Erickson Mounted Tie Down Strap Review

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Review of a Mounted Tie Down Strap from Erickson

Today we are going to install part number EM31319 from Erickson. This is their two inch by four foot long retractable tie down. This tie down is rated for 1,000 pounds working capacity and it has a maximum breaking strength of 3,000 pounds capacity. These tie downs are very easy to install. They do require being bolted to the trailer itself. This is the hardware, as shown, that comes with the tie downs, they have about a 1/ 2 inch thick thread, come with a nylon lock nut which are a fine thread also. They are way too long and we do not need them so we are going to just use the conventional grade five 1/ 2 inch hex bolt. As you can see this is the original tie down set up that is wrapped up and tied into a knot which is actually kind of hard on the strap itself. It also makes it hard to get the boat unstrapped when you need to. 00:42

This is how we are going to start off. We will hook up to our tie down loop on the boat and we are going to take our base and we are going to bolt it behind the tail light. That way when it is not in use it will be out of the way and will look sleek and be part of the trailer. Our first steps involved is to remove the tail light so we do not damage it. We will just pop it out and it will be fine just like that. Now go to the back side and mark the hole location. Like that will be just fine. Mark the hole and drill it out with 1/ 4 inch bit and then follow it up with a 1/ 2 inch bit. Now looking from the outside in, install the 1/ 2 inch bolt that is about 1-1/ 4 long, the lock nut, and washer. 01:31

Make sure it is straight or angled if you want it. Then tighten it down. Now reinstall the tail light. Then just pull out the strap and you can just ratchet it down tight. To unlock it just pull down and release, push it all the way up until you hear it unsnap and it is loose, and then all you have to do is push it back down and ratchet back up and it tightens up. Within a few minutes we have installed a new tie down that looks a lot better and is a lot faster and you have no leftover strap hanging out, flapping in the breeze, or having to worry about putting a knot into it. There you have it for part number EM31319 from Erickson Manufacturing.

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