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Demco Fifth Wheel - Sliding Fifth Wheel - DM8550038 Review

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Review of Demco RV Fifth Wheel DM8550038

Today we're going to review part number DM8550038. This is the Demco 21,000 Hijacker Autoslide Fifth Wheel Hitch for the Ford OEM Towing Prep Packages. This Hijacker Autoslides an automatic sliding fifth wheel hitch. It is designed for Ford Trucks with the factory towing prep package to give you additional clearance between the truck's cab and the trailer during turning maneuvers. It also eliminates the need to get in and out of the truck, pull a pin and manually slide the hitch like on some hitches. This will automatically slide by using the rack and pin and gear technology in the base of the hitch and it'll give you up to 14 inches of travel to get in and out of those tight spots. Normally a fifth wheel trailer will turn or pivot in the jaw when the king pin's connected to the hitch head. Once you install your pin box a normal fifth wheel hitch pin box rotates on the head.

On this autoslide hitch it has this integrated locking system right in here. This will lock that pin box in place on the hitch head. Eliminates the need for any additional locking wedges with a standard pin box. Instead this whole hitch head itself will pivot with the pin box locked in place and will move automatically closer to the tailgate when needed to create much more space between your truck cab and your trailer on sharp turns. The way it does not, normally I would demonstrate that but this need some weight on it to actually make it move and rotate. What happens is once your pin box is installed, when it's in this position with the trailer directly behind it, it won't go backwards. There's a guide plate here that will hold it in this place. What happens when you go to make a turn and your trailer gets an angle of over 10 to 15 degrees, in other words like this, what will happen is the pin box will stay and the hitch head once it gets to that turn, it will start to go backwards to give you that extra clearance. Either way, what ever turn you make but it has to go over a 10-15 degree trailer angle to start moving backwards.

Otherwise when you just go into the straight tow position with the trailer directly behind you. It will not go back. This autoslide hitch is designed to work with standard trailer pin boxes between 12 inches minimum width up to 14 inches maximum width. These capture plates, which are right here on the side, these must be adjusted to the width of the trailer pin box in order for this automatic slide mechanism to operate and function properly. Basically the way these capture plates would work is you back up, hook your trailer into here and then what you'll do with the pin box installed, the kingpin already there, you just push these capture plates just like this up against the side of your pin box. Once you get it to where, just push it in up against there. Once you get it to up against your pin box, what you'll do is go to these bolts, tighten these bolts all the way down up against the bar here.

You'll do both on that way and just run the jammnet up to lock into place. When you do both of those on this side and both on this side, it will hold that bar against the pin box, keep it from rotating on top of the hitch head. One thing I do want to mention, that if this hitch is installed in any truck that has a 5-1/2 or 6 foot bed there's no guarantee that you'll get a full 90 degree turn with the autoslide hitch. This autoslide fifth wheel hitch is designed for use with RV style fifth wheel trailers with an industry standard two inch diameter kingpin. This hitch has a 21,000 pound towing capacity. It is a lower profile design with easy access for routine maintenance. One of the easier maintenance things you can do is these jaw pins right here.

If you reach underneath you can pull out the snap ring, slide these pins up, grease them, put them back in, lock them into place. That makes greasing the jaw pins a lot easier. This hitch is a lighter weight for hitch installation and removal. One of the other nice things about it if you need to remove the complete hitch from your truck bed, there's a pin and clip underneath the head. Pull the clip, slide the long pin out that holds this into the saddle, once you pull that pin out you'll be able to lift this hitch head out, set it aside. Then it will make this base lighter that you can remove if you're not using it. It features a double pivot head which means it will rotate front to back and also side to side. It uses a wrap around jaw which will completely wrap around the kingpin and in front of it has this locking bar for a smoother, safer, more secure ride. This autoslide fifth wheel hitch will come all assembled from the factory to help make installation easier and quicker. The only thing you'll have to do and I've already done it for demonstration here is these slide plates that come with it. You just need to attach these to the hitch base. The way you would do that is the side plate is basically what will connect this hitch to your Ford OEM Below bedrails. what you'll need to do is on the side rails there are two rows of holes and on the base of the hitch there are two rows of holes. It gives you a choice of three different vertical hitch height adjustments to help you level your truck and trailer for your specific application. A hitch height is measured from your truck bed to the top of the hitch head. You want to be able to get that correct for your application so your truck and trailer is level. On this one, depending on where you bolt it on to, the lowest hitch height adjustment will be 15-1/2 inches, the middle would be 16-3/4 and the highest would be 18-1/4. On the side plates themselves, again this is what connects to the Ford OEM Below bedrails. The way you would install this hitch is this pin and clip, you just remove here, remove this one. Do the same on the other side. It will allow you to rotate these handles out 90 degrees. When you do that it rotates these tabs 90 degrees. Do the same on this side. With these like that you can drop it right into the below bedrails on the Ford. Once they install into place, turn these back 90 degrees, just like that. That will rotate the tabs, it will lock it into the rails. Take your pin and clip and slide it through both holes. Put the clip on. Same way on here. You'll do the same on the other side. That will keep that handle from rotating and unlocking. Pretty simple installation. One other thing I do want to mention is right here on the front you'll see this bar I have attached with these bolts. That's the outrigger bar and it's designed to help carry and distribute the hitch and the trailer weight when the hitch is at it's full travel distance. This will help eliminate any movement of the hitch in the truck bed. The thing you do want to make sure is that when you do adjust that outrigger bar that it's installed at the correct height before adjusting the final adjustment on that outrigger bar. This hitch is made in the U.S.A. using American steel. Again, I can't show you how this rotates because it does need weight but I do want to show you how the jaw would operate. If you go to hook up to your trailer you just pop your pin and clip out of the handle. If you just pull your handle all the way, you'll feel it lock open, the jaw is open. Here's an example for demonstration purposes. I have an example of what a two inch diameter king pin would look like. This is what the king pin that would be on your pin box. When you're backing up and your pin box is sliding in, once it gets all the way in you'll hear it automatically, the jaw will fully wrap around the kingpin. The locking bar slides across so its all locked into place. The last thing you need to do before you get on the road is just go ahead and drop your pin through these holes on the handle, put the clip on there and lock the handle so it doesn't open up. That should do it for the review on part number DM8550038, the Demco 21,000-Pound Hijacker Auto Slide Fifth Wheel Hitch for the Ford OEM Towing Prep Packages. .

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