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Firestone Air Command Compressor Review

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Review of the Firestone Air Command Compressor

Hi there do it yourselfers. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at Firestone's Air Command One heavy duty compressor system. Now, if you've got heavy duty air springs installed in your vehicle and you're concerned that other compressors aren't gonna be able to inflate them to the pressures that you need, this one's got your back. With 150 PSI maximum pressure, it's gonna work with just about every airbag out there and be sufficient.And, for your heavy duty applications, we recommend Firestone's red label air springs, as those are going to withstand those higher pressures and bigger loads. A lot of your other airbags don't accept pressures up to 150 PSI, but the red label's gonna be perfect for the job.As you can see here on our heavy duty work truck, regardless of the trailer you hook up the loads you're putting in the back, this compressor system and air bags are gonna be able to handle that load with confidence and you're gonna get a more enjoyable smoother ride.You also get the convenience of being able to air it up from right inside the comfort of your vehicle. With the gauge on-hand right here, you can monitor your pressures and ensure that you're gonna be at the right load for your application.

This is particularly useful for those who have to haul multiple loads a day. Where you're constantly loading and then unloading your vehicle.You'll need to air it up. Once you've got your vehicle loaded up, and then once you've unloaded it, you need to air it back down, but once you get to the next site to load it back up again, you're gonna have to find an air compressor to manually inflate them. Well, not with this system.You can do it right here and even if it's raining outside, doesn't bother you because you're inside. And, while you can air it up inside the vehicle, it doesn't mean you can't manually inflate it using the manual valves located at the back tat came with your airbag system.The kit gives you enough hose and fittings to allow one of these to still work.

Now, a lot of your airbags come with two fittings, so you can air it up side to side. When you have this compressor installed, it is gonna combine those together, so you can only air them up as a complete unit and not independently from one another. But, still you have this manual option in case you need it.And, while we've got it on our work truck here and we've been emphasizing how useful it is on those, it's also gonna be great for your motor homes that have airbags on them as well as your off road enthusiast vehicles.So, whether you're at an RV park that doesn't have any power or an air compressor, or you're hitting the trails, you'll have the compressor onboard ready to use. It airs up relatively quickly. If your airbags have a half gallon capacity, they'll go from zero to 30 PSI in about 10 seconds and from zero to 60 PSI in about 24 seconds.And, here we are at 30 pounds.

Now, the time it takes to inflate your airbags is gonna vary depending on the size of your airbags. One last great feature is that the gauge itself can be wired up to illuminate with your dash lights. So, if you're working at night or you're on the road at night, you can be sure that you can see what pressures you're at.If you're looking for a wireless option, check Airlift's wireless one compressor system. This compressor system is going to work with your phone using a phone app and also the included remote. This can be nice as you can operate it from outside your vehicle, so you can watch it inflate and ensure that your vehicle's level while you're loaded down.It's an easy installation.

You simply need to mount the air compressor to the frame of your vehicle. You could use the provided hardware to drill through the frame to connect it there or there's a no drill mounting bracket that's available here at'll then route the red wire from the relay to your battery positive and the white wire from the relay inside the vehicle to your control switch.Here your control switch will hook up our white wire to it as well as the in and out from the air compressor. Included with your kit, you'll receive a small air filter. This can either be screwed directly into the air compressor itself or you could use the remote mount air tube that comes with it and this way you can put the air filter up higher and in a nice isolated location where you don't have to worry about it getting wet or filled with a bunch of debris.And, that completes a look at Firestone's Air Command One heave duty compressor system.

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