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Curt Fifth Wheel - Fixed Fifth Wheel - C16049 Review

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Review of Curt Fifth Wheel C16049

Today we're going to take a look at the Curt Q 25 Dual Jaw fifth wheel trailer hitch for the Ram towing prep package. This has a twenty five thousand pound weight capacity. Now, this is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the Dodge Ram and Ram 2500/3500 series trucks with the factory rail kit starting in the year 2013. And this will fit both long and short bed models. Now this hitch has the two jaw locking system which will provide a nice three hundred and sixty degree jaw to kingpin contact.

Because of that it will give you less rattle, more security than the sidebar models. The head itself is sitting on a unique spherical axel bearing and allows easy pivoting of the hitch head. It will give you a smooth three hundred and sixty degree movement, not just front to back or side to side tilting.And it also has built in cushioning to absorb any road shock. The head is also a self aligning head and pivots for simple hookup. The handle is a lockable handle, it'll let you easily secure the handle to the hitch.

Comes with this pinning clip or you can actually even use a padlock if you'd like. Now padlocks we do sell separately. If you need extra security you can put a padlock on there. Now the handle itself is a short throw single handle operation and I'm going to show you in a minute how that operates. Now there are three lube points on this right up here by the head.

They give you easy access grease fittings on the jaws for easy maintenance. There's one right here under the dual jaws and there's an arrow that points to it. There's a zerk fitting. That one is to grease the lower bearing. And then there's one on each side.

Again there's an arrow pointing to each zerk fitting. One on each side. The two on the sides are to grease the jaw pins.Now this hitch does use a three point indicator system right here and it's color coded. And it tells you if the hitch is ready to uncouple, couple or tow just by looking at it and seeing what color is showing. And that lock indicators are visible from the cab. So if the cab is right here you can turn around and look at the handle and it will tell you by the color what position the jaws are in. So what I'm gonna try to do right here is we're gonna try to turn this around, just so you can see the color coded indicator I'm talking about. Let's just spin it all the way around so you can see. There you go. Right here is the color coded indicator. There is a circle and you can see it tells you what the colors mean.Green would be tow, ready to tow. And as you can see it's showing green in there right now. So if you turn around and see the green that means the jaws are completely around the kingpin. You're ready to go. Yellow means coupled. So if it's showing yellow that means the jaws are open ready to be coupled. And red means uncoupled. So if it does show red in there you want to make sure you get out and check to make sure where the problem might be cause you don't want to go anywhere with it showing red. You want it to be showing green to be able to tow.So basically what'll happen . Lets pop the pin and clip off, we'll pop the latch off. And then I'll show you here's that sharp throw single handle operation. You can see as you pull it just like that you hear that both jaws open up and it's showing yellow which means it's ready to be coupled. So both jaws are ready to accept the kingpin. To give you an idea here's a sample of what a kingpin would look like on your pin box. So you'll notice as you're backing in to hookup. As it goes all the way in both jaws close. You'll notice the handles slides over to lock in place. You can see it's showing green which means you're ready to tow. All you have to do is flip this back, put your pin and clip in - that looks the handle in - and then it's all ready to go, just like that.So it's a very quick, easy way just by looking from the cab what color is showing what position the heads are in. Also another thing I want to mention. You'll see the two pins and clips right here. This is to allow you to take the head out of the cross member. So if you pull these clips out, pull these pins out, one person could lift this out of the cross member and you could take the cross member out and then the legs out. So it actually makes it very easy by pieces for one person to remove this hitch from the truck bed. So lets go ahead and spin this back around.Now this does include a plastic lube plate. Get it situated. There we go. Now I have that sitting right here. This plastic lube plate will let your kingpin glide smoothly into the hitch during the hookup. You put this onto your kingpin and as you're hooking up it will help you slide in. And also as it's installed it will give you a nice lubrication between instead of having your pin box on top of your head "metal/metal" contact. This will be between it to eliminate that metal to metal contact. Now there is a four inch hitch height adjustment. Now your hitch height is measured from your bottom of your truck bed to the top of your hitch. You wanna get that as correct as possible because you want your trailer and tow vehicle to be as level as possible.So when you attach the legs . For this video you'll notice I've got everything put together. But when you attach these legs to the cross member there's rows of holes. And by bolting them to whichever hole it'll give you a four inch range of hitch height adjustment. Anywhere from about fourteen inches to eighteen inches. Now the custom feet are designed to mount to your Rams underbed hitch platform. And just to show you how those operate you'll notice there's a pin and clip right here you just pop out. Let's see if we can get it. Pop out the pin and clip just like that. That'll release the lever. You can rotate that lever out ninety degrees. If you notice it rotates the tab right here. There yeah go. This tab will rotate ninety degrees. You'll do that in each corner and once they're open that'll allow you to drop it into the factory underbed rail kit on your vehicle. Once it drops into place rotate it back the ninety degrees. That'll rotate the tab and lock it into place and then you just put your pin and clip right back in there. Just like that to hold that in. And again you'll do that on each corner so it makes it really simple to install into the factory rail kit on your Ram.Now this is made of a sturdy steel construction. It has a nice durable carbine power coat finish. The application again is 2013 and newer Ram trucks with the factory installed towing prep package. Gross towing weight capacity is twenty five thousand pounds. Vertical load limit or pin weight capacity is six thousand two hundred and fifty pounds. Then as I mentioned you have a hitch height adjustment range from fourteen to eighteen inches. Now what I want to do is just show you how this works again from looking from the other side. Right now you see the kingpin in it so you just pull the handle and as you do that it'll release the kingpin from there. You notice the jaws stay open. Again look at the color. It's showing yellow means you're ready to couple.So when you go to do it what you'll do is go ahead an put your . Make sure your lube plate is all the down onto your kingpin and then this will be hooked to your pinbox. And as you're coming in to connect you can see as it goes back in all the way both jaws come around, handle slides in, the lock in place shows green which means you're ready to tow. Flip that up and put your pin and clip right back in place. And that'll lock everything there and you're all ready to get on the road.But that should do it for the review of the Curt Q25 Dual Jaw Fifth Wheel trailer hitch for the Ram Towing Prep package. And it has a twenty five thousand pound weight capacity.

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