Drilling to Enlarge a Frame Hole for Hitch Install

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Demonstration of Enlarging a Frame Hole for a Trailer Hitch Installation

On this hitch we have to enlarge this hole to a half-inch and there is one on the opposite side we have to do the same thing with.

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Bill Bishop 03/20/2019

I have a 2004 Toyota Corolla. The mounting holes seem to be rusted. Is there a way to mount the tow bar using different hardware or using over sized bolts after opening up the holes? Are there any other recommendations for attaching with this problem? Thanks for any help you may provide, 50777

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We do see this quite often and I have included several links for your reference. You can use a spray lubricant and a brush to dry to displace the debris, if that makes some progress you can also use the bolts to clean the weld nuts. If that does not work you can also use the appropriate size tap to clean out the weld nuts if needed. If you don't have a tap you can use a bolt of the exact same size and thread pitch to create your own tap. I have included videos of both of these processes for your reference. 46367

-- Rachael H - 03/21/2019

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