Air Helper Springs Installation - 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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How to Install Air Helper Springs on a 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Today on this 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty we will be installing the Firestone air spring system part number F2330. The first thing we want to do is locate the jounce bumpers located directly above the axle near the springs on each side of the vehicle. These need to be removed from both sides of the vehicle so that is what we want to do first. With the jounce bumper removed you can see the collar that is in here. This collar we are going to reuse. If yours does happen to fall out when you are removing the jounce bumper you want to make sure you hold on to that. With the jounce bumper removed over on the driver side we need to clear out the wiring lines that are in the way because we want to make sure we do not pinch those when we install that upper bracket. We also need to remove this upper bolt that is holding the brake line on the outside of the frame, that is also interfering with our bracket. 00:48

With all of the obstacles removed from the inside of the frame rail we can install our upper bracket. Our upper bracket is going to install with this center counter sunk hole installing into the hole that we removed the jounce bumper out of. This larger hole is going to install into a large hole on the inside of the frame. Once we have ensured that the bracket is as level as possible we can tighten the bolt down fully. Start with a 3/ 8 bolt at the bottom of the bracket and then tighten the 3/ 4 inch one on the side of the frame. The next thing we are going to do is assemble the lower bracket and you are going to notice that on the side where the two pieces merge together we have multiple holes and if you look at the directions you need to find the proper hole for your application and that is going to differ depending on if you have a two wheel drive or a four wheel drive model. 01:43

The mount that we are installing it on is a two wheel drive so we are going to align the holes all the way at the top and we are going to install that using the 3/ 8 by one inch hex bolts along with the flange nuts. I want to loosely install the air spring to the lower bracket using the 3/ 8 by 3/ 4 inch flange hex nut and you can see in the lower bracket we have two off set holes, that is why we are going to loosely install it for the time being to figure out which hole is going to best accommodate once we set the thing up and that is also going to allow us to rotate the top section as well. We want to set up the other bracket and air spring as well and then we can put them into place. Now that we have got the lower bracket and the spring attached together we can it on top of the axle. The bottom of the lower bracket has an arch to it and that is going to set directly on top of the axle. We want to make sure that the brake line is not interfering with the installation of the lower bracket and we are going to it to where the threads are going to come right through the top hole. You can see that we do have two of them. Use whichever hole will help assure the most proper fit. 02:56

We want to use the hole in the upper bracket that allows the lower bracket to sit against the U bolts and allow our bail clamp to sit firmly against the back U bolt. Next we are going to our 90 degree fitting for our air line up to where the orange thread sealant sees fully into the fitting we also need to determine where we want to route the airline to which in this case we are going to route the air lines back behind the bumper so that we want the fitting facing out that way. Next we will take our bail clamp which is essentially a U bolt and we are going to feed it around the U bolts that are holding the axle on to the spring and align it to the holes that best fit your application. We are going to attach those with the 3/ 8 flange hex nuts. Next we will take our carriage bolts and them into our saddle bracket and attach it to the actual strap that goes bellow the axle. When doing this we need to be very careful of the brake line. Make sure it does not get pinched or even scarred. Again we will be using a 3/ 8 flange hex nut to attach the two. With that our driver side is essentially done. We want to repeat the procedure for the passenger side as well. I do want to note that on the passenger side you will need to install the heat shield as well. You can manipulate this any way you want side to side to where it is best going to suit your needs to keep the air spring from coming in contact with the exhaust. With both of our brackets installed it is time to install the air line. 04:40

We want to take our long length and cut it into two even pieces. We want to make sure we have a nice even cut at the end of our air line and we are going to it into our fitting we put on top and we just want to route it back to a point somewhere typically on the bumper where we are going to mount our air stems. When routing the wire we want to make sure we avoid any possible pinch points or hot spots and we also want to make sure we do not have any kinks in the line. Then once we have got it routed to the end we want to drill out a 5/ 16 hole into the mounting area where you are going to mount your stem. In this particular vehicle it has a preexisting hole so what I am going to do is cut the line down to an appropriate length and then we can install the line into the back of the stem fitting. What we want to do is take a flat washer and slide it on to one side and any extra line that you may have you can use the cable ties that are provided with the kit to pull those up and out of the way. That is all we have to do for the one side so we want to repeat that for the passenger side and then our installation will be complete. Now that we have the lines installed we are going to add air to our springs to show you how they inflate. Now that we can confirm that there are no leaks in the air lines our installation is complete. We do want to make sure we put up any brake lines or any wiring harnesses back into place. Make sure you torque all of the bolts down to the recommended torque rating and that will conclude the installation of Firestone air springs part number F2330 on a 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty.

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