Erickson Trailer Cargo Control EM09144 Review

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Review of Erickson Trailer Cargo Control EM09144

Today we're going to review part number EM09144. This is the Erickson Roller Idler for the E-Track system. This roller idler will let you secure your vehicle by the tie or by the frame to the E-Track system in your trailer. Basically when you tie down your vehicle in your trailer, the ratcheting either needs to be done underneath the car where there usually isn't enough space. And if you try to run the strap out from underneath the car so that you can use the ratchet, the strap will rub against the bumper. This E-Track roller idler will allow you to easily use a ratchet to tighten the strap, while keeping the strap from rubbing the bumper.

Basically, this will snap into an E-Track system. I've got an example here of a horizontal piece of E-Track system. Basically, the E-Track is square slots that are bolted on the floor of your trailer. Now this idler will work on horizontal or vertical E-Track, and on the Snap-Loc single E-Track system. But basically what you would do is there's a little lever back here.

You just push this lever, stick that in underneath and allow that to lock in place, let the lever go, and you can see it will lock into whichever section you need it to go into. To remove it, just push back. There's another, push that lever, like that, it will lock into place. So once it's locked into place, what you can do is you run the tie down strap right through the roller here. I've got an example of a tie down strap right here.

That will basically run through this roller. And you can use that as the anchor point. It will let you anchor quickly and easily. It keeps the strap under proper tension so that it stays tight and won't scuff or scratch your cargo. The wide rollerI'll turn it this way and give you a better idea.

The wide roller right here will ensure smooth operation so the strap won't catch or pull. And again it has the spring loaded release, as I showed you right here, to remove it, and to install it. It is made of a zinc-coated steel, which is durable and rust resistant. It does have a 90-day warranty. So basically if you have a hook on this end, and you were going to hook this to the vehicle or around the tire, then you would run your strap right here through the roller and attach this end that you ran through to your ratchet. And then as you ratchet it up, it would basically pull this tight, and you could see, give you a good anchor point. And then you could put your ratchet out from under the car and tighten it down easily without reaching under the car, and that would tighten your vehicle down. The capacity on this is 3,300 lbs., and the maximum strap width that it will take is a 2" width tow strap. That should do it for the review on part number EM09144, the Erickson Roller Idler for the E-Track system.

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