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Review of Furrion RV Kitchen - Oven - FSRD22LASS

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Furrion RV Kitchen - Oven - FSRD22LASS Review

Today we're taking a look at a Furrion RV Wall Gas Oven with the LED knobs. This wall oven provides all you need to cook a quality meal in your RV kitchen. On the bottom internally here, we have our burner. Now, this is an oval-shaped burner, which does a great job at distributing heat evenly when slow roasting and baking. This unit can be installed in upper or lower cabinetry. If installing in a lower cabinet, it can be used in conjunction with a Furrion cooktop.It comes with all the proper venting, so you get your lower, middle, and upper unit.

Comes with the hardware, the long screws to get it attached, so your hardware's included. Also comes with your finishing faceplate for your venting, but again, all proper ventings included.Now, there's a few technologies that this is built with that makes it specifically related and ideal for RV use. The first one is Climatesmart. That's gonna keep the wall oven running in even the most extreme climates. You have Vibrationsmart, which helps the oven resist vibrations, so anything where there's a connection, it's reinforced.

That's where we get the Vibrationsmart technology from. Great for anything in a recreational vehicle or anything that's mobile or going down the road.It's got pulse ignition. Has a gas safety cutoff valve. It's got the LED digital thermostat right here. It's got the LED manual knobs.

Three-layer glass oven door. It does have an oven light bulb, so you can easily see inside the unit. Has a cooling fan. Has a manual timer and the LP regulator, which is your gas connection area right here, it's all included.Now, the finishing is a high-grade brushed stainless steel finish. This knob right here is your thermostat, so it controls your temperature.

Whatever you have that set to will appear here on the digital display. This over here is your timer, in five-minute increments up to an hour. Looks like the indicators over here for your thermostat is 350 degrees Fahrenheit, 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and 475.Go ahead and open it up. Really nice, durable unit. Very solid. Double-hinged design. Not only does that help with the opening of the door, but also when it's closed. I mean, it's a very strong unit, so one of the big things that we always point out when it comes to RV-related appliances is the vibration that's gonna take place as you travel down the road, that's really annoying to hear when you're in your RV or if you have one that you're actually riding in like a motor home.But again, this does have Vibrationsmart technology, so it has a seal right here, so when this is closed you're not gonna hear the door rattling. Internally, the shelf. Very solid, as well as the burner protector, it's very solid as well. You might get a little bit of rattling from the actual burner, but I think that's very common on these units. It's adjustable inside, so you have your cook shelf, you can adjust that. You got one, two, three, four layers of adjustment there, so really nice. You probably only have three. You might be able to lower the protector down right above the burner. That would leave you with three levels of adjustment for your cooking rack. I do want to go over the available space, the capacity.Now, this is rated at two cubic feet, but I know sometimes that's difficult to even for really anybody to understand, so what we do is we go over measurements. Inside edge to inside edge going straight across right here, we have a measurement of around 18 3/4". Bottom to top, we have a measurement of around 11 5/8". Back to the front of the shelf is around 15 1/4" deep. That should give you a good idea if you can use your favorite pot or pan in this unit.Go to a quick spin around real quick, and then I'll go overall measurements. We have our two-wire connector right here, black is our main power, white is our ground wire. Handles on the side, so we can easily move it around when we're installing it. Overall measurements. From the very front of the unit, including the handle, to the very back of the unit, overall depth. It gives us a measurement of 22 1/8" deep. Overall width, that's outer edge to outer edge going this way, 24 3/4", and the overall height, bottom to top, is 20 11/16" tall.Now, when it comes to the cutout, I'm simply referring to the included instructions here. If you're doing it in an upper cabinet, your front face needs to have an opening of 23 1/2" wide by 20 1/4" tall. Looks to be about 18 3/8" deep and the cutout for the venting needs to measure 23 1/2" by 1 7/8". If you're installing it in a lower unit, you can see those measurements listed here as well. You can get a good view of that as well. Lower stays the same, top portion, 16 3/4" front to back. 23 1/5" side to side.Power input, 12 volt DC. Heat input is 9000btu. The cavity light is a 12 volt light and this is designed for gas connection, so, propane.That's going to do it for today's look at the Furrion RV Wall Gas Oven with the LED knobs.

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I have this oven in a 2021 Grand Design 5th wheel. The oven won't stay lit. After it reaches temp, the flame decreases (as it should) but it appears the fan then is too strong and blows out the burner and the pilot light. The oven then gets cool as it can not reignite to hold your preset temp. What's wrong?

Aldo R.

How can i change the display from timer to temperature?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

I'm not seeing that there is a way to accomplish this. What you'll want to do is wait for the oven to reach the correct temperature and then use the timer once your food is in the oven.


oven door shattered at 350 degrees one night after about 1 week of use...terrible experience trying to get warranty replacement from Furrion

Lynn T.

This oven is absolutely terrible. Fan is too powerful and does not shut off. You cannot maintain an even temperature. Very poor design

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