1. Air Suspension Compressor Kit
  2. Firestone
  3. Single Path
  4. Wired Control
  5. 145 psi
  6. Analog Display
Firestone Air Command I - Analog Gauge w/ Heavy-Duty Compressor - Single Path - 150 psi

Firestone Air Command I - Analog Gauge w/ Heavy-Duty Compressor - Single Path - 150 psi

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Air Suspension Compressor Kit
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F2097 - Single Path Firestone Air Suspension Compressor Kit
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Monitor and inflate your vehicle's air springs from your cab with this compressor system. The single-path system maintains equal pressure in 2 springs for front-to-back leveling. Kit includes analog gauge and heavy-duty 150-psi compressor. Call 800-298-8924 to order Firestone air suspension compressor kit part number F2097 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Firestone products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Firestone Air Command I - Analog Gauge w/ Heavy-Duty Compressor - Single Path - 150 psi. Air Suspension Compressor Kit reviews from real customers.
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Firestone Air Suspension Compressor Kit - F2097

  • Firestone
  • Single Path
  • Wired Control
  • 145 psi
  • Analog Display

Monitor and inflate your vehicle's air springs from your cab with this compressor system. The single-path system maintains equal pressure in 2 springs for front-to-back leveling. Kit includes analog gauge and heavy-duty 150-psi compressor.


  • Compressor system lets you monitor and adjust 1 pair of air springs
  • Single-path setup allows for front-to-back leveling
    • Maintains equal air pressure in both springs
  • Analog control panel with white face mounts in your vehicle's cab
    • Push switch up to inflate air springs
    • Push switch down to deflate air springs
  • Heavy-duty air compressor
    • Works great on tow trucks, off-road applications, or motor homes
    • Accommodates varying load capacities and road and parking conditions
  • Designed for use with Firestone air springs
  • Air line, fittings, wiring harness, and hardware included for installation
    • No-drill mount kit sold separately
  • Made in the USA


  • Max air pressure: 150 psi
  • Compressor amperage: 18 amps
  • Duty cycle: 30 percent
  • Flow rate (based on 1/2-gallon tank):
    • 0 - 30 psi: 10 seconds
    • 0 - 60 psi: 24 seconds
  • CFM at 100 psi: 0.74
  • 2-Year limited warranty

WR17602097 Firestone Air Command 1 - Analog Gauge and Heavy-Duty Air Compressor - Single Function - 150 psi

F2097 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details F2097 Installation instructions

Video of Firestone Air Command I - Analog Gauge w/ Heavy-Duty Compressor - Single Path - 150 psi

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Firestone Level Command Compressor Installation - 2005 Ford F-350

Today on our 2005 Ford F350 we'll be installing the Firestone Level Command single gauge heavy duty compressor in conjunction with the FirestoneRide Right air-helper springs forthe rear axle. For our compressor part number F2097 and our air helper-springs will be part number F2400. The first step of our process will be to install the airbags. To install the airbags we'll first need to remove the bolt securing the gooseneck for this application. By removing the nut, pulling the bolt back, we can now gain access to the top of the jounce bumper hold-downnut.We'll be removing the manufacturer jounce bumpers because the airbag will sit in this position. Now, with the jounce bumper out of the way, we're ready to go ahead and install the upper bracket. This will also come with a spacer block and get secured with the taper bolt and lock nut. Let's go ahead and put our bracket in place.

We'll put the bolt through the bracket, through the spacer, we'llgo up through the hitch which is the predrilledhole that we justremoved the jounce bumper from and theninstall our nut. Next, we can go ahead and push the bolt back through that we removed the 3/4 inchnut from earlier then reinstall the flat washer, split lock washer, and nut. Now, we'll go ahead and tighten them down starting with our smaller taper bolt first going upthrough the frame. Then we can secure the 3/4 inch nut and torque to specifications. Now, with our upper bracket installed, we'llmove to the lower bracket. Our lower bracket will get a brace installed. We'll use the supplied hardware to secure it. Now we've got that tightened down we'reready to go aheadandinstall the airbag onto the lower bracket using the bolt with the preapplied sealer and installing it through the bracket into the prethreadedhole in the bottom of the airbag.

Now we will install this and secure it but it will not be tightened down completely as we'll still need to be able to move the bagaround. Now, with that done, we're ready to go ahead and put the lower bracket and airbag into position. Now, as we put our bracket up against the leaf spring pack with the lower brace going around the manufacturer's lowerbump stop and holding the lower bracket level we can see the space between the lower bracket and the axle. In these applications we'll need to install aspacerprovided withour install kit. We'll beusing the same hardware thatwe used to put the brace onto the lower bracket.Now with our hardware installed we'll go ahead and tighten it down. Next, we'll need to install the bail clamp. The bail clamp will go around the leaf spring pack into the bottom holes of the lower bracket.

This will also get secured with the lock nuts provided with our install kit. Now, with the lower bracket secured into position, we'll need to install the fasteners and heat shield here on the passenger side to secure the upper portion of our airbag to the upper bracket. We'll first go ahead and slide the heat shield inposition and take special note to the nipple on the opposite side of the threaded portion of the upper airbag. This nipple will need to line up with one of the predrilled holes in the upper bracket once it's secured. Then to secure it to the upper bracket we'll install the serrated washer and 3/4 inch nut. Now we'll go ahead and tighten them down holding ourheat shield in position and making sure our airbag nipple lines up with the upperbracket. Next, we'll go back and secure the lower boltsecuringthe lower portion of our bag to the bottombracket.

Now this will complete the install of ourairbag here on the passenger side. Next we'll go ahead and repeat the sameprocess on the driver's side minus the heat shield. Now, with our airbags completely secured, we'll go ahead and install the air line nipple into the top of the bag. This will thread directly through the upper nipple and has a preappliedsealant. We'll want to make sure wethread it in and secure it enough that the sealant will almost be completely covered. Now, our next step will be installing ourair compressor. Now,for this application, we'll be mounting our compressor on the outside of the frame rail here on the driver's side. To mount the compressor we'll need to drill four holes in the frame. However, we'reable to reuse one of manufacturer holes so we're just going to drill three additional holes. We'll hold the compressor up in position then we'll use a punch to mark out the hole locations. Then we'll go ahead and predrillit out asper the instructions so thatwe can install our hardware. We'll be using the hardware provided with our install kit: the round headed screw, a washer on the screw side through the compressor, through the frame rail and thenan additional flat washer on the inside of the frame rail and secure with the nylon lock nut. Note: before drilling your holes make sure you won't hit the fuel lines on the inside of the frame rail. In the case where we're reusing thepredrilledhole by the manufacturer, we're also going to use a flat washer between the compressor and theframe rail to take up any excess of the larger hole. Alright, we'll go ahead and tighten it down. Next, we'll need to ground the compressor which is the black wire with the preattachedring terminal. At the same time we're going to go ahead and mount our relay harness. We'll route the ground wire through the predrilled hole in the frame to the inside and then use a self-tapping screw to attach both the ground wire and ourrelay harness to the frame. Next, we'll take our power wire and run it through the same hole as our ground wire and attach it the orange wire coming from our relay harness. This will send power to our compressor. Next we'll take the red wire from our relay harness and run it along the inside of the frame rail following the manufacturer's wiring and up to the battery. We'll not attach it at this time. Next, we'll move to the white wire from our relay harness. Following the red wire however, instead of going to the engine compartment, we'll be going inside the cabin of the vehicle. Near the driver's gas pedal there is a grommet that is easy for us to use. So we'll simply take ourutility knife,cut a hole in the grommet, then slide the white wire up into the cabin. This will route to our gauges. Next, let's go ahead and show you where we're going to mount the gauges. We will not be mounting them at this time. However, we do need to have a good idea on location so weknow how much wire and air line we'll need in thecabin. Here, underneath the dash, near the four-wheel drive shifter will be a great location for the driver to be able to access the compressor switch. Next, we'll go ahead and start routing our air lines. Starting with the airbags: on the passenger side we'll route it over to the driver's side. There we can run a line out of the driver's side airbag to a tee and then from the tee up to the cabin of the vehicle. Note: when installing your airlines into the airbags make sure you put on the protective sheathing provided with the install kit to protect the line as it comes out of the airbag and over the bracket. We'll use the red zip ties provide with our install kit to secure the line. Now that we've got our main line run along the inside of the frame rail up into the cabin we'll go ahead and leave it there until we attach it to our gauges. Now we've got one additional line. There will be a line coming from the compressor to the switch. It will come from compressor to the inside of the vehicle. Once again, we'll just run the line and we'll not make any attachments at this time. Next, we'll move in to the interior and start connecting our gauge wiring. Note: one of our white wires has a preattached spade connector will connect to the white wire we just ran inside from the relay harness. The other white wire will be our ground. Here, we'll cut off the spade connector and attach the ring terminal provide with our install kit. Then we can go ahead and take one of the black wires from the light on the gaugeconnect it with the white groundwire using aquick spliceconnector. Now we'llgo ahead and usea self-tapping screw to ground the white wire. Next, we'll gain access to power for our gauge light. We'll remove the kick panel hereon the driver's side which will expose the cover of our fuse panel. Go ahead and remove the cover. We can removeone of the fuses. In this case forthe instrument gagecluster that's powered by the ignition only. Install it into our fuse tap.Here we can install a fuse into the fuse tap now for the gaugelight. And install the fuse tap back into that fuse port. Now we'll be able to go ahead and take an extra length of wire, using a butt connector, and attach it to the power lead coming from the light. We'll route it underneath the carpeting and overup to the fuse then install it onto the butt connector of the fuse tap. Now, we'll go ahead and reinstall the fuse box cover and kick panel. Now we can go ahead and using some black electrical tape, we'll wrap up our wires here behind thegaugeunit. Next, to install our lines onto our gauge unit, we'll first need to soak them in some hot water to make it easier to go over the barb fittings on the back of the gauge. Note: before I cut off the taped end which was also serving as a marker to know which one came from the air bags versus the compressor, I'lluse a paint stick to mark the line. Now, we can remove the tape and soak both lines into the hot water for five minutes. Now we can go ahead and remove them from the hot water. I'll clean off any excess of the water,push them onto the barb fittings of the gaugeand switch. Now with that done we can go ahead and install the gauge unit. Usinga couple of self-tapping screws we'll secure it here underneath the dash. Next, to secure my air lines, we'll be using a clamp, loom clamp part number A0500, and a self- tapping screw. This will help ensure thatour hoses stay down and away from the gas pedal. We can also use a zip tie to secure our air lines and wires together.Now with our gauge installed we're completed with our install here in the cab of the vehicle. Next we'll move underneath the hood. We'll take the red power wire that we ran earlier, strip back the end, and add a battery ring terminal. Then we can go ahead and remove the positive battery post nut, add our ring terminal and re-secure it. Then, using some zip ties, we'll go ahead andsecure our wiring and cut off the excess from our zip ties. Now that our power is hooked up andour gaugeunit andwires are run in the cab of the vehicle, we'll get backunderneath the vehicle, pull any excess wire or air line back underneath the vehicle, we'll wrap up or wires and begin securing as we ran along the frame. Now, once we get back to the airbags and ourtee connector, we'll go ahead and use our tubing cutter to cut off any excess line and connect our long line into our tee connector. Now we'll move back up to the compressor where we can add the nipple fitting. This will be a fitting with a sealant preinstalledonto the threads of it. We'll go ahead and thread it into our check valve inlet. Now that we have the nipple installed in the compressor, we can go ahead and cut off any excess from the line and install it into the nipple fitting. Next, we'll need to install the fittings for our air filter and inlet for the compressor. First, we'll install the fitting into the inlet of the compressor by removing the red plug and securing the fitting to the compressor. Our second fitting will go into the back of ourair filter. Then we can take our line and map out the routing for our air filter to go up the frame through the access hole inside the frame. Then I'llgo ahead and cut off any excess from the air line and once again soak my air line to make it easier to installonto the barb fittings. Now that we've soaked the linefor five minutes we'll go ahead and install itonto the compressor first and then our air filter. Then we can go ahead and use the fitting on the air filter, put it directly into the hole predrilledinto the frame by the manufacturer. Now with everything installed, to clean up our install look, we'll go back and cut off any excess from our zip ties. And with that done we can now go ahead show you how to use your new air bag set up with compressor. In the cab of the vehicle, pushing up on our switch will raisethe pressure in ourbags. Then, once we're finished,we can go aheadpush down on the switch releasing the air, allowing the pressure out of the bag. And there you have it for our install of the Firestone Level Command single gaugeheavy duty compressor part number F2097 in conjunction with the Firestone Ride Right air-helper springs for the rear axle part number F2400 on our 2005 Ford F350 Super Duty.

Customer Reviews

Firestone Air Command I - Analog Gauge w/ Heavy-Duty Compressor - Single Path - 150 psi - F2097

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (10 Customer Reviews)

Monitor and inflate your vehicle's air springs from your cab with this compressor system. The single-path system maintains equal pressure in 2 springs for front-to-back leveling. Kit includes analog gauge and heavy-duty 150-psi compressor.

- F2097


- F2097

When I purchased my items from etrailer.com, one of the items was on a backorder from the manufacturer, etrailer.com contacted me immediately to inform me of the issue, they kept in constant contact with me and the manufacturer until my order reached my door. When I recieved my parts they were just what I had ordered and in perfect conditon. "You just cannot find customer service like that anymore, and that is what will bring me back to etrailer again!" Thank you. 455283

- F2097

Excellent system. Easy installation and works as designed. So glad I purchased this system. I installed an on board air pump and gauge and I am able to easily adjust the amount of air pressure in the air bags. Levels out my truck perfectly when towing my 40’ did the wheel. 467820

- F2097

Howdy Steve, yip it's workin on a year from when I came to your shops and got several products from etrailer. Everything, the Firestone air bags, HD air compressor system, Reese fifth wheel deck and Rock Tamer flaps. Your shop installed all this for me, a very clean good job, thanks. Thanks a lot for being great to work with. Thanks etrailer!! Bean from Alaska. 343586

- F2097

I added this a year after I added the Ride Rites. It's an easy install and works great. Much better than using an external compressor and air chuck. 306203

- F2097

All I can say is GREAT price, shipping, the video to install on you tube. Works great on my 35' Montana 5th wheel and 30' flat deck. just watched the 2016 f350 dually video three times then watched and stopped it to do the total install, bags and hvy duty single pump. If there are any question if you can complete at home I say yes you can! If you have the few tools that you need. only thing you need to watch out for is the 2 scenes that show the install of two T fittings (only need one) don't make the cut where it show to on the one by the fuel lines you don't need this one use the T fitting cut by axle (driver side air bag) 258076

- F2097

High quality product that works as adve rtised. 253074

- F2097

Excellent product, great customer service. .the install videos etrailer provide are awesome and very informative. ...definitely sets this company apart from others. Perfect condition. .no missing parts and clear directions...I am a mechanic by trade and it took my 11 year old and me about 3 hours for a clean install thanks etrailer ! 201578

- F2097

Great product 175072

- F2097

Product delivered faster than promised. Order prepped for shipping same day. Good follow up support. 147326


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  • Air Bag Helper Springs for a 2018 Ford F-350 Dually Diesel 4x4
    I do have a solution for you but Air Lift does not have an air spring kit that fits the dually models of the 2018 Ford F-350. Instead you can use Firestone kit # F2600. I have linked a video that shows an example installation for you. I also recommend compressor kit # F2097. This will allow you to adjust the air springs from the comfort of the truck cab without having to relay on an external air compressor. I have included a link to a video on the compressor kit as well.
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  • Can I Use Airbags on my 2015 Ram 1500 with Lift Kit
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  • Installation of Firestone Ride-Rite Red Label Air Springs on 2016 Ford F-350 Super Duty
    The Firestone Ride-Rite Red Label Extreme Duty Air Helper Springs # F2703 do not require drilling. They'll bolt onto your 2016 Ford F-350 and all the necessary hardware is included. In addition to the springs you may also like the Air Command Compressor System # F2097 that will allow you to monitor and control the air pressure from inside the cab of your truck.
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  • Firestone Ride-Rite Air Springs and Compressor for Lifted 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500
    Firestone does offer spacers to allow installation of air bags in lifted trucks. The spacers are not needed if the vehicle has a body lift, but if it has a suspension lift the spacers will be needed for the air springs to be in the correct positions. The Firestone rear axle air spring kit # F2430 is a confirmed fit for your 2016 Silverado 1500 (both the 2WD and the 4WD versions) and you will want to use Spacer kit # F2375. To get the most out of your air spring setup I suggest adding...
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  • Which Air Bag Suspension Kit Fits 2017 Ford F-350 with Factory Rail Kit
    I have an air bag suspension kit that is a fit for your 2017 Ford F-350 with the factory rail kit but the Air Lift kit you mentioned does not as it installs on the same side of the truck frame as your rail kit. Instead you'd want the Firestone kit part # F2604 if you have a dually or the part # F2605 for if you do not. These kits were specifically designed to fit with the rail kit. For a compressor kit to make inflating and maintaining the air bags easy we have the Firestone kit...
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  • Difference Between Firestone Air Helper Spring Kit # F2580 and # F2598 for 2017 Ram 2500
    The differences between the two are the brackets. The # F2580 fits the 4WD model only, and has recently been updated to the # F2598 which will fit both the 2WD and the 4WD models. The difference is a matter of fit and not function. A compressor system like # F2097 is also available. A compressor system allows you to add or remove air from the system at any time from the cab of the truck. I've linked some install videos for the compressor kit and the two airbag kits for you to take...
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  • Comparing Firestone Red Label and Ride-Rite Rear Air Springs for 2019 Ram 2500 4WD
    Since you both tow a trailer and haul cargo loads I recommend you stay with the standard-duty Ride-Rite kit # F2598. This kit provides up to 5000-lbs of load support which is plenty for trailer pin weight (if you tow a 5th wheel or gooseneck) and is more than enough for a bumper-pull trailer's tongue weight. This kit also better matches the truck's payload capacity which is right around 3000-lbs. This kit is compatible with an in-bed 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch and it installs without...
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  • Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for 2017 Ford F-150 to Remove Sag When Towing
    For your situation I would recommend air bags as they let you tailor exactly how much suspension support you'll get to raise the rear suspension exactly as much as needed to totally remove sag. They also don't affect ride quality when not towing either since you can deflate the bags. This is a feature the Timbrens don't have as they are always there and for some people will make the unloaded ride quality rough. For that I recommend the Firestone kit part # F2582 which is a confirmed...
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  • Air Bag and Compressor Kit Recommendation for 2019 Ram 2500
    The Firestone air bags are the best made ones we offer so for your 2019 Ram 2500 the air bag kit I recommend is the Firestone kit part # F2598. This is a confirmed fit for your truck and would work well. Then for a compressor kit I recommend the Firestone Heavy Duty Compressor Kit part # F2097. This will give you a gauge you can mount in the interior of your truck that allows you to adjust the pressure from inside the truck. The compressor is a heavier duty one too which means it will inflate...
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