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Furrion RV Microwaves - Standard Microwave - FMSN09BL Review

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Review of Furrion RV Microwaves FMSN09BL

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna take a look at the Furrion built-in microwave. This is going to have a 0.9 cubic feet capacity, and it comes in black.So, this is going to be a great option for your camper or RV, or anywhere that you would need to have the convenience of a microwave oven. It is gonna come in this nice, gloss black with a surface touch-button operating panel there on the side.On the inside, if we pop it open, it's going to have that turntable to allow for even-cooking, so you don't have to worry about any hot spots within there. It's going to rotate your food or beverage so that it makes sure that you get that even heat applied to it.It is going to have six auto-cook settings, those are gonna be at the top of our display. You'll have the LED display up there which will indicate the time once you have it set, or the cook time once that's going. We'll also have our pre-cooking settings.

We have pizza, reheat, popcorn, beverage, bake potato, frozen dinner. Then you'll have your number display there to enter in the time manually, as well as your clock setting, or reset. You can adjust the power with the power button there, set it to cook or to timer. So if you just want to have a timer without the cooking function running. Reset will cancel out anything that you don't want to do, and then you also have the option of defrost by weight, speed defrost, or cook by weight.

The start and stop button will be this button right down here, as well as the release to open the door.There are some good tips in the instructions on how to use those auto-settings for different kinds of beverage and food, so definitely check that out in there for a few tips on how to best use the microwave to cook whatever you've got going on.There's also a way to lock that control panel, which helps to prevent it being messed with by kids, or to prevent any accidental programming while you're trying to clean that control panel. It does also have 10 different power levels so you can get adjusted to your needs, and it does, again, have that kitchen timer, LED display, clock, all the thing that you expect from a microwave.We'll also have the option of mounting a trim around the microwave that is sold separately. You can find that here at, the part number on that is going to be FMSM09BLTK. And that just allows the exhaust up at the top as well as that middle bracket at the bottom to be a little bit more hidden, and it just creates a more sleek, finished look if you have this mounted inside a cabinet.The way that attaches is to these two holes on either side of the microwave, there's gonna be a little L-bracket that attaches there, that goes out and then attaches to the front of that cabinet. Now with that, you definitely want to be sure that the surface that you're mounting to is a half inch thick to provide the proper support for that trim kit.As far as the overall dimensions on our microwave, the outer dimensions are going to be 19 and one sixteenth of an inch by 13 and five eighths of an inch going for the height.

And then it's going to be 14 and one-sixteenth of an inch deep.The mounting space that they suggest to, again, put this into a cabinet, is gonna be a little bit wider to allow for proper ventilation and space. It needs to be 20 and a quarter of an inch wide, by 13 and seven-eights of an inch tall, and at least 14 and five-eighths of an inch deep. It can be a little bit deeper than that, but you just want to make sure that you're at least at 14 and five-eighths.If you're going to be mounting this above a range oven, you need to ensure that there's at least one inch of space at the bottom of that microwave, and the top of that range oven.The cavity inside there, that's gonna have a little bit different dimensions of course. Our turn table is going to be 10 and five eighths of an inch in diameter, the cavity itself is going to be 13 and three eighths of an inch wide by 8 and eleven-sixteenth inches tall, and 12 and five-eighths of an inch deep.The opening itself is a little bit smaller, since there's kind of a inaudible 00:04:56 to that inner cavity, to give you a little extra room, but the opening there is going to be 12 and a half inches wide by 7 and a half inches tall. So it just gives you an idea of the space that you are working with this microwave.As far as the power consumption, it's going to use 120 volts at 60 Hertz, and it will have an output of 199 watts.

The weight with this microwave is going to be 31 and a half pounds approximately.And that's gonna do it for our look at the Furrion built-in microwave.

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