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Review of Jensen RV TV - LED Smart TV - ASA38VR

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Jensen RV TV - LED Smart TV - ASA38VR Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this Jensen 32 inch AC-powered LED Smart TV, has 1080p Full HD resolution. Now, this TV will let you stream your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere you're gonna park with this nice AC-powered Smart RV TV. This Smart TV will support Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many more applications. Now, at the end of this video, I'm gonna plug this into some power just to show you the screen and how it operates. It is a white LED-lit TV, which will display realistic images, 16.7 million colors.

On the very back, it has multiple connection points, which allow you to link other devices to your TV, and just to zoom in to show you what we're talking about. If you noticed going vertically on this side, you'll be able to see it has two USB ports for gaming and video devices, underneath that, a headphone port for audio listening, underneath that, an RF antenna connection for satellites. On the very bottom going horizontally, I'm gonna go ahead and turn this TV, just so we can go through those ports. Starting over here, we have an optical port for digital sound, next to that is the LAN port for wired internet, then you'll see the three HDMI connections for gaming and video devices, and at the very end, the three component video connections for analog electronics. Go ahead and zoom back out.

This is an HDTV tuner, it'll locate and bring in digital TV channels from the surrounding area. On the very back lower corner, it has control buttons in the rear that'll provide power, channel, and volume, and what's nice is with the buttons right here in the very back corner, it leaves the front looking nice and sleek, there's no buttons or anything. But also, they include this nice infrared remote control that allow you control the TV from the front of the TV. It does offer a quick setup wizard menu, gives you the ability to access and adjust the TV settings like picture, audio, time, setup, lock, and even channel options. The speakers on this are on the very bottom, they are downward facing speakers to project the sound clearly.

This TV has a nice sturdy plastic outer shell, and it uses a conformal coded circuit board to protect the TV during travel. That circuit board is a polymeric conformal coating, which will shield the circuit board from any moisture, dust, and even extreme temperatures. At the very back, it'll have a standard VESA mounting pattern on it to allow you to install the TV with a compatible wall mount. Now, the wall is not included. It does use the standard VESA mounting pattern of 100 millimeter by 100 millimeter, and they also offer a table top stand, which is sold separately on the website.

Few specs on this, the dimensions, if we start with the width of this, one end into the other is 29 inches, the height is gonna be right at 17 inches tall, and the depth is only about three inches deep. Screen size, if we measure diagonally is 32 inches, maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080, power supply, 110 volt AC, power consumption, 35 watts, and the weight of eight pounds, very lightweight TV, very easy to handle. So again, what I'm gonna do is we're gonna plug this in and then just show you the screen. We'll go ahead and take our infrared remote, and we'll hit our on and off button, and you can see it'll come on. And then once it comes on, you'll see we'll be able to hit our home button. Oops, let's go from a distance. There we go, there's your home page, and you'll be able to see, covers the Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Facebook, Twitter, and many other options. You can see there's some other options you can choose from. Again, go back to the home page just like that. And also I just wanted to show you, I'm gonna go ahead and turn off the overhead lights, just to show you in a dark room how detailed the screen is. Very bright screen, very easy to read. Go ahead and turn back on our overhead lights and we'll go ahead and turn off our TV. But that should do it for the review on the Jensen 32 inch AC-powered LED Smart TV with 1080p Full HD resolution..

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