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How to Choose a Bike Rack for a Motor Home or RV

Motor Home Bike Rack

When traveling in a motorhome, there is often little to no room to transport bikes inside the coach. Since inside space is limited, the best solution is to carry the bikes on your motorhome's ladder, bumper, or hitch receiver. It is important to keep in mind that not all bike racks are approved for use on motorhomes. This guide will help you choose an approved motorhome bike rack to bring some two-wheeled fun along on your vacation.


Ladder-Mounted Racks

One option for carrying bikes on your motorhome is with a ladder-mounted bike rack. These racks are designed to hang on the motorhome's rear ladder. The bikes are secured on the rack vertically, with the front tire closer to the ground.

Ladder-mounted racks are great for carrying 2, relatively lightweight, bikes. When your motorhome doesn't have a bumper or a hitch receiver, a ladder-mount rack is a great option. These racks secure to the rear-facing ladder rack, and can either be rotated or easily removed in order to use your ladder to access your roof.

Swagman Ladder Bike Rack Stromberg Carlson Ladder Rack Swagman Ladder Rack Installed

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Bumper-Mounted Racks

Bumper Mount Install

For motorhomes that have a 4 inch x 4 inch or 4-1/2 inch x 4-1/2 inch rear, steel, continuously welded bumper, a bumper-mounted bike rack is a great option. It is important to make sure the motorhome's bumper is a steel construction with a weld that stretches the length of the bumper, otherwise the bumper may not support the weight of the rack and bikes.

Bumper-mount racks will allow you to carry 2 or more bikes without requiring a trailer hitch on the motorhome. A bumper-mounted rack also leaves the ladder completely open for roof access or other cargo storage at the campsite.

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Hitch-Mounted Racks

Hitch Bike Rack Installed

Hitch mounted bike racks are a great solution for carrying bikes on a motorhome. Many motorhomes come with a trailer hitch already installed, making a hitch-mounted bike rack an easy solution. Hitch mounted racks come in 2-, 3-, and 4-bike designs and both hanging and platform rack styles.

A benefit to hitch-mounted bike racks is that they will also work well on your vehicle when you aren't camping. Hitch bike racks fit standard 2 inch hitch receivers, just like those found on many vehicles. If you flat tow a vehicle behind your motorhome, a hitch mounted rack will allow you to transfer the bikes from the motorhome to the towed vehicle when you want to leave for the trail.

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Another option to use a hitch-mounted rack is to use a bumper-mounted hitch receiver. These hitches provide a 2 inch receiver at the bumper to allow you to carry a hitch-mounted bike rack at the bumper. Installing a bumper-mounted receiver won't require any welding or drilling like installing a frame mounted hitch receiver. These bumper-mounted hitch receivers also require a steel, continuously welded bumper.

Bumper Mounted Trailer Hitch Bike Rack
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Have you considered a front mount hitch?

For Class C motorhomes, another option is to use a front mount hitch and carry a bike rack at the front of your motorhome. This allows the bikes to remain in the sight of the driver and reduces the amount of torque exerted on the rack and bikes compared to the back of the motorhome.

Front Mount Hitch Bike Rack
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Written by: Victoria B

Updated on: 5/8/2017

Tom H.


We purchased a Hollywood Sports Rider rack for our 2 Lectric eBikes. We have this mounted in a Y adapter along with the tow bar for our “Toad” CRV behind our Motorhome. The bikes and rack traveled 8k miles through 13 National Parks including Rocky Mountain with no issues. Would highly recommend this rack to anyone with our configuration.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@TomH The Hollywood Racks # HLY84FR SportRider is a great choice, we're glad to hear it's working well for you! Enjoy the journey!!

Bike L.



Linda A.


Do you have a hitch style rack, for a Class A Motorhome, that will carry an E-bike (70 lbs) plus an E-Trike (90 lbs)?

David B.


We do not have anything specifically for an e-trike. You would need to get a small trailer or a carrier designed for a lawnmower or wheel chair.

Lee S.


What do you suggest for a 2021 Gulfstream Enlighten 25BH. Looking for a rack to hold 4 bikes. The enlighten wasn't a travel trailer in the dropdown menu.

Les D.


@LeeS These types of trailers generally have a 4 inch square metal bumper that is not good for anything. First step is to ask the manufacturer what amount of weight the bumper can support and if you can put a bike rack of any kind back there. Let me know what they say so we can check what will work. Next we need to find a bike rack rated to go on a travel trailer. I have left a link below for all of those. Finally, we need to know the weight of all bikes to go on the rack as that can be a limiting factor. Let me know.

Kevin U.


I flat tow a jeep behind my RV so a hitch mount bike rack won't work. I have read nightmare stories about ladder mount racks leading to metal fatigue on the ladder - similar stories with bumper mount racks. Does anyone sell a wall mount rack in the US? Fiamma and others are common in Europe but not available here

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


I haven't heard of a wall-mount bike rack for your RV but I do have a few alternative options for you. You can either use an adapter like the Roadmaster # RM-077-10 so you can flat tow and carry your bikes, or you can use a bike rack like the Hollywood Racks RV Rider # HR87FR at the back of your Jeep as this has been approved for use at the back of a flat towed vehicle.

Kevin U.


@JonG Rm 077 10 won't work with a Readybrake system per the manufacturer. Thanks for your advice
Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


@KevinU No problem. If you don't already have a hitch on your Jeep and you'd like to go the route of using something like the RV Rider then you can either use our fitguide to find which hitches fit or just let me know the year and model of your Jeep and I can make a recommendation.



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