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Review of Way Interglobal RV Lighting 324-000099

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at a recessed LED light for RVs. Now, this does require a hole for your installation, but once installed, it offers a really nice clean low-profile look. And it is an LED system. LEDs make great replacements for incandescent lights. They last longer, they burn brighter, and they're much more efficient. With LEDs you don't have to worry about replacing bulbs or worry about brittle filaments.

This particular light features a nice white metal housing. It's very strong and durable. It has the frosted glass lens, which offers a really nice clean attractive look, and it is designed to be installed in dry locations. It's a two wire design, so you have one wire for power, one wire for ground, and it is also designed for 12 volt systems.When you need to remove the lens, it's very easy to do. Just like you're unthreading a cap off a bottle, comes right off.

This allows you to gain access to the two mount holes. Now these mount holes are separated on center by three and three-quarter inches, mounting hardware not included. But here on the inside you can see the LED chip that it uses. Nice large design. And that has one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine diodes on it.

So, it's a nine diode system or nine LED system. And then it's got that reflective metal base right here, which optimizes the overall light output. And then when you place the lens back on, you can either just push it into place, I like to push it in, and then rotate it, make sure it's on there nice and tight.Now, when it comes to the overall diameter, I'd say the measurement from edge to edge, and that measures about four and three eights inches. The base, which is this portion here, this has a diameter measurement of three and a quarter, a depth measurement of an inch and a quarter. The instructions do recommend a three and a half inch diameter hole for the installation.

Again, it has two mount holes on it. And when it comes to the maximum wattage, it comes to four watts.I'm going to go ahead and hook it up to power that we can see what it looks like with some power running to it. We'll also be able to turn off our overhead lights so you can see it in a lower light setting. It does send out a really nice bright consistent signal. The frosted glass lens allows plenty of light to come out, and that multi diode design really helps optimize the overall light output.That's going to do it for today's look at the recessed LED light for RVs.

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Are these dimmable.Tnx 50359

Reply from Rachael H.

These lights # 324-000099 are not dimmable. But I did provide a link to the product page below that does have a few more specifics about this light that might be helpful to you. 45989

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