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Thule Watersport Carriers Review - 2015 Jeep Cherokee

Today on our 2015 Jeep Cherokee we will be doing a test fit of the Thule SUP Shuttle. This is going to be your stand-up paddleboard and surfboard carrier. Couple neat features about it is it does extend, this being the shortest distance, but it also extends to meet your wider boards, as you can see there. Another cool feature about it is it does have the Flip-Fit brackets, which if you flip them and turn them around they fit smaller bars. If you flip it this way it will fit a wider bar. Really nice feature, makes it quick and easy to get it onto your vehicles no matter what kind of bars you have. As you can see, we've already got one installed and we're going to be putting part number TH811 up on the back end of this vehicle and getting our board up here so you can see how it all fits, looks, and so you can test it on the ride.

SportRack Watersport Carriers Review - 2015 Jeep Cherokee

Today on our 2015 Jeep Cherokee, we'll be doing a test fit of the Sport Rack Kayak Carrier with a J Hook Style Design. It will be designed for, it's designed for one kayak and as you can see we've already got one mounted up here on market rails. We're going to go ahead and show you how to mount the other one up here and get it evenly and set up especially with your kayak on it. The first thing we're going to do is just get it up here, and make sure that this are unthreaded almost all the way. You know what, let's just leave that off of there, we'll make it really simple here. We're going to thread both of those, we'll drop down the plate, put the base over then this plate is going to go underneath, we'll thread this one on there just a little bit just to give it something to bite on to, place the hook style over.

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