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Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers - Front Axle

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers - Front Axle

Item # AL88140
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Air Lift Front Axle Suspension Enhancement - AL88140
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5,000-lb Capacity. LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air springs have internal bumpers, so you get the adjustable load support of air springs and the comfort and reliability of jounce springs. Jounces also work as a fail-safe if air springs lose pressure. Lowest Prices for the best vehicle suspension from Air Lift. Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers - Front Axle part number AL88140 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Air Lift Vehicle Suspension - AL88140

  • Air Springs
  • Front Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Air Lift
  • Heavy Duty

5,000-lb Capacity. LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air springs have internal bumpers, so you get the adjustable load support of air springs and the comfort and reliability of jounce springs. Jounces also work as a fail-safe if air springs lose pressure.


  • Hybrid spring system combines the adjustability of air springs with the reliability of jounce-style springs
  • Air bags reduce the strain on your front suspension, increase safety, and compensate for uneven loads
    • Level your vehicle front to back and help maintain safe headlight aim
    • Adjust independently for side-to-side leveling of off-center loads
    • Improve steering and braking performance
  • Jounce spring inside each air spring helps to improve ride comfort, reduce sway, and help with cornering
    • Engages at lower air pressures to better absorb road shock and minimize bottoming out
    • Provides support progressively - the more you load the springs, the stiffer they become
    • Lets you temporarily carry a load with zero air pressure in your springs
  • Quality construction for long-lasting spring life
    • 2-Ply, fabric-reinforced rubber air springs are durable
    • Air Lift's exclusive upper and lower roll plates protect air springs from damage, extending the life of the suspension system
    • High-strength Zytel nylon endcaps are lighter, stronger, and more corrosion resistant than steel
    • Urethane internal jounces require no maintenance and work well in hot or cold temperatures
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications such as 3/4-ton and 1-ton pickup trucks, motor homes, and commercial trucks
  • Easily installs between your truck's frame and its leaf springs
    • 2 Air springs with internal jounces, mounting brackets, hardware, air lines (or tubing), and manual inflation valves included
    • Compressor system with in-cab gauges (sold separately) lets you monitor and adjust air pressure
  • Made in the USA


  • Load-leveling capacity: up to 5,000 lbs
    • LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate springs will not increase your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.
  • Adjustable air pressure: 5 psi - 100 psi
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-Day satisfaction guarantee

Get the Best of Both Springs

The air springs and jounce springs in this system work together to give you the best ride whether your truck is loaded or unloaded. Air Lift's LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air springs have internal urethane foam jounces that protect the air springs and provide added ride comfort when your air pressure is low. The jounces also allow you to temporarily carry a load if the air springs lose air pressure. This gives your 3/4- or 1-ton pickup, motor home, or commercial truck air springs that are easier to maintain.

Air Springs Level Your Load

Carrying heavy cargo in your truck bed or trailer puts extra stress on your truck. Your brakes erode faster, your tires wear unevenly, and handling suffers severely. When towing, you might also experience excessive sway, bottoming out, and even inaccurate and unsafe headlight aim.

By pairing your existing suspension with LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air springs, you can seriously beef up your suspension, ensure equal load distribution, and get the support you need. The springs provide up to 5,000 lbs of load-leveling capacity (depending on the weight-carrying capacity of your vehicle) and distribute the weight of your payload to all 4 wheels. As a result, the stress on your factory suspension is significantly reduced. LoadLifter's air bags are adjustable from 5 to 100 psi for precise support, and they can be inflated equally for front-to-back leveling or independently of one another for side-to-side leveling.

The air springs are made of high-quality, 2-ply, fabric-reinforced rubber. Most air bags lose air at the ends where the bag is enclosed with steel caps. These caps can rust and corrode over time, creating small holes. But the endcaps on Air Lift air bags are fashioned from corrosion-proof Zytel nylon, a material that is both stronger and lighter than steel, ensuring that the air bags won't lose air.

Roll plates on Air Lift 5000 Ultimate air spring

The air bags also have Air Lift's exclusive roll plates, which protect the air springs and beef up their load capacity. These sturdy plates help guard the springs from moving parts under your vehicle that might puncture the air bags. The plates also provide a larger surface area for each spring to roll on. The extra surface area gives you a higher spring rate at a lower air pressure, resulting in a better ride.

Built-In Jounce Springs Add Control and Comfort

Air Lift 5000 Ultimate air spring with jounce spring inside

The closed-cell urethane jounce spring inside each air spring gives you a more stable, comfortable ride. Each jounce acts as an overload spring and engages when your current air pressure level isn't enough to support your load. So on a rough road, the springs will kick in if needed to absorb bumps and shocks and help you to avoid bottoming out. When the jounces support a load, they adjust progressively - the more weight you pile on, the stiffer they become. The urethane material engages more smoothly than rubber jounces so you get a less jerky ride.

Because these jounces are taller than your factory jounce bumpers, they engage sooner than your factory jounces would to provide better support. And if the LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air springs have insufficient or zero air pressure, the internal jounces will help to temporarily support your suspension and protect it from damage until you can repair or adjust the air spring system.

Easy Installation

This system installs easily. Just mount the springs, inflate them, and ride. The springs install between your truck's frame and its leaf springs. To inflate the LoadLifter springs, you just have to pump in air through the inflation valves. A line kit is included with the springs so that you can install the manual inflation valves (1 for each spring). These are typically mounted on the bumper but can be installed anywhere that is easily accessible. If you want to make the springs even easier to use, you can get a compressor and gauge system (sold separately) that allows you to monitor and adjust the springs from the cab of your truck.

Lifetime Warranty

Along with a lifetime warranty that has no mileage restrictions, Air Lift offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Just install and use LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate springs for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied at the end of this time, you can remove and return them for a full refund.

88140 AirLift Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate Air Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers - Front Axle

Installation Details AL88140 Installation instructions

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Video of Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers - Front Axle

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs Review

Hi there Road Warriors. Today, we're going to be taking a look at air lifts LoadLifter 5,000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs for the front axle.These ultimate series air helper springs are designed for your motor homes as well as large trucks. You want to make sure you use our fit guide to determine the appropriate set of airbags for your particular motor home or truck. And here you can see what they look like when they're installed.They are a replacement for your factory jounce bumper, but that's not a big deal that we're taking off that old jounce bumper for because inside this airbag is an internal jounce bumper. So you're still going to have that full max load suspension support of a jounce bumper, but you're also going to get dynamic support that's variable, depending upon the amount of air pressure you place in the bag.And this is extremely nice for you motor home owners out there that are looking to smooth out your ride and take some of that weight off your suspension. With airbags, you're able to do both of those things and you're able to adjust it to your particular needs, for your particular motor home and how you have it loaded up.

Because the higher the pressure you put in here, the more support you're going to get, but the higher you fill these bags up, the stiffer it is going to make your ride. So if you need that extra support to help out the suspension on your motor home, you can go ahead and air these up as heavily as you need to for that.But if you are just looking for some minor support to help ease the suspension on your motor home, but you still want to get the benefits of suspension enhancement, that's going to help you reduce your sway, you can put just some minor air in here, which is going to help with sway, and it can also help make your ride a little bit smoother, because you're going to get some dampening from the bag.And what all this really means for you as the driver is, you're going to experience a smoother ride, so you're going to have more comfort inside your motor home. It can help minimize sways. You air these up, so whenever you have anybody drive by, especially in those large semi-trucks with those heavy cross winds, you're not going to get as much sway, so you don't have to compensate as much when driving down the road.It also is going to smooth it out for those potholes and everything else and help dampen any of that. So it's also going to minimize how much you have to compensate inside your motor home.

All this is going to result in you having more energy when you reach your destination and it's also going to increase the safety factor of your motor home by minimizing that sway.So if you do have an evasive maneuver or emergency that you need to turn real fast out of the way, you're going to have less role than you did before, giving you more competence behind the wheel, so you and your family can get to your destination safe and sound. You can enjoy that additional energy you had because you weren't working so hard, so you can spend more time with your family.To help give you a better idea of how the motor home handles before and after our airbags are installed, we went ahead and drove it and took some footage of our test course without our airbags. And then, once we got them installed, we hit the test course once again, so we could feel all the improvements. And boy, it did feel quite a bit different once we got them installed.Before we install our components, we're going to go ahead and hit the test course and just get a baseline on how our motor home feels beforehand. We're going to start by going into our uneven bumps section and this is going to mimic going over potholes that you might hit, just hit on one side and that gets it swaying back and forth.

And this is one of the things I do expect us to see some improvements on once we get our components installed.And it is pretty sloppy when we hit that, we do get quite a bit of rocking going on inside here. So our components inside are definitely rattling around and we should expect to have quite a bit of minimization on that, once our components are installed. Next we're going into the even bump section, this is going to be the more porpoising up and down front to back. And this is going to be like going over a speed bump or pulling in and out of your driveway.It hits the bumps pretty good. It doesn't really feel like we've got a whole lot of cushion up there in the front, but it does not too bad on our porpoising.

It almost wants to rock back and forth more side to side. It seems like this motor home has a sway issues more than anything.Lastly, we're going to be going into our slalom section here, and this is going to mimic an invasive maneuver. So we're going to start getting there, going back and forth, like we we're having to whip around an object in the road and we're going to see how the motor home responds. Whether or not it feels like we have the confidence to be able to make those maneuvers, or if we would be like, we would have to back off because we just don't trust the suspension and handling of our motor home here. We're heading into the section now.She's definitely got some sway. I mean, when you really feel the G-forces, when you start to turn it. I don't even really want to go too crazy with this guy here, just because it really has a lot of rocking going on. Even when you just come to a stop, you can see it wants to bounce back and forth as it's trying to bring itself back straight again.Now with our airbags installed, we're going to head back out on the test course. We're heading into our uneven bumps section first and before we had a lot of sway back and forth. I already noticed there's already a quite a huge difference in the amount of sway. We hit the bumps and it's significantly softer. We hit it a little harder there and we do still have some sway, but there is definitely a noticeable improvement from before and after.Next, we're going to be heading into the even bump section, which is the forward and backward of our motor home and this is going to be similar to going over a speed bump. And when we hit the bump here, it does feel a little bit softer than it did before. It's not quite as abrupt when we hit it, but there's not a huge difference on our forward and backward movement there. It does seem like we don't have quite as much bouncing here in the front after we've got those installed.Last, we're going to be going into our slalom section here. And this is where I really expect to see quite a bit of improvements here, because before it really felt awfully soft, when we we're trying to whip it back and forth, it just was not very comfortable. I wouldn't want to be sitting in this driver's seat if we had somebody slam on their brakes in front of us and we needed to just get over, because we weren't going to be able to stop in time.So we're coming into that section now. It's quite a massive difference between the two, not nearly as much sway on the inside here throwing us around. It does still exist. There are still some of our items moving, but as far as the comfort that you would have driving this and the confidence and the maneuverability of your motor home. Big difference. Before it was getting a little sketchy going back and forth there, it was really starting to rock it.The airbag is going to be made of a two ply fabric reinforced rubber, so it's going to be nice, strong and durable and withstand up to road grimes, dirt and greases that are often found on road surfaces that get flung up on it. When you purchase your airbags, you'll get one for each side, as well as all the hardware necessary to get it installed.One of the cool things about this system also, is that you can route your lines independently, so you could air them up higher on one side than the other, to help compensate for uneven loads. Most of your motor homes, this isn't a big issue, but if you added maybe some extra furniture and things to one side and it might cause it to lean, you can help adjust for that a little bit there with our airbag.Now there are some similar options here to air bags, such as Sumo Springs or Timbrens suspension enhancement system. With the Sumo Springs, you're going to have a solid rubber unit, and those are going to be two separate pieces, the two solid pieces, and those are going to compress to provide support.The difference between a Sumo Spring and an airbag here though, is the amount of support you get from the Sumo Springs is going to be set, when you install them, that's how much support you get. Once you load it down more, they are going to provide that support, but you can't change how much you get with it. With the airbags here, we have complete control because we can increase or decrease the amount of air in the airbag.And with our Timbrens, those are going to be somewhat similar to our Sumo Springs. It is a rubber piece that goes in between our frame and our lee spring here, and it replaces your jounce bumper, except the Timbrens act more like the jounce bumper. There are much stiffer, harder rubber material that often isn't compressed at all or very much, when you're at your normal resting position.Those are really designed for extremely heavy loads, so if you've got your motor home loaded up with a bunch of more gear and equipment and you just leave it in there all the time, and that's how it is, Timbrens might be a good option to provide you with that support. But Timbrens often cause a much stiffer ride than what you'd have before.If you wanted something smoother then you would want to go with the Sumo Springs or with the airbags here, since we can choose how soft or stiff our ride is. So the airbags gives you the best of both worlds, with the SumoSprings or the Timbrens you can get either that out of our airbags here.The only drawback to the airbags is that there is some maintenance required. Over time, air pressure is going to change because as temperature increases, pressure is going to go up and its temperature decreases pressure is going to go down, so you do have to adjust these from time to time.If you want something that you don't ever have to worry about, then those Sumo Springs or Timbrens might be a better option for you. But if you're wanting the best adjustability and the most versatility on how you use your motor home, airbags is going to give you way more options on how you ride and feel in your motor home.Now, if you're really interested in airbags, you like all the benefits they offer, but you're not big on the maintenance part of it, one of the easy solutions for that is to get a compressor system. This way you don't have to constantly stop at gas stations or remember to check it before you leave home, with compressor systems, you can have them installed on your motor home, so they will constantly monitor your airbags and keep them topped up.If you're looking for additional support, there are also airlift airbags available for the rear of your truck or RV. I would also recommend upgrading the front and rear sway bars to the larger road master ones we have here let's talk to the rest of the team about this product.Hi there team. How is the going today We just got done putting some airbags on our motor home here. We did a video inaudible 00:10:39 to talk about, what they do, why the customer needs them. You guys got any additional thoughts or questions about them Yeah, man. I was just going to ask, I guess, the first and foremost thing was, why did the customer want to put air springs, instead of doing a Sumo Spring on the front of the motor home Okay. We kind of just covered that. Talked about that in the video. So our airbags here, they're going to be adjustable, so you can change the amount of pressure up or down. With the Sumo Springs, they're going to be at the set of what they do. They do compress to provide more support as they compress, but you can't change anything. What you get is what you get.These have internal jounce bumpers in them, so you can still get that with these. But as far as which ones I would recommend, it really comes down to the customer and their needs.So if this is somebody who doesn't want to ever have to inaudible 00:11:31 these things up or down, then I would recommend it for him, because there is temperature changes, pressure goes up and down, and that's going to change your air pressure. So inaudible 00:11:39 check these throughout the different parts of the year you use your motor home. Maybe in six or seven months or three or four months even, you're going to have to check those before you leave to make sure they are okay.Sumo Springs you can just hop in and go. Right. So it just comes down to that customer and how they're planning out on using it. I just wanted to get your opinion on what you think of those, Dave, as far as those internal jounce bumpers on the airlift go, because I've heard good things and I've heard bad things. I mean, it's cool that they're there. That's for sure. If you have a misfortunate event where there was something in the road and it popped up and it popped your air bag, you've got that support from that internal jounce bumper there because the suspension is going to want to slam down, if you've used the initial support. And with air bags, you're taking out that factory jounce bumper, so it's nice to still have that support in the emergency event that you need it. And did they get a compressor for these or not No. They didn't get a compressor. You did mention cost a little bit, how these we're cheaper than the other options. The compressor would be the kind of the thing that would maybe change that, because for some customers that don't want to maintain these, well they have the option to get a compressor and they don't have to worry about maintaining them. So the compressor could be a solution for the customer that's interested in airbags and all the versatility they offer, but don't want to ever have to adjust that pressure. Where did you guys install the valves for these, anyway Kind of on each side. These ones are dual path. This is how he requested it to be done. So he's got one just like this over on the other side. Okay, cool. He already had the holes marked out and everything where he wanted them. It sounds like he wanted . he did his research, I think. I think he knew what he wanted. I would guess we don't have any more questions. We're going to go ahead and wrap it up.And that completes our look at air lift LoadLifter Ultimate 5,000 Air Helper Springs for the front axle.

Customer Reviews

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers - Front Axle - AL88140

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (436 Customer Reviews)

5,000-lb Capacity. LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air springs have internal bumpers, so you get the adjustable load support of air springs and the comfort and reliability of jounce springs. Jounces also work as a fail-safe if air springs lose pressure.


Nice, thank you



2004 Ford F-53


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

They were easy for any handy guy to install . It took about 2 hrs. They lifted my 2500 ram to sit level with my 37ft. 5th wheel. I even leave them as is, when I'm not hooked up, and don't notice a difference. I ran two separate lines to near my rear license plate, no compressor. I'm glad I didn't spend that extra money. You rarely change the pressure, and it's so easy to do.

Im very happy with the air bags. I rv full time, so I tow a 14,000lb 5th wheel. The bags keep my 34ton truck level. The bags dont have much if any effect on the ride. Id buy them again
JIM S - 03/04/2022


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

This was installed on a 2021 Chevy Express 2500 van conversion by Explorer Conversion Vans. Explorer installed an Eaton rear suspension and it was not up to the task of a heavy conversion van. I think the air bags help but I will need to upgrade the shock absorbers to eliminate some of the bounce from the air bags. There were three primary issues with the installation:

1) The parking brake cable bracket is in the way and has to be cut off the axle. I attached the parking brake cable clamp to one of the Air Lift bolts using a nut. This is not something every at-home installer can do.
2) The air hose is barely long enough. I specifically asked how long the hose is because I wanted to route it where the future compressor will go and was told there is enough to go around the entire vehicle. That is incorrect. I will have to replace the hoses at my cost when I upgrade to the onboard compressor system.
3) The etrailer video says to drill the mounting holes to 5/16" diameter. The 3/8"-16 bolts immediately stripped out. I should have drilled the holes to 9/32" diameter.

I have bought a lot from etrailer and I will purchase from them again. Most of my issues stem from the poor design and instructions of the Air Lift product. For example, it doesn’t say anywhere on the box or product literature how much air hose is provided.

Thank you for your feedback. I reached out to Airlift and found that the kit will come with 16 feet of airline hose. If an additional compressor system is purchased then an additional 20 feet will come with it depending on the kit. In the manual there are instructions on how to route the brake lines for non disc and disc brake systems.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 11/03/2021


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

The air bags do their job well and would be great for someone who caries the same load all the time or doesn't carry a load often these would be great. I have different loads on my trailer or I'm empty multiple times per day, I definitely recommend buying the setup with an air compressor and remote.

Im amazed that they havent popped. I definitely put these air bad through more torture than they were intended for. It does seem like they dont lift as well after a few years.
James - 02/13/2022


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

This 88205 kit was installed into a 2010 Roadtrek 210P (Chevy express 3500 chassis). If you own one, you know these vans run overloaded even on a good day. This kit was installed to increase stability and to reduce the "crash" as the van goes over bumps. These vans ride on the overload spring and there is no real progression to the rear suspension. The airbags will help absorb some of the impact from bumps in a progressive manner. I will also be installing new front coil springs to bring the ride height back to factory spec. The rear height has come up about an inch (25 psi in the bags) - as you can see in the van picture, there's a rake to the van. This will be resolved when the new coil springs are installed to raise the front height by a couple of inches. I will leave the front Sumo Springs jounce bumpers (black=medium) in place with the new coils. I mention all this in particular for 210 owners - you need to address both front and rear suspension issues.

First, the results. I was anticipating an improvement in driveability but I was very surprised at the huge improvement. Test drive was with 25 psi in the bags - I'll test other pressures to see what they result in. There is much less lean on turns and the rear suspension feels resistant to making every bump a big event. The bags absorb the initial shock and improve ride quality significantly, a lot of the cringe factor is now gone. Much more pleasurable to drive.

The internal jounce bumpers are worth the extra cost - not only do they help reduce the shock of bumps, but they supplement the response of the rear suspension. By this I mean that the airbag will initially take the impact, then for larger bumps, the internal jounce bumpers will progressively absorb more impact. At the same time the rear springs are able to work better since they are not completely dependent on the thick overload spring. Additionally, if an airbag loses air completely, the vehicle can still ride on the internal jounce bumper until repairs can be made.

I installed the fill valves below the rear bumper lip (they point downwards). A bit clunky to get to, but I plan a later install of an on-board compressor. The amount of air line was just enough to run to the back bumper, you need to plan carefully on routing to ensure you have enough line. I did not combine the lines, each bag is filled individually. In my case, due to location of spare tire, water/sewer tanks, fuel tank and coach storage I wanted to be able to tweak each side to get to level ground to fender lip measurement on each side. Gives me a level vehicle even with varied load locations.

I think this is a better kit for our application than the Firestone air bag kit as this kit places the airbag right between the frame and the axle, the best place for load bearing. The Firestone kit places the top bag mount on a bracket mounted to the side of the frame. This can weaken over time with the bracket always trying to resist being pushed off the frame. The Air Lift kit doesn't need any connection to the leaf spring u-bolts and I like that too.

The kit included everything I needed. One of the few times I've not had to change something in order to do a complete thorough installation. Instructions were fine and I liked the torque numbers given - sure you can get the bolts "tight enough" but it's good when a mfg provides complete data. I used the heat sleeve and shield too, the shield is a good idea.

Before final install of the airbag assembly, check the angle of the horizontal bar that extends to the rear from the top bag mount bracket. It's a bit off from the bend in the frame, just needs a check and possible tweaking of the bar. Easy to do, and this will let the top bag mount bracket bear directly on the frame as it's designed to do. The lower bag mount bracket installs easily, and I used the relocating bolt/spacer for the passenger side hand brake cable. Nice to have that detail covered.

On 210's you may have a 1.5 in spacer under the leaf spring - installed by Roadtrek. It will probably have a ledge extension for the frame bumper. You'll be removing the frame bumper anyway, and the ledge extension needs to be cut off to provide space for the airbag. I removed the spacer, cut off the extension and re-installed the spacer. I replaced the original crusty u-bolts at the same time - you should not re-use u-bolts, especially these high torque bolts. U-bolts stretch and also distort at the threads. Get new u-bolts and check them for a few hundred miles after they are installed as they may stretch a bit more. U-bolts are square bend, 2 9/16in. inside dimension to get over 2 1/2in. spring width. Originals were about 11 3/4in long but you can knock an inch off the length. I used oem length and you can see they are a bit long.

I like cost-effective results - this kit provided those results in our case. You always hope for the best and I think that it's of particular benefit to our tubby 210s with that substantial rear weight and overhang. Took me a couple of days to get everything done, but it's well worth the time and cost. Highly recommended.


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Good product. A slight change from the Firestone double convoluted airbags that originally came with my Chevy p30 Itasca motorhome. But after a few hours of getting them into position properly, the ride is extra smooth. I run these at 100psi and they may only have a slow drop to 98 or 97 psi after a few days. Instructions for the 90 degree elbow say hand tight and then 1 and half more turns, but my passenger side bag, leaked immediately. Pulled the bag back out and reset the elbow with teflon tape and gave it a few more turns. Checked with soapy water, and everything worked perfectly. Depending on the position of your axle, you may have to set the bag a few times adjusting the mounting plate for best fit. The printed template unfortunately didn't help in this 3d space. Best to get as close to upright as you can when you find the correct mounting position.

etrailer was able to deliver these in 2-3 days and had them shipped the day of order.


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

The air bags work great, I have a 2017 F-350 and I add 40psi of air to the bags and truck is back to level . Ride is smooth and no bounce ,5th wheel hitch weight is 3900 lbs and trailer weighs 16,500lbs unloaded. Even with a 1ton truck the bags save the suspension. Had them on my 1st truck and this one , will do it on my next truck if I keep camping.

Performing as aspected, great product
Mike - 07/16/2022


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Installed in my garage and install went smooth. Look at instructions as slight adjustment based on what suspension you have (sway bar) all went together in one evening


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Great setup. Everything fit well and was moderately easy to install. The airbags at only 5 psi tightened up the handling of my truck noticeably.


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Exactly the parts I was looking for to the model of vehicle chassis I have. Easy to find on the website and everything there to help you install it as the RV owner. Thanks to again for having exactly what I needed to accomplish my latest task with our motorhome.

A year later and still working out good. After a long, unusually harsh winter the airbags were still filled to their previous level and ready to go. We have enjoyed our drives for camping much better and looking forward to future trips.
Lawrence - 07/09/2022


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Towing a 30' camper with sway bars, the camper would still sway. Added the air lift to my Ram 1500 4x4 adjusted to 80 psi. This solved my problem. Left the loadlifter at 80 psi without the camper and the ride ad handling still felt good.
The install was easy. I added a T fitting so I only needed to install one schrader valve.


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

The package arrived all beat to heck but everything was still inside. The installation was fairly straight forward except the instructions had me leave the airbag loose in the mount until the mounts were firmly bolted in place on the frame and spring,this would have been ok but there was no room to get a wrench in the top and bottom to tighten it up. I had to use the by guess method to get them aligned and tightened down then sliding them into place to attach the mounts. I'm a handy guy and the installation on my motor home took about 4 hours, they did the job and brought it back up to level. Will see how the handling is on my next trip.

Well after a year and several long trips I can say these were a great investment, took most of the seat out of the motor home and helped in windy conditions. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
James - 04/13/2022


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension


Works good Should have come with a T fitting to air up evenly from one location
Bernie - 06/04/2022


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

The air bag I purchased was to replace one that leaked. The replacement bag STILL did not hold air. Am tired of constantly having to keep this bag aired up.

You mentioned that the replacement spring also is leaking air. I wanted to ask you if you have completed the soapy water test to verify where the leak is coming from just in case that it is not the spring.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 06/29/2022
The air bag is leaking!!
-- comment by: Bradford - 06/29/2022
I apologize as I do not have a solution for you other than to reach out to Airlift for a replacement. I can also offer a different system for your truck. I would just need to know if it is a 2 or 4 wheel drive.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 06/29/2022


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Lower bracket is not strong enough. Collapsed on the first trip. A replacement was sent out but did not last. I had to fabricate a support under the center of the bracket to prevent bending.

You mentioned that the lower brackets were not strong enough and had to be replaced. I wanted to see if you would be able to send a picture of the location? Was this installed on your 2002 Workhome W Series RV?
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 05/05/2022


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

I installed the air bags and everything fit as advertised. Works excellent and would recommend to anyone who is pulling or hauling heavy loads. The only issue I had was some of the small parts for the air valves were missing.Not a big deal as I have a maintenance shop had extra fasteners to finish installation. Very good product

After using for one year, I have no issues whatsoever. Solid system. Would recommend!
David - 04/11/2022


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Very easy to install on my 2021 Ford Transit! All hardware is provided and the instructions were spot on. I definitely recommend these when running at or near capacity. Makes a huge difference in handling and ride.


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Purchased the Airlift 5000 Series Airbags, 88288. Do it yourself installation was fairly easy with no complications. Installation instructions were detailed and there are several online Installation videos to view online. Would highly recommend these bags over the various leaf springs helpers available.


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

These bags are amazing. Make the rear end ride pretty rough so I put deaver add a packs from carli and did the day star buckets for the bags. Now they are connected when I need them, and disconnected when I dont. Pretty awesome set up. I've put 5200 pounds of rock in the bed of my truck, the rock yard thought I was crazy but then I aired up the bags. You should of seen their faces. Rode level, sat at about 85 psi and rode like a caddy.


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

I'm extremely happy with these air bags. I was using Timbren with a 6000# load capacity but when pulling my 5th wheel, the load had the feeling of rolling. The LoadLifter 5000 resolved that issue.


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

The shipping was super fast, only thing I had an issue with was there was no air fitting in the kit which I’m pretty sure they were supposed to be in the kit. I went to my local Napa and got something that should work.

After talking with etrailer they ended up sending me the right fittings which I’m super thankful for, made for an easy install. Still are working like they were the day I installed them. Very awesome product and would highly recommend using their product.
Jacob - 03/21/2022


Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Installing this was easy if you follow the instructions and look at video installation as reference. I took my time about 4 hours from start to finish. Ready to help with towing our 30' Coleman travel trailer with our Toyota Tundra to the grand canyon this summer.

One year later and the air bags and wireless compressor are still running strong.
Jose - 06/29/2019

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