Review of MORryde Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension - Spring Mounting Hardware - MR58ZR

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MORryde Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension - Spring Mounting Hardware - MR58ZR Review

Hello buddy. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this more ride shackle upgrade kit for your tandem axle trailers with the leaf spring suspension and the OEM correct track hangers. Now this heavy duty shackle kit is an excellent upgrade on your RV suspension. Now this kit here is designed for tandem axle trailers with the leaf spring suspension and the 2 1/4 inch size shackles, and the OEM correct track hanger. This kit will also work with the MORryde SRE 4000 and the CRE 3000 suspension.

Now what's nice in this kit is they use these 1/2 inch thick shackle brackets which are a lot thicker and stronger and more durable than your standard quarter-inch thick factory brackets. They also use these bronze bushings here which will increase durability over the plastic ones that are used. And they do use the greasable bolts which are also known as wet bolts. They're easily maintained, they help minimize wear and tear versus a dry bolt. Now basically in a multiaxial system, the shackles right here, these are what will link the springs and the equalizers in your suspension system.

The shackles handle the most movement and weight in the suspension setup. Therefore they're most likely component to wear and should be checked frequently. The shackle bolts are what holds the shackle straps to your leaf springs and to your equalizers and normally has dry bolts which over time could wear out and fail. As we mentioned earlier, this upgrade kit, besides having these sticker straps, will also include these wet bolts. And a wet bolt is a shackle bolt that has this grease-cert fitting right here on the end, allows you to apply grease to the inside of the bushing, and it keeps that wear from happening at your connection points.

So basically when you attach your grease gun right to the cert fitting, pump the grease in there, it'll go inside the bolt, come out that hole right there. That'll be on the inside of your bushing. And it lubricates that bushing. Now this upgrade kit will replace the shackle straps, the bushings, the bolts, and the lock nuts on your RV suspension system, includes everything I laid out here on the table. We mentioned the shackle straps.

It comes with eight of these shackle straps. And when I mentioned there we're 2 1/4 inch long where that measurement is from the center of this hole to the center of that hole. And we've mentioned they're 1/2 wide shackle straps. Comes with the 12, 9/16 by 3 3/8 inch long wet bolts. And then right down here, it comes with two of the 9/16 by 2 7/8 inch long zinc wet volts, 14 of a bronze bushings, 14 of the 7/16 flange lock nuts, and a nice set of detailed instructions that'll describe how all this goes together. Now these parts are made in the USA. But that should do it for the review on the more ride shackle upgrade kit for tandem axle trailers with the leaf spring suspension and the OEM correct track hangers..

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