1. Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension
  2. Timbren
  3. Leaf Spring Replacement System
  4. Springs
  5. Round Axle - 3 Inch
  6. 14000 lbs
Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers w/ 3" Round Axles - 14,000 lbs

Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers w/ 3" Round Axles - 14,000 lbs

Item # TSR14KT01
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Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension
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TSR14KT01 - Leaf Spring Replacement System Timbren Springs
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Trailer suspension system replaces your leaf spring suspension to provide a stable ride. Walking beams keep weight distributed evenly between both axles. Pivoting arms help keep your trailer level on rough ground. Rubber springs absorb road shock. Lowest Prices for the best trailer leaf spring suspension from Timbren. Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers w/ 3" Round Axles - 14,000 lbs part number TSR14KT01 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Timbren Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension - TSR14KT01

  • Leaf Spring Replacement System
  • Springs
  • Round Axle - 3 Inch
  • 14000 lbs
  • Tandem Axle
  • Timbren

Trailer suspension system replaces your leaf spring suspension to provide a stable ride. Walking beams keep weight distributed evenly between both axles. Pivoting arms help keep your trailer level on rough ground. Rubber springs absorb road shock.


  • Suspension system provides a smooth, quiet, stable ride for your trailer
    • Replaces your existing leaf spring suspension
  • Walking beams with single pivot points create equalizing suspension for maximum stability
    • Keep weight distributed evenly between the axles
  • Pivoting arms help trailer stay level on uneven ground
    • Ensure all tires hug the road - even on rough, bumpy terrain
  • Double Aeon rubber springs absorb road shock and support the trailer's load
    • Compress and become stiffer and stronger as load increases
    • Act as return devices to minimize rattle and bottoming out
  • Fitted rubber bushings allow the control arms to be fully engaged, ensuring the springs are in use at all times
    • Constructed of tough and long-lasting rubber
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with durable, rust-resistant powder coat finish
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Bolt-on installation with included hardware - some drilling and welding required
    • Installation requires a 2" x 4" hollow steel crossmember with 3/16" wall thickness (not included)


  • Application: tandem-axle trailers with 3" diameter axles
  • Weight capacity: 14,000 lbs
  • Quantity: 2 suspension units
  • 5-Year limited warranty
    • 10-Year warranty on rubber bushings and rubber springs

Single Dimensions

Ride on rubber springs with Timbren's Silent Ride suspension system. This suspension system consists of 2 rugged steel units that work with your trailer's existing axles and hubs to absorb road shock, minimize trailer bounce and rattle - regardless of load size - and help to protect your trailer's components and cargo. The Silent Ride system provides a stable ride by distributing the weight of your trailer evenly. The walking beam allows weight to be transferred between axles, ensuring a smooth ride even on unlevel ground.

Silent Ride replaces your trailer's existing leaf spring suspension to ensure that your trailer will ride smoothly and comfortably, no matter what road conditions you are faced with on your journey.

Timbren Silent Ride Suspension vs. Leaf Springs

The Timbren Silent Ride suspension system is a definitive upgrade over leaf springs. Although leaf springs deliver a stable ride when supporting a load, a trailer with leaf springs will often bounce and rattle when it's empty or supporting a light or off-center load. On the other hand, your trailer can bottom out on bumpy roads if the load is too heavy.

With Timbren's Silent Ride suspension, you'll enjoy a smooth ride whether you're towing an empty trailer or a hefty load. The Aeon progressive-rate rubber springs of the Silent Ride always deliver the same reliable performance, no matter the load size. If your trailer is carrying a light load, or no load, the springs will compress just enough to counteract any bounce. As more weight is added to the trailer, the springs compress and become stiffer, offering more support for heavy loads. And because they rebound in a more controlled fashion than metal leaf springs, the Silent Ride springs do a better job of absorbing road shock to keep your trailer from bouncing and rattling.

Each spring activates only when needed. This reduces body roll and delivers top-notch performance. When your trailer with leaf springs takes a turn, one side of the suspension compresses and takes on more weight, and the other side becomes looser and bounces. This causes rattle and can make the trailer lean to one side. But when a trailer with a Silent Ride suspension takes a turn, one side compresses and becomes more rigid to absorb the weight, and the other side expands to normal height to help steady the load and minimize bounce and rattle. The load stays better balanced, even if it is off-center.

The Silent Ride system also provides smoother load distribution between the 2 axles of your tandem-axle trailer. The equalizers on a traditional leaf spring setup transfer the load from one axle to the other as you travel over uneven ground, but the action is often clunky and jarring. The walking beam on the Silent Ride works to make this transition smooth by incorporating just one pivot point at the center of the unit. The suspension arms on either side of the walking beam are designed to freely articulate around this pivot point to avoid harsh movements and annoying rattle.

Timbren Silent Ride Suspension vs. Torsion Axles

The Silent Ride suspension system is a great alternative to torsion axles as well. While both systems allow either side of a trailer's suspension to operate independently, the Silent Ride suspension system also keeps the weight evenly distributed between both of the trailer's axles, even on unlevel terrain. The walking beam component of the Silent Ride functions like the equalizer in a leaf spring system by shifting the load from one axle to another as you drive over bumps or uneven ground. Torsion axles cannot do this, which can result in not only a rough ride, but also a higher risk of damage to your tires, wheels, and suspension components.

The Silent Ride suspension system also offers greater flexibility for off-road use because of its shock-absorbing springs. Not only do the Aeon springs in the Silent Ride units activate progressively to give just the right amount of support and shock absorption, they also respond immediately. Torsion axles have rubber inside the beam that counteracts shock using compressive resistance, but this doesn't happen until the bar inside the axle twists in response to one side of the trailer going over a bump, for example. This built-in resistance can be effective in maintaining a steady ride, but the design doesn't allow the system to absorb shock as well as the Aeon springs in the Silent Ride setup.

In addition, one frequent complaint about torsion axles is that they cannot be repaired in the event that something goes wrong. But the individual components of the Silent Ride suspension system can be repaired or replaced if needed.

Installing the Silent Ride Suspension

In order to install the Silent Ride, a steel crossmember (not included) must connect the left-hand and right-hand units. Welding must be done to attach the included Timbren axle seats to your axle - do not weld the U-bolts. If you already have seats welded onto your axle, you will need to grind or cut the welds off to remove those seats and replace them with the Timbren axle seats.

SR14KT01 Timbren Trailer Suspension - 3" Tandem Axle - 14K

Video of Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers w/ 3" Round Axles - 14,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Timbren Silent Ride Suspension Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Timbren line of silent ride suspension systems. Now, these systems have been designed to work for trailers with capacities anywhere from 2000 pounds all the way up to 14,000.Now, the silent ride system from Timbren is really one of the best upgrades you can make to a trailer suspension. This is going to give you excellent handling out of your trailer. You're not going to have so much of the side-to-side. You're also going to feel it less as you haul it.As our suspension system works here up and down, whether you're got your trailer loaded to capacity or empty, you will hear any feel a noticeable difference in the ride quality on your trailer. Now, I really appreciate that, because we haul a lot of trailers around here, and it's just aggravating, always hearing that noise, and always hearing that rattle behind you.

This has almost completely eliminated it on this trailer.This is also going to be very important when it comes to car haulers. You've got cars in here, sometimes race cars, expensive cars. You don't want them being beat up, your tools that are in there. You don't want them shaking around a whole lot. This is also going to work out really well for our camper trailers.

We've got dishes, we've got stuff in there that's important. We've got our tools stored in there. We just don't want them getting beat up.Installing a suspension system like this is really going to smooth all of that out for you.Now, the setup we have here today is the single axle configuration. You can see, we've got or 2x2 cross tube here, our axle here. This is also going to be available in a tandem axle configuration.

This body here becomes a little bit longer, we're going to have one of these off the back, we're going to have one of them off the front. Basically, you're going to have the same cross tube, but it's going to be 2x4, and it sits between them. Right up flush against here and the other side. All in all, it's going to give us a really good solution.Basically, the way this system works, we're going to mount the upper bracket to our trailer. We've got our lower arm here, that's free floating.

We've got an Aeon rubber spring here, and also here. This one is constantly trying to expand out slightly, and it's applying upward pressure on our arm. This one's applying downward pressure on our arm. As we hit a bump, of course, this is going to go up, as this goes up, this is going to expand. This one wants to pull it back, wants it get it back to its normal configuration. This one pushing out wants to get it to its normal configuration.If we think about a regular leaf spring style suspension, it's just sitting there in the middle. It's just going to wiggle when we hit bumps and stuff like that. Where, this is fighting to remain nice and steady and calm, over all those different bumps.Now, let's take a look at our conventional leaf spring suspension, versus our Timbren suspension. As you can see, there's a lot less movement, the trailer doesn't bounce up nearly as much, so it's generating a lot less noise. Overall, it's going to offer a much smoother and more controlled ride.Now, let's take a look at just the silent ride system, as we go through our test course. You can see as we're hitting the different bumps, you're not seeing as much movement as what we're used to with a conventional suspension system. It recovers very quickly. Now as we're just doing some maneuvering around our parking lot, you can see there's no trailer roll side to side. With them working independently, it helps kept everything level.These are also going to offer a variable spring rate. If we load our trailer with a light load, these are going to be compressed slightly, and that's all the effort they're going to have to put out, so it's not going to stiffen up our ride tremendously. As our load gets heavier and heavier, these compress more and more, they're going to get stiffer and stiffer, so they're almost going to adjust for the load that you put on, to maximize your ride quality.Now, the brackets we have here, of course, these are going to be heavy duty steel construction. They've got the black finish on it, help resist any kind of corrosion or issues like that for a long time to come.Now, on your tandem setup, there's a huge advantage in how the Timbren system equalizes the weight equally across your axles. With this single setup, we're going to have our upper bracket, we're going to have our base arm. With the tandem setup, we're still going to have our upper bracket, we're still going to have our base arm, but there's a walking leg that goes in between those. It's going to have a single pivot point right here in the middle, so as the tire gets pushed up in the back, it forces that front tire down. As the tire in the front gets pushed up, it forces that rear tire town. It maintains equal load across both axles at all times. That's something we don't see in leaf spring suspensions, even with equalizers installed. They just don't transfer that properly.Now, one thing to keep in mind when installing this system is that we need to reuse your existing axle. Where it meets the silent ride here, they provide us with this axle seat, so essentially, you're going to remove your old axle, you're going to grind those spring seats off of it to get it nice and flat. Get everything pre-assembled, place it up here, and you'll lay that weld across the back.Now, once we've decided where we're going to be positioning the silent ride, I've marked my holes in center punch. You can see here. You can leave the silent ride clamped into position, as if when you we're setting it up, and use those holes as the guide, if you want to do it that way, that's going to be completely up to you. What we need to wind up with a 5/8th inch diameter hole, we're going to use a step bit. We're going to 3/16ths, go up to a 3/8th, just slowly work up to that 5/8th. Generally, that's the easiest way to drill through this steel.We're going to get both our holes drilled out on this side, and do the same thing on the other side. Now that we got our holes drilled, we're going to take our hardware, get it put in place, we're using 5/8th diameter bolts, you want to use at least grade five, these happen to be grade eight. On to backside, we're going to put a flat washer on. Put a lock washer on. Also, our nut. Now we can snug out hardware down, ours takes a 15/16th, as long as yours is standard 5/8th, it should be the same. All right, now we'll torque those down to the specifications, which are listed in the instructions.Now, we've got our axle up in position. We've got our perches, our spring perches here on the bottom. Now, we had our welder take care of this, we had it all mocked up. We had him pre-weld this, although in your application, you're just going to have to out a bead across this side, and right up here. In the instructions, they tell you just to weld this up after you've got everything bolted up, so you might want to do it that way. It's going to be up to you.We just want to make sure we get our axle centered. You measure from your brake flange here, out to here, or to the center of your trailer, whatever you want to do. You want to make sure that's equal on both sides. Now, we've brought our U bolts down and around. You can see here, each one of those gets a washer, and a nut, and we're going to use a crisscross pattern, get those snugged down, and then we're going to torque them per the instructions.Now, here we've installed our crossmember. This needs to be a 2x2 inch squared piece of tubing. You can see it's 3/16th of an inch thickness. We want it 2x2, 3/16th inch wall. We've got our holes, we got one here, one here that we need to drill. Now, those are going to go in, all the way through, and then they need to come out that upper bracket. I'm going to mark my bottom here. Just using a center punch.Now, for our upper hole location here, it's going to be really tough to get anything in there to mark it. I'm just going to use a right angle pick. I'm going to go all the way around that elongated hole. Then we can just mark the center of that.All right, now we're ready to drill them out. These need to go to a half inch in diameter. We're going to use this step bit process, just like we did on our trailer. Gradually enlarging it.Then once we have the four drilled out here on this side, we're going to flip it over, and use our marks to drill our holes on this side.Now we've got our crossmember put back in place, we're just lining up those holes. We want to take our bolt. We want to pass it up through. On the top, we're going to be using a nylon locknut. Now, depending on your application, this might be a pretty tight fit in here. You could also use a flat washer, a lock washer and a nut, if you have space. It seems like for us, this nylon locknut's really the best solution. We're going to put one in each hole, so two on this side. We've already got the two on the other side. Now we'll get them tightened down.Most of your half inch bolts, you're going to need a 19mm or 3/4, unless you're using something odd sized. Now, we'll want to get these torqued down. Now, once we've got all that torqued down to specifications, we've gone through everything, make sure everything's nice and secure, it's time to just basically rebuild our axles.That's going to complete our look at the Timbren line of silent ride suspension systems.

Customer Reviews

Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers w/ 3" Round Axles - 14,000 lbs - TSR14KT01

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (10 Customer Reviews)

Trailer suspension system replaces your leaf spring suspension to provide a stable ride. Walking beams keep weight distributed evenly between both axles. Pivoting arms help keep your trailer level on rough ground. Rubber springs absorb road shock.

- TSR14KT01

Great suspension system. Some of my customers require an air ride system, but some of them have accepted this system as they do provide the smoother ride that their tools need. Well worth the price, plus there is no spring hangers to wear out ever. Overall great system thanks. 717954

- TSR14KT01

Pricey but well worth it no more bent axles and broken springs which means no down time 580493

- TSR7000T04

Review from a similar Timbren Silent Ride in Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

Solid construction, and simple installa tion. 359017

- TSR14K35T01

Review from a similar Timbren Silent Ride in Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

I have not installed them yet, but by the looks of of them I am very pleased and expect my trailer will ride and handle much better. I won't have to worry about which spring is going to break on our next trip. They look very hefty and I'm inpressed with the engineering and how they look. After I get them installed I will give you an update with pictures. Thanks Jim 569531

- TSR7000T04

Review from a similar Timbren Silent Ride in Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

Arrived as scheduled. They are very heavy duty. I have not installed them as of this post, waiting on the proper bolts to attach to frame. 467181

- TSR14K35T01

Review from a similar Timbren Silent Ride in Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

Photo of installed product. 652390

- TSR14K35T01

Review from a similar Timbren Silent Ride in Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

I installed this on a 2018 wildcat 383mb 5th wheel which has a GVWR of 14,059# and with a weeks worth of stuff for a family of 3 I have 10,700# on the campers axels per CAT scale so this is a perfect fit for the application. Now the hard part was figuring out what the ride height (bottom of my frame to the center of the axels) would be since Timbren's documents only show the unloaded ride height at 6.125", with the stock leaf springs my ride height was 9.375” so that is a 3.25” difference but that doesn’t account for suspension sag. I called timbren they said the ride height at 14,000# would be 4” so basically the suspension would sag 2.125" so I guessed my ride height at 11,000# would be 5” or 1.125” of sag. Based on those numbers I would need to make up 4.5” of ride height so I put a 4”x4” 0.25”wall square tube between the frame and Timbren suspension. Well the Timbren sagged more then I expected, and my final ride height ended up being 8.25”, a full inch lower than factory. I have a lot of overhang behind the rear axel and would drag on occasion at the stock ride height so this inch lower is going to make it worse. I’m going to make a few trips and see how much more the suspension settles then I might go back and add a 2” spacer to raiser camper. The install took me 2 8hr days with the first day being removing the stock leaf spring setup and prepping the axels/removing the leaf spring pads. The hardest and most time-consuming part was removing the spring hangers off the frame man they did not want those to come off. The instructions don’t tell you where to set the axel camber/arch so it set it to the same angle as the suspension arm when unloaded, 19deg which when loaded and on level ground turned out to be perfect. The instructions also tell you weld the axle to both sides of the axle seat well you can’t get to the inside axle seat since it’s so close the rubber spring. Now as for the ride what a major difference I used to dread hitting bridge expansion joints now it’s no problem, the bucking has been drastically reduced. We would always have open doors and draws when got to a location now they all stay closed. Items in cabinets are still where we left them, cereal boxes are still upright. 694555

- TSR7000T05

Review from a similar Timbren Silent Ride in Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

I used these to replace the leaf springs and equalizers on a 20’ gooseneck cattle trailer that I rebuilt. The ride is great and the usual rattling and clanging of the trailer going down the gravel road is gone. So far I am very happy with the ease of installation and the performance of the suspension. I guess only time will tell about the durability of the rubber components in the long run. 745355

- TSR14K35T01

Review from a similar Timbren Silent Ride in Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

The only way to build a trailer is with timbren. 651559

- TSR3500S04

Review from a similar Timbren Silent Ride in Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

Just did a test fit but like everything about the product! Construction quality ease of assembly all first rate! 584147


Ask the Experts about this Timbren Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

  • Parts Needed to Complete Axle-Less Trailer Suspension with 7000-lb Capacity
    I have a solution for you, but because the Timbren Silent Ride # TSR14KT01 requires through axles, you would not be able to use this for your trailer that does not allow for tube axles to be used. I recommend that you use 2 pairs of the Timbren Axle-less Trailer Suspension # TASR7KS02 (4" drop spindle) or # TASR7KS01 (regular spindle) to create a tandem axle trailer system-without the axles. The Timbren systems above have a 7000-lb capacity with each set, which when you use 2 sets, would...
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  • Replacement Recommendation For Improving Suspension For 14,000-lb Trailer
    From the information and picture you sent, it looks like you have slipper springs for your trailer. Your picture seems to show a tandem trailer with a "Stright Equalizer" and the dimensions you sent are similar to such an equalizer in our available inventory, Item # TREQ4541. Unfortunately, I do not have cushioned equalizers that will work in your situation. However, I do recommend the Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Trailers, Item # TSR14KT01. The Timbren Silent Ride Suspension...
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  • Can Timbren Silent Ride Suspension be Used on 2018 Open Range 5th Wheel with Disc Brakes
    The Timbren Silent Ride Suspension # TSR14KT01 is perfect for your application! It is meant to be used with 7K tandem 3" round axles and it works with any kind of braking system. You will be really happy with the improvement of the ride for your 2018 Open Range 5th wheel plus these make your suspension maintenance free since there are no wet bolts that need to be greased or leaf springs that need to be checked on.
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  • Will Installing Timbren Silent Ride Suspension Help Improve the Suspension for 7K Tandem Axles
    The Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axles, # TSR14KT01, was designed to eliminate the problems that traditional leaf spring trailer suspension encounter on travel and 5th wheel trailers. (The Silent Ride system will bolt right up to the frame of your trailer and allow your tandem 7k axles to connect to the Timbren system. The Silent Ride system uses Aeon rubber springs to supply cushion and absorption of road shock. Tension from the Aeon rubber springs, as well as absorbing...
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  • Can Timbren Silent Ride Suspension # TSR14KT01 be Upgraded to Air Bags
    The Timbren Silent Ride Suspension # TSR14KT01 that you referenced is specifically designed for the double Aeon rubber springs that should not be swapped out for air bags. So to answer your first and third questions, no. The rubber springs are a great alternative to leaf springs (or even air springs) and require virtually no maintenance. These would be perfect for your 7K tandem axle trailers as long as they have 3" round axles (which is pretty standard). Since I am not sure the dimensions...
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  • Where Timbren Silent Ride System Install on Tandem Axle Traler
    When installing the Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers w/ 3" Round Axles # TSR14KT01 on a tandem axle trailer you'd want to center the kit where the current center suspension hangers currently are and you'll have the correct axle placement. I also attached a picture that has more info on axle placement as well.
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  • Measurements for Timbren Silent Ride 14K Suspension System
    This particular model of the Silent Ride suspension, # TSR14KT01, is rated for 14,000 pounds and has a 3 inch round axle seat. I have included a picture that shows all of the important measurements for this unit for you as well. Current pricing is available on the product page.
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  • Where to Place Axles When Building a Trailer
    Let me start by saying that the Timbren Axle-Less Suspension System # A35RS545E you purchased is not for triple axle trailers. I would just suggest making your trailer a tandem axle and going with either the Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers 14,000 pound # TSR14KT01, or 10,000 pound # TSR10KT02. You will still need 3 inch axles to fit your trailer's frame. I've attached a picture that can help you determine where to place your axles. You basically want to locate...
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  • Does Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers # TSR14KT01 Require Cross Brace Tube
    The Timbren Silent Ride Suspension kit part # TSR14KT01 does require an axle to be provided. I attached a picture that shows how Timbren recommends sourcing and installing the axle tubing.
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  • Are There Temperature Limits with the Timbren Silent Ride Suspension Systems
    I spoke with my contact at Timbren and he informed me that the rubber springs in the Timren Silend Ride part # TSR14KT01 only have an upper temperature limit of 150 degrees and that in negative temperatures there wouldn't ever be an issue. So -30 degrees like what you will be experiencing would not be an issue at all.
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  • Trailer Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for 14k Trailer
    Since you have 3 inch diameter 7k axles the correct Timbren Silent Ride kit to use is the part # TSR14KT01. This will solve your leaf springs breaking problem and will give you basically the best suspension setup around. Installation requires a 2" x 4" hollow steel crossmember with 3/16" wall thickness (not included)
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  • Timbren Silent Ride and Disc Brake Kit Recommendation for 2016 Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition 38FB2
    All of the components you referenced woudl work well together on your trailer. The Suspension kit part # TSR14KT01 is for trailers like yours with 14k capacities and the Kodiak kit part # K2HRCM1337-9DAC will fit the spindles. Only suggestion I would make is the HydraStar actuator # CAR-HBA16-2 that comes with brake lines and a breakaway kit. We have found the Hydrastar to be the most reliable.
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  • Recommended Suspension Upgrade for 3 Inch Diameter Tandem Axles
    Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for 3" Round Tandem Axle - 14,000 lbs - Rubber Springs, # TSR14KT01, you referenced I do recommend for your trailer. This is a complete tandem axle suspension kit, one kit will come with suspension for both sides of your trailer. I reached out to my contact at Timbren to ensure you didn't need anything else and they said if you already have your two axles, then this kit is all you need. The hardware to install on both sides is included.
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  • Estimated Install Time for Timbren Silent Ride Suspension Kit # TSR14KT01
    For someone like you with plenty of experience working on trailer suspension it would most likely take you a couple hours to knock out the install of the Timbren Silent Ride Suspension # TSR14KT01. It does depend slightly on the trailer setup but it's a pretty straight forward install that Timbren lists as "easy" for DIYers so I'd think you'd get it taken care of in a couple hours or less. I'd say most people would want to set aside an entire afternoon though.
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  • Recommended Timbren Silent Ride Tandem Axle Trailer Suspension Setup
    7,000 lb axles are not typically 4 inches in diameter and we don't have a system compatible with that size. If you want to upgrade from your 3,500 lb axles to larger capacity axles, you can use the Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers w/ 3" Round Axles - 14,000 lbs # TSR14KT01 but you will want to make sure your other trailer components can handle that additional capacity. You will be limited by the weakest component of your entire system. If you just want to keep...
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  • Will the Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem 7,000 lb Axles Work On a 2017 Redwood RV
    If you have 7,000 lb, 3" diameter axles on your 2017 Redwood RV Redwood Fifth Wheel then the Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers part # TSR14KT01 is correct not part # TSR7000T05. This is an excellent option to upgrade your suspension and you would never have to worry about replacing worn out leaf springs therefore making the trailer virtually maintenance free in this regard. If you don't know what your axle capacity is then all you need to do is crawl under the...
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  • Tandem Axle Trailer Suspension Upgrade Kits That Use Leaf Springs and Replace Leaf Springs
    We have multiple options in a trailer suspension kit, including one that retains your existing double-eye leaf springs, the Lippert Center Point # LC1565391, as well as the Timbren Silent Ride kits like # TSR14KT01 that DO get rid of your leaf springs. All tandem trailer kits are shown on the linked page. The Lippert Center Point # LC1565391 replaces the equalizer in your tandem axle leaf spring suspension with an air bag. Center Point adds air ride suspension to any RV or horse trailer,...
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  • Recommended Suspension Upgrade For 2014 KZ Durango Model 336 5th Wheel Trailer
    For the smoothest ride on your 2014 KZ Durango model 336 5th wheel trailer, I recommend the Lippert Components Trailair by Center Point Air-Ride Suspension Upgrade - Tandem Axle # LC1565391. This will give you two air bags that absorb the road shock and reduce trailer chucking. This system improves the ride of the trailer, but also improves braking in a quick stop situation. Another great option is the Timbren Silent Ride Suspension for Tandem Axle Trailers w/ 3" Round Axles like...
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