They also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use.


  • Improves suspension, handling and safety
  • Provides additional support as needed so you always have a smooth, comfortable ride
    • Allows the leaf spring ample movement while cushioning light loads
    • Becomes more rigid as more weight is added
      • Increases stability - providing great performance while hauling heavy loads
      • Reduces vehicle sag
  • Works independently - side-to-side
    • Helps compensate for off-center loads
    • Reduces body roll when swerving and turning corners
  • Acts as shock absorbers, taking the brunt of bumps and rough roads
    • Extends the life of your vehicle's suspension


  • Includes 2 Aeon hollow rubber springs, vehicle-specific brackets and hardware for simple installation
    • Replaces axle bump stops on frame
    • No drilling required
  • Capacity: 12,000 lbs
    • Do not exceed the vehicle's weight-carrying capacity
  • Designed to work with a suspension system that is in good working order
  • Limited lifetime warranty - satisfaction guarantee

An example of sag on a vehicle's rear axle under a heavy load

Whether you're hauling heavy loads in your bed or cargo area or you're towing a trailer, you will often see the rear of your vehicle sag while the front end rises. In these cases, the rear axle is handling not only the weight of the cargo, but also more of the vehicle's weight. Because less weight is on the front axle, the front tires are making less contact with the road. Overall handling - traction, steering, and braking - is negatively affected. But the resistance from Timbren's Suspension Enhancement System works with your factory suspension to keep your vehicle level and improve your driving experience.

Diagram of the Timbren spring installed

The Timbren system comes with custom-fit brackets that are bolted onto each frame rail above the rear axle. Hollow rubber springs are bolted to the bottom of the bracket and hang down to where the bottom of the spring sits, 1" above the axle. The inch of clearance allows the existing factory suspension to operate normally under light loads and standard terrain, ensuring the smooth, comfortable ride that you are used to.

Animation of a standard Timbren rubber spring

Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems are designed to work progressively. When the hollow rubber springs are compressed, the convoluted design causes them to quickly collapse along the folds. Once the folds are compacted, the stacked barrel shape increases resistance, stiffening the suspension and keeping your vehicle level.

Timbren suspension system works to prevent body roll

Each hollow rubber spring works independently to support the driver's side or passenger's side of your vehicle. This is helpful when you swerve or make sharp turns. Each spring is activated when it is needed, so body roll is greatly reduced. The independent action also works well when you are hauling off-center loads.

An example of a trailers swaying

Because the vehicle handles better with the springs, less turbulence will be passed along to the trailer, and this helps to keep the trailer in line. Your driving comfort is further enhanced if the trailer does begin to sway (from a gust of wind or a passing semi), because the movement from the trailer is not transferred to your vehicle. This also works to make the sway subside more quickly.

An empty truck on a bumpy road without Timbren

Another great feature of the rubber construction is that the springs absorb most of the road shock, creating a smoother, more stable ride overall. Wear and tear on the factory suspension is also lessened because the rubber springs work to prevent bottoming out on rough roads.

Timbren Suspension Enhancement Compared to the Competition

Timbren's Suspension Enhancement Systems are much easier to install than air springs - there are no air hoses to run, no compressors or gauges to hook up, and no manual adjustments to make. The rubber construction makes Timbren's springs more elastic than similar products constructed of microcellular urethane. And more elasticity allows for a more comfortable ride because the rubber has more travel.

DR5500 - Rear Suspension Enhancement System with Aeon Hollow Rubber Springs by Timbren

Item # TDR5500

Installation Details TDR5500 Installation instructions

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Video of Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System Installation - 2016 Ram 4500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2016 Ram 4500 we're going to be taking a look at and showing how to install the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, part number TDR5500.If you ever hauled a heavy load or had a big trailer behind your Ram, you've probably experienced what a lot of us do where the backend starts to squat down and we may get a little bit of sway and some body roll back there. When that squatting happens, we're putting a lot of unwanted strain and stress on the rear suspension. It's going to wear things out over time, and really, our tires aren't where they should be and our suspension isn't where it should be either. Since the backend is getting pushed down, the front end is getting lifted up slightly, which means our tires aren't going to make full contact, we're going to have irregular tire wear, as well as our headlights being out of alignment.But upgrading the rear suspension is definitely going to help with that. It's going to support the load back here and keep our suspension where it should be, nice and level. And it's going to prevent as much squatting.

It's also going to help with body roll because it's going to be able to counteract that and not sway so much. Since it's not pushing down so hard and we have that extra support in the back, it's not lifting up so much in the front so we'll have better tire wear, better steering response, and our headlights will be realigned.Now that we've gone over some of the benefits and seen what they look like, let's show you how to get them installed. Here's what our Timbrens look like once we have them installed. These are going to provide us a lot better performance when we're hauling a heavy load or towing a heavy trailer because these are going to give us a lot more support and not solely rely on the rear suspension. Our Timbrens are going to mount in between the frame and the axle and provide support whenever the suspension starts to drop down.

When we're unloaded, it's not going to affect the ride quality because it's not coming in contact. But once it does, it's going to engage softly in the beginning. As it becomes more compressed, it's going to become stiffer, having a progressive rate.If we compare our factory jounce stops to our Timbrens, you can see there's quite a bit of size difference. Now what the Timbrens is going to do is, again, provide that support, while our factory jounce stops are really just there to prevent the truck from bottoming out and the axle from hitting the frame.Our springs are going to be made out of rubber so they're going to have a little bit of give to them but a lot of support. They're going to act as a shock absorber so we can have a more comfortable ride and not have to worry about the bumps and uneven terrain as much.

Our springs are going to work independently from each other from side to side, so it's going to help out a lot with those off-center loads. It's also going to help out with a lot of swaying that we may get from our trailer. Or if we go to make a sharp turn or any evasive maneuver, it's going to cut down a lot on that body roll.In our kit we're going to get two rubber springs, as well as the vehicle-specific brackets. We're not going to have to drill anything in order to get them installed. Our Timbrens are going to have a 12,000 pound capacity, but keep in mind these are not intended to increase the payload of your truck.

They're just there for extra support. So you never want to exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight.To begin our installation we're going to come to the rear axle. Right above that we'll have our factory jounce stop. I already went ahead and sprayed a little bit of spray lubricant on there, but it's always a good idea to soak it down because these bolts can rust because there's really not anything protecting them, especially if you have a salt truck like we have here.Then you're going to want to grab a 16mm socket and there's going to be a bolt on the backside as well as on the front of our bump stop holding it in place. We'll pull those out. Then you want to hold onto the hardware because we are going to reuse it. Now we can get ready to assemble the spring assembly.If we look inside the bottom of the large hole in our Aeon spring, you'll see that there's a washer inside of there. We're going to want to take our long bolt. You want to pass it through the spring so it comes out on the other side. But you want to make sure that it goes through that washer as well. It can be a little tricky. What I try to do is I just drop the bolt in so it'll land straight up, and maneuver it around with my finger to where it will drop through and engage that washer. You can see it's going to come out the other end. Then we'll take our spacer, slide that over the bolt. Then finally, we're going to have the top plate. There's going to be a weld nut inside of here. We're going to want to get an extension and a socket so we can attach all these pieces together.Now the easiest way I found to do it is if we take our assembly and we'll drop it down, get it as close as possible to lined up, then we'll take a 9/16 socket and extension and go through the spring and thread it into the bracket. You want to get that bolt tight enough to where it's not going to be moving around. You can see if you look inside the bracket that we have threaded the bolt going through the weld nut, and our Aeon spring's not spinning around, or our spacer block.Whenever you get ready to install these, you want to make sure you have the correct bracket, and it's facing the right direction. The oval hole that's solid is going to be going towards the front of your truck, and the slotted one is going to be going towards the back. Now you'll also notice that it's slightly offset from center. You want the holes to be towards the outside of the truck. It is going to be labeled. We'll have left with an arrow pointing front.Now to help us get these in place so we don't have to hold everything and try to thread the bolts in at the same time, if we take our bolt, we're going to thread it in a good way on the very back hole. That's where the slot in our bracket's going to come into play. We can just slide the bracket over the bolt and it'll hold itself up while we get the other one in place. We can come back with that same 16mm socket and snug up our hardware. Since we have limited space, you can fit a ratcheting wrench in here to tighten up that last bolt. Now that we have this side on, we're going to go ahead and repeat that for the other side as well. That'll finish up your look at the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, part number TDR5500, on our 2016 Ram 4500.

Customer Reviews

Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System - TDR5500

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (5754 Customer Reviews)

12,000-lb Capacity. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your vehicle. They also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use.


I have a ram 5500 rollback towtruck it works great no more draging or saggin even with heavy loads has the truck level

Northshore T.


Great i love it


We’ve had airbags, super springs, and these timbren poly bump stops. I will only use these from now on! They are awesome!

2016 Ram 5500

Very easy install really leveled out the truck while towing





2019 Ram 5500

2018 Ram 5500


2021 Ram 5500

2012 Ram 5500

2021 Dynamax Isata 5 Motorhome


About a 1/2 inch difference in gap at the bump stop perch but still within parameters. Truck sits perfect with trailer attached. Haven’t towed yet. After towing if they perform like they should will upgrade to a 5 star. Easy to install, definitely needed 2x4 and jack. 2011 Silverado ext cab with 30 ft Genisis 5th wheel.


Haven’t had it on long, but so far so good. 1999 F350 dually. Bolted up nicely. Total job took 10 minutes. Have hauled two gooseneck loads of hay and truck drives SO much better. Nice and level. Money well spent so far.


very good product ,received just in time and fit perfectly on my GMC savana 2000 .Be sure to clean the two receptacle thats help.
très bon produit , reçu dans les délais et s'ajuste parfaitement . Assurez-vous de nettoyer le receptacle cela facilite l'installation.


I know it will be lovely when loaded or the trailer on. However,it rides like a wagon empty with brand new premium shocks and struts empty. Thud thud thud. You really cannot feel the shocks or suspension. Found exact same item plentiful for 60 bucks on eBay after I bought these for 250. I may cut these in half or put air bag on. I do not like the ride empty. No hard feelings. It is a good product maybe just not for me.


The timbrens actually did what they were suppose to do. However, once I starter driving out west I notice the timbrens were riding on the axle which cause the speedometer to jump around depending on the road. I would recommend them if you are hauling or towing a camper or RV. I was going to contact etrailer about maybe removing a spacer for one set however the other set came as one unit. The bottom line is the Timbrens does stabilize your load for safe travels. I will be contacting etrailer soon to assist in correcting the problem...Road trip from Idaho,Colorado,Wyoming,and Utah were beautiful... Thank you etrailer


I’d seen similar products rated in the 4,000 lb ratings but I went with these. I’m not a mechanic but I removed the factory bump stops and installed both these in 30 minutes or less. I used my rolling jack and lifted from the drop hitch and easily removed the old ones and soapy water and 1/4 twist and these were on. Placed a block of wood in the space between these coils and lowered the jacks then pressed it with my tractor to confirm full engagement. I carry a lot of tools on a 2020 Chevy 2500 I do feel a bit of butt bounce on large bumps but other than that I’m very pleased.


Easy install took about 20 minutes on my 2017 Ram 3500 SRW. Had about 1/2 inch clearance as recommended. Loaded up my 5th wheel (2350 hitch weight) and about 200 lbs of gear in the bed. Just got back from a 800 mile camping trip through mountains of TN. You can really feel the difference around those sharp corners and uneven surfaces. The truck felt firm and controlled not hard and jarring as some have mentioned. Going over those overpasses with the wonderfully smooth (Not) joists was greatly improved. The truck would squat and rebound again, with a firm controlled response. Driving without a load felt the same as before without them. I would highly recommend these! Ordering from etrailer continues to be my go to option!


The Timbren rear bump stops for 2020 Suburban were great quality and fit perfectly in the replacement of the original ones with no problems. The old ones pulled right out by hand with no hassle. When I installed the new ones I put 2x4 blocks that I cut underneath the bump stops. Then hooked up the 6,400 lbs travel trailer with about 750 lbs of tongue weight on it and they pressed right into place. The Suburban was more stable because it had less swaying while towing. I also gained about 1 inche more in the fender gap which means less rearend saging.


This was my second experience with Timbren. This was for my 2010 Dodge Dakota. Great platform without a lot of aftermarket support. Timbren had a set of these designed just for my truck. I installed and it solved the sagging rear end of the truck and swaying when cornering when carrying my pop up slide in camper. This is a n easy install and completely worth the investment.


I don't usually write reviews but in this case I have to. I have been using these springs for about a year now and they work exactly as advertised. I carry a truck camper on my truck from March until November. Once I loaded my camper the truck sagged very noticeably. I tried the Roadmaster Active Suspension (don't waste your money) before I discovered the Timbren springs. The Timben springs installed easily, eliminated the sag and gave the truck a much more stable ride because it eliminated the side to side rocking in the back. If you are thinking about getting these, you will not be disappointed.


Despite reading about the popularity in using Timbren’s for suspension modifications to assist in ride quality when loading up the Odyssey, I haven’t found many reviews about the Timbren’s for 4th gen Odyssey though there are a ton of positive reviews for the 5th gen Odyssey on the forums and internet.

I went with Timbren’s due to the “set it and forget it” lack of maintenance. I do notice a more stable ride even unloaded at highway speeds. There’s less sway in on/off-ramps and big sweepers. Not a huge change, but warmly noticeable. About the same quality of change one might experience from buying a brand new set of tires vs. not dangerously worn down tread. Where it really shines is under load/heavy cargo.

Before Pic (unloaded mulch); After Pic (loaded) - definitely not as much squat as with the prior OEM bump stops! Comfortable ride with less jostling/sway and haven’t bottomed out the springs over rough road. I’m impressed! Install was fairly easy, about 45 min per side taking my time, cleaning removed parts. One year later, I haven’t had any issues, and I feel very comfortable loading the minivan with all our gear/stuff.

I do not tow.


I now have Timbren springs on 3 different trucks. They are one "solution" for tucks that are heavily loaded occasionally. Honestly, I dont like the handling characteristics of any of these trucks when the rear axle is bearing on the Timbren springs. Im not saying that theyre a bad product, and the company is reputable and easy to work with. I prefer a traditional overload spring or something similar to Stable Load overload spring blocks, which engage the overload springs sooner. I just prefer the way a loaded truck handles when it bears weight on a traditional overload leaf spring as opposed to the Timbren.

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    The weight capacity for the suspension enhancement kits we offer can be confusing in how it's listed but basically the kits provide their capacity in additional suspension support. So it adds that much support to the vehicle's capacity already listed. For example the part # TDR5500 would add an additional 12,000 lbs of suspension support to the vehicle. Now to make things even further confusing (hopefully not) this does not actually give the vehicle more weight carrying capacity. It just...
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  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement For 2016 Ram 5500
    The Vin number doesn't help me find your current capacities, but I have the information needed to help with a solution. We have suspension enhancement systems that work with your current suspension to help with support and reduce sag. Your current payload is between 10,000 lbs and 12,300 lbs. So your current leaf springs are between 5,000 and 6,000 lbs minimum. I recommend the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System # TDR5500 for the rear of your 2016 Ram 5500. This is a confirmed...
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  • Fit and Compatibility of Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement on a 2015 Ram 5500 Cab and Chassis
    I confirmed with Timbren that the # TDR5500 is indeed the correct suspension enhancement spring for your 2015 Ram 5500 Cab and Chassis. The contents of the kit are designed for the stop over the axle as seen in the attached diagram. This kit includes 2 aeon rubber springs. The # TDR5500 can be installed whether you vehicle was equipped with or without factory top overload springs. What it sounds like you are describing is the upper overload springs. The Torklift # TLA7200 is a good...
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  • Suspension Enhancement for 4-WD 2021 Dynamax Isata 5 Motorhome 28SS Built on Ram 5500 Chassis
    I suggest the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, # TDR550. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your Dynamax Isata 5 Motorhome. Because they work independently, the side-to-side movement helps to compensate for off-center loads. For the front suspension, I suggest the Timbren Front Suspension Enhancement System, # TUMDF70. These front hollow rubber springs help to stabilize and level your Dynamax Isata 5 Motorhome and provide a more...
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  • Suspension Enhancement for Front and Rear of 2020 Dynamax Isata 5 Super C Motorhome
    For your 2020 Dynamax Isata 5 I recommend using the Timbren Front Suspension Enhancement System # TDF5500. This system will better serve your suspension as the majority of your added weight is over the rear axle. The # TDF5500HD is more designed for your severe service vehicles like tow trucks and vehicles that will have large plows mounted on them. For the rear I recommend the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System # TDR5500. This will offer you more stability at 12,000lbs versus...
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