Review of Dometic RV Toilet - Full-Timer Standard Height - DOM27FR

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Dometic RV Toilet - Full-Timer Standard Height - DOM27FR Review

Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at, and today we're going to be taking a look at the Dometic Full-Timer RV toilet. This is going to give you a lot of those same comforts that you have at home with your toilet, and it's going to be that same standard height. It's going to be intended for the full-timer Rver, somebody who is out on the road all the time. Maybe they're living out on the road now or they just want the best of the best and the most comfortable experience while they're in the bathroom. This is going to have a wooden seat and lid.

It's going to be more comfortable in the winter months, so you don't have as chilly an experience when you go to sit down. It also is nice and durable. It's a little bit heavier, the lid so it doesn't have that slow close design that you might see with some of the others.As I mentioned, this is going to be the standard height. If we look at this in comparison to some of the other styles available here at, you can see it's the one with the red arrow there. This is available in a low profile design as well, if you have some clearance restrictions.

Maybe your RV has a little raised platform that the toilet normally sits on. That low profile would maybe be a good option for you. That is available here at You can find that one pretty easily. The bolt for this is going to be made out of a ceramic material, easier to clean than any other materials.

Things tend to just slide right off so you don't have to worry about scrubbing it too much. Should be pretty durable and long-lasting in that respect. Also, inside around the rim, we'll have the jets that come out to make a vortex and spin things down a little bit easier there.As far as the operation, we'll have our foot pedal on this side, so press down on that to flush all the way for solid waste. If you just press halfway down, it's going to allow water to come into the bowl and fill that up. The manufacturer does recommend that you keep about an inch of water in the bowl at all times to make sure that it eliminates any escaping odors, and also to make sure that things flow a little bit easier.

So to do that, again, just press halfway down just so much that the inaudible 00:02:01 joint doesn't open up, but it just lets a little bit of water into the bowl. Then, whenever you do flush all the way, you want to make sure that you don't press down and hold. That way you're not wasting a lot of water, and that way you also don't fill the tank prematurely.If you look at the back, can see the inlet there, and our pedal again, whenever you press that, it's just going to let that valve open up and everything's going to flush out. This is designed to be installed directly over your tank, so it just is a pretty easy install there. It does come with the hardware to get that installed. We'll have our two T-bolts, flange nuts and washers, as well as the caps to go on top of those nuts. It's kind of similar to what you see at home, just on the sides there, right there. As far as other versions of this, like I mentioned, it is available in a low profile. It is also available in white, and also in tan with a sprayer, so you can find those using the part numbers on the screen, if you want to check those out.They both have the same features. It's just the one we'll have the additional hand sprayer to clean everything up. If you want a little bit more targeted water action, you can use that hand sprayer to clean everything out in the bowl. Again, that way you're not wasting as much water to get things cleaned up, and some people like to use that hand sprayer for cleaning up in the bathroom in general, maybe to spray down the shower or give the dog a bath, things like that. As far as measurements with this, the total weight is going to be about 30-1/2 pounds or 30.5 pounds. The height, going to this back portion here is 19-1/4 inch or about 19-1/2 inches. Then if we look at the front to back, it's going to measure about 21-3/4 inches long. The seat size is 17-1/2 by 14 inches.This rim is 2-5/8 of an inch thick, and then the cutout opening is going to be 12 by 8, so 12 by 8-1/2 there. The depth of the bowl, going from the rim to the bottom is about 8-3/4 inches. This is made in the USA. It has a two-year limited warranty. That pretty much does it for our look at the Dometic Full-Timer RV toilet. Again, I'm Ellen here at I hope I answered all your questions. Thanks for watching.

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