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Reese Weight Distribution RP26002 Review

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Review of Reese Weight Distribution RP26002

Today we'll reviewing part number RP26002. This is Reese Dual Cam High Performance Weight Control System. This weight control is going to attach to the Reese Weight Distribution Spring Bars, which are sold separately. That's going to be on both sides of your trailer. This is going to apply constant, even pressure to keep the trailer in line, and it works only with cam-style bars, either round or trunnion bars. This system is going to automatically adjust and self-center to control the sway in a variety of situations. If you're going in straight line movement, the cams actually lock into position to hold the trailer steady despite crosswinds.

When you're going around corners the cams are automatically going to unlock and slide to allow full radius turns. If you ever come into a situation where you need to make a sudden swerve, the cams actually seek a straight line angle to help stabilize the trailer. This is a simple bolt-on installation for a-frame trailers. You just want to make sure that your trailer frame width does not exceed 2-1/2". Right here on each bracket you're going to see that you have two holes upfront and one hole in the back. The distance between those holes, center on center, is going to measure 4-1/2" here on the front face of the bracket.

Another great thing about this mounting system is that it's not going to interfere with the items already mounted to your trailer frame, such as gas tanks or toolboxes. If you have a generator mounted it's not going to interfere with those. You do want to keep in mind that the dual cam sway control cannot be used with surge-type trailer brakes, and this is going to be designed for class three, class four, and class five hitches only. Pretty simple system to use. Everything that you need for the installation is included, and then this portion right here just fits over the end part, the end connection point. It's going to sit like that. This is where the arms from the weight distribution system is actually going to sit. Again, it's a very safe system to use.

The function of it is very simple and the installation is pretty simple as well. That's going to do it for our review of part number RP26002. This is the Reese Dual Cam High Performance Weight Control System. .

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