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Truxedo Edge Tonneau Cover

Custom Fit Tonneau Covers

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TruXedo Edge Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

If you want the best-looking truck on the block, TruXedo gives you the Edge. This soft, roll-up tonneau cover provides a sleek, high-profile design that is sure to impress, and it installs inside your truck bed in minutes with no drilling required.


  • Stylish, high-profile look and quality design at a competitive price
    • Arched back improves the look of your truck bed
      • Cover sits approximately 1-1/2" above truck bed rails
    • Aerodynamic design improves gas mileage by up to 10 percent
  • Clamp-on installation in minutes - no drilling required
    • Rails mount inside truck bed
      • Enables the use of most truck bed accessories
  • Adjustable tension control - no tools required
    • Keeps cover taut in hot or cold weather
  • Quick-release latch
    • Releases cover instantly
    • Adds security when used with locking tailgate
  • Convenient, roll-up cover
    • Secures with Velcro straps
    • Allows easy access to entire truck bed
    • Stores behind truck cab with security straps (included)
  • Industrial-strength, UV-protected, leather-grain fabric construction
  • Made in USA


  • Color: black
  • 5-Year limited warranty

Upgrade the look of your truck instantly by adding the TruXedo Edge soft, roll-up tonneau cover to the bed. The sleek, high-profile design is sure to set your truck apart from all the others.

TruXedo Edge sits 1-1/2" above truck bedTruXedo Edge aerodynamic design improves gas mileage

The high-profile Edge sits about 1-1/2" above your truck bed rails for a sleek and stylish appearance. The aerodynamic design will also improve your gas mileage by up to 10 percent by reducing tailgate drag.

TruXedo Edge features clamp-on installation

It takes only minutes to upgrade the look of your truck bed with the Edge. The tonneau cover rails clamp to the inside of your bed - three clamps per side - without drilling. With the rails mounted on the inside of the bed and the stake pockets left open, you can use most truck bed accessories. The cover bolts to the rails near the cab and is held in place with Velcro straps.

TruXedo Edge automatic tension control knob

The Edge features an adjustable tension control behind the cab that enables you to keep the cover taut in hot or cold weather. The tension control adjusts by hand - no tools required.

TruXedo Edge quick-release latch

The end of the cover snaps into place at the tailgate with a quick-release latch, which provides extra security when used with a locked tailgate. The cover cannot be opened until the tailgate is opened. To release the cover, simply pull the latch.

The Edge rolls up to store conveniently behind the truck cab, allowing full access to the truck bed for hauling oversize items. The tonneau is held in place behind the cab by included security straps.

TruXedo Go-N-Stow Trailer - 4' x 8' - NOT YET AVAILABLE (Due out in 2010)

Add a new dimension to your recreational or hard-working lifestyle with the Go-N-Stow - a safe, secure way to move anything, anytime. The trailer has welded steel construction, an expanded steel floor and an easy-to-use, fold-and-store design.


  • Long bed is perfect for do-it-yourself home projects
    • Carries full sheets of plywood or drywall
  • Convenient, fold-and-store design
    • Can be stored away by 1 person in seconds
  • Expanded steel mesh floor
    • No need to install wood flooring
    • Easy to hose clean
  • Welded construction holds up to years of use
  • Integrated safety chains and hooks (2)
    • Keep trailer attached to tow vehicle
    • Prevent trailer tongue from digging into pavement, even if coupler comes free of hitch ball
  • Self-locking coupler
    • Lockable with coupler lock (sold separately)
  • DOT compliant
    • Paperwork included to title trailer
  • Simple assembly in less than an hour
  • Made in USA


  • Payload capacity: 1,250 lbs
    • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 1,500 lbs
  • Trailer dimensions: 4' x 8'
  • Trailer bed dimensions: 44" wide x 84" long
  • Stored dimensions: 5' wide x 6' tall x less than 2' deep
  • Coupler size:
  • Tires: 12", 480 x 12 C range highway
    • Maximum highway speed: 60mph
  • Net weight: 245 lbs
  • Frame: 1/8" thick x 2" wide x 2" tall angle iron
  • Axle: 2,000 lbs, 1-3/4" tubular cambered
  • 1-Year limited warranty



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