Trailer Hitch Installation - 1996 Ford Explorer

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 1996 Ford Explorer

Today we are going to do an install of part number 70647 on a 1996 Ford Explorer. This also applies to part number 75083. The first step to installing our hitch is to remove any tow ropes here on the bottom of the vehicle. Sometimes they can be on the passenger side. In this case we do not have to worry about that. The next thing we can do is go ahead and install our hardware. Which the hardware fits in this hole right here and then on the side of the frame right here. What we will do is hang the hitch from this hardware here first. Then we will go ahead and install the rest. When you are putting up the hitch notice that this edge here is hitting here and on the shackle here. What happens on older vehicles is that the suspension sags a little bit. So what we have to do is raise up the body to raise the suspension so that we have room to fit the hitch into.

If you run into that problem and want to fix it we just used a regular floor jack. We keep just a piece of steel here this could easily been a 2x4 or landscape timber or anything like that. Just enough to take the weight off the suspension a little bit and we will show you how much clearance you get. Now after we have lifted up the body you can see that right beside the suspension is the shackle. You will want to push it back just a little bit behind this bumper here. We gained a 1/4 inch of clearance. Next we can install our hardware in the side of the frame. Right there we have a lock washer and a nut. Go ahead and repeat for the other side. Next we can go ahead and snug up our bolts. Make sure your hitch is right the way you want it. With this hitch you do not have much of a choice or room to move but some models you have more then others. It is time now to give them their final torque. Now that torquing them is complete we are finished wit our install of part number 70647 on a 1996 Ford Explorer.

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