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Thule Watersport Carriers Review - 2015 Ford Fusion

Today on our 2015 Ford Fusion, we're going to be doing a test fit of the Thule SUP Shuttle, Stand Up Paddleboard Carrier that's going to go on top of your roof rack system. As you can see, we already have one up here and it's going to be on top of our Thule Aero Blades. This will be part number TH811XT. We're going to show you how it fits and looks on here today. First step in doing so is going to be to undo the fit flip brackets like so and extending it out all the way, or however wide you need it to fit your board. Now we'll place it on top and just set it there temporarily. Next we'll make sure we get a measurement from the side to make sure we get it on here evenly.

Thule SUP Taxi Stand-Up Paddleboard Carrier Review - 2012 Ford Fusion

Today we have a 2012 Ford Fusion and we'll be test fitting the Thule SUP taxi stand up paddle board carrier, part number TH810. To mount the carrier up on top of our roof rack, we'll take the first half, set it on top of the load bar and feed speed link strap around. And we'll use the gray hand knob to tighten it down. We'll back and forth from driver side to passenger side to make sure we tighten down the system evenly. Once we have the first half attached, we can move on to the rear half and secure it on our rear load bar. With that the SUP is mounted and we're ready to load up and hit the road.

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