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Thule Bike Adapter Bar for Women's and Alternative Frame Bikes

Item # TH982XT

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thule accessories and parts  bike adapter bar for women's alternative frame bikes
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire adapter bar for women's alternative frame bikes
thule accessories and parts bike adapter bar th982xt
thule accessories and parts bike adapter bar
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire
thule accessories and parts bike adapter bar th982xt

In Use/Installed

2001 ford ranger accessories and parts thule hitch bike racks trunk spare tire th982xt
2001 ford ranger accessories and parts thule hitch bike racks trunk spare tire adapter bar for women's alternative frame bikes
2001 ford ranger accessories and parts thule bike adapter bar th982xt

Customer Photos

thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire th982xt
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire th982xt
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire th982xt
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire adapter bar for women's alternative frame bikes
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire th982xt
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire adapter bar for women's alternative frame bikes
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire th982xt
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire th982xt
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire adapter bar for women's alternative frame bikes
thule accessories and parts bike adapter bar th982xt
thule accessories and parts bike adapter bar
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire
thule accessories and parts bike adapter bar th982xt
thule accessories and parts  th982xt
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire adapter bar for women's alternative frame bikes
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire adapter bar
thule accessories and parts hitch bike racks trunk spare tire th982xt


  • Hitch Bike Racks
  • Trunk Bike Racks
  • Spare Tire Bike Racks
  • Bike Adapter Bar
  • Thule
  • 16 - 31-1/2 Inch
Large push buttons on the clamps make it even easier to transport your alternative frame, child's or woman's bike on a hanging-style bike rack. Molded rubber ends protect the bike. Telescoping design works with most size bikes. Call 800-298-8924 to order Thule accessories and parts part number TH982XT or order online at Free expert support on all Thule products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Thule Bike Adapter Bar for Women's and Alternative Frame Bikes. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

Thule Accessories and Parts - TH982XT

Large push buttons on the clamps make it even easier to transport your alternative frame, child's or woman's bike on a hanging-style bike rack. Molded rubber ends protect the bike. Telescoping design works with most size bikes.


  • Adapts women's, alternative, oversize and some children's bike frames to fit various bike racks
    • Allows for safe, level transport of your bicycles
    • Telescopes from 16" to 31-1/2" long to accommodate different bike sizes
  • Attaches to your bike's seat post and handlebar stem post, providing a horizontal bar for the bike rack to grab
  • Installs and removes in a snap with redesigned push-button clamps
  • Protects your bike's finish with molded rubber clamp ends
  • Works with dual-arm, single-arm, and platform-style bike carriers that mount on a hitch, trunk or spare tire
  • Capacity: 35 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

This bike-frame adapter bar from Thule is exactly what you need to carry a woman's, alternative, oversize or child's bike on your bike carrier. The frame adapter bar installs with the push of a button. It attaches to your bike's seat post and handlebar stem post, providing a horizontal bar for the bike rack to grab.

Depending on the type of bike rack you have, you may need to secure the adapter bar to the bike with a cable lock (sold separately) to deter theft.

982XT Thule Bike Frame Adapter Bar

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Video of Thule Bike Adapter Bar for Women's and Alternative Frame Bikes

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Thule Bike Adapter Bar Review

Today we are going to take a look at the Thule bike adapter bar for women and alternative frame bikes, part number TH982XT. Bike adapter bars mount to the seat post and the handle bar stem of your bike to provide a nice, level tube for attaching the bike into the cradles of a bike rack. The Thule bike adapter bar adjusts from 16 to 31-1/2 inches. The Thule bike adapter bar is designed to work with not only dual-arm bike racks, but also single-arm and platform style bike racks that clamp on to the frame of the bike. Like many other Thule products, the bike adapter bar is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. 0:38

Today we have a women frame bike with us. On a mens frame bike, there would be a tube that goes across that is nice and level. This tube runs downward at an angle to allow some extra leg room. The problem is when you mount the bike to a rack using this tube, the bike is not sitting level. The rear tire is higher than the front and it can make it difficult to load other bikes onto the rack. The Thule bike adapter bar is going to help us with this problem. The new push button design allows us to quickly and easily open the bail. Once open, we hook it around our seat post and close it. The bike adapter bar is a telescopic bar to allows us to adjust for different bike sizes. It will adjust from 16 to 31-1/2 inches. Use the push button to allow the two halves to collapse again. You will attach the other end to the handle bar stem. With the bike adapter bar, we have a nice level tube to hold our bike from. With the adapter bar, we have quickly and easily set up our bike so that it will sit level on our rack. Alright, let us take the Thule for a little road test. Our bike is sitting nice and stable inside of our rack. And that does it for the Thule bike adapter bar, part number TH982XT.

Customer Reviews

Thule Bike Adapter Bar for Women's and Alternative Frame Bikes - TH982XT

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (205 Customer Reviews)

Large push buttons on the clamps make it even easier to transport your alternative frame, child's or woman's bike on a hanging-style bike rack. Molded rubber ends protect the bike. Telescoping design works with most size bikes.

- TH982XT

by: John P07/18/2017

Today I installed the Gateway XT 2 Bike Carrier - Trunk Mount and used the Thule Bike Adapter Bar - Womens & Alt. Frame Bikes to hang two bikes on the back of my 2013 Mustang, 2 dr, with factory spoiler. I read the instructions over breakfast. It seemed pretty simple, and it was. Of course, being the first time installing the carrier it was a little slow as I figured out what went where but referring back to the instructions made the install go smoothly. A couple points of note: 1) Not too comfortable that the strap clips won't scratch the paint. They're coated but not padded. I'll probably glue a thin rubber padding to the inside of the top and bottom clips. The side clips just barely slide on and there is no room for any additional padding. 2) Discovered that I needed to secure the inside pedal upward to ensure it did not bang against the bumper. I used a mini-bungee cord but weaving the supplied tie down strap might do the trick. Not sure (yet) which is fastest/easiest method. Definitely need the tie down strap to keep the front wheel of the inside bike from beating against the car. 3) Although the Adapter Bar does hold my wife's bike level, the bar at its shortest position is a few inches too long leaving gaps at the front and back. There did not appear to be a way to lock the bar length and only the ripple straps to keep the bar from vibrating looser. Hopefully not a problem on long drives or bumpy roads. I'm attaching a couple photos from the install process that you are free to use. Sincerely, JP Hanover, PA 407339

- TH982xt

by: T.J. McD.09/02/2016

I'm from a generation that's still very skeptical about making purchases online, sight unseen, without ever putting my hands on it. Yes, I'm that guy. I surfed around looking at different bike carriers for my Jeep with 17" wheels. I mention that because I wanted to use my trailer hitch for the carrier. I even went to a few brick and mortar stores so I could "touch" it. Couldn't find the right one so I went back to the web and found It was the only site that I felt offered the best selection and had enough reviews to back them up. Still being a skeptic and missing that "touch" I put off the purchase for a few more weeks. Gave me time to look a little more at the brick and mortar shops for kicks. Finally I was ready. I came back and phoned in to order. Still wanted to have a human in the process. Times are changing and I'm changing with them, so when a woman answered the phone I had a momentary reaction that made me think that she wouldn't be able to help. Before I took another second to doubt, I just started with questions and she knew all the answers. The reviews were right and that was a pleasant surprise. She gave me some options but we both agreed that for what I wanted, my original selection was the best option. No pressure to upsell me, just the right equipment for the job. I paid for the carrier and she said I'd have it by the end of the week. I doubted that even though it was Monday evening. Thursday of that week my order arrived. Two bolts and it was attached to my Jeep. Just like that I was ready to go. Thanks to all the helpful folks at 290387


Thanks, I’m very happy with them. They work like they’re supposed to and have given me no trouble.

T.J. M - 10/27/2017


- TH982XT

by: Jim G.07/17/2016

Bought this Thule bike adapter bar for my wife's Mango Longboard fat-tire beach cruiser. We already had the Thule 2-bike carrier, not sure what model number. The bar works fine for hanging the bike on the carrier, but we haven't traveled with it yet; it will get a 1000+ mile trial run soon. With this bar and this particular bike the bike's front wheel hangs too low to leave it on the bike. It's a quick-release style wheel, so not a big deal to remove, but the wheel takes up extra space inside the vehicle. I don't like that the weight of the bike is being held by the handle bar post and the seat, but that's just the nature of these adapters and there is really no other way to put this type of bike on this type of carrier without it. The bar is rated for 50 lbs. and the bike weighs 37 lbs., including the front wheel, so I expect this bar to work fine for us. 272842

- TH982XT

by: Fred L.08/08/2013

We got the Thule Raceway 2 carrier and a pair of Thule adapter bars. Both seem to be well designed and solidly constructed. The carrier itself is very heavy, and I'm a little worried about the stress that it and the bikes must put on the trunk lid. I'll be interested to see if it has deformed any sheet metal or the plastic bumper covering when I remove it. I'm using the carrier on a new Dodge Dart, which is listed in the printed instructions, but just with a note to look online for updated new-model information. Unfortunately the Thule website seems to the even more outdated. It doesn't even list the Dart, and the carriers it shows are completely different models from the ones available now. But a phone call to E-trailer got me the information I needed for installation. In connection with my purchase, I consulted several different E-trailer people via phone and e-mail, and all were very helpful and professional. Delivery was extremely fast. I entered my online order late Monday afternoon, and the shipment arrived shortly after noon on Wednesday. 327077

- TH982XT

by: Brandon E.06/04/2012

This works great on full-size bikes, like my son's small frame 26" mountain bike, but was too big for smaller kid's bikes. On the small frame MTB, the triangle is too small to use the top tube on the carrier arms, but adding this bar spanning from the seat to the stem did the trick. We did have to raise the seat all the way to make it work, but that was easy enough. I had hoped to be able to mount my youngest son's 16" bike with this, but even at the shortest setting, the bar was still too long to fit the bike. We still had to put the 16" bike in the back of the vehicle instead of on the rack because the bar just wouldn't accomodate that small of a frame. It MIGHT fit an 18" and would probably fit a 20" frame, though I haven't tried it with either of those. 42701

- TH982XT

by: Jon C.05/08/2013

Thule Adapter Bar works as described. I bought two of them, one for my wife's bike and one for my full suspension. They both work as they should with the Spare Me Carrier. 79397


Still holding up without any issues! No rust or any other defects.

Jon C - 05/08/2014


- TH982XT

by: howard northrop03/22/2014

great products my purchases from etrailer have been positives one customer service personal are great I keewould recommend etrailer too everyone keep up the good work thanxs howard Northrop 121716


great product works well

howard n - 03/22/2015


- TH982XT

by: Julie B08/16/2013

This is a must for loading a women's bike on the carrier. I hesitated spending the extra $$, but it makes loading and unloading such a breeze! Glad I made the purchase. 95528


An absolutely great product!

Julie B - 08/18/2014


- TH982XT

by: Barbara03/04/2017

Kudos to! They made my first time experience great and I would recommend them highly! Not only were they knowledgeable about their products and excelled in customer service beyond expectations, they emailed me the order status at every step and provided a UPS tracking number. Katie was exceptional and even called me to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Thank you, Katie, for your personal follow up as you are truly a valuable asset to Oh, by the way, the products were exceptional quality and the hitch was extremely easy to install. Your pricing was the best compared to other competitor websites! Wishing continued success! 352206

- TH982XT

by: Davis T.10/27/2014

Great service from I placed my order and it was here faster than their Web page stated. The only thing standard about mountain bikes is that none of them fit into a standard format. I have 3 bike and all of the frames need the th982xt frame adapter bar. It would be nice if Thule had a few more holes drilled along the tube for the detent balls to come in at a closer fit for most frames. A close fit is better nothing close. I have a 4 door sedan with the thule 9025 rack and have to use the above product. I was able to watch the bikes going down the road and everything is super stable and secure. Great design that can always be improved 158009

- TH982XT

by: Lucy P04/29/2015

Kat at etrailer was very specific and knowledgeable as to what I needed for my car. The installation was done by a mechanic but I probably could have figured it out. My husband was grateful that he didn't have to install it but he was super impressed on how it looked and its sturdy strength. Haven't had a nice day in Texas since it was installed so I will report back as to how the bike rides on the rack. Overall, very impressed. Shipping was fast too! 188798

- TH982XT

by: Thomas S.08/01/2011

The entire order came in one box and the folks at eTrailer are indeed an awesome group, they followed the order every step of the way and nothing was left to chance. I do customer service for a living and cannot find people this good and well trained! The adaptor bar for women’s bikes is a must, easily installed and keeps the bike level to avoid dragging on the driveway when leaving your home. The Thule Roadway 2 bike carrier, installation is a snap, about 15 minutes and it works as promised, is a solid and well built hitch, none better the same goes for the eTrailer group. Already place a second order, and sure I will not be disappointed 20675

- TH982XT

by: C08/14/2015

Great bike bar.It took care of the problem.Now I am able to get my bike on the rack with ease. 219297


Still have it and it is good.

C - 08/18/2016


- TH982XT

by: Karen Dyer07/30/2016

When you buy an expensive bike rack for your boyfriend for his birthday (not from etrailer), you expect it will work for all bikes and it can be disappointing to discover your boyfriend's bike will fit on the new bike rack, but yours won't. Enter this reasonably priced bar adapter thing. It saved me from having to return the new bike rack. And they shipped it super-quick. This bar adapter thing arrived before something I ordered from Amazon the day before. Very pleased. One star off because the bar is a little loose. The manufacturer of the bar should include better instructions. But 5 stars for etrailer. 277657

- TH982XT

by: Tom B.05/14/2013

I purchased the Thuler TH9001 bike carrier along with the TH982XT adapter bar. I was very impressed with the thought and engineering put into the Thuler products. They looked great online, and even better after receiving them. Mounting to the vehicle was simple and understandable. The ordering online from was very easy, and shipment was received within three days of the order placement. was very good about communication of order placement, shipment, and after delivery follow-up. I would definitely recommend both Thuler and for products and service. 80171

- TH982XT

by: Adapter for Hybrid11/07/2013

Good sturdy tool. Would not be able to load the women's hybrid on the Thule Raceway 2 Bike Carrier without it. It's somewhat of an awkward fit and that's just because the bike is a bit of a beast. 106617

- TH982XT

by: Dale p07/30/2014

Works as expected. Very sturdy. 143664


Really high quality. Bullet proof.

Dale p - 07/30/2015


- TH982XT

by: John F02/01/2017

Product order/delivery experience was outstanding. Product is definitely to carry my two bikes safely. Assembly was easy and fits on my new truck just fine. The shipment contained all three items that were ordered all coming in one box with a label clearly showing content of shipment.... so nice to not have anything missing. Out of the box in just a few minutes and passed my test drive.... solid fit, no rattles, and looks pretty good too! I purchased the Snug Site Hitch Lock and Anti Rattle Device Bike Adaptor Bar for my wife's bike. Very satisfied! 339376

- TH982XT

by: JoJo02/24/2014

Heavy duty. Well worth the money. 117522


Still working as expected.

JoJo - 02/24/2015


- TH982XT

by: Ken H.05/18/2015

Works as advertised. 194213



Ken H - 05/26/2016


- TH982XT

by: Johanna05/29/2014

I bought 3 adapters (1 women's cruiser, 2 kids bikes). The adapter on the women's bike worked easily and the bike slipped right on to our Thule bike rack. Seems to be a high quality product. The adapters for the kid's bikes work but it was a little tricky. I had to remove the front reflectors on both bikes which isn't a big deal but the bikes just barely fit onto the rack with the adapter. I have to rotate the rack holders to slide them on. They are a great adapter and work for my kid's bikes but the may not work for all. 133256

- TH982XT

by: Audrey W07/24/2012

I installed this bike rack on a 2007 Rav4. The interface with the spare tire mount was simple and sturdy. The anti sway cages don't fit as in the instructions but do hold the bike very steady. I appreciate how the design allows full use of the back door w bike attached. I had some trouble with getting the lock installed on the attachment knob, better instructions ( there were none) would have saved a call to Thule with 20 min on hold. Overall it's a very well designed and stable system, I'd recommend it. 49217

- TH982XT

by: Jody F06/19/2016

I recently upgraded to a new women's frame Juliana mountain bike and couldn't wait to pick it up after waiting for 3 weeks. Imagine my disappointment when I started mounting it on my current $400 Thule bike rack and it wouldn't fit the smaller frame! The bike shop offered a discount on a new rack but my bike buddy told me they made adapters for it ---- enter and easily finding and ordering a new "bike adapter bar for Women's frame bikes"! It's easy to install and works perfectly... 262511

- TH982XT

by: Blake A.08/15/2013

This product seems to work fairly well. It does what it says it will do. However, I bought two of these and one of the "gate" openings on one end is hard to close. I can see that this is a manufacturing defect but I will just file it down a little bit to make it close smoother. This device has one (and only one) locking position and that is at it's longest length when telescoped. Not sure what the point of that is since all bikes will vary in their distance from seat post to stem. 95256

- TH982XT

by: Tammy M08/05/2016

I bought with my rack because it said I needed it for hybrid and female bikes (kids too). I found I did not need it and I was able to get my bikes on without. To be honest it did not fit any of my bikes one which is a small adult hybrid (unless I am putting it on wrong) it was too big and only has one lock area. I recommend get your bike rack first and see what you need. I am not using mine. With that said the quality of the product is it will last. 279941

- TH982XT

by: Qhua06/04/2014

Too big even after I measured my bikes to see if they would fit. Don't even bother if you have a medium, small, XS, XXS, or kids bike. These guys are really made for large frame bikes that has oddly shaped top tubes that will not fit on the bike rack like a high end aluminum or carbon fiber frame bike. I would return it but then I would have to pay for return shipping so I'm probably going to end up selling or giving it to someone who can use it instead. 134156


Thanks for the comment Qhua! Our 982XT Bike Adapter is designed to work with most bikes that do not have the standard top tube. If you have a distance of at least 18 between the stem and seat post, then this item should fit to your bike. It may be necessary to raise or lower the seat post on the bike to allow for more or less room between this adapter and the carrier itself.

Michael L from - 06/12/2014


- TH982XT

by: Margie B06/04/2012

The Thule Adapter Bar seems very sturdy and it fits my bike great. It will make putting my bike onto the bike rack so much easier! Also, was amazing. I ordered the adapter bar on Monday 5/28/12 with standard shipping and it was delivered on Friday 6/1/12. I received a confirmation email from etrailer right away, and then another when the order was processed and then a third when it was shipped. They are very thorough and my order was perfect! 42676

- TH982XT

by: Matt K.01/14/2012

I am happy with this product. It appears to be made with high quality If you are ordering this for a kids bike, you want to measure first. It fit perfectly for my daughters bike. It doesn't fit my son's bike between the handlebars and seat post because it is about 1/4" too long (at its smallest size). The adapter is ~ 15 3/4" in length at its shortest. I was able to hook it up a different way and it still works fine. It is just the nature of his bike. 29712

- TH982XT

by: Brad F08/21/2013

This product does not work well with the Thule TH9001 Raceway bike carrier. If you position the bike to take advantage of the bike rack's anti-sway bar, the adapter bar does not sit well in the cradle. I spoke with Thule about the issue and they suggested to reposition the bike and to not use the anti-sway bar. This solution is not acceptable. I am returning the item and is working with me to find an adapter bar that will fit properly. 96160

- TH982XT

by: Bill J06/18/2014

The product is well-made. That being said, it also assumes your bikes have a fair amount of room on the seat post and handlebar stem for this to fit. In my case, none of the four bikes we have (two kid bikes and two adult urban cruiser type bikes) provide much space for this bar to fit around. Rather difficult to make work. My suggestion is shop around to see if there are other options that will work for you. Again, quality not an issue. 136260

- TH982XT

by: Ivan P05/26/2016

I purchased 2 of these bars since my daughter and wife bikes are in non standard frames, I tought the bars were just a fancy thing, but they are really helpful and keeps the bikes straight and avoid contacting other bikes as well as avoid the tires to move. The only drawback is that I need to get an additional chain or lock to make sure nobody take my bikes in case I park the car. Minor issue, but great way to transport your bikes. 252056

- TH982XT

by: Whitew00d04/02/2014

I rated this Good... Good for nothing. For the money, don't bother. Kmart got one that is better for 20 bucks less. It works, and wears the badge, Thule but a sloppy design. Won't secure your bikes steering to saddle 100% due to pins in holes to adjust. Needs to be a lock in place via twisting the two tube design for a custom fit. Best place for this product? Place it on your cars steering wheel for that anti theft look! 123372

- TH982XT

by: ET07/26/2015

Unfortunately, the adapter bar did not meet my expectation. Although it does telescope for changing the length of it, it locks in only one position, which in my case, does not work to keep it attached to my bike. I just requested info as to how to go about returning the adapter bar, and am not looking forward to the shipping cost to do so! In retrospect, I may have been better off trying to buy a similar device locally. 214489

- TH982XT

by: Luis R.06/27/2012

Bought this Bike Adapter Bar so that I can mount my mountain bike on my bike carrier safely. My mountain bike does have an alternative frame design due to the rear suspension. This use of this adapter made mounting my bicycle secure and a breeze. I was concern it would fail to hold my bike if the bar was expanded to its max but I was wrong. This bar is strong, well designed and at a great price compare to others. 45856

- TH982XT

by: Dave D07/29/2013

Bar works well with the Thule rack. Look at instructions on how to open it up. Wasn't intuitive just looking at it, but pretty easy to use. It was a good buy and would recommend it if you get a Thule rack. 92285

- TH982XT

by: GB05/26/2015

The Bike Adapter Bar works well on bikes 24" and larger. It didn't fit a 20" bike. A neighbor, who I recommended the product to, said that he was able to fit it on a 20" bike by raising the seat and using the handle bar instead of the neck. I'll try that next time but am not sure how safe it is. The Adapter worked very well on the larger bikes and is easy to put on and off. Overall I'm satisfied. 198090

- TH982XT

by: KATHIE KUNZ08/20/2014

Our bikes are unisex, meaning no bar across the a boys bike would have. This bar is used to stabilize the bikes in an upright position...very easy to put on the bike & then you just put it on your rack. You can also ride your bike with the bar on if you want. I would highly recommend this product if your bike does not have a bar going across it for putting on a bike rack. :) 147649

- TH982XT

by: RAS03/31/2014

It works fine the only thing I don't like about it is the loose hold that it has on the bike, the bar straps down tight but lets the bike move around, but, I solved this with the addition of some straps (This might be a thought to future sales--add straps for an additional price, I paid $7.00 for straps that were of quality construction, or include the straps after adjusting the price) 122944

- TH982XT

by: Tom06/03/2015

I really like this item. With our bikes they were hard to put on the Thule bike rake. Using the adapter bar, this was so much easier. I bought one for each bike. The only issue I had was one end was hard to open. It takes some work to loosen up, but that was not a problem after twisting several times to make it easier to move the lever. I would buy more of them if I needed them. 200279

- TH982XT

by: Bobby M.08/02/2017

Fast shipping and products were packaged well! I bought a Curt 1.25" receiver hitch for my wife's brand new 2017 Hyundai Tucson Sport as well as a Thule Vertex 2 bike rack. The receiver hitch install was easy enough for me by myself but would've been a lot easier with an extra set of hands! Bike rack looks great installed! Can't wait to test everything out! Thanks! 417733

- TH982XT

by: Glenn L03/05/2017

Excellent Bike Rack. Timely delivery of product. Easy installation. Minimal parts to attach. The Rack is solid. We will be transporting our bikes for various biking events and exploration around the state. I am extremely pleased with etrailer and their staff. Very informative - Video Reviews and How To...Also ordered Bike adapter and snug tite hitch lock. Very Pleased!! 352340

- TH982XT

by: Great Thule adapter bars for men s & women s bikes07/28/2015

I purchased the Hidden Hitch trailer receiver, 4-bike rack Thule Apex Swing and two Thule bike adapter bars for my 2011 Honda CRV. The two Thule bike adapter bars fit on my and my husband's bikes. Although it took some time to adjust the bikes on the rack, the bars appear very sturdy! Thanks etrailer for great products at great prices and quick shipping! 215098

- TH982XT

by: Denise K08/06/2012

Now I can transport my mixte frame bike without a problem. The adapter also lets me hang the bike on a standard frame stand in the garage. Wonderful product! 50671

- TH982XT

by: Paula11/08/2013

Thanks for the great service! The Thule converter bar was exactly what I needed to be able to transport and store my new sissy style women's bike. 106719

- TH982XT

by: Nicholas10/26/2017

Very pleased with quality and engineering of Thule bike rack. Assembly was easy and instructions well written and easy to follow. Excellent product! 446254

- TH982XT

by: Becca Y08/23/2013

This is a lot heavier than I thought it would be. Also, I don't like that in the smaller position, there's no pin to lock it in place like there is when it's extended. But because of how it fits onto the bike, it's not going anywhere. Haven't actually used it yet, but hoping this makes it easier to load my women's bike onto our new rack. 96644

- TH982XT

by: Wesley Smith09/23/2011

Very easy to install. Comes with all the locks you will need. very stream lined fits my Mazda 2 perfectly. Couldn't be happier. Shipping was amazingly fast ordered on a Tuesday and it arrived Friday. Will def come back to etrailor. Very friendly staff help me choose the right rack for my needs and helped me find the ones that fit my car. 334033

- TH982XT

by: Mike07/07/2011

I purchased the Thule adapter bar for my wife's Townie . I made this purchase based on quality and product service after I purchased The Thule bike rack. The etrailer ads perfectly described the product and the shipping, tracking is first rate. I will purchase from etrailer again, their customer support is superlative. 18839

- TH982XT

by: CissyB10/11/2012

After getting the Thule bike rack for my car, I realized my style bike has no crossbar in which to hang the bike on my new Thule rack. The solution (thank you customer service) is this adapter bar that clips one end under the seat and the other end under the handle bars. Work great!! Now I can haul my bike. Yay! 56997

- TH982XT

by: Eric Z06/12/2015

It works well but I wish it would lock in place at the desired size rather than just sort of sliding around. No biggie at all, just a nitpick really. Once it's on the rack, it doesn't move at all. BTW, thanks eTrailer. You guys are the best. Great customer service and lightning fast shipping. 202778

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  • What is the Difference Between a Thule Apex 5 and Vertex 5 for a Infiniti
  • The main differences between the Vertex, # TH9030XT, and the Apex, # TH9026, are the type of cradles each has, the cable lock on the Apex, and the anti-rattle function on the Apex. The Apex features Hold Fast cradles which offer road-dampening technology (RDT) and detachable anti-sway arms. The RDT technology provides 2 Layers of cushioning to absorb road shock and minimize vibration. The upper layer is composed of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a gel-like substance that gently but firmly...
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  • Are Bike Adapter Bars Needed For Kids Bikes with the Thule Apex Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack
  • In order to determine if the kids bikes will fit on the arms of the Apex bike rack, # TH9026, you can measure the top frame tubes. They will need to be longer than 12-1/4 inches long to fit around the arms. If your bikes will not fit, you will need the bike adapter bar, # TH982XT. I have included a link to a video that shows how the adapter works. I have also included a link to a video review of the Apex bike rack.
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation for 2 Adult and 2 Kids Bikes on a 2004 Ford Explorer
  • We have everything that you will need to carry your 2 adult and 2 kids bikes on your husbands 2004 Ford Explorer. I will start off with a few bike rack recommendations. For a Yakima bike rack, my personal favorite is the RidgeBack 4 Bike Rack, # Y02458. This bike rack is a great value for the quality and features that it has and it includes an integrated locking cable. For a Thule bike rack, I recommend looking at either the Vertex 4 Bike Rack, # TH9029XT, or the Apex 4 Bike Rack,...
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation for 5 Bikes While Towing a Pop Up Camper
  • The Curt Multipurpose Ball Mount # D210 would be an excellent choice to be used in conjunction with towing your current pop up trailer and a hitch mounted bike rack that has a carrying capacity of 5 bikes. The # D210 is compatible with and an existing 2 inch hitch and provides a 2 inch receiver for accessory use. This hitch has a tongue weight capacity of 750 pounds total, and a receiver capacity of 350 pounds. Therefore the combined weight of the bike rack and bikes cannot exceed 350...
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  • Recommend A 2 Bike Rack For Lexus RX350
  • You have a few options for a bike rack for your 2008 Lexus RX350. You could go with a hitch mounted bike rack, a trunk bike rack, or a roof bike rack. Depending on how often you go biking can be one of the biggest factors in choosing the bike rack that is right for you. If you plan on biking often, I would recommend going with a hitch bike rack, for ease of loading and traveling. If you will only be biking seldom, or traveling short distances, I would recommend going with a trunk bike rack. For...
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  • Hitch Mount Bike Rack Recommendation for a Jeep Wrangler with Oversized Tires
  • We have a few hitch mount bike rack options that will work for you. One of the most popular hitch mount bike racks among our Jeep Wrangler customers is the Thule Hitching Post Pro, # TH934XTR. This bike rack measures 13-1/2 inches to the back of the upright mast and about 9 inches to the lower post at the bottom of the mast. Looking at your picture, I don't think the lower post will interfere with your rear tire. I have attached a review video of this bike rack on a Jeep Wrangler for you...
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  • Is There a Shorter Bike Frame Adapter Than the Thule Bike Frame Adapter Bar # TH982
  • We do have some smaller adapters. Fully collapsed the Thule adapter bar is 16 inches. We have 2 adapter bars that when fully collapsed measure under 16 inches. The Yakima bar, part # Y02531, has a minimum of 14-1/2 inches. I would measure the kids bike frames to make sure adapter will fit.
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  • Trunk Mounted and Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Options for 2009 Honda CR-V
  • If you care to go with the trunk mounted bike rack, I would recommend the Yakima FullBack Trunk Mount Bike Rack which is available for 2 bikes # Y02634 or 3 bikes # Y02633. I really like this rack because of its 4 strap design, which is easier to install than traditional 6 strap designs. If the bike rack is something you are planning on using only occasionally, a strap mounted rack is a great choice. If you are a frequent rider, despite the greater expense you will be much happier using...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Bike Rack Recommendation for a 2012 Toyota Prius
  • We have just the hitch and bike rack selection that you are looking for for your 2012 Toyota Prius. For your vehicle, I would recommend the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch #24776. We have quite a few bike racks that you can use with this hitch on your vehicle. I have attached a link to all of the bike racks that will work for you. Two bike racks that I would recommend would be the Thule Doubletrack 2 Bike Rack, # TH990XT, and the Thule Helium Aero 2 Bike Rack, # TH9042. The Doubletrack is...
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  • Comparing 5 Bike Trailer Hitch Mounted Bike Racks From Thule, Yakima, and Swagman
  • For a 5 bike, trailer hitch mounted bike rack, we have a few options. First is the Thule Apex, # TH9026, that you have referenced. This bike rack does tilt down away from the vehicle to allow you greater access to the rear of your Nissan Armada. With the rack fully tilted down, you should be able to open the rear hatch. This bike rack also features anti-sway cradles and a built-in anti-rattle device. Next we have the Yakima RidgeBack 5, # Y02459. This rack can also tilt down like the...
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  • Compare Curt, Hidden Hitch and Draw-Tite Trailer Hitches for a 2014 Toyota Highlander
  • I would be happy to compare these trailer hitch options for your 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE. As you mentioned you have options, Curt # C13200 and Draw-Tite # 75896. These are Class III trailer hitches with a towing capacity of 6,000 lbs and a tongue weight capacity of 900 lbs. The difference in non-trailer loads does not effect the 2014 Highlander. Curt will require the use of a stabilizing strap for non-trailer loads on their Class I, Class II and some Class III trailer hitches, but...
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  • What Rear Mounted Bike Rack Will Fit On 2005 Honda CRV With Outside Mounted Spare Tire
  • For your 2005 Honda CRV with the outside mounted spare tire, the Thule Spare Time Bike Rack # TH963PRO would be a great choice.The Spare Time has a total weight capacity of 75 lbs. for two bikes. The Yakima SpareRide 2 Bike Carrier, # Y02599, also might work if you take two measurements to be sure. First, the diameter of the center hole in your spare tire wheel needs to be larger than 1-3/16 inches. Second, the distance from the back of the wheel, where the mounting plate will bolt to...
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  • Can you Open the Trunk when the Saris Bones 2 Bike Carrier is Installed on a Mazda CX-5
  • If you need truck access often, I have a solution for you, but bike rack manufacturers do not recommend opening the rear hatch or trunk with a bike rack installed. The door hinges are not designed to hold the extra weight and the rear door could come down on whoever is underneath. There is also a chance that the bike rack could fall off and scratch the paint. If you need to access the trunk often, I suggest a hitch mounted bike rack which can fold down, giving you access to open the...
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  • Comparing the Thule Apex and Vertex Swinging Bike Racks and the Thule T2 Platform Bike Rack
  • Bike racks are not vehicle specific so a lot depends on clearances and the features you are looking for. As far as stability goes the Thule T2, # TH9034XTS for a 2 bike version or # TH9034XTS-9036XTS for the 4 bike version (both fit 2 inch hitches) would be more stable than a hanging rack. Platform racks in general are more stable. You can tilt the T2 bike racks down with or without the bikes loaded but when the bikes are loaded you will not be able to fully open the rear door of the...
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  • Availability of 2 Bike Hitch Rack for Electra Hawaii 3 Cruiser Bike With Large Fenders
  • Most of the platform bike racks that use the clamp on the wheel are not designed for use with cruiser bikes that have the large fenders. The fenders do not allow the wheel hook to tighten properly and hold the bike to the bike rack. The Thule T2 Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier, part # TH9034XTS, that you have referenced is not to be used on bikes that have fenders. For cruiser bikes, like your Electra Hawaii 3 Bike, you will need to use a platform rack like the Swagman XTC-2, # S64670....
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  • Comparing Thule Frame Bike Adapter Bar # TH982 and the Newer # TH982XT for Bike Racks
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled a Thule Adapter Bar, # TH982, and the updated version, # TH982XT. There are a few key differences between each product. For the TH982XT, Thule made several upgrades including an easier pushbutton mechanism to open the hooks on each end. Each rubber molded clamp end is the same size in the newer version. And the telescoping feature now has a pushbutton stop. The old design had a round shaft that would allow the smaller end to rotate inside the larger...
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  • Bike Adapter Bar for an Electra Townie 7D Mens Bike and Thule Raceway Trunk Mount Bike Rack
  • The bike adpater bars, like # TH982XT, are also a fit for the trunk mount bike racks like the Raceway # TH9001PRO. All of the adapter bars work in the same manner, the bar telescopes to a certain length and clamp under the seat and under the handle bars so you can carry the bike more level. The # TH982XT would be a good choice. Looking at some pictures of the bike you would most likely have to raise the seat as high as you could to get an adapter bar to fit and be affective. Otherwise,...
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  • Comparing the Thule Parkway and Hitching Post Pro Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Racks
  • I am not entirely sure what you mean. There is only 1 Thule Parkway 4 bike rack and it is # TH956. Sometimes you might here it referred to as a carrier but it is still the same part. There is the Hitching Post Pro, # TH934XTR, which is very similar to the Parkway. The Hitching Post Pro has a few more features than the Parkway including anti-sway cradles, arms that fold, and it can fit 1-1/4 or 2 inch trailer hitches. The Parkway does not have anti-sway cradles, arms that fold, and only...
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  • Trailer Hitch Mounted 5 Bike Rack Recommendation that Can Hold 2 Childrens Bikes and Adult Bikes
  • The weight capacity on the Thule Vertex 5, # TH9030XT, is 150 pounds. That would be 30 pounds per bike. The average adult bike weighs about 30 pounds. Provided that the combined weight of all 5 bikes does not exceed this 150 pound limit the rack can handle the weight. The Vertex and Apex, # TH9026, have the highest capacity of any of the 5 bike models we carry, see link. Regarding the childrens bikes, measure the length of the top frame tubes. If they are greater than 12-3/8 inches,...
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  • Bike Rack Recommendations for a 2011 Subaru Outback Wagon
  • Yes, the Thule Raceway 3 Bike Carrier, # TH9002PRO, will work great on your 2011 Subaru Outback Wagon. I recently had the chance to install this rack on a vehicle and it is the easiest to install and remove trunk mount rack that I have used. For this reason, this is the rack I personally would choose for a trunk mount rack. You will need to remove the rack to open the rear of the vehicle because the bottom support on the rack will rest on the top of the bumper when properly installed,...
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  • Comparing the Thule Vertex and Apex Trailer Hitch Mount Swinging Bike Racks
  • The main differences between the Vertex, # TH9031XT, and the Apex, # TH9027, are the type of cradles each has and the anti-rattle function on the Apex. The Apex features Hold Fast cradles which offer road-dampening technology (RDT) and detachable anti-sway arms. The RDT technology provides 2 Layers of cushioning to absorb road shock and minimize vibration. The upper layer is composed of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a gel-like substance that gently but firmly cups your bike frame and...
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  • Recommended Bike Rack for Carrying Adult and Girls Bikes on a Toyota Sequioa
  • For a 5 bike rack that provides the maximum in stability for the 2 inch hitch on your Toyota Sequoia, the Thule Vertex 5 Bike Carrier, part # TH9030XT, that you referenced would work very well. I attached installation instructions for this product for you to check out as well as a demonstration video. For womens and alternative framed bikes you would want a bike adapter bar, part # TH982XT. Review video and instructions are below. Another option you have is to get a Thule Apex 5 bike...
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation for 2012 Subaru Impreza Premium Hatchback
  • I do have some bike rack solutions for your 2012 Subaru Impreza hatchback as long as it does not have a spoiler, but a hitch is not yet available. You can use a trunk mount bike rack (see link). I recommend the Raceway 2 bike, # TH9001PRO or the 3 bike model, # TH9002PRO. These racks are the easiest and quickest installation of any trunk mount bike rack I have seen because they use retractable cables instead of straps. I have included a link to the installation details and a link to...
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  • Do I Need an Adapter to Carry a Girls Bike and How Secure are the Bikes for Interstate Driving
  • The Thule Vertex 2 Bike Carrier, # TH9028XT, would make a great choice for carrying bikes on your 2009 Toyota Venza. The no Sway cradles will secure the bikes to the rack very well for traveling any distance. An adapter will be needed for carrying each bike that does not have a top bar that will allow the bike to be carried level. The Thule Bike Adapter Bar, # TH982XT, would be a good choice. We have a video showing the use of this item for you to review, see link. To secure the bikes...
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  • Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack that Allows Rear Door to Swing Open on a Jeep Wrangler
  • The Thule Doubletrack, # TH990XT, does not fold down with the bikes loaded so you would at the very least have to remove the bikes and then fold the center arm down to swing open the rear door on your Jeep Wrangler. What I recommend for complete access to the rear of your Wrangler would be to use a swinging bike rack like the Thule Vertex, # TH9031XT. First, the pin hole to back of mast measurement on this rack is 14 inches so make sure the pin hole to back of spare tire measurement...
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  • Recommended 4 Bike Rack for 2006 Honda CRV That Allows Rear Door to Fully Open
  • Lets begin with the hitch. I would recommend the Draw-Tite Class III, part # 75690. The warranty stipulations of the Curt hitch you referenced require that a stabilizing strap like part # 18050 be used, but the Draw-Tite has no such requirement. When we installed this hitch on a 2nd generation CR-V, we found that the clearance distance between the hitch pin hole and the furthest rearward point of the spare tire was 9 inches. This means that the rack you choose needs to have a hitch pin...
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  • Comparing Thule Helium Aero and Vertex 2 Bike Racks
  • There are a few differences between the two racks. The Helium Aero features an integrated cable lock and anti-rattle Auto-Attach system with integrated locking hitch pin, while the Vertex uses a more traditional threaded hitch pin. A lock for the hitch pin, part # THSTL2 is sold separately. The aluminum construction of the Helium Aero makes it about 15 lbs lighter than the Vertex, which is an important consideration for some. Thule makes a great product, so you cannot go wrong with either...
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  • Recommended Hitch to Carry 4 Bikes on 2014 Mazda CX-5
  • For your 2014 Mazda CX-5 to support the Yakima FullSwing 4-Bike Rack # Y02465 or the Thule Apex Swing 4 Bike Carrier # TH9027 you will need a Class III hitch with a 2-inch receiver. The hitch I recommend is Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch # 76138 which is a custom fit for your vehicle and is the most popular option for the Mazda CX-5. For women's bikes or bikes with sharply angled top tubes or step-through frames, using a frame adapter like part # TH982XT is recommended. The adapter spans...
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  • Can the Trunk be Opened with the Thule Raceway Trunk Mount Bike Rack Installed
  • Trunk mount bike racks should be removed when not in use. If you leave them on all the time they can leave marks on the vehicle in some cases. You will not want to open the trunk with the bike rack installed. Doing so could wedge the hooks against the body of the vehicle or trunk lid and damage them. The hinges or struts for the trunk are not designed for added weight and also because of the extra weight the trunk could fall on you if the rack was still attached. The Thule Raceway...
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