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Review of TorkLift Weight Distribution TLWD1000

Today we're going to review part number TLWD1000. This is the Torklift SuperHitch Everest Weight Distribution System. Has a 30,000 pound gross towing weight capacity and a 3,000 pound tongue weight tongue weight capacity. Now this SuperHitch Everest Weight Distribution System is designed to work exclusively with the SuperHitch magnum, the dual receiver trailer hitch, we do sell that separately on our website. This system will include the ball mount head assembly right here, the spring bars which I've already attached to it, the brackets, the chain brackets, and the chains. Comes with the angle adjustment spacers right here, that attached to this shank on your vehicle. All the necessary hardware and it also comes with this hydraulic bottle jack and this z-bar lifter. Now also required when you install this is a TorkLift adjustable shank and we do sell those separately, it's part number TLM9010 or I have an example here, the other one you can us, it is the TLM9011.

Again both these are sold separately. Basically what this shank is used for, is this would slide into the dual, the magnum dual receiver trailer hitch, then with these holes, you'll basically slide this down in there. Then using your adjustment brackets to get the right angle, you would attach it like that. This is required but it is sold separately, and the other parts you'll need that is required, that would be solve separately is the two and 5/16 diameter hitch ball that has a one and a quarter inch shank diameter. That's made to install right there. Both of those parts we do sell separately and they're also required. Now basically this system will help create a stable ride for your tow vehicle and trailer, basically adding these springs bar to your towing systems applies leverage which will transfer the load, that's pushing down on the rear view of your vehicle, and it will transfer to all the axles on both your tow vehicle and your trailer. This will result in an even distribution of weight throughout the system.

The result is you get a smooth level ride as well as the ability to tow the maximum capacity of your hitch. If you noticed it has these adjustable chain collars right here. I'll show you over here, they basically will slide up and down the spring bar and this will allow for optimum placement of the spring bar and it also allow these chain brackets to be easily positioned on your trailer to clear any frame mounted obstacles. Then basically since the chain collars will slide back and forth that will also change the amount of leverage on the spring bars by moving them that way. Now to help attach the spring bar to these brackets that will be on your trailer frame is the z-bar lifter and this hydraulic jack, this will actually assist in the tensioning, make setup a snap. You take the z-bar lifter, if you notice, has a little square thing rolled it on here that's where the jack will go into, and this part you put on the end of the spring bar, with it on the end, and then with the jack underneath, you can pump up the spring bar and then allow, put, connect the chain to the chain brackets and you can get it to the appropriate length that you need to supply the correct tension on your system. Now these spring bars, as you'd see here are very sturdy round spring bar, they're hold in place with these snap pins. If you just pull these pins out, like that, you'll be able to slide the spring bar right out once you slide it back in, put the pin in and snap it into place, that'll hold that bar into place. It is a tronian-like 00:03:39 attachment so that ensure greater ground clearance than your standard round bar systems.

Now these chain brackets right here, these can either be clamped onto the trailer frame, you just put them on the frame, tighten these bolts down or using the supplied bolts, they can also be bolted on to the frame with all that included hardware. Now the adjustment, these angle adjustment brackets. This is what'll be to hold the ball mount as head assembly to the shank, you would just run it through here and through here and then using these different holes, you can actually adjust the tilt that you need by using these spacers, it's a much easier system than some of the other weight distribution systems out there. All these pieces are a powder-coated steel which will help resist corrosion and again the specs on this, it is designed to work with the TorkLift SuperHitch Magnum Dual Receiver Trailer Hitches, has a maximum gross towing weight capacity of 30,000 pounds, maximum tongue weight capacity of 3,000 pounds, that's also have a lifetime warranty. That should do it for the review on part number TLWD1000. The TorkLift SuperHitch Everest Weight Distribution System. .

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