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RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit

RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit

Item # RAS3611
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Vehicle Suspension

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2,000-lb Capacity. Convert your vehicle's leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system. RAS adjusts to your load to level your ride. The system also increases stability, handling, and control by improving traction and reducing sway. Great Prices for the best vehicle suspension from RAS. RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit part number RAS3611 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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RAS Vehicle Suspension - RAS3611

  • Leaf Springs
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Standard Duty
  • RAS

2,000-lb Capacity. Convert your vehicle's leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system. RAS adjusts to your load to level your ride. The system also increases stability, handling, and control by improving traction and reducing sway.


  • Custom kit converts your vehicle's factory leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system
    • Actively strengthens leaf springs for improved ride quality with or without a load
  • All-in-one suspension system improves stability, handling, and control
    • Eliminates axle wrap, wheel hop, and bottoming out
    • Reduces dangerous sway and body roll while cornering
    • Keeps your ride level when towing or hauling a heavy load
    • Improves traction while breaking and accelerating
  • Variable-rated coil tension springs automatically adjust to your vehicle's load
    • Activate immediately to support the extra weight
    • Disengage when unloaded, allowing your leaf springs to perform as intended
  • Customizable coil springs can be adjusted during installation to accommodate your towing or hauling needs
    • Independently adjustable for side-to-side leveling of off-center loads
  • Helps extend the life of leaf springs, shock absorbers, shackles, and even tires
  • Durable, epoxy e-coated steel construction
    • Corrosion-resistant brackets on the ends of each unit have a salt spray rating of more than 800 hours
  • Easy, bolt-on installation - no drilling, cutting, or welding required
    • Unit secures under the leaf spring and around the factory U-bolts
    • Fully assembled kit and hardware are included
  • Maintenance-free - adjustments and monitoring aren't needed once installed
  • Made in the USA


  • Weight capacity: 2,000 lbs
    • RoadActive Suspension will not increase your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity
  • 5-Year warranty
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee

All-In-One Suspension System

When towing or hauling a heavy load, you may encounter a number of problems that can make your driving experience difficult or dangerous, such as sway, body roll, or bottoming out. When your vehicle is weighted down, your factory leaf springs can't counteract these problems to the extent that they are supposed to. The weight will overpower the leaf springs and cause them to twist or flatten out. When that happens, they cannot support, level, or stabilize your vehicle effectively. Additionally, because your factory leaf springs are passive, they won't begin to tackle problems such as sway until those problems have already started.

Diagram of RAS Installed

RoadActive Suspension (RAS) kits enhance those passive leaf springs by converting them into a mechanically active, all-in-one suspension system. RAS kits have variable-rated coil tension springs that automatically adjust to your heavy load. Other suspension systems only solve a few problems and usually at the expense of other improvements your factory leaf springs may need. RAS, on the other hand, is a unique kit that provides everything you want in a suspension system without any trade-offs. It eliminates bottoming out like air springs, reduces sway and body roll like sway bars, keeps your ride level like helper springs, and improves traction and braking control like traction bars. This improves your vehicle's stability, handling, and control while you are towing or hauling, as well as when your vehicle is unloaded. RAS also makes your overall driving and towing experience safer and more comfortable, which greatly lessens driver fatigue.

How RAS Works

Close-Up of RAS Tension Spring

Each RAS unit has a powerful variable-rated coil tension spring that converts your passive leaf spring into a mechanically-active system. Once your vehicle is loaded, the tension springs immediately activate to absorb and support the weight. This allows your leaf springs to maintain their bowed position and keeps them from flattening out or flipping over, which greatly hinders their ability to bear a heavy load. The tension springs are variable-rated, which means that the heavier your load is, the more assistance they provide to your leaf springs. Because of this design, RAS reacts instantaneously, whereas hydraulics, air springs, and other suspension systems take time to react. And unlike your factory leaf springs, RAS stops sway and sag before they even start to happen. Additionally, when your vehicle is unloaded, the tension springs disengage, allowing your leaf springs to perform as intended without hardening your ride. RAS won't hinder your leaf springs' movement, nor will it cause any friction between any of the brackets.

Eliminates Axle Wrap and Wheel Hop

RAS Eliminates Axle Wrap

When under a heavy load, leaf springs are especially susceptible to axle wrap, which can cause wheel hop. Wheel hop is when the tires lose their grip on the road, causing a jarring, up-and-down movement. Axle wrap occurs when the circular motion of the tires cause the leaf springs to twist or rotate. If the leaf springs twist far enough, wheel hop can occur. RAS stabilizes your leaf springs by absorbing the force of the load they're trying to support. This eliminates axle wrap and wheel hop, as well as prevents your vehicle from bottoming out. Because of this, less strain is put on your vehicle. And by reducing some of this wear and tear, RAS helps extend the life of your leaf springs, shock absorbers, shackles, and even tires.

Reduces Sway and Body Roll

RAS eliminates sway and body roll

When driving along a curve while towing or hauling a heavy load, the back end of your vehicle or trailer can start to shift with that weight. If your factory leaf springs have flattened or twisted under this load, they won't be able to prevent it from shifting. Because of this, your trailer will sway away from your vehicle. This makes driving challenging and dangerous, as it increases the risk of body roll, which is when your vehicle drastically leans to one side. This can often cause you to completely lose control of your vehicle. Body roll is especially prevalent with multi-passenger vans and vehicles towing long campers, trailers, or boats. RAS provides a much safer ride by reinforcing your factory leaf springs and stabilizing your load. This helps prevent sway from occurring and reduces the chance of body roll while cornering, turning, and swerving. RAS also lessens the rocking motion that happens during windy conditions or when a semi passes by on the road.

Levels Your Ride and Improves Traction

RAS Levels Your Ride

When your vehicle is overloaded, the bulk of the weight transfers to the rear axle. Your factory leaf springs then become overwhelmed by this weight, as they are not strong enough to support it. This causes the back end of your vehicle to sag and the front end to rise, which means that the front tires have lost some of the grip they need with the road. In addition to loss of traction, it can also cause poor headlight aim, unintentional swerving, and an extremely bumpy and uncomfortable ride. RAS bolsters your factory leaf springs and enables them to provide support for your load without compromising ride quality or comfort. This keeps your ride level from front to back whether you are hauling a load in the bed or towing a boat, trailer, or camper. RAS also ensures that your tires have the traction they require while braking and accelerating, which improves the overall driving experience.

Customizable Coil Tension Springs

Adjusting Spring With Spacer

RAS is also customizable. During installation, the coil tension springs can be adjusted to 2 different tension settings or anywhere in between for improved road handling and support. To do this, rotate the springs while keeping the threaded rod still. As you turn the spring, use one of the 2 included spacers as a gauge to measure the widening gaps between the coils. In order for the RAS units to work as intended, you must tension the coils to a minimum of 25 percent with the 1mm white spacer and no more than 40 percent with the 2mm spacer. The springs can also be independently adjusted to compensate for off-center loads such as a handicap lift.

Easy, Bolt-On Installation

RAS Once Installed

This custom-fit kit comes fully assembled and is easy to install. Each RAS unit simply bolts onto your factory leaf spring with the included hardware, and drilling, welding, and cutting aren't required. First, position the eye hook bracket so that it wraps around the top of the factory leaf spring eye. Then the axle bracket secures under the leaf spring and around the factory U-bolts on the other side of the leaf spring pack. Once the maintenance-free RAS units are fully installed, you won't need to monitor them as you would with air springs.

Corrosion-Resistant Steel Construction

RAS Construction Close-Up

RAS is extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. The units are constructed of high-grade alloy steel, and they have an epoxy e-coat on the coil springs to provide extreme corrosion resistance. The brackets on the ends of each unit resist the effects of water and other elements, and they have a salt spray rating of more than 800 hours.

3611 RAS Custom Active Suspension System for OEM Leaf Springs - Rear Axle

Installation Details RAS3611 Installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit - RAS3611

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (690 Customer Reviews)

2,000-lb Capacity. Convert your vehicle's leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system. RAS adjusts to your load to level your ride. The system also increases stability, handling, and control by improving traction and reducing sway.


Night and day difference on our 2011 F150. Before installing the vehicle was almost undrivable at highway speeds due to bouncing/jerking when pulling our trailer. The bounce/jerk has been virtually eliminated since installing the Active Suspension. Installation was a breeze, hardest part was getting the wheels off the truck due to corrosion between the wheel and the rotors. Total install time was roughly 1hr 15 minutes including the stubborn wheels. Initially I was hesitant to order due to the price, but very happy with the results, etrailer also did a great job at guiding me through the process, shipping and answering a few technical questions along the way. Highly recommend if you need a little more spring/payload.


only drove twice so far. already feel great control of the rear end. much increase of positive traction, with very little drop. extremely easy installation! perfect step by step(with pics) instructions included. also easy to follow video, somewhere. I cant remember where I watched. not hooking up trailer till next weekend, after alignment. maybe I'll be back. overall the "active" concept in this product is exactly what an intermittent hauler wants. there is no feel of preload on leafs when not loaded. the product creates much better roll stability.

2013 silverado 2500hd

2009 Ford F-150

Installed yesterday. Looks good. I purchased for my 2009 f150. Fast shipping on product.i will be pulling my 28 foot trailer with my 150. I hope to get a smoother ride pulling my trailer.


Excellent addition to the truck. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, stiffen the springs so that I don't have so much squat with a trailer, as well as help to keep contact with the road by eliminating wheel bounce. I really appreciate the ride when I'm not pulling a trailer. I was worried it'd be too stiff, but no worries. One other thing, it lifted the rear of the truck up slightly so that it rides more level. I love it!


I put these on a 2019 Raptor. My raptor would sag so much when a trailer was on it, but after putting these on it totally fixed my problem and allowed me to pull heavy loads again. Very easy to install.

2014 Ford F-150

Paid full price, received poorly packed open box item with missing ancillary parts.

This rating is not a reflection of the Road Master product, but of the package I received from etrailer. I’ll start with the one positive, the package arrived very quickly. I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today.

Missing directions. RoadMaster touts the clear easy to read directions as a product feature. I can download directions from etrailer. Now I get the pleasure of wincing at my phone and trying to zoom and scroll with gloves on.

Missing 2 spacing disks required to set the spring gap. So I guess I’ll guestimate… These are directly referenced on the etrailer website as included, stated as included in the directions, and on the pictures.

Missing sticker labels. I did receive a random sticker not related to this item but I didn’t receive Roadmaster labels. While this may seem like a minor complaint it shouldn’t be underestimated. The labels need to be applied because there is no noticeable branding on the product. What that means is that a mechanic who works on the truck in the future will not have a reference to be able to look-up. It would also be a nice courtesy for any future owner of the truck.

Missing warranty card. A selling point for this product is the 5 year warranty. Call me old fashioned but I would like to have the paper. With products like these there are also usually directions for registering it for any future warranty claims.

I was expecting a nicely packaged product and was sadly disappointed. The packaging was exceptionally poor. The pieces could have been at least wrapped in paper so they wouldn’t chip the paint against each other and guard against what inevitably occurred with the box giving out. These were just dropped in the box and shipped with no protection.

Etrailer Expert

Sierra K.


I apologize for the missing items. I see in your account that customer service has already forwarded a message to the manufacturer to reship those out for you. As for the warranty, we do not have a card included as this is an exclusive etrailer offer to you. All you would need to do if you would ever need to use the warranty is to contact at 800-298-1624.


After installation (approx. 1 hour) the initial ride once installed was a surprise - the ride was improved immediately. smooth, cornering, handling bumps, slight increase in rear ride height, but my favorite one was helping level out once connected to my camper which is what prompted the purchase. ENJOY

2014 Ford F-150

I have been using Roadmaster Active Suspension for a year now. The product works as advertised and has greatly improved the stability of my F-150 pulling a 7500 travel trailer.



I have my RAS system for two years now and it performs as well the day I installed it.


Great system installed on 15 seater van and has shown its worth on several occasion at high speed in keeping great control in emergency turns. Highly recommended.



I have had this installed on my van for a few years now and I was just reminded of them again when I got new tires put on. I was explaining them to the mechanic. He had never seen them before. I was giving a raving review and realized that I should be doing it here. I live at 6000ft on a mountain road and am constantly driving switchbacks. Before I had these installed I crawled down the mountain. It was literally scary. After they have been installed it feels sturdy and I can take turns easily. I can even avoid crazy deer jumping out in front of me without losing control of my huge van. There is NO way I could do that on a narrow winding road at an angle before. I have countless instances where I have blessed these simple additions for saving my van and ultimately the life of my children. Thank you so much for making these and marketing them. They should be standard in these larger vehicles.

2014 Ford F-150

Repeat customer. Just installed my second set of Roadmaster Active Suspension springs. Have not towed with them yet; however the ride on my 2014 F150 6.5' bed pickup is noticably smoother. I expect the result when I do tow my travel trailer to be the same as with my previous truck - night and day difference (no more "white knuckle towing)!


Package arrived within 2 days after I ordered late in the evening. Well packaged, I have checked both the instructions and a couple of U-tube videos which show how easy they are to install. I will update upon completing the install, and had a chance to hook up our trailer.



working well, but Ive misplaced the thicker tabs to beef up the RAS tension , Can these be purchased seperately,

Etrailer Expert

Heather A.


I believe you are talking about the flat discs used to adjust the tension of the RAS. We don't carry either disc included with the RAS kit however the rep at Roadmaster told us you can use a quarter to replace the black disc and a dime to replace the white disc when adjusting.


Easy Install, Works Great, Fast Shippin g!

2019 Ford F-150 Raptor

Great product very easy to install.


I purchased this kit because I was hauling 1000-1200#s of livestock in the bed of my TitanXd. The kit greatly reduced the swaying side to side from the animals shifting around. I also noticed less bouncing fromy single axle trailer. Overall rode quality was improved and I would purchase again.


RAS is an excellent product that greatly reduced the rearend sag and sway that my 38 ft travel trailer was prone to produce. My Ford E350 V10 powered passenger van now tow my trailer like a dream.


Initial install was very easy. They went on exactly as the instructions said. Less than 30 minutes from start to finish. Just a note: on their strongest setting they raised the rear of my truck 1.5 inches. I have not had hauled a load or pulled a heavy trailer with them on yet. I will give a follow up review after several trials with them.


Good installation instructions. Product raised my 1996 Ford E350 back to stock height which I wanted. Handles washboard roads better. I am satisfied.

2019 Ford F-150 Raptor

Very simple, straightforward install on my 2019 Raptor. Lifted rear 2”, allowing travel trailer to sit level to truck. Hoping long term results are just as impressive. Thank you.


Staff answered the 800 number on a Saturday to answer a key installation question and got us on the road camping! Clutch!


This product is awesome, even the ride without a load was better. Great, I suggest this to anyone.



Great, I have recommended this to all my friends and colleagues that have a truck. Even if they are not hauling just a better ride for their truck

Nissan Titan

Purchased the RAS system to help with some bounce I was encountering when towing my 7500# Airstream, especially on older segmented concrete highways.

The installation is pretty simple with a floor jack and a couple of jack stands. The instructions are easy to follow.

With the RAS set up in the lower range of it’s tension, the problem has disappeared — any oscillation is dampened within a cycle.

2016 Nissan Titan XD with the 5l Cummins diesel

2013 Ram 2500

I originally bought the product to try and bring my 2013 Chevrolet 2500 back to stock height. It has a surveyor pack tool system and tools weighting just over 1000 lbs, since the day it was new. The product did the job. The part that was a great surprise was sway control with all that weight. 6 months later I retired, sold the tool box system, but left the product on the truck because we also pull our 28 ft. travel trailer (10,000 lb) with the truck. Don’t need the lift because of the weight distribution system with anti-sway, but the truck is much more stable on the interstate than it used to be. With no load I really don’t notice the ride is any worse when hitting a bump. I love it!

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Easy install and very happy with the product as I pulled a 3,000 horse trailer after install and had very little sag on the 40% setting. I would add that it raised my Raptor about two inches in the back because the weight of the truck no longer sags it at least on the 40% setting.


Amazing product does exactly what it's made to do.



Product has exceed my expectation for over a year! Would definitely buy again.

2013 Ford F-150

The Product was easy to put on. I had a lot of trouble getting my back tires off. The instructions were okay, I got confused a couple of times. The video on youtube is great. I used that several times.

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  • Differences Between The RoadActive Suspension Systems For A 2023 GMC Sierra 2500
    We currently have three different RAS kits available for your 2023 GMC Sierra 2500. Which kit you will need depends on the leaf springs that you have under your Sierra and the amount of sag that your are experiencing. After installing any of the three RAS systems that I explain below will not increase the payload or towing capacity on your Sierra, but they will provide assistance for your factory suspension giving them a more level and safe ride. The first kit that we offer is the RAS...
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  • Difference Between RoadActive Kits for 2024 GMC Sierra 2500
    I would be happy to explain the differences. The RoadActive Suspension Kit # RAS3611 has the standard capacity of 2,000 lbs. The # RAS3611-HD and # RAS3611-CHD have a 3,000 lb capacity since they are the heavy duty versions. The # RAS3611-HD is designed for vehicles without top overload springs and the # RAS3611-CHD is for vehicles with factory top overload springs. I would choose the heavy duty version for your 2024 Sierra 2500. The RAS is adjustable with the standard model having 2 adjustment...
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  • Selecting The Correct RoadActive Suspension System For a 2024 GMC Sierra 2500
    First you will need to determine if you have an upper or lower overload spring on the leaf springs for your 2024 GMC Sierra 2500. If you have a top overload spring you will need the Kit # RAS3611-CHD. Otherwise we have the 2,000LB # RAS3611 or 3,000LB # RAS3611-HD for trucks with lower overload springs. For selecting the correct weight rating I recommend using the 2,000lb kit for occasional loads and the 3,000lb kit if your truck constantly carries heavy weights.
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  • Recommended RoadActive Suspension Kit For A 2022 GMC Sierra 2500 With An In Bed Camper
    Though it will ultimately depend on how much your camper weighs and how much sag you experience, there are a few differences between the 3 options available for your truck. First is the # RAS3611. This will have a 2,000 pound weight capacity and will be used in mild to moderate cases of sagging. With you having a Sierra 2500, I assume you will have a pretty heavy camper in the bed, so this may not be the best option. With that said, we come to the # RAS3611-HD and # RAS3611-CHD. These...
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  • Will The RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit # RAS3611-Y Fit a 2WD 2011 F-150?
    Your 2011 Ford F-150 being 2 wheel drive will require the RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit # RAS3611. The Kit # RAS3611-Y is only for 4 wheel drive versions of your F-150.
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  • Recommended RAS for a 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer
    Thanks for the picture! I would definitely go with one of the HD kits over the 2,000 lbs RoadActive item # RAS3611 you were looking at. Which one you will need is going to depend on whether or not your 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD has the factory overload spring. I have attached a picture below that shows what you need to check for. This picture shows a Chevy Silverado with an overload spring. Without Overload Spring - RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit item # RAS3611-HD With...
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Best Suspension Enhancement for 2017 Ford F-150 to Reduce Towing Suspension Sag
    The RAS systems are by far the best suspension enhancement kits out there for vehicles like your 2017 Ford F-150 to reduce suspension sag. Main reason is that unlike other system this does not make your ride quality when loaded or unloaded (many state that the ride quality improves greatly) and also does not require the maintenance that air bags do as well. For as much as you plan on towing I'd go with the HD model part # RAS3611-YHD which gives 3,000 lbs of suspension support over the...
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  • Is RoadActive Suspension Kit Needed In Addition to Weight Distribution
    The answer to your question will depend on how you use your truck. Vehicle-based systems like the RoadActive Suspension system or air bags will work just fine with a weight distribution system, but they work best to suspend weight being hauled in the bed of a truck or in a vehicle's cargo area, while a weight distribution system does a better job of transferring a trailer's tongue weight from the rear tow vehicle axle to the front. If in addition to towing you also frequently carry heavy...
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  • Comparing RoadActive Suspension Kits for a 2024 GMC Sierra 2500 4WD
    The difference between the RoadActive Suspension kits that fit your 2024 GMC Sierra 2500 have to do with the weight capacity and whether or not your vehicle has the factory top overload springs: - 2K # RAS3611 - 3K # RAS3611-CHD (with top overload springs) - 3K # RAS3611-HD (without top overload springs) If you can go with the higher weight rating I recommend doing so, otherwise you can just use the 2K kit and you'll be just fine.
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  • Recommended RAS for a 2013 Ford F-150 Super Cab FX4
    The RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit item # RAS3611-YHD you were looking is going to be over rated for your travel trailer's 900 lbs tongue weight. It would be better to go with one of the 2,000 lbs systems. This adds 2,000 lbs of strength to your leaf springs without compromising ride quality. I have listed them below. 2WD - RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit item # RAS3611 4WD - RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit...
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  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement for 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Towing a Horse Trailer
    The RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit will be a great choice for your 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. Since you're going to be towing a heavy horse trailer, I recommend using the heavy duty kit # RAS3611-HD instead of the the # RAS3611. The RAS system turns your vehicle's factory leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system. Not only will this improve stability and control, it will also help prolong the life of your leaf springs, shocks and tires. This...
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  • RAS Kit Makes 2022 Ford F-150 Sit High
    Thank you so much for your purchase from for your 2022 Ford F-150 2WD of the RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit # RAS3611-B or 4WD # RAS3611-Y. According to RAS their kits will raise the truck about 1 to 1-1/2 inches no matter what, and there's nothing you can do about that. But they also say the most important thing in this regard, to have it at the lower end of that, is to have the tension set to the lowest setting (of the two available) during installation....
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  • Differences Between the RoadActive Suspension Systems For a 2022 GMC Sierra 2500
    There are currently 3 kits available for your 2022 GMC Sierra 2500. The correct kit will depend on the leaf springs under your Sierra and the amount of sag you are experiencing. Do note that none of these systems will increase your payload or towing capacity. They will only provide assistance to your factory suspension giving you a more level and safe ride. The first kit is the RAS System # RAS3611. This system is rated for a capacity of 2,000lbs and works best with trucks that squat...
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  • RoadActive Suspension Enhancement Kit for 2009 Ford F-150 2WD
    For a 2009 Ford F-150 2WD the correct RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit is item # RAS3611. This system converts your Ford F-150's leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system. RAS adjusts to your load to level your ride. The system also increases stability, handling, and control by improving traction and reducing sway. The current price is on the right side of the product page.
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  • Recommended RoadActive Suspension Kit For a 2020 Nissan Titan 4WD
    For your 2020 Nissan Titan 4WD crew cab, I recommend the RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit item # RAS3611 which offers a 2000 lbs maximum capacity and will make for a more pleasant ride when you are not towing your travel trailer compared to the heavy duty option item # RAS3611-HD. If you are loading the bed of your truck to capacity and plan on towing often then the RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit - Heavy Duty item # RAS3611-HD would be...
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  • Will the RoadActive Leaf Spring Kit # RAS3611-CHD Provide Support with a 3,400 Vertical Weight?
    When it comes to the 3,000-pound capacity of the RoadActive Suspension Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit - HD # RAS3611-CHD, it is important to note that this kit is not designed to increase your available weight capacity on your 2020 Silverado 3500HD with a 3,700 pound cargo capacity. With that being said, the kit will definitely provide the benefits of reducing sag, reducing dangerous sway, and improving overall control. The added support of the # RAS3611-CHD with the 3,400 pound vertical weight...
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    Image 1 for
  • RoadActive Suspension Kit Recommendation for 2013 Ford F-150 Rear Wheel Drive
    For your 2013 Ford F-150 that is rear wheel drive the RAS system that is recommended is the part # RAS3611 which will work great for your towing setup. Of the suspension enhancement kits that fit your truck this is widely considered to be the best option as it gives you the suspension support you are wanting but also gives you improved handling and ride quality.
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  • RoadActive Suspension for a 2012 Ford F-150 FX4 SuperCrew Short Bed 4x4
    For your 2012 Ford F-150 FX4 SuperCrew 4x4 you will need RoadActive Suspension system # RAS3611-Y. This model is for 4x4s but excludes regular cab models as well as the Raptor. The other one, # RAS3611, is for 2-wheel drive models and only fits regular cab models but excludes the Raptor.
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  • RoadActive Suspension Kit for 2006 Ford F-350 With Factory Overload Springs
    There is a RoadActive Suspension Kit # RAS3611-LHD, will fit your 2006 Ford F-350 with overload springs and with a fifth wheel hitch; this has been confirmed by RoadActive.
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  • Correct RoadActive Suspension Enhancement Kit for a 2010 Ford F-150 Lariat
    There are no special procedures or additional parts that will be needed to install the RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit part # RAS3611-Y on your 2010 Ford F-150 Lariat SuperCrew 4x4. Please note the RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit part # RAS3611 is for 4x2 models so you will need to use the above because you have a 4x4. The installation process in short entails raising one side of the vehicle, securing it with jacks in the correct spots,...
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  • Which RoadActive Suspension Kit Fits 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor
    We do have a RoadActive Suspension system part # RAS3611 that is a confirmed fit for your 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor and is the best option for suspension enhancement. Unlike other options this gives the support you want while also improving ride quality and handling. Most options end up making the ride quality pretty harsh.
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  • Which RoadActive Suspension Kit for 2018 Ford F-150 STX
    I'd go with the standard duty RoadActive Suspension kit part # RAS3611-Y for your 2018 Ford F-150 4x4. This can give you the suspension support you'll need without being overkill for the weight you'll be towing. This is rated for 2,000 lbs of additional support.
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  • Recommended Helper Spring Solution for 2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 With Slide In Camper
    Actually, as long as your 2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 isn't a dually, the RoadActive Suspension # RAS3611 would counteract the rear sag thus leveling out your ride and would reduce sway and body roll, so it would be the perfect solution. If you have a dually with top overload springs, you'd want to use the # RAS3611-CHD instead. I've linked to a video showing a typical install for you.
    view full answer...
  • RAS3611-HD for 2017 Nissan Titan XD Trim Level S
    I would not recommend the part # RAS3611-HD for your 2017 Nissan Titan XD. This kit is designed for heavier duty vehicles so it would make your suspension harsh. The part # RAS3611 is the correct kit you'd want. It will give you the suspension support you want and won't make the ride harsh. The roller does have to be permanently removed though. I attached a picture that shows that step of the instructions for this kit. The roller has to be removed so that the spring of the RAS can lay...
    view full answer...
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