Rage Motorcycle Carrier Review

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Review of a Motorcycle Carrier from Rage

Alright today we are going to review motorcycle carrier part number MX600 from Rage PowerSport Products. Alright, this motorcycle carrier is designed for one motorcycle. It does come with a self storing ramp to help load up the bike. It comes with two tie-down points, one for the outboard and one for the inboard. It features all steel construction with a powder coat finish on it. And the pins themselves, make it adjustable for different bikes, are galvanized and so are the tie-down points. The last feature about this rack is it does come standard with an anti-rattle device. The carrying capacity of this motorcycle rack is rated up to 600 pounds. 00:45

We will go ahead and attach it with a 5/ 8 inch hitch pin. You can also use your favorite locking pin too. Then next we will slide on our anti-rattle device. Make sure the screws are undone completely so we can slide it underneath the collar of the hitch. When you tighten up the bolts, probably not all of these are going to catch because of the different types of hitches that are out there and different clearances. Get as many as you can to grab a hold of the hitch. It also has adjustable pins where the tires go so you can adjust for different size tires on your motorcycle. I am planning on doing the same thing for the other side too. Alright, next we will go ahead and remove the ramp and get it ready. There are two wing nuts that hold it in place. Alright, and with this model we can actually install the ramp on either side, whichever is easier for you. OK, you can see that the peg on the ramp will actually fit in the hole right here. And we will just it in there. And we are ready to load up our bike. 2:35

To tie your bike down, you can use your favorite tie-downs. In this case we are going to be using part number 06303 from Erickson Manufacturing. We are actually going to use this strap here, which will attach to the motorcycle handle bars, and then our favorite tie-down hook will go through here. Hook it through one and then through the other. Take the other half and take it down to the tie-down point right here. And then just tighten it up. Now, we are just going to snug it up cause we actually need to leave it loose just a little bit so we can roll the bike forward to get the ramp off of the carrier. OK, and repeat the same process on the other side of the handle bars. Now we will just kind of grab the bike and roll it forward just a little bit. And just pull out the ramp. Now we will go ahead and restore the ramp and then we will go ahead and tie-down the motorcycle for good. In just a few minutes, we have our motorcycle already loaded and ready to hit the trail. And there you have it for part number MX600 from Rage PowerSport Products.

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