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Which Hitches are Made in the USA?

Does a hitch have to be made in the USA to be a durable, high-quality product? No—we sell the best of both domestically and foreign-made trailer hitch receivers. But if you prefer a homegrown hitch from the States, you can show your patriotism by purchasing from one of our USA-made hitch brands. Which trailer hitches are made in the USA? What about fifth-wheel hitches? Read on to find out.
Which Hitches are Made in the USA?
etrailer Logo and trailer hitch
Made in USA
Are etrailer hitches made in the USA?Yes! etrailer hitches are made just for us by Curt Manufacturing.Curt trailer hitches are manufactured in Wisconsin, with only the hardware being imported from China.
Curt Trailer Hitch and Logo
Made in USA
Are Curt hitches made in the USA?Yes! Curt trailer hitches are manufactured in Wisconsin, with only the hardware being imported from China. Curt fifth-wheel hitches are made in China from start to finish.
Reese 5th Wheel Hitch and Logo
Made in Mexico
Are Reese Hitches Made in the USA? No, Reese hitches are NOT made in the USA, but they are designed in the USA.Reese is owned by parent company Horizon Global, who also owns the Draw-Tite brand. Reese trailer hitches are currently being rebranded under the Draw-Tite name and are made in Mexico. The Reese fifth-wheel hitch line has continued under the Reese name, and these hitches are also currently made in Mexico.
Draw Tite Trailer Hitch and Logo
Made in USA
Are Draw-Tite hitches made in the USA? No, Draw-Tite hitches are NOT made in the USA, but they are designed in the USA. Draw-Tite is owned by parent company Horizon Global; their hitches are manufactured in Mexico.
Are Reese and Draw-Tite the Same?Sort of. Reese and Draw-Tite are both owned by parent company Horizon Global. Reese trailer hitches have recently been rebranded under the Draw-Tite name. Reese, however, is still known for its continuing line of fifth-wheel trailer hitches.
B&W 5th Wheel Hitch and Logo
Made in USA
Are B&W Hitches Made in the USA? Yes, B&W trailer hitches AND fifth-wheel hitches are manufactured in Kansas.
Torklift Hitch and Logo
Made in USA
Are Torklift hitches made in the USA?Yes, Torklift trailer hitches are manufactured in Washington.
Stealth Hitches
Made in USA
Are Stealth Hitches made in the USA?Yes, Stealth Hitches trailer hitches are manufacured in Atlanta, Georgia.
EcoHitch Trailer Hitch
Made in USA
Are EcoHitch hitches made in the USA? Yes, EcoHitch trailer hitches are owned by Torklift and are made in Washington.
Buyers Trailer Hitch
Made in USA
Are Buyers Products hitches made in the USA? Yes, Buyers Products trailer hitches are made in Ohio.

What is the best brand of trailer hitch?

All of our brands are tested for their safety, rated capacity, and reliability. The best custom trailer hitch receiver really depends on what you want to do with it and what vehicle you have. Because each hitch is designed specifically for your vehicle by different engineering teams, some hitches may be easier to install, provide better ground clearance, allow you to tow a heavier trailer or accessory, or even just provide a more stylish look.To see hitches designed for your vehicle, check out our fitguide. And if you still have questions, give us a call at 800-298-8924 or contact one of our product experts.

Questions and Comments about this Article

Love this info. Willing to pay for USA mfd quality products.
Salvatore D.
I like this. Thank you. l would like to see where all products are made. I am willing to pay more for a USA product.
Jim M.
I am so surprised that the Reese Goosebox hitch I bought was made in Mexico and not USA. Had I seen this article sooner, I might have opted for a different style ??
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

The Reese Goosebox is a really good option though and for some applications it's better than an adapter that attaches to the pin box. For a while some of the 5th wheel manufacturers would say that an adapter would void the warranty so this was a way around it.

No mention of Blue Ox or Fastway’s E2 or Equalizer E4. Every dealer I’ve been at sells these... some of them only sell these.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Those are weight distribution systems and we were only talking about trailer hitch receivers and 5th wheel hitches in this article. You are correct that both of those brands are made in the USA though.

Barry E.
You didn’t mention anything about Andersen 5th wheel hitch. I believe it is completely made on America.
Larry M.
My concern the Chinese made hardware. That's as important as the welding. Where is the steel being sourced?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

It can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Jeff B.
Thank you for clear, concise, and honest information! It was a pleasure doing business with you for both myself and the neighbor I recommended you to. I especially appreciate(d) your "live and in person" customer service. Knowledgeable staff with good people skills are becoming a rarity with most companies; not yours, though! I am a proud American, and like many others I wish to support our country, our domestic businesses, and our independence!
Leo V.
Curious as to why no mention was made about PullRite?? B&W was my 5th wheel choice if PullRite didn’t release the new 2020 GMC/Chevy puck system.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

We don't carry the PullRite brand which is why they didn't make this list.

Reply from Leo V.

@JonG thanks for that information. Perhaps the article should have been prefaced with hitches/5th wheels that we sell at etrailer. Etrailer has always provided me will excellent information and choices for products made in the USA. Sorry that you don’t carry PullRite it is truly a fantastic hitch.

Bill L.
In Made in USA hitches you omitted Hensley. Is that because you don't sell them?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Yes, this list is limited to the products that we sell.

Reply from Don

B&W is the only way to go. Quality is number one in manufacturing.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

While we do not currently have Hensley brand hitches, in the first quarter of 2022 we will carry the Pro Pride hitch. Both of which manufacture "pivot point projection" hitches under license from Jim Hensley.

George K.
I don’t see Pullrite, they are made in the USA.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Those are made in the USA, but we don't carry them which is why they aren't on this list.

Pete G.
Thank you for this information! I think its important to keep Americans working and not supporting foreign countries.
Kent L.
Thanks for the info!
Larry L.
I have a hitch which says it was made by Progress Mfg., Inc and the sway control bars have E2 on them. The name is worn off so can’t see what they are called? Any ideas where these were made? The bars snap in holes under the sway control but the ends fasten on brackets exactly like the Equalizer hitches.
James T.
Thank you for the information made in USA means quality to me I support American owned businesses. Thanks!
How I.
Who makes the hitches for the auto industry
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

That would typically be Draw-Tite or Curt.

Mark H.
Please list ALL products made in the USA. It often is hard to figure out where they are made. Thanks much
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

I'm not sure if we have a list of just the products that we know are made in the USA but I can pass that along and see if it's possible. Typically when it's made in the USA we try to note it on the product page. It's typically found near the end of the description in the specs.

John H.
Wish this was available several years ago. Bought a hitch I thought was.made in Wisconsin. When it arrived it was made in China. I got rid of it.
Nathan K.
B&W and Anderson are made in the USA as well but probably didn't make the list because they aren't sold by
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

We may have a few B&W trailer hitch receivers but I think they are mainly for more of the heavy duty applications. We don't currently carry Anderson hitch receivers which is why they aren't on the list.

Tj S.
And Andersen Hitches are made in the USA!
Benjamin B.
Thanks for this list. I try to buy USA or Canada/Mexico because the parts usually last longer, but avoid China. Batteries are a good example, Interstate made in Mex or USA last way longer than the Walmart or Autozone Chinese made batteries. Also Canada and Mexico buy as much or more US goods compared to our imports from them, so rather support them than China that actively keeps our goods out. BTW, I also travel internationally so see first hand which countries like to buy our stuff.
Steven S.
You forgot Equilizer, made in Utah and of course the best hitch on the market, ProPride, in Michigan.
Great article. However, incorrect terminology. The article incorrectly refers to "hitches" but should refer to "hitch receivers". Note that the links do correctly bring up pages for "hitch receivers".
Tommy B.
Great info I have had 2 B&W fifth wheels hitches one on a 2014 Ford and one on a 2020 Ford both have been great products from USA.
This article was very informative and much appreciated information in todays world. I believe there is going to be a resurgence in customers looking for Made in the USA products. It's nice to see that most of these are. Sometimes it feels like it's nearly impossible to find particular products that are. Made in C**** is NOT desirable and I hope the tide will change where people will begin to greatly value made in the USA products again!!!
I like this! I try to buy & support America whenever possible. Having this information is good stuff. Thank you!
Dan W.
Thank you for the heads up on where theses are made. This has definitely influenced my decision, Buyers is where I will be buying my next hitch.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

No problem!

Reply from John H.

@DanW Why are you going with Buyers?

Kenny C.
THANK YOU!!! for putting this kind of info out for everyone to see. In order to start getting our country back on the right track, we must all buy American made products. MAGA
Reply from Rick W.

@KennyC Amen brother.



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