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Tekonsha Replacement Breakaway Switch Installation - 2010 Chevrolet Equinox

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How to Install the Tekonsha Replacement Breakaway Switch on a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox

Today on our 2010 Chevvy Equinox we will be installing the Tekonsha Trailer Breakaway kit, part number 2005-P. We will be adding it here and using our paint marker mark out the attachment point in the bumper beam. We will then go ahead and drill it out and secure it directly to the bumper beam using the hardware provided. Now with our breakaway switch secured, we will go ahead and wrap the wires underneath the vehicle to where we can gain access to them later. Now with the switch installed and wires ran down to the frame, we will move inside the vehicle where we will need to run some extra length of wire to connect to the wires underneath.Next we will need to gain access to the firewall. To gain access to the firewall we will need to remove the dashboard under body panel.

To do this there are multiple fasteners to be removed; three across the front, two push pins and one in the back. Then we can go ahead and pull the panel down and set it aside for reinstallation later. First we will cut out the insulation with a large hole saw bit, then using the step bit process, start with the smaller pilot bit and work our way up to the 11/16th size, we can install an 11/16th bush, part number WC8057. Now with the hole drilled out we will go ahead and install the snap bushing.Once our snap bushing is installed we will go ahead and take our wires, run them through the snap bushing and down to meet up with the wires that come from the breakaway switch. Once we have the two together, we can strip back all four ends and use the butt connector to secure the wires together.

Because the breakaway switch is an electrical loop it makes no difference which wire we connect to which, as long as each black wire coming from the switch will reach inside the vehicle. Now that the connection is made with the butt connectors, we will go ahead and wrap up each connection point with some black electric tape to help keep out any dust, debris or moisture.Next we will move inside the vehicle where we can take the wiring that is connected to the clips that will go into our supplemental braking system and wrap them through the dash, staying away from moving parts such as gas or brake pedal. Now with our wires run we will go ahead and reinstall the under body panel. Then with that this will complete the install of the Tekonsha Breakaway Switch kit, part number 2005-P for our supplemental braking system on our 2010 Chevvy Equinox. .

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