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Review of BulletProof Hitches - Weight Distribution - WEIGHTDIST

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BulletProof Hitches - Weight Distribution - WEIGHTDIST Review

Today we're going to take a quick look at the weight distribution shank for Bulletproof Hitches adjustable ball mounts. Now I have an adjustable ball mount here from Bulletproof Hitches just so you can see how it would be mounted on to their system. This does not come with the weight distribution shank. This is what we're actually going to be getting. It's just going to be this shank here. We'll have our adjustment holes to get our head of that weight distribution system set up and then that mounts into our channel of the ball mount itself.

The head assembly for weight distribution system is also sold separately. We've got a lot of options here at so if you need one, you can definitely pick that up here.This is just going to allow you to again install that weight distribution system and then attach the head assembly here. It does have adjustability of, we have four different adjustment holes to attach that head assembly and you can also just slide the shank up or down on the channel of the ball mount to get the right height for your system. There are a lot of configurations of the Bulletproof Hitches adjustable ball mounts, whether you need a two inch shank, two and a half, or three inch, several different variations of drops and rises. We have all those here at again if you need to pick something up from us.Now the maximum gross trailer weight that we can handle with this shank is 36,000 pounds.

The tongue weight whenever you use a 14,000 pound rated ball mount is 2,000 pounds. The tongue weight whenever you use a 22,000 pound rated ball mount is 3,000 and then whenever you use a 36,000 pound rated ball mount, it's 6,000 pounds. Now of course, you always want to make sure that you go off of the manufacturer specifications for your vehicle. You don't want to exceed your towing vehicle's specifications and really you should always go off of the lowest number for any component in your system since you're really only as strong as your weakest link.It does come with the pins and clips to get it attached to that channel ball mount. Go ahead and take these off so we can get a better look at the shank on its own.

Just pull these out. These pins are going to be made of a hardened steel so they should be up to the task of hauling whatever we need. Set that aside. So this is what we're actually going to get. This is just going to be the component here and you can see this has really nice thick welds going all the way around it.

We'll have two gussets on either side of it to give a little bit of extra durability. Bulletproof Hitches makes really well built, very solid products. Everything's made of a durable steel construction. The shank here is made out of a single piece of steel. Then they bored the holes through. That's welded really nicely onto the rest of the platform. Everything's really solidly made, has kind of a nice textured black finish to it. So it should look nice for a long time. The shank width is two inches. The height is six inches.We'll be able to adjust between those four mounting holes by an inch and a quarter. So each one is an inch and a quarter apart. Then the diameter on each of those adjustment holes is three quarters of an inch. The distance from the center of the mounting hole here to the center of the adjustment holes is three and three quarters inches. Overall, the total length here is five and a half inches from the front of our shank to the back of that adjustment point. That's going to do it for our look at the weight distribution shank for Bulletproof Hitches with adjustable ball mount.

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