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Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank - Aluminum Handle - 3" Diameter

Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank - Aluminum Handle - 3" Diameter

Item # T1003VPM
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RV Waste Valves
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Replaces the valve for your RV's black-water tank. 3" Diameter passage allows wastewater to travel freely when valve is open. Valve body, seals, nuts, and bolts included. Great Prices for the best rv waste valves from Valterra. Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank - Aluminum Handle - 3" Diameter part number T1003VPM can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Valterra RV Waste Valves - T1003VPM

  • Single Waste Valve - Manual
  • 3 Inch Valve Body
  • Straight Valve
  • Valterra
  • Stationary Valve

Replaces the valve for your RV's black-water tank. 3" Diameter passage allows wastewater to travel freely when valve is open. Valve body, seals, nuts, and bolts included.


  • Replacement valve for your RV's black-water tank
  • 3" Diameter passage allows wastewater to travel freely when valve is open
  • Die-cast aluminum handle
  • Valve body, seals, nuts, and bolts included
  • Fits Bladex, Valterra, Bristol, and Anonda valves
  • 1-Year warranty

To install, remove the broken waste valve and seals from your black-water tank. Then place the included seals on the flange fittings and position the new valve body. Tighten the provided hardware to complete installation.

T1003VPM Valterra Bladex Motorhome Black Water Holding Tank Waste Valve Body with Aluminum Handle - 3"

Video of Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank - Aluminum Handle - 3" Diameter

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Valterra Bladex RV Black Water Tank Waste Valve Body Review

Hi there camper and RV owners. Today we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to replace your waste valves with Valterra's three inch with metal handle valves. And this is what our replacement valves look like when they're installed. These are gonna be three inch diameter valves. So they're gonna be great for your black water system. They are offered in two different versions.

This is the Blade X with the die-cast aluminum handle but you can also get this same Blade X model in a plastic handle if you're looking at a more economical version. These are gonna be great though for replacing your valves if they become damaged, if you have leaks and stuff that occur over time, you will get everything that you need included in your kit to replace the valve. So that's gonna include your valve body, your seals, one for each side, as well as all the mounting hardware to get it installed in there. So you have everything that you need with this little kit here to do the replacement. These are Valterra Blade X versions, but they will work with other brands such as Bristol or Ananda.

So if you've got those style installed on yours you can get some Blade X ones here just like this that will work in your system to replace those other brands. The main purpose of our valves here is to prevent flow from our tank out the outlet when we are just driving around, just kind of using our motor home like normal. But when we are ready to empty out our tank, get it all cleaned out, the valve here is opened up by pulling the handle. And of course, you would wanna have this hooked into your system so you could drain everything out. Ours has already been pre-drained.

So that way we're able to do the replacement here. But that's the main purpose of our valves here is to separate off the drain port on our system from the tanks. So that way you can keep those completely separate. If you've got multiple tanks, you can install multiple and you can actually even have them completely separate. We got this little Y pipe here.

So this tank and this tank are separate from one another. You could drain one separately from the other one. So if you wanna follow along with us the customer here had a valve that had kind of a loose handle that would get a little bit of a trickle down the rod. So we're gonna be replacing the old one. So you can follow along with us here and we'll show you how to get them installed. We'll begin our installation in our compartment that has our drain valves. Here we've got three valves here. Now the customer here has installed this macerator and this is, he doesn't normally use this anymore. This is his typical drain over here. So we're not gonna be replacing this one since he doesn't really use it. Just those. And before you start this make sure that you've already drained the system. So our customer's already went and flushed out the system to make sure that it's gonna be empty for us. So that way we don't have to worry about getting any kind of black water or gray water on us and being able to replace these safely. So we did also open them both up here just to make sure that they're draining. We put the hose down there at the end. So he did actually drain them. We just, good to verify that and make sure. You do wanna make sure you dispose of your waste properly though. So our customer took care of that first and then we're just double checking to make sure that it's empty here. So our doors, this one here is a little bit, you can see it's a little bit loose and that's just due to the close angle that it's in here and stuff. So we're gonna be replacing it with a little bit, upgraded with the metal handles, a little bit heavier duty version of this one. It's not too much different but it is a little bit heavier duty. To get these outta here, we're gonna remove the fasteners that hold it in place. There's gonna be four. It's kind of easier to see here on this one. You got two there and there's also two at the bottom. We'll use a seven 16th socket and wrench or an 11 millimeter's also very close. So you can get away with either of those. We're gonna be replacing these two though. Again, not this one 'cause our customer doesn't use this anymore. So when you're replacing these, I recommend starting with the hardest bolt to get to 'cause that way your seals are still compressed. So if there is gonna be any drips that's gonna get on you. It's gonna happen when you're trying to reach around to the backside of the difficulty to get to bolts so let's get that one out first, that way everything's tight and then we can get our easier bolts out from there. Which doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to get on that one there. Probably need to put our wrench on the other side to hold it. All right. So we've got that one loose. There we go. Both of our bolt and knut, we've got slid out of there. So now we're just gonna repeat that with the remaining ones. I'm gonna do the other side real quick on the inside. Just 'cause again, those are difficult to get to and don't want to have to be reaching my arms around the top or bottom of these pipes while I'm trying to get the rest of them removed. We can work more towards the outside here. So then we're just gonna remove the rest of our bolts the same way we remove those inner ones there. Get that off of there. You can see here that the collar here, we can slide back. Now on the other side though, this collar here is fixed in this position. So that means we're not gonna be able to change the angle that this is in other than these set places that the holes are gonna line up there. So we're still gonna be having ours come down like this. We we're maybe gonna try to make them a little bit easier to pull, but if it's glued you just can't move the glue. So we're just gonna have to leave it how it is. So now we can kind of pull apart just a little bit on our pieces. We're probably gonna have a little bit of drippage come out. So we're gonna put some napkins and stuff down or if you're doing this at home you could have a kind of waist towel that you can sacrifice. And that'll just slide out of there. And then you just get rid of that. I would recommend cleaning this up and then you can get your new one installed. We can now open up our new one here. Our gaskets are going to install like this. So the larger end will slide over the pipe there. Same on this one. The larger end will slide over the pipe. So go ahead and slide your gaskets into position over your pipe. Once you've got both your gaskets on your new valve will simply just slide in between them Make sure your gaskets stay in place. So you can see that when there's popping off on us. All right. And that's it. You just get it slid in between there and then secure it with the included hardware. And then just repeat this for as many as you're going to be replacing. And then we're gonna do the other, do this one. After you get the old stuff out of the way, just slide your new gaskets on there. Kind of use the pipes to push it in place there. And do the same thing on the other side here. All right. Once you've got both your gaskets on this will just slide in between the two. Just be careful not to knock your gaskets off when pushing them in place. There we go. And then we'll just secure it with the included hardware. And we'll now go back and snug down our hardware. It is gonna be the same size as the previous hardware we removed. So we'll still use our seven 16th socket and wrench or 11 millimeter, either one will work out fine. And right now I'm just snugging them down by hand here kind of using my wrench in one hand and on the other side, I'm just holding the socket in my hand 'cause these don't actually snug down that tight. You don't need to go too crazy. It's all just plastic. As far as the housing is, the metal is to your handle here the working mechanism, but this is still all plastic. So just be careful, just snug it down. If it's starting to spin the socket in your hand then you probably got it plenty snug and you can move on to the next one. All right. Once you have your hardware snug down, that will complete our installation. You can now use your system like you would and clean it out and verify you don't have any leaks, but as long as all of your seals we're inserted appropriately when you slid your piece up there they didn't fold over or anything, you shouldn't have any problems. And that's why I also recommend tightening it down by hand like we we're doing there, 'cause if your seal is fold over or something, you'll usually feel that it's cocked a little bit. And if you're tightening it by hand like we were, then you're probably not going to over tighten it. You're probably gonna catch I, be able to adjust it and straighten things out. After that though, you can check to make sure that everything seems to open and close. And then you can clean up your area If you do have any leaks from any of the previous residue in the system, you can clean that up. And that completes our installation of Valterra's three inch waist valves with metal handles..

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Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank - Aluminum Handle - 3" Diameter - T1003VPM

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (564 Customer Reviews)

Replaces the valve for your RV's black-water tank. 3" Diameter passage allows wastewater to travel freely when valve is open. Valve body, seals, nuts, and bolts included.


There is nothing glamorous about buying 3" DWV fittings. But, etrailer made it easy with their great website and helpful videos. Was able to order all the fittings I needed to install a Sani-Con on my fifth wheel.


Well I ordered quantity of 3, not sure what happened?
Original order # 115243947
Called in to change ship to address and guy changed to 1 I suppose??

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I will definitely have our Customer Service team reach out to you. Mistakes can happen and I think that was the case here.


Used this to replace the old valve on my black tank. Works as advertised


Thanks for the email
I don't have much
to say about the product. It is static in the open position 90% of the time.
I do appreciate how you at etrailer have kept me informed and asked questions, insuring that I am satisfied.
You may be able to tell from the attached photos, we are using these as gate valve for a fume exhaust system.
These are old photos. We have moved to a new facility, and the hoses are upgraded.


Love etrailer


Great price and products. Could have been shipped quicker.

Converting airstream thetford valve to vaulters. The combination I chose dropped the drain 2” below the belly. I’ll have to install a grey tank to tuck everything up in my 73 Sovereign 31’ center bath rv.


Perfect fit and ridiculously easy to install! It came super fast and took about 10 minutes to install. I only wish I had bought a second one and swapped out the gray water valve while I was at it!


Shippping was timely and status was available for each step. Installation was easy with new hardware.


The items were shipped right away and they were exactly what I ordered. I have not installed them yet, but I do not anticipate any problems as it looks like they have everything that I will need included.


Easy to install. I would recommend to coat seals with petroleum jelly to hold in place while installing. Make sure black water tank is well drained and cleaned out before beginning install. Otherwise could be smelly business.

James B.


5 stars. Easy to install after one year no problems noted. Still opens and closes easy. Recommend etrailer highly.


Easy to install, works fine.


The product arrived on time installation took less than 30 minutes repaired my leaking problem very satisfied I will definitely be shopping with you guys in the future and I'm going to tell everybody I know that RVs



Holding up well still makes a great seal


Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for rv waste tanks, fit and function was perfect. I purchased the valves with the new seals and bolts. Changed both in about 10 minutes. So if you have a gray water and black water tank, go ahead and replace them both. Your there one time to take care of any problems.


Fast shipping, accurate information and seems to fit correctly.


I just recently purchased an (OLD) 1988 ALPENLITE, 25+2 Fifth wheel camp trailer. As
you would expect "the old girl needs some TLC". I am a new customer to etrailer & so far their service has been "GREAT" !!!!!!!!!!. The customer service ladies I have dealt w/
have both been very help full.


New as described


I installed both grey water and sewer valves and it was a fairly simple job. The valves fit perfectly and I am happy with the Valterra valves.


I was highly impressed with my first experience with etrailer and Karen, the assistant who helped me with my order. It was exactly as advertised and at a very fair price. I used economy shipping and received my order in three days.
I will definitely go right to etrailer the next time I need RV parts.

Gene W.


Excellent replacement valve for my 5th wheel.


Just received my order from E trailer Great people to deal with and Fast shipping times will definitely buy more from you


This item was out of stock for several weeks but etrailer stayed in touch with me and keep me informed of the status of the order on a regular basis. The item arrived last week and now I am ready for my next camping trip. I have ordered from etrailer in the past. Thier customer service and products are second to none.


Excellent pricing, service & prompt delivery. Took about an hour to install both Grey & Black water dump valves.


Exact replacement for 1990 Airstream black and gray dump valves. Work well.


Had broken valve this took care of my problem. Fit perfect arrived just in time to go camping again


Everything I said about the smaller valve applies here. Don't tighten much beyond hand tightening and make sure the rubber gasket is properly seated. Once installed, these valves should work trouble free for years to come.

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See what our Experts say about this Valterra RV Waste Valves

  • Dimension Thickness of the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve
    The Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank, # T1003VPM is 3/4" thick. Please note the attached image.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • What is the Width of Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank
    The Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank, # T1003VPM has a width of 4-3/8". Please note the linked product review video below where several measurements for the valve are shown.
    view full answer...
  • Availability of 3 inch Waste Valve to Replace Bristol Waste Valve
    We have quite a few different 3 inch waste valves that would work for you. For example, we have the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body # T1003VPM which has an aluminum T-handle on it for opening and closing.
    view full answer...
  • Installation of the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank
    The image on the sight you refer to is of an uninstalled valve body, once the tubing is in place it will be sealed. When the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank, # T1003VPM, is properly installed there will not be any leaks.
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Seals for 1-1/2 Inch Valterra Bladex Waste Valve
    The Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Gray Water Tank - Aluminum Handle - 1-1/2" Diameter # T1001VPM uses replacement seals # T1001-9VP. For your 3 inch valve, you most likely want the Replacement Seals and Hardware for 3" Valterra Waste Valves # T1003-7VP but I can't confirm the fit, so you may just want to use the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank - Aluminum Handle - 3" Diameter # T1003VPM to have a precise fit.
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Waste Valves Needed for a 2000 Fleetwood Discovery Motorhome
    It actually looks like you have the Valterra Double RV Waste Valves # T80. This comes with both of the waste valves already installed and they can be rotated 360 degrees on the elbows for ease of installation. We do have replacement waste valves but to know exactly what you need you would have to take your current system apart. If it all comes off as one unit then you can install the # T80. If it comes apart differently please let me know and I can help you find the correct replacement...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Waste Valve for Black Tank Will Open But Not Close with Handle
    It sounds like the linkage inside the waste valve might have become disconnected. I would first check to make sure the metal rod is tight inside the body and to the handle but aside from this I don't really have any repair procedures for this. If you can give me a bit more information as to what waste valve you have (make/model) I can call the manufacturer and see if they have any advice otherwise your best option would be to just replace the valve. For this we have the Valterra Bladex...
    view full answer...
  • Could Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Be Used with 3-1/2 inch Valve Body
    If the 3-1/2 inch diameter you mentioned is the outside diameter and the inside was 3 inch yes, the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank # T1003VPM could be used. If you needed the entire valve assembly you'd want the part # T40A instead. This comes with a spigot fitting on either end of the valve.
    view full answer...
  • Can the Ends of the Double RV Waste Valves # T80 be Removed
    You could remove the ends of the Double RV Waste Valves # T80 but instead of purchasing this part I recommend using the RV Sewer Elbow # T1036 which is what I believe you are trying to use. If you are needing to replace any of the valves we have those as parts # T1001VPM and # T1003VPM as well as the cap as part # T1020 but if you need to replace that much it is much more cost effective to go with the whole unit that you referenced. I have linked our selection of RV sewer parts as well...
    view full answer...
  • My 3" Valterra Black Tank Valve Leaks - Needs New Seals
    As a clarification, all valves, including the # T1003VPM, include seals, as pictured in picture 10 on the product page. However, I can see that your 3" waste valve is missing it's seals. I would not buy a new complete valve when all you need are the replacement seals. Valterra makes two Replacement Seals & Hardware kits for their valves. The # T1003-7VP is for "old style" Valterra valves made prior to 2000, and # T1003VPM is the current style that fits Valterra, Bristol, Bladex, and Anonda...
    view full answer...
  • Adding a Blade Valve to the end of my Tanks Dump Plumbing
    While there isn't an adapter to go directly between the Valterra Waste Valve for RV Black Water Tank part # T50A can be added on in place of your current 3" lug cap in place now. Simply cut it off and attach this one using the LaSalle Bristol ABS Solvent Cement part # 3447530889. This will give you the valve in place to keep the stuff off of your hands. The Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank part # T1003VPM you looked at can be used to replace the existing valves...
    view full answer...
  • Bearing Kit For 2020 Forest River Wildwood FSX 177BH
    It looks like your 2020 Forest River Wildwood FSX 177BH probably has a 3,500 lb axle so the bearing kit you need is the Hub Bearing Kit # BK2-100.
    view full answer...
  • Reese Goose Box Replacement for 2007 Keystone Cougar Pin Box and Replacement Waste Valves
    Your 2007 Keystone Cougar did come with the Lippert 1621 pin box, so you can absolutely replace it with the Reese Goose Box # RP85FR. You will be well under the 20K capacity of this pin box replacement. If you just need the waste water valves, I recommend the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Gray Water Tank - Aluminum Handle - 1-1/2" Diameter # T1001VPM and the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank - Aluminum Handle - 3" Diameter # T1003VPM. These come with...
    view full answer...
  • Slip Hub for Attaching a Waste Valve to a 3" Outlet on a Gray Water Tank
    Yes, using the Valterra RV Sewer Slip Hub with Flange # T1005 paired with a guillotine style waste valve like the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body # T1003VPM is a good option for your gray water tank. This would bond together using the Valterra ABS Solvent Cement # A05-0303.
    view full answer...
  • 3 Inch Waste Valve for Black Water Tanks with a Removable Handle
    We do have a 3 inch diameter black water waste valve with a handle that unscrews but part # T1003VPM doesn't have a removable handle. Instead use part # 34439240 from LaSalle Bristol. Additionally, use part # 34466SP1112 for a 12 inch extension.
    view full answer...
  • How to Figure Out Which Black Tank Valve is Needed
    We can offer steps on how to determine the correct black tank valve, though unfortunately isn't a way for us to know the exact valve that is on your Montana 5th wheel. To determine the right one is pretty easy, as you just need to know if the valve you are replacing slid over your pipe or into your pipe. If both ends of your waste valve slid into your sewer pipe you will need the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve for RV Black Water Tank - 3" Spigot to 3" Spigot # T40A. If both ends of your...
    view full answer...
  • Handle Extensions For RV Holding Tank Waste Valves
    Yes, we carry the Extension Rod Kit for Valterra Waste Valve # T1046-12VP, which comes with two adjustable extension rods to increase the length of your valve handle. We also carry cable-actuated waste valves like the LaSalle Bristol Cable-Actuated RV Waste Valve for Black Water Tank - Spigot to Hub # 34466N4AB36GM, which can make opening your waste valves easy peasy.
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Sewer Hose Carrier To Protect It From Damage
    We do have the Valterra RV Sewer Hose Carrier # A04-3460BK which can adjust from 34" to 60" and will allow you to carry your sewer hose in a protected tube. If you have a longer hose, you can use the Valterra RV Sewer Hose Carrier # A04-5094BK which adjusts from 50" to 94".
    view full answer...
  • Do Hub and Spigot Connections Need to be Cut Off to Swap Out Drain Valve
    It depends on what type of waste valve you currently have. If you have a Valterra Bladex then you can replace the waste valve body with part # T1001VP for a 1-1/2" diameter or part # T1003VPM for a 3" diameter. If you have a different brand or you aren't able to swap out the valve body then you will need to replace it with the hub and spigot ends like part # 34466N11AB36GM or # 34466N4AB36GM respectively.
    view full answer...

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