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Review of Optronics RV Lighting - Flush Mount Dome Light - OPT58FR

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Optronics RV Lighting - Flush Mount Dome Light - OPT58FR Review

Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're gonna take a quick look at this Opti Bright LED Dome Light. This is a low-profile Oblong Dome Light. That's gonna provide a nice bright white light for your RV's interior. So you can see around even in those low light conditions in the evening, as you're making your way to bed and that sort of thing, it is gonna be very bright.

So let me show you, turn it on here and you can see let me go back out to my wide shot and then turn off the studio lights here. And you can see this is gonna provide 1500 limits of the bright daylight colored white light. That is right at the Kelvin temperature of 5,775 K. So right there in the middle to give you that nice, bright neutral white color, this is going to have 66 of these LED light emitting diodes that are gonna shine through this polycarbonate lens. So it's gonna be very durable.

Those LEDs are gonna be a lot more long lasting than your typical incandescent bulbs, they don't have the brittle filaments on the inside. So they last about 50 times longer. These actually come with a lifetime warranty so they are gonna do a good job lasting for a nice long time. This light is going to be a surface mount. And so you'll just need a big enough spot for those two wires that pigtail there to fit through.

And then it will sit flush on your ceiling or wall wherever you want to mount this. It's not gonna take up much room at all. It's only about nine sixteenths of an inch thick. It's gonna be 13 and a half inches long and three and 15 16th just shy of four inches tall. The mounting hardware to get this mounted in place is not included but they do include this trim ring.

It's gonna finish off your look so you can just pop that off. When you get this, it's gonna take a little bit of effort to overcome the flash that's holding it in place. And so then you see, it's gonna be very easy to get those mounted that in place, we got those holes on the corners there so that we can screw that onto our wall or our ceiling. And then we can just simply put the cover over it for that nice finishing look so that everything is gonna be a nice pristine for us. This is gonna be compatible with 12 volt and 24 volt DC systems. If you are using a 12 volt system it's only gonna use about 0.74 amps. If you're on a 24 volt system, it's gonna use 0.5 amps. And again, that's thanks to our LEDs which are gonna be very efficient. And they're gonna provide that bright light with less power draw than your incandescent lights. So this is gonna be a really nice option for you. And because it does have the durable surface mount technology or SMT construction with the LED circuit board it's gonna better withstand shock and vibration. So as you're going down the road in your RV you hit holes and get kind of jostled around. It's not gonna have any detrimental effects on the light. It's gonna hold up well and do a good job for you. It's also gonna allow it to distribute the heat better. So it will be a very long lasting product. We'll be able to provide light for you for a long time to come. This does have an IP rating of six seven so it's gonna be resistant to dust and water. So again, a very durable will hold up well for you. And it is gonna provide that nice bright white light for you. So you can make sure that you're seeing everything that you need to inside your RV. So that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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