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Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger

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hopkins accessories and parts battery charger 20011
hopkins accessories and parts trailer breakaway kit
hopkins accessories and parts battery charger


  • Trailer Breakaway Kit
  • Battery Charger
  • Hopkins
Call 800-298-8924 to order Hopkins accessories and parts part number 20011 or order online at Free expert support on all Hopkins products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

Hopkins Accessories and Parts - 20011

Replacement Battery Charger for Trailer Breakaway Kits

  • Black wire is connected to the vehicle battery to get the charge
  • Red wire is connected to battery in the breakaway kit on the trailer
  • Blue wire is connected to the breakaway switch

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Video of Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger Installation

Today on this enclosed trailer were going to install part number 20011 from Hopkins. This is their trailer breakaway kit battery charger. Right now, looking at our trailer the way its hooked up is that it does not have a battery charger. It has a 12 volt power lead coming off the towing vehicle going straight to the battery that will charge the battery, but over time that could overcharge the battery, especially on a long trip. Were going to install our battery charger. The first step is we will go ahead and locate the wiring that comes off the battery charge from the towing vehicle and we will hook that up to the black wire.

Next we will go ahead and take the red wire and we will hook that up to the battery on the trailer, that way the battery will be getting a charge. Now the blue wire coming off the charger will go out to our breakaway switch. You can use a variety of different connections. In this case we will be using wire nuts. Once our connections are made we can take our charger and tuck it in next to the battery.

With that, that will finish it for our install of part number 20011 from Hopkins on this enclosed trailer.

Customer Reviews

Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger - 20011

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (25 Customer Reviews)

- 20011

by: Smitty Smithsonite12/07/2016

Still working great - just checked battery voltage after being parked a few days: 12.90 on the SLA alarm-type battery, so it's certainly working. Always forgot to maintain, or even check the last battery - have no idea when it actually died. Wiring in this regulator ensures that it will have a much better chance of actually working IF I ever need it to. Lets hope not. ;) 323155

- 20011

by: Derek12/23/2013

I bought TR20048, and after about 2 years the charging circuit started malfunctioning. There are no replacement parts for TR20048. So I removed the original circuitry from the TR20048 and replaced it with 20011. 20011 does not have LED indicator lights, but it charges the battery without overcharging and is very inexpensive. 110988

- 20011

by: Arthur03/14/2013

A simple low cost solution that is easy to install. Installation took about 20min. In my opinion every trailer from the factory should have these pre- installed but many don't and without one the small breakaway battery will charge at too high a rate and probably overcharge, both of which can shorten the life of the battery. 70657

- 20011

by: A. Gale06/18/2011

It gives me peace of mind knowing that my trailer battery is being charged while I'm driving down the road on a trip since the trailer/battery sits most of the year. This item was easy to install. The harder part was the van wiring, connecting a wire to the van's trailer connection so that the charger thing could work. 17241

- 20011

by: Phil D.06/03/2014

It took about 5 minutes to install this charger. I can't understand why trailers don't come with these from the manufacturer. Etrailer is great, and we'll be doing more business in the future. I have a few trailers, and I can't imagine needing anything that Etrailer doesn't carry. 134020

- 20011

by: bob s04/25/2014

great little battery charger fit into breakaway box just fine. I use it on a double axle utility trailer. It will keep trailer break away battery charged up 127330

- 20011

by: John10/30/2017

Great product for horse trailers like mine whose manufacturer was too cheap to include. Easy install and wires are marked where they go. Fairly priced too. 447348

- 20011

by: kevin j01/22/2016

Does not come with any instructions, so get the wire coding off the internet here. Tiny, will be easy to mount in the battery box. 236071

- 20011

by: Bob P09/13/2013

I have installed the battery charger, and it seems to be working fine. I was impressed with the quick delivery and good packing. 99838

- 20011

by: Roy A03/19/2016

The product was exact;y as advertised, shipped & received promptly and was a snat to install!! 241079

- 20011

by: Dave09/07/2013

Good product at a good price. Excellent shipping price with fast delivery. 98808

- 20011

by: Dan06/20/2011

speedy shipping and works GREAT, until next time thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17484

- 20011

by: greg p05/19/2014

everything shipped quickly, and received as advertised 131266

- 20011

by: John04/15/2013

Product was as advertised.....Easy to hook up. 76221

- 20011

by: Byron02/19/2017

Received quickly and product meets my n eeds! 343433

- 20011

by: gene05/10/2011

recieved in good shape and what i wanted thks 13175

- 20011

by: Bob Owen07/08/2013

Ad advertised...Easy install...quick sh ip 88399

- 20011

by: Robert S06/25/2013

exactly what i need and at a great price 86105

- 20011

by: Jim S.05/22/2013

This charger is well worth the money. 81478

- 20011

by: will k11/08/2016

easy to fit into small spaces. 315076

- 20011

by: Bill G.12/29/2016

Still working great !! 328555

- 20011

by: duane stefan02/08/2017

happy with everything 341835

- 20011

by: Brandon04/04/2013

exactly as described 74145

- 20011

by: Jared D02/22/2015

Bought for spares 175591

- 20011

by: Harry I.05/20/2017

Works well! 382884


Thanks Harry for the great review and rating!! Hopkins appreciates your business.

Hopkins C from - 05/22/2017


Ask the Experts about this Hopkins Accessories and Parts
Do you have a question about this Accessories and Part?

  • Can a Trailer Break Away Battery be Charged from the 7-Way Trailer Connector
  • If you have a break away kit that does not include a charger, you can provide a charge to the battery using the 12 volt circuit or auxiliary circuit from the vehicle 7-Way trailer connector. However, using the 7-Way can overcharge a break away battery. It would better to add a charger designed for a break away battery like # 20011.
    view full answer...

  • How to Charge Two 12 Volt Batteries on an RV Towed by a Ford F-150
  • The 12 volt circuit on a 7-Way trailer connector can provide a maintenance charge to a 12 volt battery but it will not be able to fully charge it because the wiring for a 7-Way is too small to carry the current required. What you can do to charge the batteries on the RV is to first install a battery isolator, # TR118665, in the truck. You will need to attach one terminal to the positive on the truck battery and then connect the center terminal to a 12 volt ignition source (something...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Battery Size for Breakaway Brake System
  • The battery you use for a break away system needs to be able to power the trailer brakes on full for 15 minutes. A 12 volt battery rated for 5 amp hours is normally used, unless you have 3 axles each with brakes, then you would benefit more from a 9 amp hour battery. However a battery this large would not charge up through the 12 volt circuit coming through the trailer connector. The replacement batteries we carry, # HM20008 and # TK2023 are both rated for 5 amp hours. You can add...
    view full answer...

  • How Long Will the Engager Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Last Without a Charge
  • Battery life depends on so many factors that it is hard to quantify the life any given battery. I spoke with my contact at Hopkins and he stated that if the battery is stored outside he estimates a 3 to 6 month life span. If stored inside it will last a little longer and will most likely make it to 6 months. If the battery is not being charged via the 7-Way trailer connector regularly then it is recommended to charge the battery every 3 months using a battery charger like # CTEK56158. If...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Brake Controller Only Works with Pin Pulled on Trailer Breakaway Kit
  • This does sound like a short or a ground issue. It could also be corrosion inside or on the trailer connectors. You can test the charger by applying 12 volts of power to the power wire on the charger and then testing the output side to the breakaway battery on the trailer using a circuit tester like # 3808 to see if it is applying power to the system. Make sure that all ground from the main trailer connector, to the breakaway system, and on to the brake magnets are all grounded to clean...
    view full answer...

  • How Large Of Battery Can Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger # 20011 Trickle Charge
  • I contacted our representative at Hopkins and he informed me that the Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger, part # 20011 can charge batteries of different sizes, even large batteries, it will just take a bit longer. He informed me that part # 20011 will trickle charge your regular 12 volt battery just fine. If you do have the vehicle battery connected directly to the battery on trailer it will keep sending power to the battery even after the battery is charged, which could be bad for...
    view full answer...

  • How Does a Break Away Battery Charger Wire Into a Trailer Break Away System
  • A break away switch, like # HM20010, has a pin it that when pulled out completes a circuit from the battery mounted on the trailer to the trailer brakes. This allows the battery to apply voltage to the trailer brakes to stop the trailer should it become disconnected from the tow vehicle. The charger, # 20011, receives 12 volt power from the tow vehicle on the black wire. It sends this power to the break away battery on the trailer to provide a maintenance charge along the red wire. The...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Chargers for Trailer Breakaway System Batteries
  • We carry a Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger that would be perfect for you, the part # is 20011. The black wire connects to the 12-volt power from the trailer connector, the red wire connects to the positive battery terminal on the breakaway battery, and the blue wire connects to the breakaway switch. This would be the easiest, most economical way of providing battery chargers for the breakaway systems on your various trailers. You will want to make sure that the batteries are...
    view full answer...

  • Is a Battery Isolator Needed for 7-Way Wiring on 2001 Ford F250
  • The 12-volt power source at the 7-way connector is typically protected by a 40 amp fuse or breaker. This circuit is usually tied directly to the battery, with the fuse or breaker installed inline. This circuit is not isolated. Because this circuit can remain live even when the ignition is switched off, we recommend unplugging the trailer when the vehicle is not running to avoid the battery from being discharged. If you wish to avoid this problem altogether, using an isolator like part #...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger 20011 Operating Temps, Current Draw, Type of Charging
  • I spoke with a technical adviser at Hopkins, the maker of this charger and he said the safe operating temperatures for this Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger, part # 20011, is between -20 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The max current draw is 5 amps and uses a trickle charger, yet shuts down when the charger is full.
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger Wire Functions
  • Each of the wires on the Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger, part # 20011, have a specific function, but none of them are grounding. The black wire goes to your vehicle battery, the red wire goes to your trailer breakaway battery, and the blue wire goes to your break-away switch.
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation For Maintaining Battery Charge On Trailer When Disconnected From Tow Vehicle
  • You are correct that the trailer connector on your vehicle will maintain a battery on your trailer and will not charge it when connected. The wiring on the trailer connector is not big enough to draw all of the voltage form the alternator causing it harm. It will not however charge a battery once it is dead. I am not aware of a smart charge system as you described that detects and maintains the amount of current being used on your trailer. The options you have are to use shore...
    view full answer...

  • Will the Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Battery Charger Work for an Auxiliary Battery on a Trailer
  • Yes, you can use the Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger, # 20011, with the motorcycle battery on your motorcycle trailer. Like you said, you would simply tie-off the blue wire since it will not be used. This charger will maintain the charge on your battery and even provide a small charge when you are connected to the tow vehicle. The benefit of adding this charger to your battery is that the charger will stop sending power to the battery once the battery is fully charged....
    view full answer...

  • Can a Trailer Breakaway System be Run off of Existing Trailer Battery
  • A breakaway kit can be wired in one of two ways to the trailer brake system. The first way would be to use the Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit with Charger and Tester, item # 20099 , and splice off of the power wire that maintains the trailer's battery on the trailer to charge the battery included in the kit (see instructions). This is the recommended method of installing a breakaway kit since many states require that a breakaway kit with separate power supply be used. The second option,...
    view full answer...

  • What is the Function for the 3 Wires Coming out of the Charger
  • The 3 wire component is the charger and receives 12V power from the vehicle connector and charges the breakaway battery. Now the blue wire coming off the charger will go out to the breakaway switch. I included a video on a similar charger # 20011 for you to look at. It will have the same functions as your charger.
    view full answer...

  • How Do Trailer Batteries Normally Get Charged When Being Towed
  • What most people do to put a maintenance charge on a deep cell battery like yours that is on a trailer is to run a 10 gauge wire from the 12 volt accessory circuit on the 7-way directly to the positive post of the battery. A battery of your size can only have a maintenance charge put on it through the trailer connector though since the wire gauge is pretty small. The silver lining to this is that you would never have to worry about the battery getting over-charged.
    view full answer...

  • Do Trailer Breakaway Batteries Apply Enough Power for a Dual Axle Trailer with 4 Brake Assemblies
  • Any battery that is used in a breakaway system on a trailer needs to be able to sustain full braking power to the trailer brakes for at least 15 minutes to be in compliance with various laws in regions that require breakaway kits. The batteries we sell meet the requirements and where designed for that purpose for 2 axles. Always make sure that brake away batteries are fully charged before using them. The Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit, # 20099, is our most popular option. It comes with...
    view full answer...

  • Can a Trailer Mounted Battery be Charged Up Using a Breakaway Battery Charger
  • A charger such as # 20011 will not be able to charge up a regular battery, only small breakaway batteries. The issue is that the wiring on the trailer and vehicle is not large enough and the alternator is not strong enough (on most vehicles) to push back the amperage required to charge up a battery. At best it can only maintain the charge level of the battery. Also, you will want to disconnect the breakaway battery from the larger battery. Otherwise it will just drain it and also shorten...
    view full answer...

  • Wiring Functions of Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger 20011
  • Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger # 20011 is indeed a charger. When using it the black wire connects to the 12 volt power circuit coming from the tow vehicle. The Red wire connects to the breakaway battery on the trailer. The blue wire connects to the breakaway switch. I have linked a video that shows installation of this charger to better illustrate how it installs.
    view full answer...

  • Installation Direction For Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger, part # 20011 on a 2013 GMC Sierra
  • When installing the Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit # 20011, the black, red and blue wire are attached with the following procedure. The black wire is connected to the black wire in the battery box on the trailer. The red wire is hooked to the positive post (by itself) of the battery on the trailer and the blue wire is spliced to the blue wire from the breakaway switch. I have attached a FAQ article covering breakaway kit installations as well as a brief installation video. I can...
    view full answer...

  • Can Battery Charger 20011 and a Solar Panel Provide a Maintenance Charge to a Polaris SXS Battery
  • The solar panel will keep the battery from draining while sitting but if power is drawn from the battery the solar panel and charger will not be able to charge up the battery. The charger # 20011 is designed for small 5 amp hour batteries in breakaway systems. A charger such as # CTEKD250S is better suited for use with a solar panel.
    view full answer...

  • Is Diode Needed When Using the Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger # 20011
  • If you wanted to prevent the trailer back feeding to the vehicle battery a diode like the part # RM-690 would be what you need. If instead you install the part # 20011 you would not need to install a diode to prevent the battery from back feeding.
    view full answer...

  • Need for Charger on Battery on Trailer Break-Away System
  • I strongly recommend using the charger. The charger, like part # 20011 will protect the break away battery from overcharging or charging too quickly. The charger is a small investment, and it is easy to install. If you should decide that you are interested in the charger, it would wire as follows: the black wire would connect to the 12-volt supply circuit off of the 7-way, the red wire attaches to the positive terminal of the break away battery, and the blue wire connects to the break...
    view full answer...

  • Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Battery Charger Gets Hot
  • Battery chargers do get hot, especially if plugged in for long periods of time. If it is so hot that you can't even touch it then that would be a problem, a short somewhere either with the wiring or internal on the charger. On the wiring make sure there are no pinched, frayed or damaged wires and fix as needed. Make sure that the black wire is connected to the 12 volt circuit coming from the vehicle, red is connected to the positive breakaway battery terminal, and blue is connected to the...
    view full answer...

  • Is a Battery Charger Included with the Break-Away Kit and Battery for Hydrastar XL
  • The Cargo Towing Solutions Break-Away Kit and Battery for Hydrastar XL, # HBA-EBA, does not include a battery charger. If battery is connected to the 12-volt auxiliary circuit in the 7-way, the battery might overcharge causing damage to the battery. There is no way to regulate the power on the 12-volt auxiliary circuit to the breakaway battery. It is recommend instead to use a charger like the Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger, # 20011. The kit is easy to install, black wire...
    view full answer...

  • When Running Battery Charge Wire on Trailer is a Ground Wire Needed as Well
  • If you are running a 12 volt power line to the battery of your trailer there would be no need to run a separate ground wire. You are charging the battery of the trailer and not operating an accessory with that line so it would not need to have a ground to the battery as well. Similar to an alternator charge wire on a vehicle. There isn't a ground wire ran from the alternator to the battery as well.
    view full answer...

  • Battery Charger for a Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery
  • Generally a breakaway kit is installed mounting the battery to the frame but it doesn't have to be. We carry a few different chargers separate from the kits themselves and I've linked our selection for you. The most popular of the chargers if the Hopkins # 20011. To install the Hopkins charger the black wire connects to the power coming from the vehicle battery, the red wire to the breakaway kit's battery, and the blue to the pin. I've also linked a video for you.
    view full answer...

  • Wire Recommendation for Maintenance Charge of Trailer Battery
  • The part # 20011 that you referenced is designed to charge a breakaway battery (which is very small). It sounds like you are looking for something to put a maintenance charge on a larger battery. Which if so you would instead want to run a length of 10 gauge wire like part # 10-1-1 from the 12 volt accessory circuit of your trailer wiring to the positive battery post. A thicker gauge wire will do a much better job charging a battery as opposed to the thinner wires of the # 20011.
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Breakaway Kit Operation and Installation Information
  • There are several components to a breakaway system. The pin should be attached to a metal cable that is plugged into a small switch usually located on the frame near the coupler. I attached an FAQ article that details everything about these systems for you to check out. Typically the battery is enclosed in a case that will have a tester that will tell you the condition of the battery. Check out the Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit # 20099 to see one like this. This one also has a built...
    view full answer...

  • Will the Trailer Break Away Battery Charger Work with a 12 Volt 5 Amp Recahrgeable Breakaway Battery
  • I spoke with my contact at Hopkins and the Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger, item # 20011, should work with your 12 volt, 5 amp, rechargeable breakaway battery. We have a detailed description on how to install a breakaway kit with charger in the second section of our Breakaway Installation page (see link).
    view full answer...

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