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Malone LockUp Cable Lock - 10' Long

Malone LockUp Cable Lock - 10' Long

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Heavy-duty cable lock lets you easily secure your gear to your bike rack, roof rack, and more. 10' Long durable steel cable has a protective vinyl coating that won't scratch your valuables. 1-800-940-8924 to order Malone cable locks part number MPG357 or order online at Free expert support on all Malone products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Malone LockUp Cable Lock - 10' Long. Cable Locks reviews from real customers.
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Malone Cable Locks

  • 10 Feet Long
  • Utility Lock
  • Malone
  • Keyed Unique
  • Steel

Heavy-duty cable lock lets you easily secure your gear to your bike rack, roof rack, and more. 10' Long durable steel cable has a protective vinyl coating that won't scratch your valuables.


  • Cable lock secures your gear to your bike rack, roof rack, cargo carrier, and more
    • Deters would-be thieves from stealing your equipment
  • Heavy-duty steel cable is strong and difficult to cut
  • Vinyl coating keeps the steel cable from scratching your gear and protects against corrosion
  • Pick-proof screw-and-lock mechanism provides security
  • Textured lock core makes it easy to grip lock
  • 2 Keys included


  • Cable length: 10'
  • Cable diameter: 10 mm
  • 1-Year limited warranty

MPG357 Malone LockUp Cable Lock - 10' Long

Item # MPG357

California residents: click here

Video of Malone LockUp Cable Lock - 10' Long

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Video Transcript for Malone LockUp Cable Lock Review

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at and today we are looking at a Malone lockup cable lock, which comes in eight feet and 10 feet here at This is a great option if you want to help keep your bike secure and attached to your bike rack or to your bike stand just something a little extra to deter theft. Let's take a look at how it feels. I do like how I can manipulate it around so I can loop it around my bikes as they are on my bike racks and my bike stance. Taking a look at the cable itself and it is covered or coated with this vinyl coating which makes it a bit more corrosion resistant.

It comes with two keys and the way this works is that you have to loop it around your bikes and then come back to the lock. Some have looped in cables where you can just wrap it on one end and lock it on the other side to maximize your space, but here you'll have to use it wisely to get the most out of your bike rack or bike stand cable lock. You have the lock in portion on one end. Now this can be locked without the keys. Just keep that in mind so that you don't accidentally lock yourself out and just twist the keys so that you can pull your flock out.

On our bike rack, we have two bikes mounted and I'm using this with the eight foot long cable lock which I think is the perfect length for this kind of setup. Now, if you want to fully maximize your bike rack and have four bikes on there, I highly recommend upgrading to the 10 foot version. You can also use this with your bike stance and what I like about this style of a cable lock is that you can really secure your whole bike if you want to, because some cable locks just wrap around your front wheel and protect that while with this, you can really wrap it around everything you want to look secure. So I bring it through the frame and all the way through the back wheel, just to make sure as much of my bike is covered by this cable lock and then I just secure it at the end. This cable lock is designed to be anti saw, anti drill, anti pick but note that won't be completely indestructible.

It's designed just to prevent opportunistic stuff so if they see that this bike is locked down, it'll prevent them from just grabbing your bike if it's not locked down and leaving. When using this with your bikes on your bike rack, usually your bike rack will have some sort of attachment point. For here, I like to use the one on the Thule hitching post here at the bottom. I just loop it through that loop there at the bottom and then I wrap it around my bikes. So I like to protect my wheels and rims, let's go around that then around the frame and then bring it together at the end right over here.

Snap that into place and you are secured. I had a conversation with my coworkers where we discuss these cable locks and talked about comparing them with other cable locks. If you have some questions, hopefully this will answer that. Speaker So this meeting is going to give us an opportunity to take a look at the Malone lockup cable in the 10 foot and I think eight foot. Evangeline, if you want to talk to us a little bit about those two cables and I know you've said previously that there's a couple other cables that you have down there. If you want to do like a comparison and let us know what you think, we'd appreciate it. All right, that sounds great. What I have right here attached to our bike rack and bikes is the eight foot version. What I'm holding is the Malone lockup 10 foot version and a simple run through would just be that they're your cable, they have your stranded feel inside with a vinyl coating and they lock up at the end. There's not that much difference with other cable locks. It's just which design works the best for you and what you're using it for. Speaker Now with the Malone locks, these cable locks how do you think they stack up against some of the other potential locks in the categorySo in terms of actually locking, I mean they work really well. Like they're fast and easy to use, which I like. They can also lock without the keys in them which some people like, because it's faster that way. I don't prefer that option because I tend to lose my keys. So if I lock it without the keys in and I realize I don't have my keys, I can lock myself out. So that's one feature, but others like that, so it's really up to them what they like. I like how it's in the eight and the 10 foot version cause then I have my options. I like the 10 foot version though more because you can always just wrap it around a little extra with the extra length if you find you have too much. Yeah but that's, that's what I noticed with the locks. I think others have key to like locks which might be bonuses for them. If you have the cable lock or if you have the. Another brand of lock, which matches your bike rack, you can get matching lock code but for this, you have to have this key for this lock. Speaker All right. Now, as far as pliability and flexibility in the code itself, it looks like it's pretty flexible you shouldn't have any issues trying to wrap it around multiple bikes. Yeah. As you can see we have it here, wrapped around the wheels then we went up through the frame, wrapped around the frame and then through the bike racks attachment point at the bottom. It's sturdy, but it's not too bulky or difficult to deal with if that makes sense. Speaker So malleable for what you need--Malleable is the word. Speaker Now I know that, you know you guys are using this with a bike rack right now and wrapping it around the bikes, could you also see customers potentially using a cable like this, like they have a roof rack with cargo on top if they want to use it to secure that or possibly kayaks or canoes in the bed of the truck where they want to secure them with the hooks and sometimes the newer vehicles, the newer trucks have built in hooks. Could you potentially see somebody using these cables for that as wellSpeaker 2 As long as there's a tie down point, yeah. Yeah that's a very interesting question. For those, my experience with that is those tie-down points work obviously the best with like your straps, your ratcheting straps and this would just be something extra you have to loop through. But you can use it for that, yeah. I still prefer the locking kayak carriers though or a locking reef backs. Speaker 2 But this definitely could work, especially if you don't. If you're going through an area you don't really know that well and you feel a little bit worrisome, you could definitely just throw this around that and get it taken care of. We actually, in the video, we have this right here in case you guys, just to show that like say you're going on a ride and you wanted to stop for a picnic or something like that, you can easily just secure it too if they've got a standing bike rack or anything like that. Speaker 3 If you're going to use it like that, how small down does this compact to store wide while you're riding your bike, if you're carrying it with you. That's a good question. So it does come with a hook and loop strap which is nice because then when you have it rolled up that will help a little bit but I guess this was when your longer cable will work against you, because then you have a little bit more to--Speaker 2 You could definitely fit in a backpack. We had it originally like how it came and it's definitely something that could easily fit in like a smaller backpack. So I don't see a problem with that just as long as you have something to hold it. Yeah I would say this is the smallest loop you can get out of this for storage purposes. Maybe you can wrap it around in your backpack in your packs. That's a good question yeah. It's still portable though. Speaker 3 Yeah, definitely portable I was just curious, because I remember when I was a kid wrapping my bike lock around the stem of my bike seat while I wasn't using that so originally right underneath my seats. Speaker 2 You can definitely like--Speaker 3 You have to wrap it around you can't just--Find a spot for it. Speaker It almost looks like with the design of it, it would be nice if they had a second hook and loop fastener so you can do one on each side of the cable so it holds it tight. Yeah, that would be nice. Speaker 3 Or I know I've seen some cable locks that like at the lock base itself has like a plastic piece that actually like snaps the cable back into itself. I know we carry those, I never seen none. Speaker Do you think somebody would. Like do they has this cable lock that they take with them if they buy quite a bit and they can leave it in their car. Do you think somebody's putting it under their seat or would you think they're putting it in a glove box Where would you suggest they put it, whenever they're storing in the vehicleSpeaker 2 I'd say under the seat, for sure. You could probably fit in a glove box but I know I'm one of those people that has a ton of stuff already in the glove box. So if they have like. Definitely, if this and maybe a couple of other things in the glove box you could fit it. But I would say just right under the seat or in the back, there's a lot of choices to be honest. Speaker Got yah. How do you think this compares to the other ones you guys have been looking at the past couple of days when you said you looked at each other one, like the Fulton one is down there as well. We have some other cable locks stem here. This one's the Fulton one and the Fulton one is longer, it's 15 foot long. It also has this looped end, which I honestly prefer 'cause then I get to maximize my length when it comes to cable locks. 'Cause I can then just do this, grab it through here and then bring my lock end through the loop and from that point I can then use my entire cable lock and then just lock it at the other end. As compared to the Malone, which is a closed loop. So then I just have to kind of be strategic about how I use it 'cause I still need to come back to the other end to lock it. Speaker We also do have the Etrailer one. Yes the Etrailer one is similar. It's also a closed loop cable lock. Had this lock cable last year and that works very similarly where you have to strap it around and then you put it back into the end and then you have a lock core that locks it into place. Speaker 2 This one is definitely more simplistic. I personally like the Malone better just because aesthetically, it looks a lot better and it gives me a better sense of safety compared to the Etrailer one--Heftier too. Speaker 2 But this other one definitely works very well. This one's lighter. Speaker 2 Yeah t's definitely a lighter one. Speaker 3 The Malone one reminds me more of the, like I said the bike locks of my youth. So it's what I'm familiar with. Yeah. Speaker It could be my eyesight but I can't really tell. It looks like the Malone cable lock actually looks like it's a little bit thicker as compared to the other two. Speaker 2 It is thicker. It definitely is. It's thicker, it's heavier, it's heftier. So because cable locks are more of that deterrent like just the main, it's main job is to look very secure so you don't have like opportunistic thieves coming by and grabbing your bike 'cause they see this and like, "Oh it's secured." So this one looks super heavy duty. That's what I think about it. Speaker All right. Yeah it looks like it has a pretty thick coating on the actual cable itself too looking at it. It's very opaque. Speaker I think they're very heavy duty. I'm impressed with them I think if I was to use a bike often or kayak or canoe and I wanted to secure it to the bed of my truck and leave the bed of my truck, I wouldn't have to worry as much if I was using one of these. Wilson do you have any other questions for himSpeaker 3 I don't know. You answered the ones I had. I have a question for you guys though. Should you say this looks like the bike cable lock of your youth, would you prefer a heftier cable out for you or a lighter one that can also lock andSpeaker 3 For what I would be using it for, I would want a heftier one because like you said, it's about a tonne but it looks more, deteriorated. Like would deter someone more than something that looks a little like, "Oh I think I could probably get through that with a little bit of time and a good pair of pliers." I live in the city though so it's more likely that, I see on Facebook all the time people's bikes being stolen and all that stuff. I know people who quite use it like they've locked their bike up with actual chain links and giant padlocks. That's what I would go with personally. Okay, thanks. Speaker I would agree with that as well. I think, as far as the eye test you're going to see a thicker cable around your bike. When I think of something that looks thicker, I'm going to assume that it's heavier duty right off the bat from looking at it and like Wilson said, it will be a deterrent to somebody that decides they would like to, take your bike when it's not theirs and I think there's a lot of customers that bike off the beaten path and they want to stop sometimes and maybe trail walk a little bit, they can take this with them and potentially put it around a tree and then lock their bike in place and they don't have to worry about it off the trail as well. Speaker 3 Appearances matter when you're coming to something that's really meant for deterrent more than actual stopping. It's what do people say when they see itYeah that's great, thank you. Speaker 3 Absolutely. Speaker We definitely appreciate you guys taking the time to talk to us about this and kind of compare them to the other cable locks that we offer. If you guys need anything going forward, feel free to reach out and let me know. I definitely will, thank you. Speaker 3 All right thanks guys. Speaker Have a good day. Bye. My final thoughts about the Malone lockup cable locks, is I really like how they feel and how they look since their main purpose is to deter theft. One look at this, one feel of this and you can tell it would be a huge, huge huge hassle to try to break through this. So I really like how it all works together. Now it is a very universal style of a cable lock which means you can use it in different applications. So it's nice that you have the eight foot or the 10 foot something to choose between for what will best suit your purposes. And that was a look at our Malone lockup cable locks here at

Customer Reviews

Malone LockUp Cable Lock - 10' Long - MPG357

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty cable lock lets you easily secure your gear to your bike rack, roof rack, and more. 10' Long durable steel cable has a protective vinyl coating that won't scratch your valuables.


Long enough to rope through 4 bikes, easy to lock and unlock. Couldn't ask for anything more out of a cable lock!


Just what I needed



works fine for my 4 bike trailer rack


This cable is very well made. The lock operates very smoothly and the key is easy to insert. The cable is flexible and is plenty long for most situations involving locking a kayak. The plastic coating is very smooth making it easy to pull through holes and eyes for locking. While being flexible, it still seems to be a tough cable and should be hard to cut.


I'm very conscious of buying products that target harden the kayaks and bikes that I frequently carry on my Tacoma, especially travelling and stopping at places that I cannot keep an eye on the gear. The beauty of this device is that you can thread it through the [kayak] scupper holes and secure to the vehicle. Also, it's a quick connect versus other cables where you have to use a key to open the latch in order to connect.


Works great for locking up our Kayaks.


what we needed...


Love it - thank you!






Cable and lock work great! Etrailer order processing and customer service is fantastic!


Seems like a well made locking cable. 8 feet is just the right length needed to secure my bike to the bike rack and hitch. The reason for only 4 stars is that the model sent to me is different than the cable pictured and reviewed on the website. It is however consistent with item MPG356 on the Malone website. Mine lacks the loop on the end. Not a big deal and it actually will work better for my application, but needs to update the product info on the website.


I bought this to secure my canoe to my trailer , it is well made and beefy , i think it will be difficult for a bolt cutter to cut this with out effort Ron


This rack holds the bikes very secure. I put 2 adult and 1 child's bike on it and could have put a 3rd adult bike no problem. I am happy with this product.


Easy to put on and take off. A durable and sturdy product that is certain to function as a deterrent, and weather the elements. I am so glad I purchased it.



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