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Brophy Cable Camper Jacks - 57" Max Lift Height - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2

Brophy Cable Camper Jacks - 57" Max Lift Height - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2

Item # CJ31
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Camper Jacks CJ31 - 57 Inch Lift - Brophy
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Easily load or unload your truck camper with this pair of sturdy cable jacks. Portable design does not require permanent installation. Simply place the lift brackets under your camper and crank to raise. Breaks down into 3 pieces for storage. Call 800-298-8924 to order Brophy camper jacks part number CJ31 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Brophy products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Brophy Cable Camper Jacks - 57" Max Lift Height - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2. Camper Jacks reviews from real customers.
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Brophy Camper Jacks - CJ31

  • Truck Bed Camper Jack
  • Cable Jack
  • Brophy
  • 57 Inch Lift

Easily load or unload your truck camper with this pair of sturdy cable jacks. Portable design does not require permanent installation. Simply place the lift brackets under your camper and crank to raise. Breaks down into 3 pieces for storage.


  • Cable jacks help you load and unload your truck bed camper
    • Also great for mounting and removing your truck topper or camper shell
  • Portable design - no need to permanently install unsightly electric jacks on your camper
    • Each jack disassembles into 3 pieces for easy storage
  • Hand winches let you easily raise and lower the jacks
    • Safety latches keep the cables from free-spooling
    • Plastic handle grips offer comfortable cranking
  • Aircraft-grade cables are strong and reliable
  • Sturdy tripod bases evenly distribute your camper's weight
    • Help to eliminate front-to-back and side-to-side motion
  • Large footplates help to prevent sinking and tilting
  • L-shaped lift brackets support the bottom and the sides of your camper
    • Simply place lift brackets under your camper and crank the winches to raise
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant construction
    • Tripod bases and lift brackets are black powder coated
    • Upright poles are galvanized
  • Made in the USA


  • Quantity: 2 cable jacks
  • Lifting range: 17" - 57"
  • Overall height when assembled: 63"
  • Combined weight capacity: 1,000 lbs
  • Lift bracket dimensions (each): 21-1/2" long x 2" wide x 2" tall
  • Winch gear ratio: 3:1
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Note: Always use these jacks in pairs on level ground. Not approved for commercial or rental use.

Lifting your truck camper on and off of your pickup truck is challenging if you don't have the right equipment. This pair of reliable cable jacks helps you load and unload your camper with ease. No permanent installation is required, so you won't have unsightly and expensive electric jacks hanging off of your camper. And because these jacks break down into 3 portable, easy-to-assemble pieces, you can take them everywhere the road takes you.

Simple Operation

Using these jacks is simple. Place 1 jack on each side of your camper and position the L-shaped lift brackets underneath the body of the camper. Then crank the hand winches to lift or lower each side of the camper evenly until the proper height for loading or unloading is achieved.

It is recommended that 2 people operate the jacks simultaneously to make it easier to raise each side of the camper evenly. However, 1 person can do the job by alternately lifting or lowering each jack in small increments.

CJ31 C. R. Brophy Tripod Winch Jacks for Truck Campers and Camper Shells - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2

Video of Brophy Cable Camper Jacks - 57" Max Lift Height - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Brophy Cable Camper Jacks Review

Randy: Hey guys. Randy here at etrailer.com. Today we're going to take a look at a set of in-bed camper jacks or lifts. We get questions about these all the time. How effective are they How do I use them How I put them together So we're going to go over all that, but something I really like about these is that they are very, very compact and very easy to store when not in use.When you see something like this, you generally think, where am I going to keep them How am I going to keep them stored As you can see, once we break these down, they're really nice, small and compact. So we can very easily tuck these off to the side and really only get them out when we need to use them.As far as assembly goes, it's really going to be pretty easy.

You can see our tripod there, got a shorter leg here. We want that to be out and away from our vehicle. At that point, we're going to grab our main lift tube. You just want to slide that right through and into the base. At that point, we grab a hold of our winch cable.

We're going to back this off till we can place it around our pulley at the top. That's really all there is to it. We've got it assembled. We've got it ready to go.A few tips for using these. We always want to make sure we're on a good level surface, and we want to make sure that it's a solid surface.

I would definitely recommend, if you've got any kind of soft ground at all, that you use some kind of stiffening device underneath it. So, nice 3/4, 5/8 piece of plywood, something like that, just to make sure we don't have one leg sinking down and in.Another common question we get is whether these need to be used in pairs or if you need two pairs or if you need four of them. And they recommend as long as you're staying within your weight capacity. This is part number CJ31, so this is going to have 1,000 pound combined weight rating, 500 pounds a piece. So as long as your camper's under that 1,000 pound mark, one set's all you need.

You're going to bring them in, position them and slide them right under the edge of the camper. Got that release. At that point, we just crank our handle to lift them up.Now, it's important that you find the center point of your camper. If you've got them too far forward, it'll want to tilt back. Too far back, it'll want to tilt forward. So you just lift it a little bit, make sure it's balanced on there properly. But at that point, you just need to lift it up a few inches. Once we've got it lifted up, we know the top bed rails of our truck are going to clear. Just pull on out. At that point, I like two people doing the job. You can have one guy on one side, one guy on the other, and you can lower them down kind of at the same rate. If you don't have a second guy or if you don't have extra set of hands, that's okay. Just want to do it maybe 8" per side. We'll lower this side down about 8", lower that side down about 8". You just get it lower down there to the ground, so it's not so tipsy, it's not so top heavy.Overall I think they're going to do a really good job. They are tried and true. This style of lift has been used for about as long as in-bed campers have been a thing. The construction I like, just at first glance it looks like maybe it's a little flimsy or there's no bolts that hold the pole in, so that can be an area of concern. But no issues with it at all, it works really well. It works very effectively. I've used these several times and never had any issues with them.The crank handle itself. We've got our release gear there and actually click as we're going down, just easy to use. Just like the winch on a boat trailer. inaudible 00:04:00 the winches are rated at 1400 pounds. That doesn't mean all the components are, but it's overbuilt for this application. So it's going to work out really well. Got a black painted finish on everything else here at the top and the bottom with our tripod, and then of course just standard galvanized pipe here.In working with a few customers up north, in-bed truck campers seem to be pretty popular. I think they're popular everywhere, but up north, it makes me think of corrosion. They've got a lot of salt and a lot of stuff like that. Winter seems to last about 12 months, but really no issues with corrosion on them. I think down here, if they're underneath the snow for awhile, at your feet, you might have issues there. But all in all, it's going to be a nice solid way to get that camper lifted and get it lowered back down and really save a lot of the backbreaking work.Now, these can be used in other applications as well, like pickup truck toppers or pickup campers, not in-bed campers, but like camper shells that go over the top. We get questions a lot is do other, you can use these for that and they work out just fine, haven't had any issues there. I don't know of too many other things that you might use them for. We have had questions in the past about kind of some raised platforms and stuff like that. But I think as long as you're staying in that in-bed camper or that truck topper, camper shell kind of area, you're going to be in really good shape and they're going to work out really well for you.Now the area our camper's going to rest on, our landing pad here, this is going to be 21-1/2" long. Comparing it with a lot of the other ones out there, it's right in line. So I don't think you're going to have any issues, give us plenty of room to get that weight balanced out here on top. And once you do find the balance point, if you're doing this just for the first time or it's your first time using a set of these, I always like to indicate on my camper where that's at. You can even mark on the bottom there as long as you can see underneath it and just give yourself an idea. The next time you put these in place, you'll be right there in that safe spot where you've already tested it and you know it's going to work out for you properly.Now with trucks kind of getting higher and higher, the bed rail side seem to be getting higher and higher. You will need to take a measurement on your vehicle and just make sure that you're under, say about 55" is probably the maximum you'll want to be at at the top. This has the lift potential of 57", so gets us up there quite a bit. If that's not tall enough for you, if it's not high enough for you, the option we have for you would be CJ74. That's going to be a 67" lift model, but it's also a 3,000 pound capacity. So you're going to be moving up in capacity as well as up in height, but it should give you that additional room that you need just in case you do have a taller truck. You need to get up there on it, that would be a really good option as well.Guys, I hope that kind of answered some of the common questions we get on these and the best way to use them, how they're going to work and how high they're going to go. Overall, if you've got a truck bed camper and these fit your requirements, I think it's a really good decision.

Customer Reviews

Brophy Cable Camper Jacks - 57" Max Lift Height - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2 - CJ31

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (23 Customer Reviews)

Easily load or unload your truck camper with this pair of sturdy cable jacks. Portable design does not require permanent installation. Simply place the lift brackets under your camper and crank to raise. Breaks down into 3 pieces for storage.

- CJ31

These things do the job, do it well, and don't take up a ton of space when not in use. I love these jacks. 662709

- CJ31

Best price on the internet... that I could find! Great directions, assembly was painless, worked perfectly. My son bought an old 70's metal framed camper shell that was at b*tch for 4 grown men to lift. I figure it weighs 500+ lbs, maybe 600+. These jacks worked absolutely perfectly. Lowered the camper onto saw horses, and I'm sure it will be just as painless to remount that beast. Thanks etrailer! 313139

- CJ31

This was just what I was looking for. The jacks are well made and very sturdy, attention to details and assembly is easy. I have purchased several items from etrailer in the past and am pleased with their service. 613524

- CJ31

I have a small slide-in camper that is about 750lbs for my Nissan Frontier and these jacks work great. I previously had the larger jacks, so moving to the 1000lb ones was a little bit of an adjustment since they have a smaller base and platform to hold the camper, but the ratcheting mechanisms have a safety on them and are very solid. Other retailers sell the poles and jacks separately, and I appreciate that ETrailer bundled them together. Will share a photo when I get the chance. 443760

- CJ31

I bought these jacks to lift and store a pick up cap (some call them toppers) in my yard. Combined with 2 saw horses and a few 2 x 4s these jacks worked great. Since they were used outdoors in a New England winter I covered them with large plastic garbage bags and then 5 gallon buckets over the bags to keep them from blowing away. The jacks fared very well and the only rust that appeared were on the feet where I'd expect it. I would recommend these jacks for those looking to utilize them in similar applications. They are well made and sturdy. 700233

- CJ31

What was really great, was that I had placed my order and etrailer notified me that it had been shipped! I was greatly pleased with how fast they handled my order. Tracking was easy and delivered on schedule. The jacks are first class and do just what I need. Easy to assemble even without looking at the instructions. One minor complaint is the way the crank handle is shipped. The plastic sleeve on the handle part gets sliced so that when you grab hold of it, you notice a definite sharp edge. Some sanding took care of that issue. Overall, I give etrailer a thumbs up. I know where to go for future purchases. Great value prices and fast shipping. Thanks to all involved! 271372

- CJ31

Jacks are well built , worked great ! Great company to deal with ! 726302

- CJ31

Very accommodating to their customers. 697068

- CJ31

Ordering was easy, delivery was prompt. I would do more business with this company. The are very professional in every way. The Jacks do everything I want them to do. 615235

- CJ31

fine jack - smooth operation, balances toppers readily (may seem tipsy, but they remain well supported). One recommendation - suggest developing a right and left oriented jack, specifically have round cable pulley wheel on different sides. Currently the pulley wheel gets very close/can rub side truck side beds on one side. 607780

- CJ31

Good product, handled my 900+lb slide in with ease... Reasonable price.. Packaging could be better... 578928

- CJ31

nice jacks thanks good price ,eases to put together 566113

- CJ31

Good product but really need four corner support! 504166

- CJ31

You people were fast. Received product within a few days. Will have to say..the box is not good for shipping..held together on two sides..but product too large to fall out. I am very pleased with your service and price. 501455

- CJ31

My son now attends college so I needed something to help me remove the camper shell before loading up the cab over camper. These stands make it possible for me to take off my off the camper without any help and eliminates the need for me to roam the neighborhood looking for help. 469949

- CJ31

Fast shipping 461982

- CJ31

Bought the jacks to use for installation and removal of my Leer truck topper. It did a good job! Item was shipped quickly. Excellent service. 430514

I have had this product a year now and it is still working great.
CJones - 09/11/2018


- CJ31

Looks great for the price 360073

- CJ31

good design and good workmanship. very dependable 359733

- CJ31

Yes, it works nicely, thank you for checking in. 351654

- CJ31

happy 317806

- CJ31

The jacks are great, just like the ones I had years ago. My problem is they work great for a "camper" not so good for a "camper shell". They need to be four inches taller. 315189

- CJ31

Good product at a good price. I've used the Brophys many times now and they have always performed as expected. 271938

The jacks still work great after a year of use. Im very satisfied. Great job at etrailer on the follow up.
David B - 07/15/2017


Ask the Experts about this Brophy Camper Jacks

  • Replacement Parts for the Brophy Cable Camper Jacks Part # CJ31
    The replacement upright pole for the Brophy Cable Camper Jacks part # CJ31 is the Replacement Upright Pole for Brophy Cable Camper Jack part # 1001. The replacement winch is the Replacement Winch for Brophy Cable Camper Jacks part # W14Z. The winch does not come with the cable and for that you will want to use part # 1002.
    view full answer...
  • Can the Brophy Cable Camper Jacks Lift a Camper Shell
    As long as the bed rails on your truck are not more than 57" from the ground then you could certainly use the Brophy Cable Camper Jacks part # CJ31 to lift the camper shell up from your truck bed. Once lifted, you could just simply drive away and the camper shell will be left standing. This is certainly not the intended purpose of these cable jacks but if it were my camper, I would want two jacks on each side for support.
    view full answer...
  • 57 or 67 Inch Tall Brophey Camper Jack Recommendation
    If it were me I would go with the taller 67 inch Brophy jacks part # CJ74. Having more height than needed would be better than not having quite enough. Plus your truck does sit taller than most similar sized trucks so the extra height would be beneficial.
    view full answer...
  • How to Order a Quantity of 4 Camper Jacks
    The best priced pair of camper jacks we offer is the part # CJ31. If you needed a total of 4 of these jacks you'd need to order a quantity of 2 of these.
    view full answer...
  • Can the Tripod Foot of the Brophy Camper Jack CJ31 be Positioned Out of the Way
    The Brophy Cable Camper Jacks # CJ31 has tripod feet with the longer two legs sitting at almost a 90 degree angle in proportion to the smaller leg. Since they don't sit at a perfect 90 degree angle they will be slightly under the L-brackets that you will be lifting with. This should not be an issue though as the the lowest height the brackets can get to is 17 inches.
    view full answer...
  • Can Brophy Cable Camper Jacks # CJ31 Be Used to Stabilize Truck Camper
    The Brophy Cable Camper Jacks # CJ31 referenced in your question are designed to allow for easy loading and unloading of your truck camper but could be used as stabilizing jacks along with the 3 existing jacks on your camper to help support and hold the unit in place while it's off the truck. If you plan on using the camper when it's off the truck you will still want to use some kind of floor support as well. These two cable jacks feature a combined weight capacity of 1,000 pounds and...
    view full answer...
  • Weight Capacity of Brophy Cable Camper Jacks # CJ31
    The combined weight capacity of the Brophy Cable Camper Jacks # CJ31 is 1,000 lbs. I have linked the above mentioned product to this page for your purchasing convenience.
    view full answer...
  • Availability of Replacement Tripod Base for Brophy Cable Camper Jacks CJ31
    For just the tripod base of the part # CJ31 you would want the part # 1003.
    view full answer...
  • Replacement for Older Happijac Truck Bed Camper Jack
    Thanks for the photo and that model of Happijac is nearing a quarter-century old as of this writing and there are no longer replacement parts available for it. The best option we can offer are new camper jacks, the Brophy Cable Camper Jacks and you will select the right one based on the weight capacity and maximum lift height you need. - 1,000 lbs: Brophy Cable Camper Jacks - 57" Max Lift Height # CJ31 - 1,500 lbs: Brophy Cable Camper Jack - 67" Max Lift Height # CJ74H - 3,000 lbs:...
    view full answer...
  • Will Cable Camper Jacks Flip Truck Camper When Being Used
    There is no danger of the Brophy Cable Camper Jacks # CJ31 flipping the camper over when you are using them; you just need to ensure they are properly used and aren't overloaded past their 1,000 lb (combined) capacity. These jacks have a tripod base which means the weight is evenly distributed so there isn't going to be any movement, and the winches that raise and lower the jacks have safety latches to ensure you can maintain control at all times.
    view full answer...
  • Jack Needed to Support Slide Out on 2018 Passport 2810BH with No Rails Under Slide Out
    Since you don't have the rails under your slide out the typical slide out supports like part # UF19-960003 wont' work but we do have another possible solution for you. Brophy has some camper jacks that are meant to be used for supporting a truck bed camper but when I spoke with my contact at Brophy she said you could use them for your slide out too. These come in varying weight capacities and max heights so you would just need to choose one that fits your application. Please note...
    view full answer...
  • Solution for Truck Bed Camper Jacks with Bad Gears
    We have excellent options for replacing your truck bed camper jacks but we do not have a way to get the gears you'd need for the jacks that you currently have. Based on that you'd want the Brophy Cable Camper Jacks # CJ31 which has a 1,000 lb capacity.
    view full answer...
  • Dimensions Of Replacement Handle for Brophy Cable Camper Jack
    The Replacement Handle for Brophy Cable Camper Jack part # 1007 is 1/2" long by 3/8" wide. The overall length of the handle is 9-1/4" long and the straight portion of the handle is 6-3/4". It is designed to replace the Brophy cable camper jacks part # CJ31 part # CJ41 and part # CJ74. However, I have attached a diagram for you to compare this handle to your handle. This is the only camper jack handle that we carry that is this design.
    view full answer...
  • Can Valterra Folding Manual Stabilizer # 020106 be Used to Stabilize a Truck Camper
    While the Valterra Folding Manual Stabilizer for Trailers and RVs # 020106 was designed for stabilizing RVs and trailers there is nothing preventing you from using it to support a slide-in truck camper. You would need at least 2 of them. Each is rated for a total of 1,000 pounds so make sure that your camper is under the capacity total. We do also have a selection of camper jacks, see link, if you are interested. We have a lower end 1,000 pound capacity, # CJ31, up to a beefy 4,000 pound...
    view full answer...
  • Can 2 A-Frame Trailer Jacks TJDA-5000S be Connected Together
    The handle on Square A-Frame Jack w/ Footplate - Drop Leg - Sidewind - 15-1/4" Travel - 5,000 lbs Item # TJDA-5000S is held to a gear with a roll pin and into the jack with e-clips. It would require modification and fabrication to link two of them together. Further modification/fabrication would be required to operate the jack with a power drill. Landing gear is usually at least partially protected from the elements because they sit under a 5th wheel trailer overhang or in compartments...
    view full answer...

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