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Review of Performance Tool Tools PTW41021

Today we're going to be taking a look at Part Number PTW41021. These are the Performance Tool 2 ton jack stands. The jack stands are designed to position under your vehicle or trailer at points specified by the vehicle manufacturer that way you can make sure you get these at the proper load support points. You've got the ratchet column right here, so it's got the ratchet design for easy adjustment. Then you're going to have this control lever that's going to lower or rise. With it in the rise position, that's going to allow this to move freely and then with it in the lowered position, that's going to lock the ratchet column or center column in place. So it's nice that those ratchets are here on the center column for safe operation.

You always want to be sure to use your jack stands in pairs. These are going to be made from a steel construction with a tough enamel finish. The jack stands are going to be yellow in color and the ratchet columns are going to be white in color. Each stand is going to have a capacity of 4,000 pounds. The minimum lift height, which is going to be this right here, is going to be 10 3/4" from the ground to this area right here. If we have it all the way extended, which is in this position right here, that's going to give us a maximum lift height from the ground to this point right here of 16 3/4". We're going to take a measurement of the base.

Measuring this direction outer edge to outer edge. That's going to give us a measurement of 6 11/16". Measuring this direction outer edge to outer edge. We're looking at 6 15/16". With this part number you are going to get 2 jack stands. Very simple operation.

What you would do is you'd position the stands under your vehicle with your vehicle already lifted in the air and then you can either just pull this up because it's got the ratchet design or you can lift up on that control lever and adjust these where you need the saddle to make contact with the vehicle. So get that to the desired height or just underneath contact with the vehicle, push the control lever down to lock the pall 00:02:25 into place and then you can make sure the pall 00:02:28 is full engaged in the teeth and then simply and carefully lower the load onto the stands and it's going to do a good job of supporting it. Now one thing I do want to mention is right here there's a sticker that says "Caution" and then there's a small little tab. It says that you want to bend this tab after inserting the ratchet bar. That's going to keep the ratchet bar from being able to be fully removed. So right now you can see I can fully remove that With that tab bent, it's going to catch on this little raised area here and that'll keep it from being able to be fully removed from the actual stand. That's going to do it for today's look at Part Number PTW41021..

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