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Review of Lippert Components Camper Jack LC643589

Speaker 1: Today, we're taking a look at the Lippert Smart Electric Trailer Jack. This electric jack has a lift capacity of 3500 pounds. The electric jack mounts to your trailer, and lets you raise and lower your A-frame trailer quickly and easily. The up and down buttons are located right here.So, this area right here is the control panel, and it uses push buttons. So, this jack gets rid of those toggle switches. So, the up and down buttons allow easy one-touch operation.

One of the things that makes this a smart jack is the hitch recognition memory function. Makes hooking up very simple. So, this unit automatically returns your trailer to the position at which you unhooked. All you have to do is press and release both the up and down arrow buttons three times within two seconds, and the jack will automatically retract or extend to the original hitch height position.Also, internally, it features helical cut gears with angled teeth. Those gears gradually mesh together for quiet, efficient operation.

Also, this control panel is backlit. So, this is a backlit control panel that makes it very easy to see and operate the jack at night. It also features a new design right here. This is the battery indicator on the control panel. It displays the coach battery level.Then, located right here ...

they're really hidden and out of the way . but, under here there's a lip, and it features LED lighting that illuminate downward that help you focus on the coupler, hitch ball, and weight distribution hook up area, which is ideal for low light or nighttime condition.You'll also notice that at the base, we have a nice, extra-large foot plate. That provides excellent stability, especially on softer surfaces to prevent sinking. That measures nine inches in diameter, and that's a steel foot plate. Then, also, you'll notice that we have a pin and clip down here, and that's because that foot plate's attached to that drop leg.

So, the drop leg offers additional height adjustment.There's a cover right here. So, you pop off this cover, and that's how you gain access to the manual override. It's located conveniently at the top of the jack, if ever needed in case of power failure. And, the handle is included with this jack.We're looking at a heavy-gauge steel construction for strength and durability. And, then, we have a really nice powder-coated finishing on the unit to resist rust and corrosion, and then all of these components here. So, everything black is the black powder-coated . the housing . durable plastic construction. But, everything down here and the handle, that's steel and that has protective finishing to keep it safe from rust and corrosion as well.It's an easy bolt-on installation. Mounting hardware is included. So, it comes with three bolts. Holes are pre-drills right here in the mounting plate. That's your standard mounting footprint.And, then, when it comes to wiring, it is fuse-protected, and it wires directly to your 12-volt power source. And, then, it would ground through the mounting hardware.A few measurements I want to go over with you real quick, and then we'll hook up the power and I'll show you some of the functions of the unit. From the bottom of the mounting plate to the top of the jack was about twenty-one and a half inches. This offers a total lift of twenty-two and a half inches. So, the jack offers 18 inches of travel . that's the screw travel. Then, the drop leg provides an additional four and a half inches of travel. Again, the foot plate diameter is nine inches. Motor voltage is 12 volts. And, power consumption is 30 amps. So, we're gonna go ahead and hook it up to power. That way, you can see what it looks like with some power running to it. I'll show you the lights. I'll operate the up and down functions for you. And, you can get a really good look and feel for how the unit works. I do want to point out that the helical cut gears do really provide nice, quiet operation.Alright. Should be all set here. Really just three buttons here at the top. So, we have our light button . and then, I'll turn off our lights so you can see how . right here, we have light shining at a downward angle. That, again, is designed to illuminate the coupler area. That light goes around this area here, so that way it eave casts light downward towards the side brackets and weight distribution system. Then, on top, we have our backlit panel, so that way you can always see the controls.Also, we have that battery indicator right there. Shows us how much battery we have left. When we're ready to raise the jack up, we just push the up button. So, really nice, quiet operation. It's got a really nice speed to it as well. I'm not gonna go all the way up, but you get a good idea. And, then, to go down, just hold the down button. And, it does stop as soon as we let go of the button. Another neat feature I wanna point out is once it's retracted all the way, even though I'm holding down the button, it has an automatic shutoff. So, that way, you don't damage the motor. You don't damage the gearing. That's a safety feature of the unit that's built in.That's gonna do it for today's look at the Lippert Smart Jack Electric Trailer Jack.

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