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Dometic 320 Full-Timer RV Toilet - Standard Height - Elongated Bowl - Tan Ceramic
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Dometic 320 Full-Timer RV Toilet - Standard Height - Elongated Bowl - Tan Ceramic

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RV Toilets
Shipping Weight: 44 lbs
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Perfect for full-time adventurers, this durable, standard-height RV toilet can handle everyday use. Elongated design provides plenty of comfort. Sturdy ceramic bowl is easy to clean. Each flush uses just 1 pint of water. Great Prices for the best rv toilets from Dometic. Dometic 320 Full-Timer RV Toilet - Standard Height - Elongated Bowl - Tan Ceramic part number DOM27FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Dometic RV Toilets

  • Elongated
  • Standard Height
  • Tan
  • Polypropylene and Ceramic
  • Dometic
  • Full-Rim - Best
  • 26 - 30 lbs
  • 11 Inches

Perfect for full-time adventurers, this durable, standard-height RV toilet can handle everyday use. Elongated design provides plenty of comfort. Sturdy ceramic bowl is easy to clean. Each flush uses just 1 pint of water.


  • RV toilet is perfect for the RV that doubles as your home
  • Standard height matches the height of a household toilet
  • Extended wooden seat is comfortable and retains heat, even in the cold
  • Elongated ceramic bowl matches the design of a residential toilet
    • Ceramic is long-lasting and easy to clean
    • Enclosed rim keeps water jets covered to prevent splashes
  • Lightweight polypropylene base is durable
  • Clean rinsing - pressurized water flows around the entire bowl
    • Uses only 1 pint of water per flush
  • Foot pedal makes flushing fast and easy
    • Push pedal down halfway to fill the bowl with water before use
    • Push pedal down all the way for 1 to 2 seconds to flush away waste
  • Simple gravity-flush design - installs directly above your black-water tank
  • 2-Bolt installation fits most existing floor flanges
  • Bone tan color
  • Made in the USA


  • Overall dimensions: 21-3/4" long x 14-3/4" wide x 19-1/4" tall
  • Seat length: 17-1/2"
  • Seat thickness: 2-5/8"
  • Seat cutout dimensions: 12" long x 8-1/2" wide
  • Bowl depth: 8-3/4"
  • Total weight: 30.5 lbs
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Perfect for Full-Time RV Living

Living in an RV while exploring the country is a real adventure, and you'll want your facilities to live up to that lifestyle. This RV toilet easily handles everyday use, making it great for when you're living in your RV full-time. It's just as tall as a standard residential toilet, so it's easy to sit down on and get up from. The durable wooden seat holds heat for those chilly nights. And the sturdy ceramic bowl is easy to clean. If you call your RV your home, this is the toilet you'll need when nature calls.

Measure to Fit

RV toilet rough in measurement

There's one measurement you should double check to see if this toilet will easily fit into your bathroom. The rough-in measurement is the minimum distance you'll need from the wall to the center of the flange on which the toilet will sit. To measure this distance without uninstalling your current toilet, the mounting bolts on the side will typically tell you where the center of the flange is. You may want to triple check if your toilet has an offset flange or 4-bolt mounting style.

The Dometic 320 Series RV toilet has a rough-in measurement of 11". If your rough-in measurement is less than 11", select a toilet model with a lower requirement or consider alterations to make it fit. Keep in mind the overall dimensions of the toilet, and measure for yourself to pick the best model for an easy DIY upgrade.

9108781897 Dometic 320 Series RV Toilet - Standard Height - Ceramic Bowl - Bone

Replaces Dometic 302320083 and 9108781899

Item # DOM27FR

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Dometic 320 Full-Timer RV Toilet - Standard Height - Elongated Bowl - Tan Ceramic - DOM27FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (520 Customer Reviews)

Perfect for full-time adventurers, this durable, standard-height RV toilet can handle everyday use. Elongated design provides plenty of comfort. Sturdy ceramic bowl is easy to clean. Each flush uses just 1 pint of water.


Overall, this is an excellent toilet. A great replacement for an older worn out ceramic, and a fantastic upgrade from any of the plastic models out there. Well manufactured with good water flow and a sturdy foot flush pedal. I installed this toilet in March 2022 and have had no issues at all with any leaks. The water feed is well made and secured, as well as the flush mechanism. My one complaint is that the seat/lid paint seems a bit weak as the seat has a couple unexplained chips in it and the lid paint is wearing off where it touches the wall when the lid is up. But seats are fairly easy to replace so it's not major issue.

As an aside (that I hope etrailer allows me to mention because I intend to commend them) my toilet arrived damaged. It was an "emergency" purchase as the plastic toilet I was replacing had sprung a major leak, literally cups every few hours. I've included a couple pics of the damage. Since it was still usable, and I'd already taken out the leaky toilet, which further damaged the area it was leaking from, I elected to repair and install the new toilet. I then contacted etrailer to let them know what had happened and they replied that they would have replaced the toilet entirely, even though the damage was minor. What's more, they offered to reimburse me the cost of the repair materials! As it was a few cents worth of Liquid Nails I felt reimbursement wasn't necessary, but as a result of this interaction etrailer has gained a customer for as long as I'm living in an RV :D



One year later and the toilet is still working as expected. No leaks from the mechanism whatsoever. Only issue I had was the seat deteriorated faster than I would have expected. It had a weak spot on one side that eventually cracked. I replaced it with a slow fall lid 3 or 4 months ago. Still completely satisfied with my purchase.


The new toilet came ahead of schedule and Sheryl H. was super helpful and made sure it arrived on time. The box came in good shape and everything was in place and arrived safe and sound. This toilet was a very tight fit in my installation but I was ready to modify the cabinet behind if needed, but it just fit. Very well made unit and seems to work well so far and no leaks. The original plastic model 300 was working fine but did not like the plastic. The new model 320 is just great ! Sheryl H and etrailer was just perfect. Great customer service and support. I will continue to be a loyal customer.



After a year and many camping trips the Dometic 320 has been working just perfectly. The solid feel and nice operation has made camping a even better experience. High quality product with good looks. Excellent and very pleased with this purchase.


I am a 61 year old woman and I installed this toilet my myself. The videos on here and on [online] were very helpful. I love it and I hope to continue loving it for years to come.

Tamara G.


I love having a porcelain toilet in my travel trailer. It’s much easier to clean and more comfortable than a plastic one. Very easy to install. I’m a 62 year old female and I did it myself! Very happy with this purchase.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@TamaraG Congratulations of your successful install, we're happy to hear that!!


I replaced a high profile Thetford Aqua-Magic which was 8 years old and original equipment in my toy hauler. The seal in the bowl was leaking so first I tried to replace the gasket and that did not fix it. This Dometic 320 is a bit larger and about 1/2" higher, but it fit. The first toilet I received was broken in pieces. It even had the word "BROKEN" written on top of the sealed box when I received it. I suspect it was shipped that way and didn't break during shipment. I contacted Amy J. at and sent pictures of the demolished toilet. She quickly approved a new one to be shipped and sent instructions on return of the broken one. I simply boxed it up and UPS came by and picked it up. The Dometic piping arrangement did not match the original installation so I easily installed a 1/2" Shark Bite X 1/2" MIP adapter on the 1/2" PEX water supply. The connection to the toilet is 1/2" MIP. Therefore, I got a long (18" to 24") flexible stainless steel "supply tube" with 1/2" FIP connections on both ends to finish the water supply. All of these fittings are available in the plumbing department of Home Depot. You may have to look intently for the "supply tube" with the 1/2" FIP connections, but they are available. While I was satisfied with my Thetford unit before the bowl seal failed this Dometic is clearly a superior unit and I am extremely happy with



This toilet is still working great after a year. My only complaint is the bowl stains easily.

Etrailer Expert

Heather A.


A common issue in RV plumbing is lack of water pressure. These particular toilets do require 30-100 PSI. Standard RV water pump pressure can range between 40-70. It is a good idea to make sure your water pump is up to the task of flushing properly! The other thing to consider is making sure you are filling the bowl to the line before use. I also read somewhere that if you go number two you want to fill the bowl to the line and flush afterwards twice. Remember, number two means two flushes! It may seem like a waste of water but it will help keep your bowl clean. After you have checked your water pump and flushed twice, I recommend to use the Dometic 3-in-1 toilet bowl cleaners part # DOM82FR to keep it fresh.


The toilet arrived when they said it would. It came fully assembled! All I had to do was open box and set it right in. The only problem I had was the pex pipe didn't line up. I had to add a flexible line to it. But otherwise great!


Rinses the whole bowl (if you have good water pressure). Wish it had a soft close lid. Ease to install. Even the dog admired it!


Received our new Dometic 320 toilet for our 5th wheel RV. Took out the old one and installed the new all in about 30 minutes. Looks great and works way better than our old one.


The bowl seal leaks,which makes RV stink. I have followed all advice I can find on the web to fix. Dometic warranty says contact dealer. etrailer says take to a service center. really.... think about the logistics involved for what should be a working product. I guess you should not install until you test your bowl. Once installed it is the customers problem.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


After a toilet has been installed and used, we are not able to have the toilet returned here. A service center is the best choice as they can replace that is needed with no shipping involved. I know that it is an inconvenience however we have to abide by sanitary restrictions when it comes to this type of part.


I was excited to buy and install a porcelain toilet bowl to say the least. I mean we all know the toilet is the man's throne! It's the only place the wife can't tell us what to do and how to do it...except to tell us to put the seat down! But I digress! With regards to the design of the Dometic 320 toilet, it is terrible! If I could send it back and get a different model, I would. The bowl of the toilet is too flat. By that I mean, the curvature is not tapered enough to direct toilet paper and bodily excretions towards the hole. When toilet paper is dropped in the bowl, if it is not directly over the flush ball that opens with the pedal, you will need to fill the bowl with probably a half gallon of water to wet the toilet paper to even start to slide down towards the hole to go down to the tank. Additionally, the way the water flows out of the dispersing holes, is wimpy at best. Too many holes for standard pump? Completely dissatisfied for how much these toilets cost. I had to install a sprayer just to expedite the wash/ flush process so that we didn't have to use a ton of water for each restroom break. I definitely would not recommend this toilet.


brand new but leaked within toKlet. what I mean it leaked not at bottom gasket but at the flapPer inside which was and still is a problem. don't recommend this toLlet. It is a manufacture problem and I believe should be taken off market. u-tube before buying!!! wish I HAD!!

Etrailer Expert

Katrina D.


I have gotten in contact with the manufacturer and they have suggested that you go to your nearest service center for them to diagnose the problem. This toilet has a 2-year warranty. I have looked up locations near your shipping address that service centers are located and will send that information to you via email.


This worked out perfectly. Very easy to install!


This was a replacement for our 2018 Grand Design Solitude 377MBR.

This toilet is very comfortable and is an appreciated upgrade from the standard round front toilet that came with my RV. The back of the toilet fits closely to the wall and looks much cleaner than the Thetford that was originally installed. After my wife used the toilet she said "wow now we have a real toilet". I am very pleased with this product.

I was worried that the new elongated toilet would drastically reduce the free space in the bathroom but we still have 18" of space between the toilet bowl and cabinet in front of it. It did not have the drastic impact we thought it would. It is funny what we think a lot of space is now.

This being a replacement caused a bit of a challenge, the original had a very high water connection in the center, this toilet had a very low connection near the right side of the base. Making the connection required a bit of reconfiguration of the water pipe. I used a couple of 90s to get things to line up. There was a water shut-off valve just for the toilet which was installed by the previous owner which made working on the toilet a little easier, without the shutoff I may have been able to make the connection without issue.



I am very happy with the new toilet. This is a very nice upgrade from the original lower round front toilet.


Easy installation. Rinses good. Foot pedal a little sensitive to pressure for filling bowl.


etrailer’s customer service was amazing. I live in my camper full time. So when my (2nd) Dometic 300 series toilet within 3 years quit working, I was eyeballing the woods next to me for cutting a trail! Lol! Everywhere I looked for a Dometic 310 w/ceramic bowl was either back ordered or had an insane price tag. Found etrailer online, not only did they have the toilet I was looking for at a very good price but also had so many hard to find camper accessories too. I ordered a Dometic 310 but would take a little after Thanksgiving to get. Emily reached out to me and explained other options that could be shipped immediately. I decided on a Dometic 320 and had it within 2 days. First toilet I have ever installed by myself…took me about an hour but no leaks so far. Thank you Lord!!!! Thank you! Highly recommend the Dometic 320 & recommend etrailer….check them out!


Full time and still standing up.


Still works excellent after one year, the only problem I had is the lid had to be replaced shortly after purchased the one that comes with it is cheap and they break.


I did not know the new one toilet came with new gasket and bolts.Sol didn't need to buy them separate


This should be an option for any RV, etrailer had it at a great price. It took less than a week to be shipped to my home. I removed and installed the new toilet in less than a 1/2 hour.


The toilet works fine but doesn't hold water in the bowl. No different than the original 1997 toilet in the camper.


This is exactly what I wanted for my camper it works a lot better than the plastic one I had and thank you for the great customer service it was the best

Brian E.


very pleased with The Dometic RV Toilet IT works very well. I have shown iT to friends as they are wanting To Replace theirs


What I think? WOW! Toilet arrived 3 days earlier than quoted. And...when you are living life without a working toilet in your full-time RV, this was SUPER! It proved to be an easy install. We love it and continue to make comments every time we walk out of our RV Throne Room. We do feel like KING/QUEEN when using it.


Love the height, the elongation, and water usage


Fast delivery and great product!



Great upgrade!


I wish there would have been an option for buying the full timer version of the dometic but I did not have that option 2 years ago when I purchased the model 300 because I do live in my RV full time and the toilet gets a lot of use 365 days out of the year so we'll soon see how this one holds up my previous dometic the foot pedal broke I've only had it for 2 years but it's the same model as the part-timer so we will soon see how the model 320 stands up to full-time use everyday otherwise it came in a prompt manner came with no damages or defects and so far so good it is really nice having a working toilet in my RV
Yours truly


Great service

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