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SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs - 2 Piece - Front Axle

SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs - 2 Piece - Front Axle

Item # SSF-170-40-2
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SSF-170-40-2 - Constant Load SuperSprings Vehicle Suspension
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2,600-lb Capacity. These maintenance-free microcellular urethane springs upgrade your vehicle's front suspension. Each 2-piece spring connects at top and bottom and provides unlimited suspension travel and movement for a smooth, comfortable ride. Lowest Prices for the best vehicle suspension from SuperSprings. SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs - 2 Piece - Front Axle part number SSF-170-40-2 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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SuperSprings Vehicle Suspension - SSF-170-40-2

  • SuperSprings
  • Jounce-Style Springs
  • Heavy Duty
  • Front Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Constant Load

2,600-lb Capacity. These maintenance-free microcellular urethane springs upgrade your vehicle's front suspension. Each 2-piece spring connects at top and bottom and provides unlimited suspension travel and movement for a smooth, comfortable ride.


  • Helper springs upgrade your vehicle's front suspension for improved driver control and comfort
    • Support heavy front-end loads (like slide-outs) to keep your vehicle level
    • Help to absorb bumps and shocks
    • Minimize sway
  • 2-Piece design provides unlimited suspension travel and movement for a smoother ride when unloaded or on rough terrain
  • Progressive load control - springs compress according to the weight of your cargo
    • Lighter loads - springs compress easily at first for soft engagement and a less bumpy ride
    • Heavier loads - springs compress by as much as 80 percent for support
  • Springs work independently from each other to compensate for off-center loads and reduce body roll during sharp turns
  • Durable microcellular urethane
    • Works in temperatures from -25 F to 200 F
    • Resists damage caused by oils, road salts, and UV rays
  • Minimal lateral expansion - springs expand and compress vertically instead of to the sides so they aren't easily damaged when operating in tight spaces
  • Maintenance-free - no tubing to run or air pressure to monitor like with air springs
  • Easy, bolt-on installation
  • 2 Jounce-style springs and necessary hardware included
  • Made in the USA


  • Weight capacity (at 50-percent compression): 2,600 lbs
    • SumoSprings will not increase your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Front Suspension Support

SumoSprings helper springs are great for RVs or motor homes that have slide-outs. Slide-out rooms and other heavy front loads can cause front-end sag as your factory suspension compresses under the weight of the load. This means that the front axle is trying to support not only the extra load but also the motor home's weight. And because there is less weight on your rear axle, your rear tires make less contact with the road, which causes problems with traction, steering, and braking. SumoSprings upgrade your vehicle's factory suspension to level your vehicle, improve driving performance, and keep your ride comfortable.

SumoSprings Rebel installed showing separation of 2-piece springs

The innovative 2-piece design of these Rebel springs allows for unlimited suspension travel. This means that there will be more movement in your suspension when you're unloaded or off-roading, which makes your ride smoother and more comfortable.

Each spring has 2 pieces. One piece attaches to the frame of your vehicle. And the other piece attaches to the axle. The pieces come together to provide support when you are carrying a heavy front load. When you're unloaded, they separate so that they don't restrict the movement of your suspension. The closed-cell urethane springs also act like a shock absorber to dampen road vibration.

SumoSprings compressing under load

SumoSprings provide progressive load control - the more you load them, the stiffer they become. With a lighter load, the springs will compress easily for soft engagement and a less bumpy ride. The springs can also compress by as much as 80 percent to support a heavy front load and to help your factory suspension bear up under the load. This evens out the weight, which levels your vehicle and ensures that your rear tires are making better contact with the road. A level ride means that you have improved driving control, ensures safe headlight aim, and helps to minimize sway. The springs also support your factory suspension, which helps prevent sagging and reduces bottoming out.

The springs work independently from one another to support each side of your vehicle. This action helps to reduce body roll when you make a sharp turn. This also helps compensate for an off-center load.

Durable, Custom-Fit Springs

These microcellular urethane springs are tough. They resist abrasion, oil, salt, and UV rays that can more quickly wear out other springs, and they perform well in temperatures ranging from -25 F to 200 F (-33 C to 93 C).

SumoSprings expand and compress vertically with minimum expansion to the sides, so they won't be damaged by nearby mechanical parts, and they fit safely into tighter spots. And unlike air springs, SumoSprings require no maintenance or adjustment.

This kit comes with custom-fit brackets that are designed to easily bolt onto your vehicle.

SSF-170-40-2 SuperSprings Sumo Springs Rebel Front Vehicle Suspension Kit for Motor Homes - 2-Piece

SSF-170-40-2 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details SSF-170-40-2 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2008 - 2019 Ford F-53

2017 - 2018 Forest River Georgetown GT3 Motorhome 24W3

2014 - 2018 Forest River FR3 Motorhome 25DS

2018 - 2018 Fleetwood Axom Motorhome 25S

2018 - 2018 Fleetwood Axon Motorhome 25S

2015 - 2016 Winnebago Brave Motorhome 26A

2015 - 2015 Itasca Tribute Motorhome 26A

2017 - 2017 Holiday Rambler Admiral XE Motorhome 26D

2015 - 2017 Fleetwood Flair Motorhome 26D

2016 - 2016 Holiday Rambler Admiral XE Motorhome 26DT

2015 - 2016 Fleetwood Flair Motorhome 26E

2013 - 2016 Itasca Sunstar Motorhome 26HE

2016 - 2017 Winnebago Sunstar Motorhome 26HE

2013 - 2017 Winnebago Vista Motorhome 26HE

2018 - 2018 Winnebago Intent Motorhome 26M

2015 - 2015 Fleetwood Storm Motorhome 26P

2009 - 2012 Itasca Sunstar Motorhome 26P

2009 - 2012 Winnebago Vista Motorhome 26P

2016 - 2019 Jayco Alante Motorhome 26X

2016 - 2017 Jayco Alante Motorhome 26Y

2013 - 2016 Thor ACE Motorhome 27.1

2016 - 2019 Thor ACE Motorhome 27.2

2015 - 2019 Newmar Bay Star Sport Motorhome 2702

2016 - 2016 Newmar Bay Star Sport Motorhome 2705

2015 - 2015 Newmar Bay Star Sport Motorhome 2707

2015 - 2017 Forest River Georgetown Motorhome 270S

2015 - 2016 Winnebago Brave Motorhome 27B

2018 - 2019 Thor Hurricane Motorhome 27B

2015 - 2015 Itasca Tribute Motorhome 27B

2018 - 2019 Thor Windsport Motorhome 27B

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Video of SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs - 2 Piece - Front Axle

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for SumoSprings Rebel Front Axle Helper Springs Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at SumoSprings line of rebel custom helper springs for the front axle. Please refer to our fit guide to find the appropriate springs for your vehicle. Speaker 2: This will provide an extra layer of cushion between your suspension and your frame; and that'll help take some of the load off of your suspension parts, increasing the lifespan of your suspension components. This additional dampening force here in the front will help give you a smoother ride by absorbing some of the impacts from the road - from pot holes and other uneven terrain - and what this means for you is that it's going to help lower driver fatigue because you're not gonna have so much shock transfer up into the steering wheel.Additionally, when you have your vehicle loaded down this is also gonna help maintain factory ride height. It's gonna provide some additional force between the frame and the suspension to keep it from sagging too low. So that will help reduce that sag.

Before we install our SumoSprings, we'll take our motor home out on our test course and we'll see how it drive now. I can already tell when turning even slightly, the motor home wants to rock to the right. And as we go over the bumps it really starts to sway back and forth.This throwing you around is gonna cause fatigue as you're going down the road. If you're trying to maintain yourself steady in your seat, and control of your vehicle it's gonna leave you exhausted once you get to your destination. And as I go through this longer turn I can really feel the RV staying out to the outside - doesn't want to spring back and become level.

It keeps ya hanging off on one side. Once you straighten it back out it really sways back and forth as it tries to return to that level center.And now with our SumoSprings installed, we'll head back out on our test course.And even turning right into the test course I can feel our RV is staying straighter than it was before, and when going over the bumps I can feel that it's easier to hold onto my wheel and maintain a straight line. It's not jostling me back and forth nearly as much in the wheel or in my seat. So overall I'm more comfortable, and I can already tell it's easier to drive. So on those long distance road trips I won't have to worry about being so fatigued when I get there.And now on that long turn I don't feel like a roller coaster going around the edge.

It's much more straight up and down, and I just feel like I can relax as I drive. Speaker 2: The springs work independently from each other to compensate for off-center loads and reduce body roll. This is particularly useful during sharp turns. They offer a 2600 pound load carrying capacity, now this does not increase the load carrying capacity of your vehicle - just how much that it can help support. It's made of a durable micro-cellular urethane that works at an operating temperature of -25 degrees fahrenheit, up to 200 degrees fahrenheit.

And it is resistant against damage caused by oils, road salt, and UV rays. Speaker 4: When comparing your SumoSprings to your factory jounce bumpers, these are going to provide cushion all the time - cause there's always contact between the spring and the frame - whereas your factory jounce bumper only comes into play when the suspension is near bottoming out. And when comparing it to airbags, these Sumospings are going to be much less maintenance. They're always gonna be in place, and they're always gonna be doing their thing.Your airbags, while they're always in place, have variables because depending on the pressure they're going to provide more or less cushion. Where our SumoSprings is gonna be proportional all the time. Additionally, there's more maintenance involved with airbags, because air can change over time with temperature - it'll decrease in colder climates, and it'll increase in hotter climates. So if you're in an area where temperature and humidity varies greatly you may have to adjust this to maintain that same ride height and comfort. And you can also have leaks on an air system, where SumoSprings you don't have to worry about that.The one main benefit of having airbags over the SumoSprings is that you can adjust it side to side, so you can really get those uneven loads compensated to bring you vehicle back to level. And you can also adjust the air pressure to match your load, so if you have a real light load you can reduce that air pressure. If you got a real heavy load you can air 'em up just to makes sure that it's exactly the same each time. Speaker 1: And that completes our look at SumoSprings line of rebel custom helper springs for the front axle.

Customer Reviews

SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs - 2 Piece - Front Axle - SSF-170-40-2

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (73 Customer Reviews)

2,600-lb Capacity. These maintenance-free microcellular urethane springs upgrade your vehicle's front suspension. Each 2-piece spring connects at top and bottom and provides unlimited suspension travel and movement for a smooth, comfortable ride.

- SSF-170-40-2

The Sumo Springs made a big difference in the handling of my 38 ft class A. I had already put Sumo Springs on the rear along with an additional rear anti-sway bar, replaced the front ant-sway bar and added a steering stabilizer. Each item made improvements but the front Sumo Springs had the most impact. So much easier to drive. Installation was very easy and the online videos were helpful. I would highly recommend these. 672241

- SSF-170-40-2
2018 Thor ACE Motorhome

Amazing! Installed Sumo springs on front of a new 2018 Thor 29.4. F53 frame. BEFORE was very unhappy with drive, could feel every imperfection on the road and steering was very unpredictable! AFTER: Dramatically eliminated the rough ride & steering issues . . . don't hesitate to buy these shocks you will be VERY HAPPY! My experience was so good I purchased the next week rear Sumo springs and the steering stabilize shock (much more improvements, but start with the front springs). 561311

- SSF-170-40-2
2016 Ford F-53

Made a world of difference on our 30 foot class A. So much less sway now. My DW will even drive now. 599815

- SSF-170-40-2
2018 Holiday Rambler Admiral XE Motorhome

The installation instructions for both the anti sway bar upgrade and the Sumo helper springs lacked torque values for their fasteners. Both suspension components fit correctly and have improved how our class A motorhome handles. Great service from etrailer. 556109

After a year, Iā€™m still convinced the Sumo Springs was money well spent.
Jim - 08/21/2019


- SSF-170-40-2

They helped but not the miracle I was e xpecting 663646

- SSF-170-40-2
2017 Ford F-53

The SumoSprings item #SSF-170-40-2, for my 2017 Georgetown GT3, with the F53 Ford chassis was very easy to order from etrailer.com and was shipped in a very timely manner. They came with easy to follow installation instruction. Be advised that you will need a 1/2" socket with a 3" extension to insert into the factory bump stop to hold bolt while removing the nut on the drivers side. This is not mentioned in the instructions. You will also need the same socket and extension to remove the bolt on the passenger side. One other note, the nut on the drivers side is a 15mm. Other than the afore mentioned 1/2" socket and the 15mm the only other tool you'll need is a 9/16". About a hour and a half to two hour job. I took the motorhome for a test drive and there is a very noticeably improvement in the ride. Very satisfied with my purchase. Thanks, sumosprings for a great product and etrailer for a great price. 566821

- SSF-170-40-2
2012 Itasca Sunstar Motorhome

Ordered these 2 piece Sumo springs for the front of my 2012 Itasca 30T class A. This thing rode like an old farm wagon. After installing these springs, it's like night and day. It doesn't ride like a Prevost but it rides a whole lot better than it did. If you have a short wheelbase chassis with 19.5 wheels you need these things. I won't say they were easy to install but it wasn't too bad. I'm 71 and did it in my driveway in the Florida heat in about 2.5 hours. Don't bother shopping around because etrailer has the best price and the best customer service. 526595

- SSF-170-40-2

Easy install sits level now 449292

Works great I highly recommend them.
Dennis - 11/05/2018


- SSF-170-40-2
2015 Forest River Georgetown Motorhome

Has always great service and even quicker delivery! These guys are awesome!! 599164

- SSF-170-40-2

Purchased these SumoSpings from etrailer.com who where fantastic, helpful, and friendly throughout this transaction. Can't say enough about how they did everything they could to ensure the purchase and shipping of the product took place in a timely manner. The SumoSprings themselves are great, truly smooths out the ride, increases the stability, and reduces the amount of road jarring that takes place with our 2016 Jayco Precept. The installation is easy enough that most anyone can do it. Although they do leave out a couple of important things to note/steps to take, but most anyone with a little common sense can figure it out. Well worth the investment. 527488

- SSF-170-40-2

Preston did a great job helping me spec in the correct springs for my 2016 Thor Hurricane 27K on a F53 chassis. Placed order with him over phone and received springs two day's later. I just installed them and took Motor home on a test drive around town on bumpy streets and what a difference it made. Drives more like a truck now and less like a boat. I also installed a steering stabilizer spring and did the cheap handling fix to the sway bars. Well worth the time and effort. I did notice that the etralier installation video shows the bottom brackets of the spring installed with the "U" down which is opposite the mfg's printed instructions. I did mine according to the printed instructions cause it seemed to make more sense. Probably no big deal either way. Thanks etrailer. I'll be contacting you guys when ready to do the back end of my motor home. 649992

- SSF-170-40-2
2011 Thor Motor Coach Hurricane Motorhome

When you look at the bumpstop and all the travel it can go, it makes sense to fill that space with a constant contact chusion, such as the Sumo Spring. I have a 2011 F53 chassis supporting a 32 Class A motothome. 16,000 GVW and no slide. I only installed the fronts to see how they worked. I did it myself and it took about 2 1/2 hours. If I can do it anyone that can work a wrench and understands basic mechanics can do it. I'm 60 and it's a tight space under there and takes some effort, but the jobs not hard, just doing it is hard and uncomfortable. My motorhome would ride very rough on the same roads my car ran smooth. The Sumo Springs were an improvement. They did not solve the rough ride on real poor highway, but on normal rough roads, they were an improvement that will benefit the ride on more roads than not. I now plan to do the rears when I get time. 500303

- SSF-170-40-2
2012 Ford F-53

Was a little more difficult to install than I expected. However once on they do make a big difference in the ride! 613769

- SSF-170-40-2
2013 Coachmen Mirada Motorhome

Product was delivered on time. Installed according to instructions today on my 2013 Coachman Mirada 34BH. In two hours,it was completed. Went for test drive. Wow!! What a difference in riding comfort and sway. Very satisfied. Will most definitely be buying a set for the rear next. Already have sway bars but this is "Icing on the cake" Customer service and follow up was quite good. First purchase on etrailer.com but not my last. 560749

- SSF-170-40-2
2014 Subaru Outback Wagon

Simple to install. Now for a test ride trip. Stay tuned. 507953

- SSF-170-40-2
2017 Ford F-53

Easy install, took about an hour. They absorb some of the road cracks and makes other bumps smoother. It really helps on cornering with significantly less leaning and roll Happy with etrailer and product. 667309

- SSF-170-40-2
2017 Ford F-53

I ordered some front sumosprings for my f53 Motorhome from etrailer. They were very helpful in taking my order, I did a price match which took more steps than I thought it should. The Sumosprings installed very easily and seems to improve the overall handling of the motorhome especially with the cornering, the coach seems much more stable and has less body roll . The only problem that I had was that the front carriage bolts on the mounts were too short but I called supersprings and the sent me the correct bolts within a day. I may have to order the rear set later. My order shipped very quickly and arrived in just a few days. Than you etrailer. 503409

- SSF-170-40-2
2017 Jayco Precept Motorhome

These were pretty easy to install by myself on my 2017 Precept 35UP. Took aboout 2 hours. Used the video on Etrailer's site instead of written instructions. Haven't driven it yet, but from all the reviews I expect it will be much better at handling. 591841

- SSF-170-40-2
2014 Ford F-53

Called Etrailer regarding info for Sumo Springs for the motorhome. Steve Z. is the rep I spoke with. He was a great help and informative in giving info on the product. I have ordered from E Trailer several times previously. Never dissatisfied, always great results. Plus ya have to like the free shipping. 580546

- SSF-170-40-2

These made a huge difference in the drivability and handling of my 2018 Ford F53-based bounder 35K. Highly recommended. And the team at etrailer.com is super responsive and helpful. I strongly recommend this upgrade, combined with additional/reinforce sway bar. You driving will be more pleasant, less stressful and safer. - Vittorio 688201

- SSF-170-40-2
2014 Ford F-53

Arrived when promised. Very easy to order price was competitive. I would definitely order again from etrailer. The sumo springs will be installed today. They should help with stability. 493097

- SSF-170-40-2

Easy to install and look as through they will help make the front end much more stable 555591

- SSF-170-40-2

The Supersprings SumoSprings were very easy to install (front only) did it in my driveway and I'm 70 years old. Anybody can do it. They paired with a steering stabilizer have made a world of difference in the ride of my FR3. You guys are always the best. I will recommend them and etrailer.com highly. 734778

- SSF-170-40-2

Improved the ride on my 2010 Winnebago 36ā€™ class A gasser 732325

- SSF-170-40-2

I ordered the SumoSprings and Roadmaster Anti-sway bars front and rear. Install was straight forward and results were better that expected. 730750

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  • Recommended Components To Improve Handling of 2017 F53 Chassis Motorhome with GVWR of 18,000
    The best way to adjust handling on your 2017 Ford F53 18K chassis is to start with anti-sway bars. I recommend starting in the back with the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes # RM-1139-146. Then I recommend the Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-140. These will help the handling by reducing body roll and diminishing the effects of crosswinds and shifting cargo by balancing the weight transfer. Then to assist with keeping your motorhome in line, I recommend the Roadmaster...
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  • Best Heavy Duty SumoSprings for a 2016 Fleetwood Bounder 35K
    The SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs # SSF-173-40-2 will fit the F-53 chassis on your 2016 Fleetwood Bounder 35K but is rated for motorhomes with a GVWR from 24,000 lbs - 26,000 lbs. Since your 35K has a GVWR of 22,000 lbs I recommend going with the SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs # SSF-170-40-2 instead which is for motorhomes with a GVWR of 16,000 lbs - 22,000 lbs. We are continually trying to update our fit guide to better serve our customers. The reason that we...
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  • SumoSpring Suspension Enhancement for 2017 Fleetwood Bounder with 22k Ford F-53 Chassis
    If you wanted to install SumoSprings on your 2017 Fleetwood Bounder built on a Ford F-53 that are designed for the higher GVWR chassis you could but you should note that it would probably give you a harsher ride quality than you'd want. For GVWR between 20k and 26k you'd want the part # SSR-187-54-1. The kit for 20-22k like what you have would be the part # SSR-180-54-1 which would give you the support you want without sacrificing ride quality. I can see how it would be tempting to...
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  • SumoSprings for a 2018 Forest River FR3 29DS 18000 lb GVWR on a Ford F-53 Chassis
    SumoSprings will definitely help to improve the ride of your 2018 Forest River FR3 29DS. For your Ford F-53 chassis with an 18,000 lb GVWR you want part # SSF-170-40-2 for the front axle and part # SSR-184-40-1 for the rear axle. The two greatest things about about the SumoSprings is that they do not require drilling for the installation and once the installation is complete there is no maintenance that needs to be done. You can also install Front # RM-1139-140 and Rear # RM-1139-146...
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  • Comparing Timbren and SumoSprings for a 2018 Ace 30.2 Motorhome
    Yes, the front # TFFF53B Timbren suspension enhancement are similar to the front # SSF-170-40-2 SumoSprings for your 2018 Thor ACE 30.2 Motorhome. Timbren is a little more well-known but we have received feedback from our customers that the SumoSprings offer better ride quality as they aren't as stiff. If you are comparing the rear Timbren # TFRF53A with the rear SuperSprings # SSA41 for the leaf springs then they are comparable when it comes to performance but they work slightly...
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  • Sway Bar and Steering Stabilizer Recommendation for 2016 Ford F-53 to Improve Ride Quality
    The biggest ride improvement you'll make on the Ford F-53 is a rear sway bar. Next you'd want to do a front sway bar and then finally a steering stabilizer. Doing all three of those will make a night and day difference. For a rear sway bar you would want the part # RM-1139-149. For a front sway bar you then would want the part # RM-1139-140 and then steering stabilizer # RM-RBK4-RSSA. If you still want more at this point then Sumosprings would be the way to go. For that you would want...
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  • Correct SumoSprings for 2017 Mirada on Ford F-53 Chassis
    You did have the rear SumoSprings correctly figured, # SSR-187-54-1, though because your vehicle has a GVWR of 22,000 lbs the correct SumoSprings for the front axle would be # SSF-170-40-2. The springs you referred to are the same but are for vehicles with a higher GVWR. I've added a link to a video review and install of the stabilizer for you to take a look at.
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  • Recommended Anti-Sway for 2018 Forest River FR3 on Ford F-53 Chassis
    For your 2018 Forest River FR3 Motorhome on Ford F-53 Chassis, I recommend using the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes # RM-1139-146 if your model has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 18,000 lbs or under. For the front, I recommend using the Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes # RM-1139-140 if your chassis is up to 16,000 lbs, but if it is 18,000 then use the Roadmaster TruTrac Front-Axle Trac Rod # RM-TRAC-F550. These will give you the best stabilization from sway....
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  • Best Suspension Enhancement for 2018 Forest River Georgetown 31R5
    According to my research your 2018 Forest River Georgetown 31R5 is built on a Ford F-53 chassis, which is what the parts you listed will fit. The best way to enhance the ride of your motorhome is to add a rear anti-sway bar as it will most effectively limit the side-to-side movement and create a more balanced driving experience. The correct rear anti-sway bar for you is Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-145 though this will only fit if you are certain that your 2018 Forest River's...
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  • Sway Bars and SumoSprings for 2018 Winnebago 26 Intent Ford F-53 Chassis
    The general consensus with the Airtabs is that they are more of a gimmick than anything else. I would not recommend them for you. If you've already installed the Roadmaster sway bars part # RM-1139-146 and # RM-1139-140 as well as a steering stabilizer the next thing I'd recommend is SumoSprings # SSF-170-40-2 for the front and # SSR-184-40-1 for the rear and you'll have your motorhome handling very nicely.
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  • Front and Rear SumoSpring Recommendation for 2017 Winnebago Sunstar 29VE
    For the front axle you'd want the SumoSpring kit part # SSF-170-40-2 which is a confirmed fit for your 2017 Winnebago Sunstar 29VE then for the rear you'd want the part # SSR-187-40-1 which is also a fit. Both of these are setup for an 18k Ford F-53 chassis.
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  • How to Improve the Handling and Ride Quality of 2018 Forest River FR3 32DS Motorhome
    I did some research and your 2018 Forest River FR3 32DS is built on a Ford F-53 chassis and has a 20,500 GVWR. The F-53 chassis is notorious for the ride quality you described. The biggest improvement you'll make is with a rear sway bar, which for that you'd want the # RM-1139-145. Next biggest improvement will be with a front sway bar # RM-1139-140. SumoSprings will help too and are a solid choice. For that you'd want the # SSF-170-40-2 for the front and part # SSR-187-54-1 for the...
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  • Best Way to Reduce Sway in 2011 Forest River Georgetown 280DS on Ford F-53 Chassis
    While you can certainly add the SumoSprings Maxim Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle # SSR-187-54-1 and SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs - 2 Piece - Front Axle # SSF-170-40-2 to your 2011 Forest River Georgetown 280DS built on a Ford F-53 chassis, by far the best way to enhance the ride of your motorhome is to add an aftermarket rear anti-sway bar, followed by a front anti-sway bar and steering stabilizer, in that order. The reason these are the best options is because they are...
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  • Best Way to Soften the Ride on a 2018 Fleetwood Bounder 36D
    The best option you have to improve and soften the ride on your 2018 Fleetwood Bounder 36D would be to use the SumoSprings Maxim Custom Helper Springs part # SSR-187-54-1. These springs install between the frame and leaf spring pack. They will work to absorb shock, minimize sway, and improve the wear life of your existing suspension components. The springs are made in the U.S.A. and come with a 2-year warranty. If you would like to get a better idea of how they work you can take a look...
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  • Suspension Enhancement That Fits the 2018 Thor ACE 27.2 GVWR 16000 on Ford F-53 Chassis
    I think I can help make some confirmations for you and we'll go one-by-one on fits for your 2018 Thor ACE 27.2 with a 16,000 lb GVWR built on a Ford F-53 chassis. - Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes # RM-1139-149 is NOT a fit as it is designed for vehicles with a chassis GVWR of 22,000, 24,000, or 26,000 lbs. Instead you would need the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-146 (assuming your Thor is less than 34 feet long). - Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes...
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  • Comparing Air Lift Suspension and SumoSprings On 2019 Thor ACE Motorhome 27.2
    The Air Lift air bags for the 2019 Thor ACE motorhome 27.2 part # AL88240 for the front axle and part # AL88344 for the rear are a great option for suspension enhancement however they do require some upkeep so they are not easier. I recommend to use the SumoSprings part # SSF-170-40-2 for the front axle and part # SSR-187-40-1 for the rear axle. The SumoSprings are easier to install and do not require any upkeep. They are basically an install it and forget it suspension enhancement....
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  • Is Drilling Required to Install SumoSprings on 2018 Winnebago Sunstar 31BE
    The correct SumoSprings Custom Helper Springs for your 2018 Winnebago Sunstar 31BE (that features an 18,000 pound GVWR), which is the part # SSF-170-40-2 for the front axle and # SSR-184-40-1 for the rear axle, will not require any drilling during installation. These are complete bolt-on applications that will simply replace the factory bump stops on the Ford F-53 chassis. I have attached a couple short video demonstrations along with the written installation manuals for these kits...
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  • Recommendations for 2017 Mirada Select Motorhome on Ford F53 Chassis with Sway Issues
    The 2017 Coachman Mirada Select 37TB is built on the Ford F53 chassis. To reduce the sway, you are absolutely on the right track with the parts you are requesting. I recommend the following parts: Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motor Homes # RM-1139-149 along with the Extended U-Bolt Kit # RM-590050-00 if the factory bolts are not long enough to accommodate the factory nut, washer, and a new 1/2 inch plate. The extended u-bolts may not be needed if you have enough room on your...
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  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement For 2017 Thor ACE On Ford F-53 Chassis
    The SumoSprings are designed to help with the issue you said you have. I recommend installing the front and rear to make sure the entire motorhome is supported. The springs you need for the front are part # SSF-170-40-2, and the springs for the rear are part # SSR-187-40-1. These will help cushion the ride and since they work independently, they will help keep the motorhome level even though one side has a slideout.
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  • Will the SumoSprings Helper Springs Raise the Height on a 2016 FR3 with a Ford F-53 Chassis
    The SumoSprings Helper Springs typically don't raised the height of the vehicle they are installed on. They are designed to offer help when the vehicle is swaying or under a load in which case they basically just cause resistance. The reason I said that they typically do not raise the height is because if the suspension is in bad shape they have been known to help the suspension out and raise the vehicle a little. Since your FR3 is a 2016 I would be surprised if your suspension was worn...
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  • SumoSprings Recommendation for 2016 Newmar Bay Star Sport 3306 on Ford F-53 Chassis
    Thanks for all the info on your RV! That makes my job pretty easy! For the front axle the SumoSpring kit you'll want is the part # SSF-170-40-2 and then for the rear you'll want the part # SSR-187-54-1.
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  • Recommended SuperSprings Front Suspension Enhancement for 2016 Forest River FR3 28DS
    For your 2016 Forest River FR3 28DS, I recommend the SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs # SSF-170-40-2 for your front axle. These springs are made for models ranging from 16,000 to 22,000 lbs. These springs will mount both on top and bottom but are not connected. They will absorb the road shock, but will also allow full axle movement so you will have the best steering ability and traction. For the rear, I recommend the SumoSprings Maxim Custom Helper Springs # SSR-187-40-1....
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  • Recommended Jounce Springs for Two-Wheel Drive 2019 Ford F-53 Chassis
    The jounce springs I recommend for your two wheel drive 2019 Ford F-53 chassis are from SumoSprings, the SumoSprings Rebel for the front axle and SumoSprings Maxim for the rear axle. The reason why the SumoSprings are the best is because they not only work to reduce sway, but also keep your vehicle level and give you a smoother ride. The SumoSprings can do this because they are made of a microcellular urethane which compresses. Each of the springs works independently which is what is...
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  • Steering Stabilization for a 2017 Thor Windsport 31S
    The best way to improve steering and ride stabilization on your 2017 Thor Windsport 31S is to add an anti-sway bar and some suspension enhancement. For the Ford F-53 chassis that your Windsport has we have the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-145 which has a bar with a diameter of 1-1/2". Since this is typically larger than OEM anti-sway bars you will definitely be able to tell a difference. This is designed for a vehicle with a GVWR between 18,000 lbs and 22,000 lbs. To add...
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  • Suspension Enhancement for 2014 Fleetwood Storm 28MS on Ford F-53 Chassis
    There is a way to make the ride less jarring on your 2014 Fleetwood Storm 28MS, which was built on a 2013 Ford F-53 chassis. From my research your RV has a GVWR of 18,000 lbs, though you'll want to double check just to make certain. I recommend using Sumo Springs on both the front and rear axle, which are going to expand and compress independently of one another in order give you a much more comfortable ride. For your Ford F-53 with an 18,000 lb GVWR, the SumoSprings Rebel # SSF-170-40-2...
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  • How to Improve Handling and Ride of 2018 Jayco Precept 35S
    For improving the ride quality of your 2018 Jayco Precept 35s the best solution is to first go with an aftermarket rear sway bar. For that we have the Roadmaster part # RM-1139-149 which is a confirmed fit and will work well. This minimizes sway and in doing so improves overall stability and driveability. This will make the biggest improvement to your RV. The next biggest improvement will be a front sway bar. For that you'd want the part # RM-1139-140. Typically with these two sway bars...
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  • Front and Rear Sway Bar Recommendation for 2018 Thor Windsport 22k Chassis
    SInce your 2018 Thor Windsport is built on a Ford F-53 chassis the correct front sway bar is the part # RM-1139-140 since you said you have a 22k chassis and then for the rear # RM-1139-149. I attached install videos for both sway bars for you to check out as well. For a steering stabilizer you'd want the part # RM-RBK4-RSSA. For rear SumoSprings you'd want the part # SSR-187-54-1 and then for front # SSF-170-40-2.
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  • Recommended SumoSprings Helper Springs for 2019 Fleetwood Bounder Motorhome on Ford F-53 Chassis
    The recommended SumoSprings helper springs for your 2019 Fleetwood Bounder motorhome built on a Ford F-53 chassis are the SumoSprings Maxim Custom Helper Springs # SSR-187-54-1. These rear axle springs are the only SumoSprings that fit a Fleetwood and do fit all models - the Fleetwood Bounder 33C, 35K, 35P, 36F and 36FP - each of which has a GVWR between 22,000 lbs and 26,000 lbs. For SumoSprings that fit the front front axle there it will depend on your Fleetwood's model. For a Fleetwood...
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