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Review of the Curt Cam Buckle Stabilizing Strap

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Curt Cam Buckle Stabilizing Strap for Hitch-Mounted Accessories, part number 18050.This strap helps reduce stress on your hitch and hitch-mounted accessories. It does this by alleviating the excess tongue weight created when hitch-mounted accessories bounce. It attaches between your vehicle and your accessory, lifting that accessory relieving that up-and-down action. Here without the strap installed, you can see the up-and-down action that we can potentially get when going over rough terrain. With the strap installed, you can see how that is significantly reduced. Curt recommends this for all non-trailer loads, things like bike racks and cargo carriers.When installing on your hanging-style bike rack, you want to take the looped end, find a secure point on the head of the bike rack.

We'll bring the buckle through the loop along with the keeper, pull it tight. Then, we'll take the hook end. Now, it is rubber coated, so we don't have to worry about harming or scratching the finish of our vehicle, and we're going to attach it to the top of our rear hatch or the back of our trunk. Then, we'll take the two ends and connect them together. We'll come up through the underside of the Cam buckle and we're going to pull it nice and tight, and to get the most out of your strap you can even pick up on your bike rack to take out that extra play.

Then, we'll just clean up our excess strap, bring it around, and use the hook-and-loop to keep it all together, and then you're all set.You can also use it with your platform-style bike rack. With it installed, you could see how stable it is. It's the same principle. Curt shows the strap installed on the outermost bike. Some of our customers are also installing it on the upright mast.

You can choose whichever works best for your application.Here, we're using our strap with our cargo carrier. This will help limit the up-and-down movement of the cargo carrier when you're going over rough terrain.With this setup, we have it looped around the front rail of the cargo carrier.One of our customers, Elizabeth A, says "The strap helped to stabilize the bike rack . strong and sturdy. If you get the bike rack & hitch, spend the extra for this .. Worked great on my 2013 VW Beetle convertible."Keep in mind the strap is intended to be used along with your anti-rattle bolt, not instead of.We ran a few accessories through our test course with and without the strap.

Here it is with our hanging-style bike rack. You'll notice how much less movement we have . now with our platform rack. Now with our cargo carrier there's not that much difference in movement, but at least you have the peace of mind in knowing that you have extra support. That's going to complete our look at the Curt Cam Buckle Stabilizing Strap for Hitch-Mounted Accessories, part number 18050.

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This was suggested to be used with a Curt Cargo Carrier C18145 - Is there any video showing it in use- the connection points - especially since a cargo carrier is much much lower than a bike rack- Bike rack attach area is mid level on a window of that Nissan Murano- on a Cargo carrier the carrier barely comes over the bumper almost 2 feet lower... ??? Anything ?

Reply from Rachael H.

If you check out later in the video about the 2 minute mark the cargo carrier strap use is shown. 48572

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