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Bully Ball Mount Hitch Backup Light Demonstration

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Demonstration of a Bully Ball Mount Hitch Backup Light

Today we are going to show you part number CR-607 from Bully. This is the ball mount hitch light. What this device does is it is a great idea for when you are hitching up to your trailer at night time, it throws an additional light on your hitch and trailer so you can see what you are doing. This mounts easily to any two inch ball mount. You do not have to remove it when you are towing also. It just stays in the same place. You can have it light up with the reverse light on your vehicle or you can optionally wire it to a 12 volt power supply on your vehicle, like the battery, and activate it with the on and off switch behind the lights themselves.

And this does come complete with the wire harness to make all of your connections. Let us go ahead and install this on a typical vehicle. First off we will go ahead and get behind the tail light here and find our reverse wire. We will go over the functions really fast. This is going to be ground, the black wire. The white wire will hook up to reverse light lead so you can have them come on when you hit the reverse lights. And also the red here, with the fuse holder, it provides for the 12 volt power supply so if you want to run it up to the battery and activate it by the switch in the back of the light. What we will do next is go ahead and install the ground screw so our light tester has a ground to work with.

And then we will go ahead and test the reverse light lead and see which one it is. And it looks like in this case it is going to be the black with the purple stripe. Now that we have found which wire we want, now let us go ahead and make our connection with the quick splice. And now we will go ahead and move to underneath the vehicle and make our connections there. This is the unit itself. It does slide onto the ball mount and has a little Allen screw that actually holds it in place. This is the wiring connector over the light itself. All that you have left is to go ahead and plug the two ends together and we will just route it up and out of the way if possible. And you can zip tie them to something behind your bumper like existing wiring or something like that and then you are good to go. We will go ahead and put the truck in reverse to give you an idea of how it looks. And with that, there you have it for part number CR-607 from Bully.

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