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Review of Jensen RV TV - LED TV - JTV32DC

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Jensen RV TV - LED TV - JTV32DC Review

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Jensen RV TV. This is an LED, 12 volt, 32 inch screen, and this is going to be a lot nicer TV to have in your RV than your typical TV that you could just pick up anywhere, because it's going to have the internal components secured by a polymeric conformal coating, which is basically just a fancy glue that's going to keep everything nice and secure so that whenever we're bumping down the road and going through that shake that you typically experience when you're going at highway speeds, it's not going to affect our TVs functionality at all. It's going to be able to withstand that day in and day out and not damage the TV or disrupt the picture.It's going to come with a remote, it has this little baggy that actually comes attached to the back there, and that does include two AA batteries so you can have that remote ready to go right when you get it. It also comes with an RCA cable so you can connect that to any RCA device that you'd want to connect up to it, and the power cable, which is a direct splice-in kit, this is designed to be used with DC power, so direct current power.We'll open this up for you. That way you can actually wire this into the wall and give that power directly. It does have an inline fuse to keep everything protected.

So you don't have to worry about any shorts. It's just going to blow that fuse instead of ruining your TV itself. It comes with the 7.5 amp fuse. Now, if you wanted to convert this or switch this out for an AC plug, which would be that typical house plug that you are probably familiar with, you can pick up an AC plug adapter, and it would have this same end, that round end that goes into our power connection, but then it would go to that regular power plug that would just plug into a normal outlet.So it's nice that it comes with that. We don't have to pick up that remote separately.

The other nice thing about that remote is that it can be used with any other Jensen product. So if you wanted to have a stereo hooked up with this or a DVD player or any of their other accessories, you can pair that with those other accessories and just have the one remote for everything.The picture on this is pretty nice. It is an HD TV, has integrated HD TV tuner, and it has a pretty high viewing angle rating, so that's going to be how far off center you can be and still see a clear image without any kind of fading or anything like that, and this has a 178x178, which means we can be pretty much all the way to the side, all the way up or all the way down, and it's not going to affect the image. So even if you're kind of off-center, sitting off to the side or you have a bigger group of people who are all trying to watch a movie together, it's still going to be a good quality picture for everybody involved.A lot of times, the RV TVs can have a viewing angle that you really have to be right in front of it and looking directly at it to get that perfect picture, but you won't have that issue with this, since it has that nice high viewing angle.On the back, flip this back all the way around, we'll have several different ports, we'll have two HDMI ports so you can hook this up to a Blu-ray player or maybe a gaming console system and still have good quality image, and then we'll also have our RCA cables, an antenna port as well, and a USB down here at the bottom, our 12 volt connection, so our power connection goes right there. The nice thing about this is that everything is labeled in a really easy to see spot.

The power buttons and the volume and everything, the buttons themselves are located underneath the TV here, but the labels are on the front, so that makes it a lot easier to find those and actually see what you're connecting to.You'll notice these four screws at the back. Those are going to be pretty standard VESA, or VESA mounting pattern, which is pretty standard for just about any kind of mounting plate or stand that you'd want to use this with it. It doesn't come with a stand or any kind of wall mount, so you will have to purchase that separately, but that's a pretty standard size. It's a hundred millimeters by a hundred millimeters, as far as the distance between those mounting positions, and it is nice that they do include those screws there so you don't have to pick up any extra hardware. It's just ready to go whenever you find that stand that you want to use.When it comes to how big the TV is, from side to side, it measures about 29 inches wide, and then about 17 and five eighths inches tall, and going from that front face to the back where we would mount it up, it's about three and a half inches deep.You do want to make sure you check the owner's manual, they have some specifications on how much room you need to give around that TV to make sure that there's proper ventilation for all our internal components.

We don't want it to overheat on us and cause any issues there. So you always want to give yourself a little bit of wiggle room to let that TV breathe and work properly.It does come with a one-year warranty from Jensen, and that part number for that converter cable is ACDC3212, and you can find that right here at's going to do it for our look at the Jensen RV TV..

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