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Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class I - 1-1/4"

Item # 24757

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draw-tite trailer hitch class i
draw-tite trailer hitch  sportframe receiver - custom fit class i 1-1/4 inch
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit class i sportframe receiver - 1-1/4 inch
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit sportframe receiver - class i 1-1/4 inch
draw-tite trailer hitch class i 24757
draw-tite trailer hitch  24757

In Use/Installed

2009 hyundai sonata trailer hitch draw-tite custom fit sportframe receiver - class i 1-1/4 inch
2009 hyundai sonata trailer hitch draw-tite custom fit in use
2009 hyundai sonata trailer hitch draw-tite class i 24757
2009 hyundai sonata trailer hitch draw-tite class i in use
2009 hyundai sonata trailer hitch draw-tite class i 24757
2009 hyundai sonata trailer hitch draw-tite custom fit 24757

Customer Photos

draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit 24757
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit sportframe receiver - class i 1-1/4 inch
draw-tite trailer hitch class i 24757

  • Draw-Tite
  • Class I
  • 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
  • 2000 lbs GTW
  • 200 lbs TW
  • Visible Cross Tube
  • Custom Fit Hitch
This fully welded, corrosion-resistant vehicle trailer hitch receiver is perfect for your light-duty towing needs. Draw-Tite's Tested Tough guarantee ensures that this hitch exceeds industry standards. Drawbar sold separately. Lowest Prices for the best trailer hitch from Draw-Tite. Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class I - 1-1/4" part number 24757 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch - 24757

This fully welded, corrosion-resistant vehicle trailer hitch receiver is perfect for your light-duty towing needs. Draw-Tite's Tested Tough guarantee ensures that this hitch exceeds industry standards. Drawbar sold separately.


  • Custom-fit trailer hitch lets you tow a trailer or carry a bike rack or cargo carrier with your vehicle
  • Computer-aided, fully welded steel construction ensures strength and durability
  • Tested Tough - safety and reliability criteria exceed industry standards
  • Bolt-on installation - no welding required
    • Complete hardware kit and installation instructions included
  • Lifetime technical support from the experts at
  • Black powder coat finish covers e-coat base for superior rust protection
  • Sturdy, square-tube design
  • Drawbar and pin and clip sold separately


  • Receiver opening: 1-1/4" x 1-1/4"
  • Rating: Class I
    • Maximum gross trailer weight: 2,000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 200 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Draw-Tite Tested Tough

Draw-Tite Tested Tough

Draw-Tite's Tested Tough program provides testing standards far superior to those outlined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the go-to source for engineering professionals.

Each Draw-Tite trailer hitch receiver undergoes extensive fatigue testing and static testing with the ball mount that is either supplied or recommended for use with that particular hitch, thus ensuring results that are applicable to real life use. Fatigue testing is also conducted on hitches rated for use with weight-distribution systems.

In addition, Draw-Tite performs static testing on a simulated automobile, as opposed to the rigid fixture used for SAE testing, resulting in a more true-to-life scenario. Technical Support

At we're committed to the products we sell, and to our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available via both phone and email to address your questions and concerns for the lifetime of your hitch. The technicians at etrailer perform hitch installations on a daily basis, making them a valuable resource for do-it-yourselfers. The one-on-one, personal service you'll receive comes straight from an expert in the towing and automotive field. We've installed it, we've wired it and we've towed with it, so whatever your question, we can answer it.

24757 Draw-Tite Class 1 Trailer Hitch Receiver - Sportframe

60816 Hidden Hitch Class 1 Trailer Hitch Receiver

Replaces 24749

24757 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details 24757 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2006 - 2010 Hyundai Sonata

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Video of Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class I - 1-1/4"

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Trailer Hitch Installation - 2010 Hyundai Sonata

Today on this 2010 Hyundai Sonata we are going to install part number 24757 from Draw-Tite. This also applies to part number 60816 from Hidden Hitch. The first thing that we need to do to start off is we need to remove this panel right here. What is going to happen is the arm of the hitch is going to go right through this part of this right here. So we are just going to take it down and leave it off. It really does not serve much of a purpose and the hitch will be in the way anyways. It looks like there are two fasteners hiding back here too, one here and here. You can see that this is where, if the vehicle had dual exhaust, it would be in this spot here. So that is what that panel did, basically enclosed that area. 0:38

With the panel down, now we can see the attachment points on the vehicle. We are going to use this hole right here which has factory threads inside which makes it easy. And it is also going to use the center tie-down loop on the on the trunk panel. It is going to be the same thing over on the passenger side. However, the exhaust is going to be right next to it so it will be a little tight of a working area. But, we should not have to take down the exhaust. The first thing we do to start installing the hitch, we will start off with the U-bolt that goes over the tie-down point first. We will hang the hitch from that and then we will leave it loose so we can work our hitch around to line up with the holes on the side of the frame. 1:18

A quick bit about these fasteners. This is the bolt that goes inside the frame rail and this is the conical tooth washer. And they go together just like that. Okay, we have that one installed but we are going to leave it loose because we still need some working room back over on the other side, and that is going to be on the passenger side with the exhaust. Once we have all of our bolts started, then we can go ahead and snug them down into place. Alright, now that we have all of the bolts snugged down, we will go ahead and torque the bolts down as specified in the instructions. With those few steps our hitch is already installed and there you have it for part number 24757 from Draw-Tite. From the top of the receiver opening down to the ground on this particular vehicle it is 10-1/2 inches. And from the center of the hitch pin to the outer edge of the bumper is about 6 inches.

Customer Reviews

Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class I - 1-1/4" - 24757

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (87 Customer Reviews)

This fully welded, corrosion-resistant vehicle trailer hitch receiver is perfect for your light-duty towing needs. Draw-Tite's Tested Tough guarantee ensures that this hitch exceeds industry standards. Drawbar sold separately.

- 24757

by: Sam D.05/06/2013

Installation of the hitch was a disaster. I expected to do the job in an hour or two with only minor part removal. This was not the case. The reason for purchasing the hitch was based on the instructions and video stating the hitch bolts to the existing car frame using existing welded nuts in the frame. This is not the case at all. The hole was there but no threaded nut. I had to remove the complete bumper and all the parts hidden by the bumper shroud. Then I had to remove the bumper extensions which go into the car frame and are used to hold the bumper in place. This allowed me access to the square tube frame and put a nut on the inside of the frame where your instructions stated the welded nut was supposed to be. It turns out the welded nut does exist but is much further in the frame (about 8 inches more) but would not work because the exhaust (mufflers) would be in the way to get the supports in place used by the hitch and were on the opposite side of the frame. I finally got the hitch installed which took more than 10 hours of real work (not clock time). Knowing what I know now I would have never bought the hitch and the wiring kit. It is not that the hitch was defective it was being mislead on the install time and the work involved to get the hitch installed. I restore cars as a hobby so I am very familiar with working on cars and modifying parts to get them to fit. I would definitely NOT consider this a DIY project for someone that does not have extensive knowledge of cars and the proper tools to do the installation. As stated with the wiring kits, I purchased twice before from eTailor and I liked their product. Unfortunately this installation was NOT the case. Sorry to see the quality drop to such a "poor" state. 79107

- 24757

by: John v.07/24/2017

Ordered hitch on Monday, delivered on Thursday. Rec'd a couple of emails keeping me informed as to progress of order. When received, packaging was unusual, with the two ends sticking out of the box. But hitch was in perfect condition with all parts included. Installation took me 90 minutes. Had trouble with threads on one bolt. One bolt would go in either hole but the bad one would not start. I tried the bolts before putting the hitch in place. My solution was to file the threads on the end; tried to get some of the manufacturing metal straightened up and then did file off the threads on one small part. It worked after that with some maneuvering. Also I appreciated someone's idea about using the cardboard to lay on. I'm not a youngster but I could slide pretty easily all over the place. To lift the hitch in position, I laid it on a couple of about 12 inch high cardboard boxes. Using another idea, it was easy to cut a slot in the appearance panel and reinstall it after I got the hitch on. It's kind of a flexible plastic and trimmed easily with a pair of heavier scissors. I was going to use tin snips but found the other first. Hey, tightening that bolt by the muffler is a doozy! I think a different socket might have helped. 410037

- 24757

by: Bob M.03/12/2014

The Hitch was exactly as described in the listing. It fit perfectly and was very easy to install. All parts needed for installation was there. I was amazed when I ordered it on Monday at 3:45 and it was delivered before noon the next day. I didn't realize that they less than 100 miles away. I expected 3 -5 day delivery. It was an exceptionally great experience. 120396


Still Works great. I later ordered the T-One wiring harness that I highly recommend. This was a complete solution to wiring and worked super good. I would recommend this set up to anyone putting a hitch on a Vehicle.

Bob M - 03/13/2015


- 24757

by: Rob B.07/29/2013

I purchased this hitch from on a Monday and it arrived Friday afternoon as expected. I was apprehensive about doing this on my own but decided I would give it a try after reading other reviews. I own a 2008 Hyundai Sonata. This was very simple to install. On my car we did not have to lower the exhaust to install the hitch. If we had, we would have had a little more room to work the sockets but we were able to maneuver enough without touching the exhaust. We did not have/need ramps....there was enough room to move without. Honestly, it took me and a friend just over an hour to install the hitch and the wiring harness for the trailer (watch the video and it's simple). Tips for success: 1. Have a friend extra set of hands was nice to have. 2. If you have a cordless socket wrench like the video shows use it. 3. Take a few minutes to clean out the holes in the frame for the bolts to go in. I didn't have that little brush in the video and wished I did! This was so easy I volunteered to help my brother do his when he buys one! 92098

- 24757

by: Eric E05/15/2013

It is a good looking hitch that tows well. The installation instruction videos on this website, where the key in making my purchase decision. They were a big help and helped me make sure I was buying the right part, and it was something I could install myself. One trick I found with an at home installation is to use a jack to raise up the trailer hitch into place. It was too tough to get everything aligned and started without the jack. Also on the 2006 Hyundai Sonata, there isn't a lot of clearance for the torque wrench for the body bolts, so may sure you get the shortest handle you can find. For the u bolt nuts, make sure you have a deep socket or you won't be able to torque down the nuts at the end. It was an easy, if long install, but the problem was due more to not figuring out the jack trick right away, and having too long a torque wrench. Such a good experience with etrailer, that I've already recommended it to a couple of people. Hitches for everyone! 80387

- 24757

by: Brad T.10/07/2014

We ordered this hitch and the suggested wiring kit for a 2006 Sonata (with dual exhaust). The package arrived at least 1 day sooner than I was expecting - nice!!!. Fortunately, the frame threads were very clean and needed no tapping. I decided to install the hitch without removing the exhaust shields or lowering the exhaust or jacking up the vehicle. This was relatively easy however there is not much space to get a hand up in the area where the frame bolts go thus I can understand the video showing some disassembly first. Total time to install this way was almost exactly 1 hour. I could have done this about 20 minutes faster with a power ratchet. The wiring harness was even easier to install. It took about 30 minutes from start to verifying everything was working. And another 10 minutes to put back inside body panels. Excellent products, excellent shipping and excellent videos! 154936

- 24757

by: Doug R07/09/2015

Bought this for my 2006 Hyundai Sonata to carry a Nashbar bike rack. Super easy install. Do yourself a favor and use some ramps or jack stands. Getting underneath your car is cramped and fiddly. Having some extra room really makes it easy. 210467

- 24757

by: Fred12/29/2011

I just installed this hitch on my 08 Sonata, and I’m here to tell you just how easy it truly was. You have just three bolts and if you can hold a wrench in your hand, you can do it. One thing I would like you to note is if you live in a four season environment. The bolt hole that is closes to the muffler may have some rust on the threads. I would work the blot in first before you try installing your new hitch. Second note: The use of the box that the hitch was delivered in. The box is thick enough to work as a good mat for laying on the ground. Even thing went as the video showed and in 1,2,3, I was done. I love cycling and this hitch will allow me to transport my bicycles in safety via a hitch rack. Every time I ride, this hitch we be indispensable. Top quality product and an awesome price! Thank you 28854

- 24757

by: David09/23/2015

Everything looks good. Installed it in about thirty minutes. I did have the advantage of being able to do it on a friends hoist. Delivery time was great. Wiring took me about thirty minutes. Instructions were good. Would recommend to a friend. 227142


Still good

David - 09/22/2016


- 24757

by: Ken06/03/2013

Arrived very quickly and one day early. Actually had my 12 year old daughter install this. Two things on the instructions, (1) you will need a 17mm not an 18mm socket or wrench. And (2) the driver side appearance panel can be reinstalled if you cut a notch in the rear of the panel to allow clearance for the hitch support rod. All told, took about an hour even with teaching my daughter. While she installed the hitch (yes, I checked behind her), I installed the wiring adapter in the trunk. I had watched the installation video so I knew where everything was. Took maybe ten minutes from start to finish. Extremely easy install, well made and looks great. 83016

- 24757

by: Jerry O12/30/2011

It was a little tight for one person, lying on the ground, used my leg to hold the hitch up while I tried to get the u-bolt connected. also took patience to get the two bolts started, Cha Cha, which means slow and easy in Thai needs to be considered when tightening bolts that had limited access. I bought a Thule rack in parralel with this hitch. I did a quick check and I don't think the safety pin on the bike rake will line up with the safety pin hole on the hitch. Looks like I will need to drill a hole. I wish I had discovered this hitch earlier. It took maybe 30 minutes lying on the ground and I was very pleases with how well the installation went. 28907

- 24757

by: John W.02/24/2012

I had ordered a trailer hitch receiver, draw bar, and wiring harness for my 2009 Hyundai Sonata. They arrived on time and in perfect condition. The installation process was made easy due to their on-line tutorials. In fact I had everything installed and ready to use in less than 45 minutes. I would recommend to anyone. The staff and correspondence both by phone and email were excellent thus providing a fantastic on-line experience. Other sites should model their business practices after this organization. I will definitely utilize their services in the future if the need arises. Thank you etrailer for a job well done. 32407

- 24757

by: JT02/14/2017

Product was as advertised. Heavy duty and well made. Good price! In my application it was very tight and I have large hands. So putting the bolts in was very difficult and took a lot longer than it should have. There may have been a better way to do it. However, installation was very straight forward and barring tight spaces, should be an simple install. Follow the instructions in the video. If you live in an area where they use salt on the roads, or near salt water, be prepared to clean the bolt hole threads, as recommended. Test the threads prior to installing hitch, some liquid wrench might be helpful. 341926

- 24757

by: Mac E07/08/2013

Hitch and other items delivered on time. The hitch was supposed to ship with a draw-bar (ball mount) but it wasn't in the box. Which by the way was excellent packaging. Called upon receipt and checking the box and was told the missing item would be sent out today (Monday). Very good customer service. The hitch itself was easily installed and the video proved to be invaluable. I will save a trip to the storage lot to deliver the tow caddy by pulling it with the vehicle that will be pulled behind the motor home. This is my second purchase from them and have been very satisfied on both occastions 88385

- 24757

by: John C.07/06/2011

last year I paid over $400 for my local mechanic to install a Class I hitch on my other car so I was eager to install one myself on my second car for $150. All went as the instructions showed except-the u-bolt included for the center mount was too short. Had to get run to Lowes for another. Also, I struggled to get the two main bolts fully installed in the weld nuts on the frame. Should have read the "Helpful INfo" section on this first. Would have saved time it took to remove bolts, clean holes, lube bolts and reinstall. Would do again 18677

- 24757

by: Richard D08/29/2013

I was very pleased with the hitch and wiring harness. The installation of the hitch went ok tight working conditions without benefit of being able to raise car off the ground, however a good product and good fit. The installation of the wiring harness was very easy, a fine product. I don't like wasting my money! The purchase of the tube cover was a waste of money, due to the fact that the hitch came with one. Your rep. should have made me aware of that. Overall I am very satisfied with the products and the prompt delivery. Thank You ! 97471

- 24757

by: Dave H07/27/2013

So far I like the ease of how it installed according to my mechanic. He said the hardest part was cleaning out the holes in the frame to prepare them for the hitch bolts. Looked very discreet on the rear of my Hyundai. Now as for What a knockout of a company. They hit on all the notes for great performance. Was really impressed. Special Kudos to Wayne - he do know his stuff. But so did the other person I talked to. Amazing experience! 91955

- 24757

by: Pat H.07/13/2011

This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. My items were shipped early. The quality of the items was excellent. The installation of the harness and hitch was exactly as described and extremely simple. Communicaitons from etrailer were very prompt and effective. I could not be happier. I would recommend them to anyone needing similar products. Great job, etrailer!!! You guys have the right approach to customer service. Pat H. 19362

- 24757

by: Kelly M01/31/2013

Easy Perfect Fit! So amazingly simple and even easier than the video on the web site. Was done in 5 minutes. Shipping was tracked and showed up 2 days ahead of schedule. Email notifications at every step. Can't say enough good about this product. Better than described and very strong and sturdy. I really feel great about this purchase and I most certainly got my monies worth. 64743

- 24757

by: Greg K.05/31/2012

I ordered a Draw-Tite hitch for my Hyundai Sonata, I could not be happier with my purchase. Ordering was easy, I called in my order, it shipped the same day, I was able to track the package right to my door step. Installation was easy, it took me almost exactly 30 minutes to install. I would HIGHLY recommend this hitch, and I will be purchasing from again. Thank you. 42228

- 24757

by: Don D10/24/2013

Very easy to install. I did it without a hoist or any other method to raise the car. I suggest that the next person attach the right (passenger side) before the left (driver side) if you have a single exhaust. I started with the left (driver-side), but after some initial struggle, I removed that 'loose' attachment and then the rest of the installation went easily. 104940

- 24757

by: Lenny P.05/17/2011

The DrawTite Hitch Receiver was a perfect fit on my '08 Sonata. Installation was easy even without the instructional video and the quality of the welds and finish on the product was flawless. I strongly recommend the optional T-One Wiring Harness with its' plug in and go installation getting you on the road with out any wiring hassles at all. 14611

- 24757

by: Todd W.09/28/2011

I installed this trailer hitch in about 20 minutes. That includes the time it took to get it out of the box. I did not move or jack up my car in any way, this was done lying on the apron of my driveway behind my car. This job was simple, it then took me about 40 minutes to hook up the wiring harness. This is a great product! 24815

- 24757

by: Ed W_OH05/25/2012

HItch was ordered on a Monday and arrived on Thursday. I installed the hitch on a 2009 Hyundai Sonata. The video directions were spot on in guiding me through the installation, which took about thirty minutes. Great company w/ expedient delivery process, great product, and outstanding instructional videos on your website! 41641

- 24757

by: Dale D.02/28/2011

The product was delivered on time. The wiring kit was very easy to install after reviewing the video. The trailer hitch lined up prefectly and the hardware fit great. This company provides a very good product at a most reasonable price. I am a very satisfied customer and will be looking here first for all my trailer needs. 8109

- 24757

by: craig f.03/01/2012

Hitch went on easily just as video showed. I backed my 2010 Sonata unto a couple of 10 inch ramps to allow me more room to work. Make sure whatever you are inserting into the 1 1/4" hitch slides in and out bike rack fit was too snug and had to be reduced, grinding off the coated black paint. 32944

- 24757

by: Tom H07/01/2014

I installed the hitch on my 2008 Hyundai Sonata. The nuts that were welded to the frame for attaching were very rusty and needed cleaned out. I actually got a starter tap and penetrating lubricant to clean it out. Only took 30 minutes to install after chasing the threads with the starter tap. 138463

- 24757

by: Chris F.03/31/2015

Hitch was car specific and found it be an accurate fit. Directions for mounting were spot on. All hardware was included. Center U bolt was two short do to my tow hook being bent. Local hardware store provided replacement. No fault of dealer. Found item to be good fit with 40 minute install. 181921

- 24757

by: Jack R.08/01/2011

First off, the shipping upgrade was a nice touch. Thanks. Got the package this afternoon, and in a little less than 30 minutes had it installed. It's a little tight turning the ratchet (could have used a pneumatic ratchet) but everything fit fine. Thanks for delivering a great product. 20819

- 24757

by: Skyler A04/29/2015

I drive a 2006 sonata and this hitch fits perfectly. My car isn't dual exhaust so it was even easier to install than the video etrailer has. Seems to be holding up well! I also had some questions with customer service and they were quick and friendly in responding. 188786

- 24757

by: Alex F08/11/2014

Watched video, tried to install it and was confused. Watched video again and was able to install it with my wife little help to raise hitch. No mechanics, no lifts. I laid under the car on parking lot. I have Hyundai Sonata 2008 6 cylinders (two exhausts). Thank you. 145813

- 24757

by: Ben H09/14/2016

Everything came as described and packed well. I did not even have to lower the exhaust. Fit right in and with only 3 attachment points, I had the hitch on in a little over 30 minutes! I have towed several times with it so far and seems to be doing well. Thanks! 294827

- 24757

by: robert P04/16/2011

thank you it ws very easy to install and i had to do it in my drivway on the dround your right about the time it taked just 45 min for me to do it now i will see how it will tow my small 14 ft boat as it seems it will do great thanks again 11857

- 24757

by: jon lennedy03/01/2012

I got the trailer hitch in a short time Like the video said it takes about 30 mins.and it did I want to thank etrailer for fast service and the great job the call center does. I will let my friends know about etrailer. Thank you, JON 32834

- 24757

by: Claude H. Jr.12/29/2013

Quick delivery. Very clear instructions. Easy to install. I cleaned the threaded nuts that were in the frame of the car just to avoid complications. Cut a slot in the plastic trim that had to be removed so it could be replaced. 111437

- 24757

by: David D.04/03/2012

I received this in just a few days for regular shipping. Instalation was simple. I did have to use a smaller ratchet for the bolts near the exhaust as space is limited for your hand. I would recomend this for a Hyundai Sonata. 36058

- 24757

by: Richard B.04/26/2012

Hitch arrived on tme and in great condition. Installation followed your online video exactly. I knew in advance what had to be done, what tools to have ready and how long it would take. This was an excellernt experience. 38415

- 24757

by: Mike K10/04/2011

I love you guys, my hitch came early, thanks to etrailer, and I had the light kit and hitch put on in no time at all. Thanks again, great service and helpful videos, told everyone at work how happy I am with etrailer. 25079

- 24757

by: Larry.S09/26/2013

very pleased with the hitch,took about 45min to install hitch and wiring kit i purchased from etrailer. and price is right too.if ever i need another one you will be getting my business.Thanks Larry.S 101692

- 24757

by: Ed W05/13/2014

The hitch was much easier to install than expected. Had the whole thing connected in about 30 minutes--and I am not any type of mechanic. Looks good, is hidden under the bumper, very good product. 130339

- 24757

by: Joan04/15/2013

Ordered on Monday, arrived on Friday, installed (easily) on Saturday. Can't complain about that. Quality and price were both good. I haven't used it yet, but I'm sure it will do the job. Thanks. 76178

- 24757

by: Jeff V05/24/2012

A friend and i did the complete installation in a couple of hours. Everything fit as was supposed to and all parts were included. Good job e trailer.....The hitch and lights worked Great...thanks 41584

- 24757

by: Tim M12/30/2014

Found exactly what I was looking for. And THEN .... I received a call to let me know that one of the parts I ordered was wrong. They then worked with me to make sure I DID get the right parts. 167262

- 24757

by: Bret11/05/2013

Hitch was not as easily installed as shown in the video or instructions. Additional information was quickly given by Customer Support, and the hitch was installed in about 30 minutes. 106432

- 24757

by: Chris D.04/13/2012

Ridiculously easy install it was so quick I thought I missed a step. Excellent product and the customer service is exceptional, etrailer staff made sure shipment was on time, thanks. 37102

- 24757

by: Dietrich S04/21/2011

Good Products at a good price. I was amazed how well they followed up on the shipping. They sent me e mails every step of the way. What a Great Company! Dietrich from West Bend Wi. 12171

- 24757

by: Cicero NY03/30/2011

Very easy to install. The hitch could have been packed better. It arrived with the box torn and scratches on the hitch that will eventually rust. Delivery was very quick. 10703

- 24757

by: Alan L.07/04/2011

Simple installation with provided hardware, wiring harness just plugs into existing plugs/tail lights, great fit. Took less than hour to install with wiring. Looks great. 18466

- 24757

by: Lorie01/06/2016

Arrived in 2 days and packaged well!!! If I have the occasion will certainly buy from this site! Support small business when they are excellent! And this one is!!! 234856

- 24757

by: Roger S.08/25/2013

Hooked in as advertised!! Single exhaust, didn't even have to pull it! However I made my Brother in Law burn his arm....He was in a hurry. :) Hitch looks great! 96827

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  • Does the Exhaust have to be lowered to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2009 Hyundai Sonata
  • Installation on a 2009 Hyundai Sonata with single exhaust is going to be nearly identical as in the video showing installation of Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, # 24757, on a 2010 model. The two different years are part of the same generation and the hitch attaches the same way in both models. This is quite possibly the easiest installation I have seen for a hitch. Even the instructions, which I have linked for you, have just 2 steps. Neither our installers nor the hitch manufacturer mention...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Vehicle Wiring Recommendation for a Single Exhaust 4-cylinder 2006 Hyundai Sonata
  • Yes, the Draw-Tite Class I trailer hitch will fit all models of the 2006 Hyundai Sonata, including your 4-cylinder with single exhaust. Our tech tips note that vehicles with single exhaust, the appearance panel which covers driver's side frame rail must be removed. This is a Class I rated hitch that is rated for towing up to 2,000 pounds gross towing weight and 200 tongue weight, and is compatible with Class I 1-1/4 accessories only. Since it is Class I hitch, the manufacturers recommended...
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  • Drawbar that Comes with a Class 1 Trailer Hitch Receiver for the 2006 Hyundai Sonata
  • Hidden Hitch, item # 60816 (no longer available), comes with drawbar, item # 3592. This drawbar has a 2-1/8 inch rise and is to be used in the rise position only on your vehicle see instructions. Class 1 hitches are factory tested for safety and the recommended drawbar is the only drawbar that should be used for that vehicle, in the position recommended.
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  • What Do I Need to Tow a Motorcycle Trailer with a 2007 Hyundai Sonata
  • The components needed to tow a trailer include a trailer hitch receiver, ball mount, pin and clip, trailer hitch ball, and a wiring harness. I have included an article which covers this. To get your 2007 Hyundai Sonata ready for towing, I recommend the following: Trailer Hitch - Draw-Tite Class I Trailer Hitch Receiver, # 24757. This is a custom fit hitch offering a 2,000 lb towing capacity and bolt-on installation. No drilling or welding is required. Ball Mount - Sportframe Drawbar,...
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  • Will the Draw-Tite Hitch # 24757 Fit on a 2010 Hyundai Sonata SE, with Dual Exhaust.
  • Yes, the Draw-Tite Sportframe Class I Trailer Hitch, item # 24757, will fit on your 2010 Hyundai Sonata SE, with dual exhaust. The under body appearance panel noted in the instructions, is only present on single exhaust models and needs to be removed for hitch installation, dual exhaust models do not have this panel and the hitch installs without removal of any parts. To complete your Class I Towing setup you may also want to consider the following items. Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring...
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  • How Involved is the Installation of Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch # 24757 on a 2009 Hyundai Sonata
  • You would only need to remove this appearance panel to install Draw-Tite hitch # 24757 if your 2009 Sonata does not have dual exhaust. The referenced panel is basically a cover-up piece for the area where the second exhaust pipe would have been, and it should not be difficult for you to access or remove. If you do have this panel, you would simply take it off by removing the seven fasteners that attach it to the vehicle. Once the appearance panel is out of the way, the installation...
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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch for 2007 Hyundai Tucson
  • I do have a solution for you, however the Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver # 24757 referenced in your question is designed for certain model years of the Hyundai Sonata and is not compatible with your 2007 Hyundai Tucson. For your Hyundai Tucson, I recommend the Draw-Tite Class III Max Frame Receiver Hitch # 75561. This is custom-fit for your vehicle and will provide a nice 2 inch receiver opening and a 3,500 pound towing weight capacity. No drilling will be required during...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Bike Rack Recommendations for a 2009 Hyundai Sonata
  • The Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 24757 fits all models of the 2009 Hyundai Sonata. To use this hitch with a bike rack, you will not need the ball mount, pin, or clip. You just need the hitch and a compatible bike rack. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation for you. This is a Class I trailer hitch so you have to use a bike rack that is Class I compatible and you will be limited to carrying 2 bikes at most. The reason is because the weight of additional bikes will...
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  • Size of Install Bolts that Come with the Draw Tite Hitch 24757
  • The included bolts that the part # 24757 uses for installation are M10 x 1.25 x 40mm Hex Bolt. For a full replacement kit for the hardware for this hitch you would want part # RHK. You would need to enter the part number for this hitch and select Draw Tite as the manufacturer.
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  • Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Dimensions for 2009 Hyundai Sonota
  • After speaking with my contact from Draw-Tite, I have found the length from end to end for the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch # 24631 is 41-1/4 inches. However, if this hitch is for the 2009 Hyundai Sonata you listed, it is not a compatible fit for your vehicle. The trailer hitch I recommend for your Sonata is the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch # 24757. The length of this hitch from end to end is 37-5/8 inches. I have provided links to the installation instructions for this hitch and a video of its...
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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch And Cargo Carrier For 2007 Hyundai Sonata
  • The Pro Series Cargo Carrier, part # 63155 you mentioned is designed for a Class ll only trailer hitch. A class l hitch like part # 24757 has a stop installed in the receiver and the shank on the # 63155 will not insert fully into the receiver. We do have cargo carriers that will work with a Class l hitch. I recommend a carrier like the Surco Cargo Carrier, part # 52017. This is a 20 x 48 inch carrier and it has a capacity of 300-lbs. The side rails on the carrier are 5-1/2 inches tall....
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  • How to Order Replacement Hardware for Draw Tite Hitch part # 24757
  • To order replacement hardware for the part # 24757 we have the part # RHK that would cover everything. You would just need to put in the part number you need for the hitch and then select the manufacturer Draw Tite. The bolts that came with your hitch are M10 x 1.25 x 40mm Hex Bolt and the U-bolt is a 3/8-16 U-Bolt.
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