Erickson Trailer Cargo Control 77314 Review

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Review of Erickson Trailer Cargo Control 77314

Today, we're going to review part number 77314. This is the Erickson Adjustable Wheel Net with the E-Track Fitting on each end. This adjustable tire strap has the E-Track fittings that'll fit onto your E-Track system that would be installed in your trailer. For a demonstration here, I have an example of the horizontal E-Track right here and you can see the fittings right here on each end, attached. This Wheel Net has a strong polyester webbing, has a limited stretch to it. It is mildew-resistant.

Nice feature right here, has a cam buckle adjustment, which will allow the strap to fit any small or large tires. It is a universal fit so it will fit most tires that have a up to 29 inches in diameter. Just to show you, you just pull this and it would tighten up around the tire wheel you have in there. If you have extra strap left over, you can just run it through there to store it and you can just run it back. As you can see, it stores the nice, extra strap out of the way.

The capacity on this Wheel Net is 3,500 pounds, has a safe working low limit, which is one-third of that, which is 1,166 pounds. As I mentioned, this E-Track I'm using for demonstration is sold separately. Just to show you brief here, over here on this side is a latch. There's a spring-loaded handle right here that you would squeeze, that would lift it up. Then to tighten it down, you just pull it up like that and that will snug it down, as you can see.

To release it, just pull this handle, move it all the way to the top, and you can see it sort of releases. Then you can remove your E-Track if you need to or you can connect it back to the E-Track and then just ratchet it back, tighten it right back down. Now, to get the handle out of the way again, just pull this, push it all the way down, it'll lock right here and be out of the way. Very handy feature, very easy to install and to remove. That should do it for the review on part number 77314.

This is the Erickson Adjustable Wheel Net with the E-Track fittings on each end.

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