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Review of Curt Weight Distribution C17063

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Curt Round Bar Weight Distribution System With Friction Sway Control, this unit's going to help evenly distribute weight over the axles of your tow vehicle and the trailer which is going to offer improved stability and control. Ultimately, it's going to create a more level ride for both the tow vehicle and the trailer. Now, the friction sway control is composed of this part right here, this plate and ball, serrated washers, the six screws and the two large clips, as well as the small ball here on the head assembly. This is going to feature adjustable tension, which is controlled by this bolt right here, more or less, so you have the indicators right here on the sticker, and then you're going to have this built in lever. This is going to engage and disengage the system. That sway control is going to help reduce sway that's caused by winds, passing traffic, curving roads or sudden maneuvers. The unit's easy to install, simply mount the ball and plate assembly to you your trailer's frame with the included self tapping screws, and then the sway control ball is already pre-installed here on the head of the weight distribution hitch. Then all you have to do is attach the bar to both of the balls and secure it in place with the included clips.

It's also easy to remove, all you have to do is un-clip the bar from each attachment ball. Now, the wight distribution system's going to feature round spring bars, these are constructed of solid forged steel for strength and durability, which is going to help them do a good job at keeping the trailer in line behind the vehicle, and you can adjust the spring bar tension. This uses a chain system here on the lift brackets, so to fine tune or to adjust the tension just switch the lengths at the connection point. Very easy to do. The lift brackets fit over the trailer frame, and then they tighten with the set bolt, here on the back. When it comes to tilting the head unit or the head assembly, that's easy to do as well. That's going to be achieved with a traditional washer design, so it's going to come with this spacer rivet, there's a small hole under here where the spacer rivet installs and then to add or reduce the amount of tilt you just simply add or remove washers to that spacer rivet to get the tilt you need. The unit's going to come pre-installed with a 2 5/16" hitch ball, so that's installed and ready to go.

The spring bars go up into the head assembly, and they snap together or they snap in place for a nice, tight, secure fit. Now, when it comes to maintenance of the unit, it's pretty simply. What Curt did is they put these built in grease zerk fittings, that way if you need to lubricate that, all you have to do is attach a grease gun, pump the grease in, it's going to lubricate that internal component here at the head assembly with the spring bars. The unit's made from a steel construction, it's got a black powder coated finish on it so it's going to do a great job at resisting rust and corrosion. It's also going to come with a snap up lever. This is going help you gain leverage here at the lift brackets, so when you attach the chains and everything sometimes there's some tension applied, and to get them in place in the up position, that can be hard to do by hand, it's also not safe to do by hand.

Curt includes this snap up lever, helps you gain some leverage, that way you can get those chains in place and get everything tight, fully installed and secured the way it's supposed to be. The systems going to come with everything you see on the table, and it's going to come with detailed instructions and an owner's manual. When it comes to the ton weight of the unit, we're looking at a maximum of 1400 pounds, but this does have a rating of anywhere from a thousand pounds yo up to 1400 pounds. The maximum gross total weight is rated at 14,000 pounds. The unit is designed for a 2" by 2" trailer hitch receiver that is rated for use with a weight distribution system. It does come with your pin and clip to get the shank installed inside of the hitch. Now this adjustable shank can be used in the rise or the drop position.

If you have the head assembly at the highest setting, with the unit in the rise position, this is going to give you a maximum rise of 7", that's measuring from the inside top edge of the receiver tip of your hitch, to the top of our ball platform. With this flipped over to the drop position and with the head assembly at the lowest setting, it's going to give you a maximum drop of 2 1/2", taking those same measurements. The adjustable shank has a six hole design, and the head can be adjusted in increments of an inch and a quarter. That's the spacing we have center on center between the holes on the adjustable shank. The last thing I want to mention is right here at the lift brackets, these get mounted onto the trailer frame. These are going to give us a width of about 5", or an overall length of 5", and then the opening, this is the part that fits over the trailer frame, this is going to give us an opening measurement of about 3", and the of course you've got the set bolt back there to tighten everything up. That's going to do it for today's look at the Curt Round Bar Weight Distribution System With Friction Sway Control.

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