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Truck Bed Toolboxes are available to fit all makes of trucks including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi.

You can use our fitguide to ensure that your new toolbox will fit perfectly in your truck. We offer Saddle Mount, Side Rail, Bed Floor, Wheel Well (pork chop), Underbody and Transfer Tanks that will suit your tool storage needs and your budget.

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Dodge Ram Pickup Tool Box

Truck Bed Toolboxes are available to fit all Dodge Ram Pickup models.

Saddle Mount, Side Rail, Bed Floor, Wheel Well (pork chop), Underbody and Transfer Tanks are available for that will suit your tool storage needs and your budget.

What our customers are saying:

Got my order on time as promised. Thanks good service!


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Dodge Ram Pickup Toolbox Videos

DeeZee Toolbox Review - 2002 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today our 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup, we're going to be doing a test fit of the DZ red label low profile truck bed tool box. That's going to be part number DZ8710L. It's also available in black and that's going to be part number DZ8170LB. Now its dimensions are 69 and three quarters long by 20 inches wide and 12 and three eighths tall. Now that's going to be of the usable space, so the inside of the box. Now to begin our test fit, I've already got it slid in back of the truck here as you can see. It's not a bad idea to get an extra set of hands to lift it up on the rails.

UWS Wedge Toolbox Review - 2003 Dodge Ram

Today, on this 2003 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 Series with the 8-foot bed were going to do a test fit of part number uws01048 from UWS. This is our truck bed chest. All right, a couple of things to know about this tool box is that it is a wedge series, so the bottom is a little bit narrower over in the top. The lid is also offset; the offset lid allows you to push the box all the way up to the front of a truck, so you can still open the lid without hitting the truck itself. Dimension of this box are 62 inches long by 20 inches wide and 17 inches deep. It is all aluminum construction.

UWS Crossover Toolbox Review - 2008 Dodge Ram

Today on this 2008 Dodge Ram pickup were going to do a test fit of part number UWS06208. This is a low profile deep truck bed toolbox. A few things to know about this took is that its a crossover, saddle style toolbox that hangs from the truck bed rails. It has a full aluminum construction with fully welded seams. This version has a black powder coating to it. The locks for the lids are two large stainless steel twist style handles and the lock is on the drivers side.

UWS Toolbox Review - 2003 Dodge Ram

Today on this 2003 Dodge Ram Pickup, were going to do a test fit on the UWS Toolbox, part number UWS01042. Or test fit is going to be relatively straightforward. Were going to take the bow, place it onto the bed up by the cab and well go ahead and see how it looks. We can see when we pushed the box up towards the front of the bed, well need some clearance when we open the lid up. So well scoot it back a little bit and open up the lid and see how much clearance we need. At this point, you know where to locate the box, so you can properly install it.

Dodge Ram Pickup Toolbox Questions and Answers

  • Does DeeZee Make a Low-Profile Crossover Tool Box For 2014 Dodge Ram 1500
  • The closest low-profile, DeeZee tool box to the # DZ6170N that you referenced is the DeeZee Red Label Low-Profile # DZ8170L. The # DZ6170N has outside top dimensions of 69-3/4L x 12W x 14-1/4T inches and sits 5 inches above the truck rails on your 2013 Dodge Ram Pickup. The same outside top DeeZee # DZ8170L dimensions are 69-3/4L x 20W x 12-1/5T inches and sits 2 inches above the truck rails. The important base dimension is the same for both boxes being 60-3/4 inches long. The...
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  • How Secure is Attachment Method of DeeZee Red Label Chest-Style Toolbox # DZ8556
  • A chest type toolbox like the DZ8556 would be attached to the truck bed using the included sheet metal screws through the bottom of the box into the truck bed itself. Be sure to take care when drilling the holes so as not to damage the fuel tank, brake lines or any other components that might be located under the truck bed. If you wish, you can use bolts instead of the sheet metal screws for added security.
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  • Will the DeeZee Wheel Well Toolbox, # DZ95D Fit a 2012 Dodge Ram Crew Cab Short Bed
  • In order to determine if the DeeZee Wheel Well Toolbox, # DZ95D, will fit your 2012 Dodge Ram, you can compare the measurements of the box with the area on the truck you want the box to go. The box measures 20-1/2 inches long, 8-1/2 inches wide, and 18-7/8 inches tall. Measure the floor of the truck bed starting just behind the wheel well to the tailgate when its closed. If it is more than 20-1/2 inches, it will fit. Then you can measure from the bed floor up to the top of the side...
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  • Can the DeeZee Red Label Toolbox # DZ8170DB Open from Both Sides
  • Yes, the DeeZee Red Label Crossover Toolbox, # DZ8170DB, can open from either side, but it only has a lock on the driver's side. I have attached the installation instructions for you to check out.
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  • Can Diesel Fuel Be Carried in the DeeZee Specialty Series Truck Bed Transfer Tank
  • Yes, you can transport diesel fuel with the DeeZee Specialty Transfer Tank, # DZ91753. This tank was designed to carry diesel fuel only. Gasoline and other flammable liquids should not be transferred with this tank.
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  • Toolbox Recommendations for a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab
  • We have numerous toolboxes that fit a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab. I have included a link to the toolbox options. Just select the correct style from the list to see the available options. The most popular crossover toolbox with a black finish for your truck is the DeeZee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox, # DZ8170LB. For a silver finish, the most popular box is # DZ8170DL.
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  • Using DeeZee Wheel Well Tool Box In Front of Wheel Well on 2011 Dodge Ram
  • I spoke with my contact at DeeZee, who did not have any information as to whether or not the box would fit in front of the wheel well, rather than in its typical installation behind it. However, the foot or bottom of the box is 17 inches in length. If you have at least 17 inches of floor space between the rear of the wheel well and the front of the truck bed, the box should fit. (Make sure to allow for the thickness of the lip at the top of the bed.) If you should find that the box...
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  • What is the Width of Bottom of DeeZee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox # DZ8556B
  • The bottom portion of the DeeZee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox # DZ8556B measures 13.1-inches wide according to Dee Zee. This is the rear-facing angled cutaway portion of the tool box where it faces the 5th wheel hitch mounted in your truck.
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  • Large Capacity Single Lid Crossover Toolbox for a 2010 Dodge Ram with 6 Foot Bed
  • For your 2010 Dodge Ram with 6 foot bed the largest and deepest boxes are over 16 inches deep.Take a look at DeeZee box # DZ8170DLB. I have included a link to the right to a video review of this cargo box for you.
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  • A-Frame Trailer Mounted Toolbox with Lid that Opens a Full 90 Degrees
  • In the video for toolbox # MT80349 it looks like it opens to 90 degrees but it is sort of an optical illusion. Seen from the side you can see that it does not open a full 90 degrees. DeeZee box # DZ91717P does open a full 90 degrees. I have included a link to this box for you. It is a little different, it is made of poly-plastic and not metal. MaxxTow box # MT80350, which is a little larger, does open to 90 degrees. I have linked a video of it as well. We also have RC toolbox...
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  • Product Information for Dee Zee 38-Gallon Truck Bed Transfer Tank # DZ91752SB
  • My contact at Dee Zee did confirm that they do now offer tanks that are suitable for connection to a vehicle fuel system using their connection kit, which includes an on/off valve. These tanks are pressure-tested and use fully-welded baffles. The part # for the connection kit is # DZ97960 and the part # for the 38 gallon tank is # DZ91752X. Note that installation of the connection kit requires cutting the OEM fuel hose. The Dee Zee 38-Gallon Truck Bed Transfer Tank, part # DZ91752SB,...
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  • Dimensions of the DeeZee Red Label Toolbox # DZ8556B
  • I attached a picture that shows all of the dimensions of the DeeZee Red Label Toolbox, # DZ8556Bthat you referenced. Overall it is 56" Long x 19" wide x 15-9/10" tall.
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  • Is There a Tool Box That Will Fit a 2006 Dodge Ram Crew Cab Short Bed
  • Take a look at the Dee Zee Toolbox, # DZ6170NB (silver) or DZ6170NB (black). These boxes are 69-3/4 inches long x 12 inches wide x 14-1/4 inches tall so they will fit in that 14 space between the wheel well and the front of the bed on your 2006 Dodge Ram Crew Cab, short bed. These boxes have a capacity of 5.75 cu ft.
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  • Dimensions on DeeZee Toolbox and Transfer Tank Combo DZ91740S
  • For the DeeZee Specialty Series Transfer Tank/Toolbox Combo # DZ91740S the overall dimensions are 56" long x 18" wide x 20" tall. Just the tank base dimensions are 56" long x 18" wide x 9" tall which holds 50 gallons. The toolbox dimensions then are 56" long x 11-1/2" wide x 11" tall.
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  • Truck Bed Tool Box Recommendation for 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 With Rails on Bed Sides
  • Because the bed sides have the rails on them, he'd need to go with a chest style toolbox, because the side rails would prevent a crossover style toolbox from resting on the bed sides. The bed of a 2005 Dodge Ram is 65-1/2 inches wide at the rear of the cab, so your BF can choose any chest style tool box he likes, as long as its less than 65-1/2 inches wide. The largest chest style tool box we offer would be the DeeZee Red Label, with an 8.9 cubic foot capacity. The tool box is available...
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  • Will DeeZee Wheel Well Toolbox # DZ95B Fit a 2005 Dodge Ram Quad Cab with 8 Foot Bed
  • The DeeZee Wheel Well Toolbox # DZ95B is listed as a fit for the 2005 Dodge Ram with 8 foot bed and Quad Cab. To be sure, you will want to measure the available space in the bed and compare it to the following toolbox dimensions: 37 inches long 7-3/4 inches wide 19-1/2 inches tall
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  • Can Truck Toolbox Work With Fifth Wheel Hitch In Bed Of 2004 Dodge Ram Truck With 6 Ft Bed
  • You will want to take some measurements to see if a toolbox will work with your fifth wheel trailer on your 2004 Dodge Ram with the 6 ft bed. You will want to slide your fifth wheel hitch forward all the way and take a measurement from the hitch to the inside wall of the front of the bed. This way you will know if you have the clearance needed to install a toolbox. The DeeZee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox, part # DZ8537, is designed to fit your truck. It measures 37-1/8 inches long...
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  • DeeZee Specialty Series Narrow Toolbox for a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab
  • According to DeeZee the correct Specialty Series Narrow Toolbox for your 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab is part # DZ6170NB. The base of this toolbox measures 60-3/4 inches long. I recommend measuring between the truck bed side rails to see if you have enough space to fit the base of the toolbox between the side rails. The top of the tool box that sits on the side rails measures 69-3/4 inches long. The DeeZee toolbox, # DZ6160NB, that you referenced is a smaller toolbox that was designed...
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  • Can Chest Style Toolbox Lid be Opened when Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer with 2004 Dodge Ram 3500
  • If you were to measure from the top of the bed corrugations up approximately 42-1/8 inches that should be about where the top of the lid would be on toolbox # DZ8560WB when opened. I took the height of the box measurement, minus the height of the lid, which is 18-1/8 inches and then added the width of the box, 24 inches to get 42-1/8. But really, the lid is less wide than the footprint of the box by 2 inches. So technically you could say 40-1/8 inches from the top of the bed corrugations...
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  • Will DeeZee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox # DZ8556 Fit 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • Yes, the DeeZee Red Label Chest Style Truck Bed Toolbox, # DZ8556, will sit below the bed rails of your 2004 Dodge Ram Pickup and should not interfere with your fifth wheel hitch in any way. We just so happened to have a 2003 Dodge Ram Pickup here today for a fifth wheel hitch install so I went out to take a couple of measurements for you. With the toolbox measuring 19 inches deep and 15-9/10 inches tall, there should be approximately 20 inches between the edge of your fifth wheel base...
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  • Chest Tool Box Recommendation for 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Short Bed
  • It looks like 8 cubic feet is the biggest chest style tool box size we recommend for a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 short bed. The most popular option we have is the part # DZ8546SB for that.
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  • Dimensions of the DeeZee Red Label Toolbox # DZ8556B
  • The DeeZee Red Label Toolbox, # DZ8560 that you referenced should work well in the bed of your 2003 Dodge Ram, but to verify that your truck bed has the necessary space needed for the box to fit you can compare the bed of your truck to the tool box dimensions in the picture I attached. This box is 56" long x 19" wide x 15-9/10" tall. From my research your box should be 65 inches wide so this should work well.
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  • What DeeZee Low-Profile Crossover Truck Bed Toolbox Best Fits 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 with 8-Ft Bed
  • The particular DeeZee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox # DZ8170DLB that you referenced is a fit primarily for short-bed trucks but it also fits your 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 with 8-ft bed. This weather-resistant box features a durable powder-coat black finish, 2 locking stainless steel paddle handles and a removable plastic tool tray. It is USA-made and carries a limited lifetime warranty from DeeZee. Installation does NOT require any drilling into the truck, only the tool box itself. The written...
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  • Is Access Toolbox Edition # 834532000821 Tonneau Cover Waterproof
  • When installed, the DeeZee # DZ8170DB tool box will sit flush against the front of the truck bed, but will not overhang the front of the bed. There will be a very small gap there that could admit water in a torrential downpour. I'm assuming you're speaking of the Access # 834532000821 Toolbox Edition Tonneau Cover. The cover will fit pretty snug up against the toolbox, but none of the tonneau covers we offer are billed as being waterproof. Even the tightest fitting tonneau can allow...
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  • Chest Style Toolbox For 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck With 8 Ft Bed
  • The chest style toolbox we offer for your 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 with an 8 ft bed is part # DZ8560WB. This toolbox has 14.9 cu ft of space and is a black powder coated aluminum. This toolbox measures 60 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 18-1/8 inches tall. This box is designed for trucks that have a fifth wheel installed. I have attached a link to a product review video for this toolbox you can check out. None of the toolboxes we offer for your truck have the 24 inch depth you asked...
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