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50MM Nev-R-Lube Bearing for 8,000-lb Dexter Axles - Qty 1

Item # 31-71-3

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Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps

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dexter axle trailer bearings races seals caps standard bearing 31-71-3
dexter axle trailer bearings races seals caps
dexter axle trailer bearings races seals caps standard 31-71-3

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dexter axle trailer bearings races seals caps bearing 31-71-3

  • Bearings
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  • 3500 lbs Axle
  • 50 MM I.D.
  • Dexter Axle
  • Bearing 31-71-3
Lowest Prices for the best trailer bearings races seals caps from Dexter Axle. 50MM Nev-R-Lube Bearing for 8,000-lb Dexter Axles - Qty 1 part number 31-71-3 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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Dexter Axle Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps - 31-71-3

  • 50 MM Cartridge style, Nev-R-Lube bearing
  • Fits Dexter 50mm, 8,000-lb Nev-R-Lube axles with 8-lug, 6-1/2 bolt circle
  • Works on hub and drum assembly with drum size of 12 x 2 and 12-1/4 x 3-3/8
  • Dimensions: 50mm I.D. x 84mm O.D. x 54mm wide

031-071-03 50MM Nev-R-Lube Bearing for 8,000-lb Dexter Axles - Qty 1

Video of 50MM Nev-R-Lube Bearing for 8,000-lb Dexter Axles - Qty 1

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Redline Trailer Bearings and Races 31-71-3 Review

Today were going to review part number 31-71-3. This is the Redline 50 mm cartridge style bearing for a Nev-R-Lube axle. This bearing will fit the Dexter 50 mm Nev-R-Lube axle with the eight-lug, 6-1/2 inch bolt pattern. It works on hub and drum assemblies with a drum size of 12 x 2 or 12-1/4 x 3-3/8. The actual size on this is given as a 50 mm x 84 mm x 54 mm. Basically, what that is selling you is 50 mm would be the inside measurement right here.

I have a digital caliper here thats reading in millimeters. If we do that, its 50 mm. Then the 84 would be the overall diameter. If we do that, its going to be 84 mm. Then the 54 would be the section here.

That would be 54 mm. Now, this type of bearing does look different than your normal wheel bearings, but basically, what this is. These are how youre used to seeing regular bearings. Well, if you put two of them together like this, thats what that is and then they are sealed. Basically, there is no need to pull the hubs to repack the bearings, there is no need to replace seals when you check the brakes, and there are no more inner and outer bearings.

Its all combined right into this one. Itll give you pre-set adjustments, which makes ease of installation, because the human error is virtually eliminated in bearing adjustments, and it is pre-lubricated at the bearing factory, which will make it resistant to contamination, and its sealed for life so theres no bearing maintenance for increased durability and reliability, and lower maintenance cost. This has a five-year or 100,000-mile warranty against defects in material or workmanship. That should do it for review on part number 31-71-3.

Customer Reviews

50MM Nev-R-Lube Bearing for 8,000-lb Dexter Axles - Qty 1 - 31-71-3

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (11 Customer Reviews)

- 31-71-3


I have had two 5th wheel trailers with the Never lube bearings and they have worked well. I am replacing the bearings while I have the brakes apart since the trailer is now 10 years old. My current bearings are still working but wanted to replace everything in the brake system and the hub bearings are part of the process. Thanks Rebecca at, I appreciate your great work! 325530

- 31-71-3


I bought this as a backup for my mobile suites. I dont trust these never lube bearings and since they are harder to come by i always carry a spare. Havent needed it yet. I do add grease to the originals occasionally in the middle between the two bearings but etrailer shipped this quickly and we always have it along. 304099

- 31-71-3


I was very impressed with the service, product and pricing I have been in business for 40 years and not many company's understand how to treat customer. Special thanks to Sandy J great attitude and help I will be buying again and recommending your company. Thanks 395488

- 31-71-3


The bearing were delivered on time ( one day aire) and they were the right bearing could not of aks for anything more. etrailer did a great job in getting me the right part to fix my 5th wheel.Great job Melinda E 186176

- 31-71-3


The never-lube bearing is a Chinese copy of the original Timken bearing. I'm sure it will work for a while, but by looking at it I can see it is not the same quality as the original Dexter installed. 181520

- 31-71-3


very easy to use web site, I like the free shipping, most of all the items were great quality as described and fit perfectly. Thanks 283718

- 31-71-3


The item arrived on time and in good condition. Haven't had it installed yet and will continue this review when that is completed. 371619

- 31-71-3


Everything was great with this order. Thanks :) 459698

- 31-71-3


Bearings are made in China, need I say more ?? 297071

- 31-71-3


Bought for a spare. 334277

- 31-71-3




Ask the Experts about this Dexter Axle Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps

  • When to Replace Dexter Nev-R-Lube Bearings
  • Dexter Nev-R-Lube Bearings such as the 50MM # 31-71-3 referenced in your question do not have a specific maintenance or replacement schedule. These are pre-lubricated at the factory, which will make it resistant to contamination, and sealed for life so there is typically no bearing maintenance needed. In general, it is recommend to pull the hubs on your axle once a year just to check for any damaged components within the hub and on the spindle. If there is no damage and these bearings...
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  • Replacement Hub for Ranger Boat Trailer with 3500-lb Axle
  • We do offer some Nev-R-Lube hubs that are shown on the linked page, such as idler hub # 008-402-91, but all of these are for axle ratings of 6K and above and all use a 6- or 8-bolt wheel bolt pattern. Chances are your trailer with a 3500-lb axle uses the more common 5-on-4-1/2 pattern. In the 3500-lb axle rating we do have EZ-Lube hubs made for spindles with a grease zerk fitting, shown on the other linked page, but none that are the Nev-R-Lube variety that use permanent cartridge style...
    view full answer...

  • Sealed Trailer Bearing Availability
  • We have a few sealed trailer bearings. If you have a Neverlube bearing setup on your trailer then you would want the # 31-72-3 for a 35 mm bearing, #31-73-3 for 42 mm, or # 31-71-3 for 50 mm. The measurement that I mentioned for each bearing would be the inner diameter.
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  • Installation of Nev-R-Lube Bearing
  • You do not have to press the bearing in place when installing. You can use a dowel to tap it into place, this will help prevent damage to the bearing when installing. What's great about the Nev-R-Lube bearing # 31-71-3 is that you do not have to worry about seals, races, or repacking the bearings. I have linked the above mentioned Nev-R-Lube bearing to this page for your purchasing convenience.
    view full answer...

  • Overloaded 7000 Axles on HR Aluma Scape 31 5th Wheel Trailer
  • If your axles are indeed rated for 7,000 pounds each, and your actual trailer weight is at 14,400 lbs you are already overloading each axle by 200 lbs. Determining the actual fully loaded and ready to tow weight of your fifth wheel is very important. Although some would argue that there would be some sort of cushion or wiggle room engineered into the axles, in my opinion you will need to lower the trailer weight to the point where it is below the axle capacity or upgrade to larger capacity...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Tool To Use When installing Bearings In Hub
  • The bearings can be tapped into place but it is a great idea to use a tool to make sure it is done correctly. The tool we offer is part # PTW83020. This includes six discs that will work with common bearing sizes. They are 1.565", 1.75", 1.965", 2.325", 2.47", and 2.555.
    view full answer...

  • 50mm Nev-R-Lube Trailer Bearing for a Holiday Rambler Aluma Scape 31
  • We do have the 50mm Nev-R-Lube bearing. It is # 31-71-3. You can view the current pricing by clicking on the link to the product. I have also included a link to a video review for you.
    view full answer...

  • Who is the Bearing Manufacturer for the Nev-R-Lube 50mm Bearing Part # 31-71-3
  • I have confirmed with my contacts at Redline and the manufacturer of this bearing is indeed made by Timken, and that is what you will receive when ordered. This bearing fits the Dexter 50mm Nev-R-Lube axle with 8-lug, 6-1/2 bolt circle. It is intended for use on hub and drum assemblies with a 12 by 12 and 12-1/4 by 3-3/8. I have included a short demonstration video of this product for your reference.
    view full answer...

  • How to Pick Out Nev-R-Lube Bearings for a Carriage Cameo 5th Wheel Trailer
  • In order to pick out the correct Nev-R-Lube bearings for your Carriage Cameo 5th Wheel trailer you will need to pull your hub to get the numbers off of your bearings or get the diameter of your spindle. If your have a 42 millimeter spindle then you would want the # 31-73-3 bearing you referenced, 35 mm spindle you would want the # 31-72-3 or 50 mm # 31-71-3.
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  • Replacement Bearing for 8,000 Pound Dexter Nev-R-Lube Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly
  • For your Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly - Nev-R-Lube # 8-389-81UC3, the correct 50mm bearing is indeed the Dexter # 31-71-3 product that you referenced in your question. This bearing is also used on 8,000 pound axles like what you have so there will be no fitment or capacity issues. This bearing has an inner diamter of 50mm and an outer diameter of 84mm. I have attached a short video demonstration on this product that you can also check out.
    view full answer...

  • Sealed Bearing Replacement For National Trailer
  • We offer three sealed bearings so you will need to take some measurements to see if they will work for you. If one of these matches the dimensions of the bearings you have then you can use it as a spare. Our Redline Nev-R-lube Bearing # 31-73-3 measures 42mm I.D. x 76mm O.D. x 39mm wide. For Bearing # 31-71-3, the measurements are 50mm I.D. x 84mm O.D. x 54mm wide, and bearing # 31-72-3 has a measurement of 35mm I.D. x 64mm O.D. x 37mm wide.
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  • Replacement Spindle Nut for Dexter Nev-R-Lube Axle with 50mm Cartridge Bearings
  • The Dexter Nev-R-Lube axles that use the 50mm cartridge bearing # 31-71-3 use a 1 inch spindle nut, # 6-183. Torque the nut to 145 foot pounds.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Hub Recommendation for Hub that Had L44649 Bearings
  • We carry the hub you would need for your trailer, but they do not have the bearings pre-installed. If it's an idler hub with a 4 on 4 inch bolt pattern you would need part # 8-91-05UC1-EZ. If it's a brake hub you would need part # 8-173-16UC3. For a 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern idler hub you would want the part # 8-259-5UC1-EZ, or for a brake hub part # 8-257-5UC3-EZ. I attached a help article link and install video for replacing hubs for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Spindle Nut Recommendation for a Nev-R-Lube Spindle Bearing Hub
  • The correct part number for a spindle nut for the Dexter Nev-R-Lube bearing hubs is the part # 6-183.
    view full answer...

  • Do Nev-R-Lube Bearings Last a Long Time
  • Dexter Nev-R-Lube Bearings such as the 50MM # 31-71-3 do not have a specific maintenance or replacement schedule. These are pre-lubricated at the factory, which will make it resistant to contamination, and sealed for life so there is typically no bearing maintenance needed. In nearly all cases they last the life of the trailer.
    view full answer...

  • Dexter Nev-R-Lube Hub with 8 on 6-1/2 Bolt Pattern for 5,200 Pound Trailer Axle
  • I did some checking and what you have is a derated 6 or 7K axle that uses the 7K Nev-R-Lube hub # 8-385-82UC3. It takes the 50mm Nev-R-Lube bearing # 31-71-3. I have included links to videos on both of these parts for you.
    view full answer...

  • New Hub/Drums Grease Instructions w/ Older Nev-r Adjust Brakes
  • Here's how to grease everything upon initial installation. First, grease your bearings and spindle by hand or with a bearing packer like part # L70025. If you are going to do it by hand, start with a gob of grease in your palm and then press the bearing into the grease with some force. Next, insert your bearings and grease seal in the hub and mount your hub on your spindle. You should slowly pump grease into the spindle. As you are pumping the grease into the spindle, occasionally...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Dexter Nev-R-Lube Cartridge-Style Wheel Bearings
  • A tandem axle travel trailer such as the Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB will require four sets of wheel bearings, an inner and outer bearing for each hub. Based on this trailer's GVWR it is likely to have two 3500-lb-rated axles. Often axles of this weight capacity use standard tapered roller bearings # L68149 (inner) and # L44649 (outer). Dexter Nev-R-Lube cartridge-style wheel bearings like # 31-71-3 are offered in millimeter sizes; this one is 50mm. 42mm and 35mm sizes are also available,...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation For A Nev-R-Lube 50MM Bearing For 8,000-lb Axle
  • I called the manufacturer and they confirmed that the 50MM Nev-R-Lube Bearing, Item # 31-71-3, should work for you. It is designed to fit an 8,000-lb axle with an 8 on 6-1/2 bolt pattern. It works with hub and drum assemblies that are 12 x 2 and 12-1/4 x 3-3/8. I have attached a short video for your to check out.
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  • Socket Size Needed to Remove and Re-Torque Nut for Replacing Nev-R-Lube Bearing
  • I spoke with my contact at Dexter regarding the Nev-R-Lube Bearing # 31-71-3 that you will be replacing. He stated that you will just need a 1-1/2 inch socket for the 1.42-1.44 inch nut. This is the same size socket needed for a standard spindle nut.
    view full answer...

  • How Often Do Trailer Wheel Bearings Need to be Greased
  • Standard tapered trailer wheel bearings are recommended to be re-packed with fresh bearing grease about every year or every 12,000 miles under normal use. In certain conditions this interval could be shorter, such as if you routinely tow the trailer under conditions of extreme heat or near its maximum load capacity. This and other recommended trailer maintenance procedures are outlined in the linked article, which may interest you. I also linked an article that provides an overview of...
    view full answer...

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