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  • Blue Oval Ford Hitch Cover Recommendation for a Ford F-250
  • Your husband's 2006 Ford F-250 will have a 2 inch hitch on it and the part # FOHC will fit it just fine. If you wanted to double check just to make sure you would want to measure the opening of the hitch on his truck. It will need to be 2 inch by 2 inch measured from the inside of the hitch opening like in the picture I attached.
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  • Dimensions and Materials of the Lincoln MKX Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover # LIJHC-13
  • The Lincoln MKX Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover # LIJHC-13 that you referenced has a face plate that is 6 inches wide and 3-1/4 inches tall. The measurement of 2-7/8 inches from the back of the face plate to the furthest hole is correct. The 3 gaskets that come with it vary in size with one being 6.5 mm, another being 12.5 mm, and the third one being 17 mm. They can compress a little bit but not a whole lot as they are thick foam and meant to help stabilize the hitch cover. I have attached...
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  • Ford Stainless Steel Hitch Cover For 2014 Ford F-150 Limited
  • For your 2014 Ford F-150, the Ford F-150 Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover - 2" Hitches - Blue, Black, and Chrome, # FOPHC-10, won't allow the spotting of your previous cover. This cover is made of brass, chrome plating, and stainless steel and will resist rust. The emblem is engraved, so the color is recessed into the faceplate to further protect and prevent wear.
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  • Will the Chevrolet Bow Tie Logo Cover # CHHC-12 Fit on a 2012 Chevy Colorado
  • The hitch receiver on your 2012 Chevrolet Colorado should be 2 inches so the Chevrolet Bow Tie Logo Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover # CHHC-12 will fit perfectly. You can verify this by measuring the height and width of the inside of the receiver opening. The hitch receiver cover has 2 pin holes so that it is compatible with more applications. From the back of the faceplate to the center of the first pin hole is about 1-7/8 inches and from the back of the faceplate to the center of the...
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  • Trailer Wiring Adapter For 2015 Ford Escape To Eliminate Bulb-Out Error When Using LED Hitch Cover
  • If the lighted hitch cover you have has LED lights, you are getting a message that we do see with German vehicles that tow trailers with LED lights. The vehicle thinks there is a bulb out and sends the message. We have a fix for that problem by using an adapter in the trailer hitch like part # TR20141. This adapter has diodes in the unit and gets rid of the error message. I have attached a link to a product review video for this adapter you can check out.
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  • How Is Faceplate Attached To Ford Escape Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover
  • I have attached a photo of the back of the Ford Escape Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover, part # FOVHC-12. As you can see in the photo, the faceplate is held in place on the sleeve with 4 screws and it would take quite a bit of excessive force from a car wash to knock the faceplate off. This hitch cover has a chrome-plated faceplate that is attached to a stainless steel base to help resist rust and corrosion. This cover also comes with three foam gaskets that makes sure the cover fits your...
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  • Dimensions of LFI Lincoln Navigator Hitch Cover LIDHC-13
  • My contact at LFI advised that the oval plate on their Lincoln Navigator 2-Inch Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover # LIDHC-13 measures 6 x 3-1/4-inches.
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