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Wesbar LED Trailer Utility Light - Weatherproof - Magnetic Base - 650 Lumens - Round - Clear Lens

Wesbar LED Trailer Utility Light - Weatherproof - Magnetic Base - 650 Lumens - Round - Clear Lens

Item # 54209-017
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4-1/2" Diameter. Weatherproof LED utility light white produces bright white light for exterior applications. Magnetic base attaches and removes easily for maximum versatility. Power adapter with on/off switch plugs into 12V outlet. 8 Diodes. Great Prices for the best work lights from Wesbar. Wesbar LED Trailer Utility Light - Weatherproof - Magnetic Base - 650 Lumens - Round - Clear Lens part number 54209-017 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Wesbar Work Lights - 54209-017

  • LED Light
  • Exterior Lights
  • Pedestal Mount
  • Round
  • Utility Lights
  • White
  • Wesbar

4-1/2" Diameter. Weatherproof LED utility light white produces bright white light for exterior applications. Magnetic base attaches and removes easily for maximum versatility. Power adapter with on/off switch plugs into 12V outlet. 8 Diodes.


  • LED work light produces bright white light for exterior use
    • Great for agricultural, horse, livestock, RV, industrial, and racing applications
  • Sealed, waterproof housing and lens unit is submersible
  • LEDs make great replacements for incandescent lights
    • Last 50 times longer
    • More efficient - provide brighter light with less power output
    • No bulbs to replace - no brittle filaments
  • Magnetic base lets you easily attach light without having to permanently install it
    • Protective film guards against scratches on mounting surface
    • Strong magnet ensures that light stays securely mounted in high vibration conditions - vertically or horizontally
  • 12V plug works with your vehicle's accessory outlet - no wiring necessary
    • Built-in toggle switch controls on/off power function
    • Coiled cable is extra long and won't tangle like non-coiled alternatives
  • Round face pivots for ultimate adjustability


  • Face dimensions: 4-1/2" diameter x 1-7/8" deep
  • Base dimensions: 3-13/64" diameter x 27/64" tall
  • Overall height: 6"
  • Light output: 650 lumens
  • Diodes: 8
  • Cable length: 19'
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Wesbar LED Work Light Diagram

Sealed, Waterproof Trailer Light

The waterproof construction of this light makes it ideal for use on trailers that may be submerged, like a boat trailer. The circuit board is sealed, which means that water will not damage the diodes or circuit board.

54209-017 Wesbar LED Trailer Utility Work Light - Weatherproof - Magnetic Base - 650 Lumens - 8 Diodes - Round - Clear Lens

California residents: click here

Video of Wesbar LED Trailer Utility Light - Weatherproof - Magnetic Base - 650 Lumens - Round - Clear Lens

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Wesbar LED Trailer Utility Light Review and Installation

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today we're gonna be checking out the Wesbar LED Trailer Utility Light. Now, having a light like this, is super convenient, whenever you need it, you'll have it laying around. And what's great about it, is, there's just a ton of different uses for it, you know. There's a million different scenarios where this can really come in handy. And, as long as you have a 12 volt power supply, you're gonna be able to turn it off and on, whenever you need it.

So, with this light being LED, it's not going to draw a whole lot of power from your 12 volt power source. And, it's gonna be really bright. You know, LEDs are really popular now, and everyone want some, including myself. And so, that's really nice that we have that feature. With that being said, why don't we go ahead and kinda run through some of the scenarios, that I can think of, that I would personally use this light in.

Right off the top of my head, I know light bars are becoming really popular, especially on these work trucks and things like that. Well, on the same note, that's not everyone's style. Some people don't want to, you know, permanently mount up a light bar on the front of their truck, and this can kinda solve that problem. You know, if you need a little bit of extra light, you got it, but you can remove it very easily. So, just to kinda give you an example of that, since it is courted, and the base is magnetic, it will actually attach, you know, to the body of your vehicle, as long as it's steel, of course.

So, in our case, we have a sunroof. You can open that up, take the light, position it how you want it on your roof, turn it on, and give you that extra light that you need. You know, if you don't have a sun roof, what you could always do, is just crack your window, do it that way, you know. and obviously you wanna make sure the court is not in your way when you're driving, especially, and get the job done that way too. So, with that magnetic base, you have a ton of different options on where and how you can attach it.

Obviously, with a light, big question is how bright actually is it And, this has a rating of 650 lumens, so pretty impressive for a relatively small light. And so, we'd figure we would kinda test it out. So, I have my light on, and the overhead lights on here in the shop, it's nice and bright, and I'm just shining it at the garage door. You can see there, even with the overhead lights on, this is still easily noticeable. So, this is throwing off quite a bit of light, but chances are good you're not gonna use it in the daytime. So let's go ahead, kill the overhead lights, and check it out. So, now with the lights off, actually I'm pretty impressed on how bright this thing really is. It really does throw off some light. Just to kinda give you a perspective, If I turn the light towards me, you can see it's pretty black in here, pretty much pitch black, and this does a great job. Essentially, we're almost lighting up the whole room. So, pretty impressive for a small light. One thing I am actually pretty impressed with, is the magnetic base that comes on the bottom of the light. This thing's got some weight to it, and is really strong actually. I mean, when you go to stick it to the metal, it's a powerful magnet. It barely moves, and it takes some force to pull that thing off. You know, I'd feel comfortable traveling at high speeds with this attached to my vehicle, if I had to. Or even, you know, let's say, put it on a side-by-side, or a boat or something like that, and you know, you're hitting some rough waves, or going off road, things like that, I really don't see the same bouncing around and coming off. So, pretty strong little magnet. On the bottom of it, there is a protective label here, so that we don't have to worry about scratching up your paint, and things like that. And, even if you don't have anything magnetic per se, let's just say maybe you need a light on your bench, or whatever the case may be, you can set this thing down, and with that weight, it's gonna stay put. You know, it's not gonna tip over on you real easy, or anything like that. So, a ton of different uses, and a truly versatile light in my opinion. So, the light itself is submersible. With that being said, will I drop this underwater deliberately Probably not, but if you do have it, you know, maybe on your tractor or UTV, or even on your vehicle, and get hung up in a rain storm, or something like that, I wouldn't sweat it, not gonna have to worry about it breaking on you. The housing is actually aluminum, and it's pretty thick, believe it or not. So, we're not gonna worry about it rusting. And, for whatever reason, if it did come off, or you drop it, or anything like that, you know, the housing isn't just gonna break. You know, this thing's pretty tough, actually. The lens is plastic, but it's kind of recessed back there a little bit, it has this hood on it. I feel like that'll kinda keep it protected, if you we're to drop it, or anything. And, something I do wanna mention, is the cord, and the overall length of the cord. Okay, so it's coiled, so it's not gonna be crazy long when it's in this position. However, if you we're to stretch it completely out, as far as it could go, it's gonna measure 19 feet. With that being said, I was kind of doing it myself, and I got to a point where I really wasn't comfortable stretching it out more. I felt like any more tension on it, would almost, you know, pull the wire out of the back of the light, or something like that. It just didn't have a great feeling about it. Obviously, you guys can do what you choose, but I had it at about 12 foot, and that was about the maximum length that I was comfortable with, and that I personally would be willing to go. I do just wanna give a solution to those of you that need to bring your light further than the cord will stretch. And that solution is to use an extension cord, and we actually sell a couple of them here at etrailer. One of them just plugs into the 12 volt power source, and on the other end of it, you can plug your light right in. There's also a another one, that actually breaks off into two outlets, if that make sense. So, one end of that cord will plug into your power source, and then two cords come off of it, with two different sockets. So, for whatever reason, if you needed to use two lights, that'd be a quick and easy way to allow you to do that. So, if you do check out the end of the light here, where the 12 volt connector is, I feel like it's pretty well made. I'm sure we've all kinda picked up accessories like this, and felt the ends of them. And some of them just feel super cheap, like super lightweight. And, almost if you plug it in, it's gonna break. And that's really not the case with this one. It feels like it's made pretty well. Everything's tight. You know, this metal portion here is spring-loaded, as well as these sides. And they come back out nice and tight. So, you really shouldn't wear this out, I wanna feel like, over time. You know, with these things, if you put them in and take them out, and in and out, with the cheap ones, they end up getting real loose and sloppy, but everything feels pretty well made. So, when you do get to plug it into your outlet, it has a good seat to it. And this is how you control the light. So, it's just a little toggle switch. And when you turn it on, you know, the green light is gonna illuminate, and your light's gonna turn on. So, it really doesn't get much more simple than that. Kind of another example on how you can use this, is with a jump box. You know, the majority of these things have an outlet that you can plug into. And if you do that, essentially, you'll have a portable light. So, a lot of times, if you have a jump box, you're having car troubles, you don't have to deal with two separate things. Or, what I can think of, let's say maybe, you know, it's night time, maybe you're working in the woods, gathering firewood, or whatever the case may be, and you don't want to bring your bike, or your side-by-side down there, and wear out the batteries, keeping the lights on. You can throw this in the back, take this with you, wear it on your jump box, and not burn out your bike's battery. Not a big deal if it happens to the jump box, that's what it's meant for, you plug it back in and charge it. So, just really convenient. And, just one more way that, you know, you can use the light. Something else that you can use this for, is really cool, but you are gonna have to pick up a 7-way to 12 volt adapter plug. And if you use this, you can plug this into your 7-way, and have a power supply right here, at the back of your truck. And you're gonna actually have two ports there. So, you could use this for two lights, if you wanted to. But, the reason I say this, is, I'm sure many of you have tried backing up to a trailer at nighttime. And, even on newer vehicles, that have these backup cameras, and bright reverse lights, they only do so much, you know, sometimes it just don't cut it. And so, by using this combination here, you're definitely gonna be able to see what you're doing. You know, you can stick this toy your bumper, or wherever, really, and, it's gonna light things up. Not to mention, with this adapter you can use two, and cover both sides if you need to. One of the things that I can think of, that I would probably personally use this for, I'm actually thinking about grabbing one, just to use it for this, is, launching a boat at nighttime. You go fishing a lot, on the water, a lot of times, it's really dark, and it makes things difficult. I feel like this would really help out a lot with that. And not to mention too, personally, I would kinda get two for one out of it. I know a lot of boats have a 12 volt outlet. So, when I'm done doing it at the ramp, I can unplug this, take it with me, and if I need a little extra light to see where I'm going on the river, I'll just plug this right in. You can hold it with your hand, have your friend hold it, if there's any metal on the boat, stick it to it. So, you kinda get two birds with one stone there, and it really helps make life a little bit easier. So generally speaking, you're gonna be able to take this light, and pretty much plug it into any type of vehicle, whether it be a truck, car, camper, motor home, or whatever the case may be, because they're gonna be equipped with that 12 volt outlet. But, on the other hand, some of these other types of machines may not have a 12 volt outlet kit, but do have a 12 volt battery system, and charging system, maybe some type of off-road machines, tractors, and things like that. So, a solution that you can use, to give yourself a way to plug the light in, in those circumstances, is, you can pick up a kit, that we offer here, that you wire up, and it gives you that 12 volt power supply. So, it's super simple, pretty much goes right to the battery, really not a whole lot to it. And, if it we're me, we also sell kits that, not only give you that 12 volt outlet kit, but also has some USB ports too, if you're gonna go through the trouble to hook it up, and something like that'd be beneficial to you. You kinda get two things, you know, you could use your light, and charge your phones, or whatever the case may be. So, at the end of the day, a super handy light, that you could use for just about anything..

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Customer Reviews

Wesbar LED Trailer Utility Light - Weatherproof - Magnetic Base - 650 Lumens - Round - Clear Lens - 54209-017

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (87 Customer Reviews)

4-1/2" Diameter. Weatherproof LED utility light white produces bright white light for exterior applications. Magnetic base attaches and removes easily for maximum versatility. Power adapter with on/off switch plugs into 12V outlet. 8 Diodes.


Wesbar utility light works very well and appears to be well made and rugged. It's very bright without being overbearingly bright. The magnetic base holds well. I'm keeping it in my truck for any situations that require extra illumination.



Great! Still in my truck, I use it as needed, holding up fine.


Fantastic item which will come in very handy for extra reverse lighting, late night winch connections, chock placements and ratchet strapping the wheels down! Having a magnetic base and a long chord it will work great for changing a flat tire and lighting up things for oncoming traffic if by the roadside! You can also light up your trailer connections, using your rolling tongue jack, or setting stabilizers in any circumstances, or lighting up a clearance or problematic condition under your trailer or in and around your load. Crazy not to have one!


Seems like a decent product for the money. Have already noticed the coiled wiring insulation is starting to split at the light end of the power cord - after one use?! The light gets hot quickly, good thing it has the heat sink fins on the housing. Didn’t know LED’s got so hot. Also, anything I have received from e trailer never has any packing material in the shipped boxes, so if there are multiple items in the box they are going to be banging against each other.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


It is definitely too soon for the cord to split. I would recommend the light be replaced under warranty. I can have our Customer Service team reach out if you are interested.



Thank you for contacting me regarding this issue with the light. I was a little surprised anyone read my review! I am not that concerned about the issue with the insulation, but thought it was worth mentioning. I will keep the light and enjoy using it. Thanks again.


I am very happy that I bought this item, it most certainly will come in handy.

Adolph A.


works great and very handy with a 12V supply from any vehicle


Works great. I use it to backup my boat at night


Well made and illuminates quite a bit



Works great I don’t usually it much


The rubber on the cord deteriorated in a couple of months a piece of junk


Good light plastic started to fall off chord.


If you are looking for a light for your tractor rops and have the correct outlet this is perfect, no wiring required! I'm using it on my kubota b2601. The magnet is very strong and it has a protective cover so it wont scratch when you have to pull it off. The light is plenty bright to use with the rear snowblower. The only concern I have is if it will eventually leak and break but for the price I was willing to take a chance.


I bought them for gifts for family! I’ll try one out tonight! I’m glad it’s not made in Communist China! I wish it was made here in USA! It looks well made!


Looks to be a well made product, with it's Heavy Aluminum frame,
H.D. Cord and well made 12 Volt jack. Proves to be very bright and should serve offroaders well. Very impressed with this product.


Handy as a thumb on a glove! Magnetic base and long cord make this a good work lite.



I have used this light dozens of times to load or unload my boats at night. It has been a great help. The only thing I have changed since I got it is, I installed a power port in the rear bed of my truck. That way I get a little bit more reach with cord and when I’m done it goes into camper! Still working 100.


My first impressions are, it looks solid, the light is bright, and the protective tape over the magnet is very thin. As I needed to tighten the holding screw which is under the very thin protective tape. Replaced it with Gorilla tape. It s just a light, why do I write this review? Because I kind of like etrailer for their SalesmanShip.


Great product but the coating on the pigtail cord between the cigarette lighter and the light split open after two days.


Not really very bright... I know it is only 650 lumens but doesn't seem as bright as the 500 lumen flashlight I have. Will likely be returning.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


We do also have a similar light that is square and had a lumens rating of 800. It is part # 54209-018


Snowing in northern California used the tracks to get out of the ditch, worked great!! Recommend for anyone in snow country!


This light is super bright and works well. However, the rubber cord sheathing is extremely brittle and breaks with any slightly handling. The price was right, but plan to wrap the cord with electrical tape to keep it from deteriorating further.


Very heavy duty and the magnetic is really strong.


Needed a light for plowing snow at night on tractor and Side by side. Received product double packaged and in great condition. Plugged into auxiliary 12v outlet & flipped toggle switch. This light is bright and magnet strong.

Craig S.


This light is still going strong and helps light my path beyond the standard headlights while plowing snow on those long winter nights.


I have not used this light in the field yet under the conditions I thought it would be most useful. However, it looks to be very well made and functioned well on its first minor test out of the box. I plan to use it mostly when launching a boat in low light situations by attaching the unit to the back of my tow vehicle or someone else's tow vehicle. The portable nature makes it much more versatile for my intended use. It may also come in handy as an emergency light for night time field repairs.



My feedback is still the same. Have not had a situation where I have needed the light so it is continuing to serve as some assurance in case I need light in an emergency. I have tested it and know that it is in good working condition.


Seems solid, needs a storage bag.


The wesbar led light is very durable, 650 lumens is perfect for me. Donna is so professional and made my order so easy. Thanks e-trailer.


Had this light ONE week and the wire sheath going into the lamp began to peal, exposing the internal power wires. I should have read the reviews more carefully as upon review I realized others had experienced the same problem. Customer Service really wasn't any help as they would have me return this product at my own expense. It's a good thing etrailer has other great parts but this is NOT one of them. Very disappointed that this closeout item wasn't even worth the closeout price. Don't like WASTING hard earned cash on garbage your company is looking to unload. Now, aren't you glad you asked ?


Nice light powered by the cigarette lig hter


Nice product

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